the homer of the north

That moment when you realize the United States is the Homer Simpson of Countries and Canada is the Ned Flanders is the of Countries

sailorgojirarex1997  asked:

Your thoughts on the people who say your recent reviews have declined in quality?

I don’t agree with that, obviously. I mean, if we’re talking about my older videos (like 2012-2013, I can hardly stand them anymore). But I’ve been really proud of my reviews from this year, like the Top 20 Worst Theme Songs, Homer Badman, Painbow, Norm of the North, and The Telescope

I mean, in the beginning, my points were a lot less cogent Town and Out; I was a lot more prone to overreacting outbursts (Stuck in the Wringer); I missed glaring details that should have been obvious (Johnny’s Royal Flush without mentioning the whip sound effect for instance); and many of my biggest flaws were heavily showcased (stuff that did get me a lot of flack), like insulting people. Not to mention that I had a really cheap microphone.

This particular complaint actually kind of confuses me. I haven’t exactly changed my format or anything. I’m not getting heavily sketched based or anything. Most reviews are largely structured in the same way. And when there is a change, like D.W.’s Very Bad Mood, it’s not a permanent change or anything.