the homeboys

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I just found you and I love you already. Can we have some NSFW & SFW headcanons with SF papyrus in a relationship ?


- First off, homeboy is very insecure and sensitive.
- But his humor is being a smartass
- If he ever hurts your feelings on accident, prepare to come home to dinner already made, and the house cleaned.
- Clingy, even in public. People need to know you’re his, and if you don’t return the affections he will panic.
- You’ll get constant snuggles and compliments at night.
- He is an asshole and he knows that, but he doesn’t wanna lose you so he tries to make up for it by doing random little things. Like, say you mentioned this morning that you were craving something, that something will randomly appear in your fridge later.
- He might be lazy, but he does make an effort for you.
- Prepare for bites during sex. He doesn’t even do it consciously, he just has a possessive nature.
- If you ever leave him, he will cry like a little bitch and no fucks will even be given.
- Jealousy sex is a thing. His insecurities freak him out and he sees anybody else as better than him.
- Extra bites when he is jealous.
- If you’re talking to someone else and he doesn’t know them he comes up behind you and pulls you against his chest. He needs them to know you’re his.
- Makes sure you get at least 2 orgasms each time you have sex. You deserve to feel good too.
- If you have tattoos he’ll trace them with his tongue.

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I love you and your blog but I have a confession to make I follow you but only look to see if there's any new bottom McCree then I dip xoxo

PFFT that’s okay, it’s hella hard finding bottom McCree content sometimes, because people depict Hanzo as being more of a bottom. Hell nah, homeboy got too much pride to bottom.