the homestuck attacks 2

hi eggs new acc needs a new dash so ,,,

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marvel cu
star wars


some fandoms that i’m interested in [ or am trying to get into ] and would love some exposure to are :

homestuck [ ! ]
ranma 1 / 2


v mild mental health positivity + lgbtqia inclusivity appreciated as well

edit :

hey i forgot attack on titan

The reason I’m so dedicated to anime,Tv,Movies,manga,Comics,books, youtubers is because I learned everything about emotions, friendship, love and how your not supposed to treat people like shit from them while I was surrounded by endless abuse from a bunch of people

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I’ll follow you c: could be just one of the things above, or more, or you could post anything, I don’t really care and I’m not that picky or whatever.

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  • Animal Crossing
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  • Don’t Hug Me, I’m Scared
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  • Free!
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  • Homestuck
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  • Touhou Project

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this is a project i’ve been working on for like a week… mostly because i never got back to it for like 2 days because i got distracted by homestuck and attack on titan stuff also school. yeah i finally started school! it sucks balls. but what ever. the characters in the drawing are from a book series called warrior cats. characters are Thitsleclaw, Bluestar, Snowfur, and Oakheart…i think…. ugh my brain hurts.

Ayye, I need some new blogs to follow and whatnot; my dashboard’s kind of blank at the moment, and I would like to see some more of my fandom things on it, so..

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-Uta no Prince-sama



-South Park

-Doctor Who

-BBC Sherlock


-The Avengers

-Harry Potter

-Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea



-Set It Off  (Band)

Hey Guys, It's Back!

So, a lot of the things that I enjoy aren’t at a constant flow and I was thinking about doing another one of these things so here we go! You know the rules by now (I hope) so reblog if you’re apart of any of the following fandoms:

  • Homestuck
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  • Off!
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  • Portal
  • Portal 2
  • Haikyuu
  • Touhou
  • Kingdom Hearts
  • Soul Eater
  • Tokyo Ghoul

i nee d more people to follow so pls reblog if u post the following

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ill check out ur blog thank u c:

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Well a lot of people do this so why not?
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-steven universe
-adventure time

im only following 322 blogs wtf my dash is dead as heck 

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