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oKAY Dating Harry and him taking pictures of you literally 24/7 bc ur his everything and before he leaves with the squad he’ll ask u if he can do a sexy photoshoot with you and he takes a bunch of hot photos of you which ends with some sexy time and maybe just somehow the boys will take his camera for fun and see some pics he forgot to delete anD ENDLESS TEASING BUT IT GOOD BC HES SO PROUD TO CALL U HIS GIRL

tell me things // this was so fucking adorable i loved this concept

  • the whole scenario of the squad teasing harry would probably happen in the car, and with tom driving it would most likely be harrison who would try to snatch harry’s camera
  • all harrison wanted was to actually ask for the pictures harry took when they were out in the pier a day ago, but homeboy harry was in a deep sleep with the side of his cheek smushed against the transparent window
  • and harrison really did not bother waking him up because he knew harry probably had a long day of helping the family or some shit
  • so he just asked sam, who was also in the backseat with his twin, to pass him harry’s camera 
  • unbeknownst to him, the moment he pressed the power button on the side harrison was instantly greeted with a picture of you almost bare with only a few garments covering your body
  • he’d be completely wide-eyed as he didn’t expect a picture of you popping on the screen because he rather thought of seeing the picture of him and the boys
  • “tom holy shit you have to fucking see this,” harrison couldn’t even contain his laughter as he’d be nudging tom’s side whilst tom was still driving —harrison wouldn’t state anything and would rather just show tom what he had just seen
  • sam too would be called as he’d look over in front and finally get glimpse of your picture (and maybe he’d even get flustered after seeing the photos oops)
  • anyways the rest of the ride would be just them awaiting for harry to wake up while they had huge grins plastered on their faces
  • once harry does wake up, his eyes still being sleepy, harrison would already be retorting “nice pictures, how did you even convince her to do it?”
  • harry would be so confused at first with who or what was he even talking about, but as he saw harrison getting a grasp with his camera he’d finally realize what he was pertaining to
  • “give me that!”
  • “how did you even get my camera,” as harry would firmly grip on the camera with his fce looking down trying to hide his deep red, blushing face

Oh hey. Huuuge tip

If you send me unsolicited nudes to my inbox… It’s an automatic block. I don’t care if you look good naked homeboy. I am a person and I deserve respect just like the next person.

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being haz’s lil sister and him walking in on tom masturbating to your pictures and its like??? wtf mate say what now??? and then toms phone starts ringing and its a message from you and haz pulls it from tom’s hands and issa nude from u and haz gETS MAAD and asap gets u in the same room and has a talk with yall about how inappropriate it all is and how dare yall sneak around him like that and homeboy is maaad but at the same time he’s secretly happy bc he knows Tommy is good boi 10/10

lmaOO i love this fuck —but the general idea of just tom jerking himself to a picture of you already turns me on enough

tell me things

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so sonnet 18 (shall I compare thee to a summer's day?) is arguably the most well-known love poem of All Time but it's part of the Fair Youth sequence so there are historians who really genuinely believe it's just about dudes being bros because homeboy will shakes wrote it about a guy... thoughts?

hey……do you know who was actually bisexual as hell despite the best attempts of every historian ever to discredit and ignore it? william GOD damn shakespeare !! shakespeare’s sonnets are gay culture i dont make the rules


If homeboy is coming through like this, its quiet

But if he comes through like this, homeboy’s gonna get it