the homeless farmer


The lynching of Rubin Stacy, Marion Jones, made a complaint against him (Rubin Stacy ),The New York Times later revealed that “subsequent investigation revealed that Stacy, a homeless tenant farmer, had gone to the house to ask for food; the woman became frightened and screamed when she saw Stacy’s face.”

Six deputies were escorting Stacy to Dade County jail in Miami on 19th July, 1935, when he was taken by a white mob and hanged by the side of the home of Marion Jones.


this random but when today i was thinking about what would happen if my dad ever lost his job and i was thinking about how i don’t think he’d ever beg for money/help from anyone even at his lowest point and like…

even tho he’s never said it out loud, the way he goes about life and working says enough to where i know that he’d never go out of his way to ask for anything he can’t ultimately attain himself

this really just came about cuz someone was criticizing me today about how i told them i don’t like asking for help and i hate taking shortcuts and how id rather die than ask for help

like…that shit is just not in me and i really could never see myself asking for money i rather find my own way even if it means struggling longer or taking more Ls i rather fuck myself over by keeping to myself than to say im in a weak spot idk my family didn’t raise me like that it’s not in any of us