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Tibebe Terffa (Ethiopian, born 1948)
Untitled, 2016

Tibebe Terffa is one of Ethiopia’s most prominent living artists. His philosophical approach to painting combines expressions of his everyday environment with traditional and contemporary cultural references to create open symbolic works.
Terffa studied Painting at the Addis Ababa School of Fine Art, graduating in 1973. He has been a full time studio artist working from his home in Addis Ababa since 1984.

He has had numerous solo and selected group exhibitions in Ethiopia, the USA, Spain, Germany and Canada, where he has also taken three artist residencies.

Writing a bilingual character: tips

(This is from my own personal experience as a Chinese person who’s better at English, my “first” language, than Chinese, my “second” language.)

When your character is going speak unintentionally in their second language instead of their first one:
• When they’re tired, they could slip up and accidentally start a sentence with their second language. Generally, though, they realise and correct themselves before finishing the sentence
• When they were just thinking in their second language/ talking to someone in their second language. The shift from one language to the other is where they could get caught up
• If they were startled, after just speaking/thinking in their second language.

Keep in mind though, that people very experienced in both languages will probably not be tripped up as often. Your character who has been speaking their second language for 10 years is going to trip up a lot less than your character who’s only known their second language for 5 years.

Unrealistic scenarios:
• Slipping into their second language in the middle of a sentence accidentally, unless they forgot a word they needed to use
Unrealistic: “Ok so you’re going to go down the hall and— 他妈的! I forgot my homework on my desk! Gotta run and get it” (The Chinese is a swear)
Realistic: “We’re going to need a… 车? What do you guys call that again?” (The Chinese character is the one for car)

• Suddenly saying something in their second language, when they were just conversing in their first language. There’s a mental switch you need to make when changing from a conversation in one language to a conversation in another which makes those situations pretty unlikely.
Person 1: “Could you send the powerpoint to me?”
Person 2: “Just did that. Did you get the email yet?”
Person 1: “我– oh whoops. Sorry! Yeah, I just got it”
(Chinese character is the character for “I”)

Bilingual things you could include in your writing:
• Thinking in one language when doing one specific thing. For instance, I almost always do Maths in Chinese. The whole structure of the language and how the words for numbers work out means it’s a lot easier in Chinese than English.

• A conversation that’s a mess of two languages all mashed together. Frankenlanguages. As stated before, I’m personally better at English than Chinese. So, when I’m speaking in Chinese, it’s often with English words interspersed throughout when I forget the Chinese word. In that case, there is no mental shift between languages needed. Instead, you pull from both languages at once. Ex: “我今天在学校的时候跟我的 Chemistry 老师 discuss 我的essay on the effects of acid rain on 咯房的 roofs.” (Translation: today, at school, my Chemistry teacher and I discussed my essay on the effects of acid rain on the roofs of buildings.)

• Your character could speak one language at home and another language when at work/school/with friends. For example, I speak Chinese when I’m at home with my Chinese family and I speak English everywhere else because I live in Canada. This makes for interesting situations where, even though I am highly proficient in English, I lack some basic vocabulary. What is a blouse? Not really sure to be honest. I used to get “dress” and “skirt” confused a lot because I only used Chinese to refer to those things and thus never built up my English vocabulary in those areas. I’ve had to awkwardly describe the fruit I was looking for in stores before because I didn’t know the English name for it.

Anyway, if you need help with writing a bilingual character, feel free to shoot me an ask!

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 One of the first things I learned in my freshman year is the absolute need to study every single day. Even if there is no big test or assignment around the corner, reviewing your classes daily is the only way to make sure you are strengthening your knowledge on whatever you are learning, as well as filling in any gaps on unknown material that was lectured before. For weeks (and months) I was certain that people who told me I needed to study every day were just very unorganized people or were frightening me on purpose. However, if you are taking a course heavy in information like Law, you will quickly understand that it will be very difficult to remember every single detail that was lectured in multiple subjects, on the long run – and, in the end, you are also tested on the small details and not only on the big overall scheme of each class. If I could go back to my first semester, I would really push myself harder and organize my days to be able to review my previous classes.


Being a coffee hater throughout high school, I was always sure that I would never like the taste of it in my life. However, as soon as I got into my second year of college, I found out that the only way to survive a few of my classes was to drink an expresso beforehand. My addiction to coffee began as a need to survive. Now that I look back, my first year in college probably would have turned out better if I had more energy in class and while doing my assignments. However, I still try my hardest to never drink more than one cup a day – that really keeps my energy levels up, without creating addiction.


One of the things no one told me before going to Law School was the ridiculous amount of money I would spend on textbooks every single semester. Each one of my classes requires one or two mandatory textbooks, plus statute law and a bunch of optional readings that most of the time you end up buying because they are nowhere to be found in the library. Also, since Law is constantly being developed and changed, buying second hand books is not the best idea - most of the legal references in those books are probably outdated.
I remember that in my first year of Law School I refused to buy most of the textbooks the professors required me to, and I tried my hardest to study only with my class notes. Well, guess what? That ended up, as expected, in poor grades. The problem with Law is that 50% of our grade is the result of how hard we work at home. In class the professor doesn’t lecture ALL of the material we need to learn; they just summarize it as best as they can and highlight a few important things that they find relevant. However, in the final exam, all those details and footnotes in the textbooks will prove really useful to solve the cases and if you didn’t invest in your textbooks in the beginning of your term, you will not be able to use that information in your answers, which really harms your grade.


That takes me to the next point. For me, the best learning method is preparing all classes beforehand, be it lectures or discussion based classes. I only realized this in the end of my second year in college - and I think it makes a huge difference in your overall performance in class; if your professor uses the Socratic method to teach, preparing your classes thoroughly beforehand is absolutely essential! 

Basically, if you anticipate most of what is going to be taught in your class, you will have most of the work done for that specific group of topics or information. By taking your own notes to class and completing them with what the information that the professor adds during the lecture, you will be able to reinforce your knowledge on the subject, finishing any incomplete arguments that you have written down and also letting you participate in class, asking questions on the thematic you’ve studied and discussing it with your professor and classmates. Also, preparing classes beforehand will let you organize your time better, scheduling a certain time to prepare a certain topic and/or chapter.


Unfortunately, I found it almost impossible to prepare classes and do all of this homework while I was handwriting my notes. If I could turn back in time and change something during my time in college, I would certainly stop spending so much time making everything pretty and would start typing it all. I am a big fan of handwriting notes - I love pens, stationery and also the handwriting part in itself. However, when I started getting an excessive workload, insisting on handwriting all of my preparatory notes, completing them in class and also solve and summarize case law by hand was hurting my grades, my social life and my stress levels (and my hand, lol). I then had to make the hard decision to give up on all of my pretty stationery and start bringing my laptop to class.

I still handwrite a few notes, especially when I use the column method (which you can find more about here), but I am actually happy now that I have made the change – I can be much more productive and organized while saving a huge amount of time for all the other things I enjoy doing.


Finally, and I think this is the most important piece of advice I can give you: some people enter college with a very specific mind-set on what they want to do with their lives. While you are reading this, there is a huge possibility that you have already thought about a certain career; maybe you are picking only the classes that you think will help down that career path, as well.

However, never ignore all the other options that will be laid out for you. I can personally speak about my own experience: when I entered Law School back when I was 18 (I am now 21), I had a very specific idea of what I wanted to accomplish after I graduated - I was sure I wanted to be a judge. As soon as I got into my second year and started studying the most basic principles of contract law, I was 100% sure that I had actually changed my mind, and that it was imperative to purse contract law. Then, in my 5th semester, I started studying Tax Law - I still remember thinking that Tax Law was it and I was then decided to pursue it for my master’s degree; but then, I was able to get an internship in a law firm, in the Intellectual Property Law department; and you know what? I changed my mind again

So it’s perfectly normal to change your mind along the way; you are not less worthy of college just because you are still not sure of what you want to do career wise. Also, changing majors is fine - it’s just a sign that you are progressing as a human being and as a student, that you were willing to embrace new opportunities and give up on something that would not make you happy. Just make sure that you do your research beforehand on different career paths and use all the opportunities that college gives you in order to learn new things and meet new people. Internships, and other short-termed opportunities like job-shadowing programs are great ways to understand if you fit in the specific area you are thinking of pursuing or if, in real life, it has nothing to do with you.

Lots of luck!



Alright, so for the past few months, I’ve been noticing a lot of talk about the whole “diamond spending” thing with PB. And before I get into the details, I’m just gonna say that all of you are 110% right. It is unfair that many of us can’t afford to unlock special items or scenes with our favorite characters because a lot of the times, we can’t do anything about it. We’re not all rich and capable like some other fortunate people are and while we think it may not affect us in the story, it actually prevents us from accessing other things that could help us like the dossiers in ES or the Adventurer outfits. I’m not saying PB has done nothing in regards to making us happy and having fun because believe me, they have❤️ But none of us want to deal with this issue anymore and it needs to be resolved.

So luckily, @cartoonfanforlife and I have taken the liberty to start a petition in changing this. And yes, I know what you’re thinking. How are we gonna make PB aware about this? Well, that’s why we decided we need backup. @hollyashton has been a HUGE part of the fandom since the beginning and while we believe she’ll be a big influence on getting our point across, she’ll also help take “the gold home.” So what do you guys think?? We won’t make further decisions on this until a majority of us agree to pitch in and work together. But until then, thanks for listening guys!! And spread the word if u can. It would be so awesome to make this real😊💯😊💯😊💯 Thanks again!!

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smh as things I've done
  • bitty: baked two cakes and three dozen cookies because I was stressed about an upcoming project assignment that was due
  • jack: woke up in the middle of the night solely to have a panic attack
  • shitty: sent my friend a huge paragraph ranting about thanksgiving bc she said we should be grateful
  • lardo: couldn't find my paints or colored pencils while working on a project so I used eyeshadow to finish it instead
  • ransom: came home from school and immediately and abruptly laid down on the floor and groaned because of how stressful school was
  • holster: dramatically narrated my entire half-hour walk home to my friend via snapchat
  • chowder: snapchatted my cats every move with super excited captions every time
  • nursey: immediately nicknamed my friend 0.2 seconds after we first spoke and literally never referred to her as anything but that nickname again
  • dex: got called into the kitchen by my mom to help her knead dough because I apparently looked like I wanted to punch someone
  • tango: asked my French teacher on if she thought she'd win in a fight against a bear or not
  • whiskey: shrugged and said "tragic" in the most monotonous voice when I heard that about most of my friends would be going out without me
  • bonus kent: cried because my cat followed me back into my room so I could pet her
  • bonus r&h: enthusiastically agreed when a friend suggested that we both sprint head first towards each other so we get concussions and avoid our responsibilities
First Best Friend

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1743

Warnings: Little Angst, nice fluffy ending.

A/N – this is for @jared-padaloveme ‘s Fluffy Birthday Challenge. Happy Birthday Juju! With the prompt/trope → “You’re afraid that you’ll lose me in big crowds so you always hold my hand but now you just hold my hand when there’s only, like, five people around and I’m getting vry suspicious.”

The first time you met Sam Winchester, you were only a little munchkin. You barely remember but your mom had taken pictures. They were kept in your memory box, stored deep inside your closet, hidden under a few old sweaters that don’t fit you anymore but you refuse to throw away.

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anonymous asked:

So my mc has joint/nerve+hand-eye coordination/balance problems from a genetic syndrome combined w/ injuries sidelining her goals of med school.How functional would she have to become to be a dr in a hospital setting(most likely using a Service Dog)?

Consult note: this post was vetted (get it?) by Jordan of @scriptservicedogs.

Look, med school isn’t a massively physical event. There are no triathlons. Your character can still go to med school. (I’ve even found references on Reddit to at least one med student with a service dog, though… look, it’s Reddit, okay?)

My first job in healthcare was working as a home attendant for a disabled man. He had suffered a spinal cord injury. He had no use of his legs at all, and only partial use of his hands. If he wanted to brush his teeth, his home health aide had to Velcro his toothbrush to his hand.

The man put himself through one of the best medical schools in the country from his wheelchair. He became a psychiatrist. Theoretically, he could work as a psychiatrist in a hospital setting (such as a psych ER or an inpatient unit), although his work was outpatient.

Another friend of mine works as a nurse. She has cerebral palsy.  Her neuro/cognitive functions aren’t impaired, but she has significant issues with her gait. She works as a nurse in an orthopedics hospital.

If your character wants their dream badly enough, they’ll find a way to get it done.

Hospitals + Service Dogs are an interesting combination. There are a few “clean areas” that the dog will DEFINITELY be prevented from accessing, such as the OR, a burn unit, or hematology floor (the kind that have “clean rooms” for patients who are receiving bone marrow transplants, isolation rooms, etc). That is actually in the language of the ADA as one of the few places SD’s can’t go. It’s also likely that the SD will not be permitted to go in to patient areas such as exam rooms.

I also think your character will likely not be able to become a surgeon. The reason I say that is that a friend of mine’s mother is a podiatrist. She had a bad car accident and got a traumatic brain injury, and simply having had that happen, her malpractice insurance rates became untenably high. Hand/eye coordination issues and surgery are generally a bad combination, and an SD in the operating room is a no-fly. (I would be more than happy to learn of surgeons with these types of disabilities, though!!)

But on a medicine floor? In the ICU? In the ER, or the Psych ER, or a Cardiology unit, or as a radiologist, a neurologist, a pathologist (probably no SD in the labs)? I would absolutely love to read this.

One other thing: Sometimes we shouldn’t write about what IS true, but about what SHOULD BE true. There’s a reason I include zero homophobia in my own stories even though it’s real and prevalent in the real world. I don’t want to see it. I don’t want it to exist. And if we normalize good representation – and erode bad elements to a point – maybe we can get more good things in this world and less bad things.

I think there should be providers with service dogs working in hospitals. So I therefor think there should be stories written about doctors with service dogs and it being No Big Deal.

That’s my personal stance on things, though.

As for sources: this is a forum thread about service dog experiences in hospitals from a patient’s point of view; this is a thread about a disabled vet PA candidate wondering about clinical rotations with a service dog. I refuse to link to Reddit. Also, be aware that there are significant pushbacks whenever this gets discussed, which makes me ultra-sad and may make you ultra-sad too.

Jordan would like to add: Remember that under the ADA, a service dog cannot be excluded because someone is, say, allergic to dogs. Instead, the business must make accommodations, such as seating the person with allergies away from the dog. (They cannot isolate the dog/handler team – sticking the dog/handler team in an otherwise-closed part of the restaurant or “all the way at the back” is a no-no.) Also, there are various pieces of PPE for service dogs, including booties, jackets, no-shed bodysuits, hearing protectors, and goggles.

Best of luck!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Hey! So I’m finally following my dreams and taking commissions, but not for the reason I wanted to.

Now, I hesitate to call them “Emergency” commissions, but I am extremely poor and can not afford food/other products while at college rn. I have a winter/summer job, but those aren’t convenient during the school semesters and I’m not scheduled often.

I wanted to wait and build my art skills before asking people to pay for them, seeing as my work is mediocre at best, but I’m in a tight spot and I hope you take pity on me. I promise to work much harder on your request, and I can refund you if you don’t like it.

What I WILL draw:

- Furries/Anthro (Birds and mammals only)

- NSFW (This will take longer, because I need to wait for the days my roommate isnt home)

- Blood

- OCs/Characters from something (Provided you have reference pictures/good descriptions) 

What I WON’T draw:

- Gore

- Mecha/robotics

- Backgrounds/Objects

- Various kinks/fetishes 

- Extreme poses

If you want more examples, feel free to check out my art tag!

Contact me via tumblr messages/ask.

Payment via paypal/paypal invoice (I’m very new to this, so I’m sorry if I’m very confused about it)


Ah, it’s been a while. It’s okay, I’m working properly. I have not become a niito [1].

My Punio, he sleeps in 5 seconds when I pet the area between his eyebrows. What is happening to this child.

As for me personally, I always hope that this child will not walk through life with a wrinkle between his eyebrows, like his owner.

I will walk carrying a dream on the area in between my eyebrows. Huh?


[1] “Niito” is a Japanese slang word that refers to someone who is unemployed, unmarried and not in school; in other words, someone who stays at home and doesn’t do anything.

Only Sakura BSD AU

[Just some random tidbits from the new AU.]


-Sakura is about eight now in the timeline for the AU, because she was four when Oda and the others died.

-She started to attend school after Dazai started working at the ADA, mostly because Dazai couldn’t afford to pay for a babysitter, and the idea of being left at home with a stranger made Sakura anxious anyway.

-Sakura refers to Dazai as “Uncle” in the AU, because she sees him as family, and because neither of them felt that being called “Older brother” suited Dazai.

-Dazai still doesn’t know how Sakura managed to avoid being captured alongside the others, but hasn’t pressed her on the issue.

-No one at the ADA, aside from Fukuzawa, knows that Dazai is taking care of a child at home, and the only reason Fukuzawa knows is because Dazai wanted to make sure he was aware in case anything were to happen to him.

-Dazai kept his photo from the bar so that Sakura could have a picture of Oda, even though holding onto it is a bit painful for him.

And finally…

-Dazai constantly has the themes from children’s shows/movies stuck in his head, because, no matter how much he might hate some of them, watching them makes Sakura happy.


here we go: my first ever commissions!

i will draw

  • mild NSFW
  • OCs (must have a reference or detailed description)
  • all sorts of ships!
  • mild gore/violence
  • simple fursonas/furries

i will NOT draw

  • robots/mechs
  • incest/pedophilia/age gap ships
  • overly detailed characters/costumes
  • anything that will later be sold
  • fetish art

because of school and real life, i’ll only be taking 5-10 commissions at a time, the limit varying depending on my home life. i’ll be taking payments through paypal under

if you’re interested in commissioning me, please IM me on tumblr or send me an email (same as the one listed above) and we’ll work out all the little details!

High Shcool Musical nostalgia

Me when people pretends to like my music: “ No, no, no, nooooooooooo
No, no, no! Stick to the stuff you knooow! If you wanna be cool follow one simple rule, don’t mess with the flow, no no! Stick to the status quo!”

Me in the kitchen: I’ve got rags instead of riches. *Spins around while dishing* “And all these dirty dishes” *hand on forehead singing dramaticly while sliding down against the fridge* “Just wish I haaAad three wishes!”

Me in the shower: *Screaming* “Humuhumunukunukuapua'a Makihiki malahini-who Humuhumunukunukuapua'a Ooh. Hawana waka waka waka niki pu pu pu.”

Me playing mario cart: *Pauses and looks up dramaticly* “Why am I feeling so wrooong? My head’s in the game but my heart’s in the song…” *Faints*

Me on tumblr: “We’re all in this togethuur!”

Me after saying hi to someone: “This could be the start of something new! It feels so right to be here with yoooou.” *Spins around* “YEaH!”

Me in school: *Stands up on bench.* “WE CAN WORK! WORK! WORK THIS OUT!” 

Me walking home:  I want it all! I want it, want it, want it The fame and the fortune and more! *Waves to old lady.* I want it all! I want it, want it, want it I gotta have my star on the door

Me at the mall: *Walking dramaticly* “I want FABULOUS that is my simple request!”

Me playing baseball: *swinging racket.* “I'II show you that it’s one and the same,baseball,dancing,same game.” 

Me when all my friends have left me because I make too many references: I’m not gonna stop not gonna stop ‘til I get my shot that’s who I am, that is my plan will I end up on top? You can,Bet on it, bet on it bet on it, bet on it you can bet on it, bet on it bet on it, bet on it!”

Ohio Gothic

- They say you can see for miles if you get up on top of the biggest hill in town. They’re right, and you immediately regret testing it. You have nightmares for weeks afterwards. You should have listened when they told you to stay away from the hill.

- A train whistle wakes you up every night at 2 am. It must be right outside your window - you can feel the bed shaking as it thunders past. But the only tracks nearby haven’t been used in over 50 years.

- There’s a small patch of mold on the ceiling above your desk. Above all your desks - school, work, even at home. You scraped off the one at home one night, and found that it had tripled in size everywhere else the next day.

- There is fog covering the low valleys in the early mornings of summer and fall. It’s so thick, you can never see the ground below, and looks almost sturdy enough to walk on. You never mention that time you saw the neighbor boy actually doing it.

- “Knee high by the Fourth of July!” They tell tourists and out-of-state-ers that it refers to corn growing. You do, too. You know that if you tell them the truth, they would leave and never return, and the crops would not be as plentiful.

- The Cuyahoga River caught fire once, back in the day. Only once, but you swear sometimes that you can smell the thick smoke and see flames dancing on water as you cross over the bridge into Kent.

- The man who works at the butcher shop claims to be from Ohio, but the accent is all wrong. Your mother says darkly that he is from Cincinnati and that you are never to turn you back on him. The meat you buy there looks less like it was cut and more like it was ripped out of the cow.

- There is a buckeye tree growing in your yard. It is in the way for the swing set you want to put up. You decide that the swings aren’t that important after all. You dare not touch the buckeye tree. Your best friend was never the same after they tried to climb the one in their yard.

- There are four Ohio State University shirts in your closet. You don’t know how they got there. You don’t know where the OSU Christmas tree ornaments came from either. All of your clothes are scarlet and gray during football season. You don’t question it.

- It is snowing. It is always snowing. You can’t remember what the sun looks like, or the grass. All there is are cloudy gray skies and snowdrifts. The ones in the parking lot at Target are bigger than your house, and every day they seem closer to the store entrance.

- A stray cat wanders the neighborhood. You were warned to never go near it as a child. They call it the Sewer Kitty. You saw what it becomes down in the sewers one time. You were scared to use the bathroom for months afterwards.

- They tell you that your graduating class is the biggest in years. You frown, thinking back to when you were younger and were told your class was one of the smallest. When you try to ask your friend about it, she shakes her head silently and refuses to look in the shadows.

- The local pizza shop is dirty and smells funny, the sauce is so much more red than any of the other places, and kids regularly go missing from the nearby local elementary school, but you can’t stop ordering from them.

- The apple orchards are lovely in the fall, all bright colors and sweet smells. You can never find them at any other time than a few weeks in October. Your mother just wakes you up one morning and announces you’re going to get apples. You pick a few on your own and tell yourself that the dark red liquid that drips down your hand from the fruit is just sap.



  • Photo Reference w/ color pallet (mandatory)
  • Pose (If not specified I will choose one!)
  • Description of character’s personality so I can depict them correctly


  • Ocs, Sonas, Fictional Characters, YouTubers, Yourself, Furries, Etc.
  • Ship art of Fictional characters only!! No real life people!! 


  • NSFW 
  • Hateful/disrespectful content (that should be a given)
  • Gore (I’m not good at it)
  • Mecha/Robots
  • Overly complicated outfits/objects


All payment will be done through PayPal. (Which means I’ll need the email you use for PayPal so I can send you the Invoice!) Payment needs to be upfront! I will not start a commission until I get Paid!

Extra Info:

  • I will email you a rough sketch for you to approve before I move onto the Line art & color
  • Once I am done, You will receive a full resolution file to your email (For non-profit use only!!)


Working on a character design packet for final project in school- I feel like I’ve come a long way! I’m in the home stretch now… It’s pretty intimidating! 

This is Alex- she’s a 40′s inspired vampire/bank robber. Her bite mark is on her inner thigh.


I think a lot about the concept of liminality and how if you tilt your head and squint hard enough almost anywhere can be a liminal space. Some of my favorites that aren’t crossroads or thresholds. None of this is new, it’s all just things I’m thinking about lately.

Well this one will be obvious coming from me: Libraries (Public Libraries, specifically.) In the library world we actually refer to Libraries as “3rd Spaces” as they are a place where anyone can go and just be with no price of admission or purchases required. They aren’t home or work or school. They provide access to knowledge and experiences (and in that way are portals.)

The Technowitch in me also likes the idea of the internet as portal and therefore web-browsers are liminal spaces. 

Reading is also a space I got to in my head that feels neither here nor there. I’m in the world, but somewhere else as well. Maybe it’s not exactly liminal, but that headspace is similar to where I go when I’m Crafting. That headspace is liminal, for me, I think.

Finally, running, particularly when I run in the woods. It’s an activity, I realize. Something about it though…I can’t explain it, yet.

Standing Rock is a well-organized, small city and will be impossible to evacuate

CANNON BALL, ND - The first thing you notice once you enter Oceti Sakowin Camp, close to the front lines of the showdown at Standing Rock, is that the “camp” is now a small city, housing some 8,000 people. That includes indigenous people, activists, visitors and media, all camping in the snow in below freezing temperatures. The indigenous people of Standing Rock have expanded the camp and have meticulously organized a massive operation running solely on donations, volunteer work and the spirit of the Sioux people and the visitors who’ve come to protect the water with them.

Many structures are so strongly built that you can walk on the rooftops. Notably, there is a school that has been teaching a class of Lakota youth as a home school resource center since August, which is planning an expansion.

That some refer to Standing Rock as their “home” is not hyperbole; for many Sioux, their home at Standing Rock is now a permanent residence. As you look around the small city, one thing becomes clear: Short of a small military invasion, requiring demolition and significant force, an evacuation is simply not realistic.

On Facebook, where incoming supporters share information, there’s a new rumor nearly every day of what is and isn’t happening at the camp. Some claimed that police shut down access to all supplies from the outside, but supply routes are still open. Some believed drones had been banned, but drones are in the air. However, alcohol, drugs and weapons of any kind are banned from camp. Security check through supplies, confiscating contraband like alcohol when it comes through.

It is unclear when the next action will be, but every morning there is a schedule for Oceti Sakowin Camp, with notices posted, whiteboards updated and signs put up in meeting halls and port-a-potties with new requests and announcements. Action meetings are at 8 a.m., mandatory orientation is at 9 a.m. Before dawn, a group leaves from one of the sacred fires for prayer. White allies are told to attend at least one of these prayers to pay respect. White allies are also recommended to attend to one of the many decolonization education sessions that are held at the dome every other night at 6 p.m.

More about life at the Standing Rock camp. | follow @the-movemnt

The Honest Guide on Preparing for College

I thought it’d be cool and useful to give you guys an “Honest Guide on Preparing for College.” It has all the things you may already know, and then also some things you perhaps don’t. And a bunch of tips that are helpful for preparing for college, but also during college. I’ve been working on this post for months, adding few new tips every now and then so hopefully you guys like it and find it useful! :) I may add more tips from time to time, I’m not sure.

  1. Suffer from acne? Visit a dermatologist to get it under control ASAP. The earlier you start, the earlier you’ll see results! And trust me, you’ll be going bare-faced a lot in college. At least twice a day- morning & night. And you’ll always want to look and feel your best! It sucks to be self-conscious.
  2. Figure out a rough guideline of your morning/ night routine. Your college routine is usually not going to be the exact same as your home routine. Ie: Make up will probably be done in your room, not in the bathroom. If you use makeup often, consider buying a vanity mirror! Very useful. 
  3. You won’t need binders. I brought 3 (1-inch) in case and I hardly use one. It’s more useful to have individual folders for each class. Or even those notebook with tabs inside to hold papers. The point being, the way you organize your work is different in high school. You’re not going to the same 5 periods everyday in college. You have classes that meet MWF, and TTh, etc.
  4. Don’t forget to bring college essentials! Refer to my two posts here (”College Essential Hacks”) and here (”Things I Forgot/ Nearly Forgot to Bring to College”. 
  5. Invest in make-up. In high school, I never wore make-up but now I often wear mascara and light lipstick! I spent countless trips figuring out what shade was best for me and trying out different products. Would’ve been easier to just do this in the comfort of my own home than in college! I’m still a make-up noob though, haha. I can’t even figure out how to apply eyeliner confidently!
  6. Bring clothes you’ll actually wear. 1/3 of the clothes I’ve brought to college were never worn… They just took up closet space!
  7. Bring formal clothes too. You never know what events you’ll go to (including sorority rush, galas, etc). Don’t forget a good pair (or two) of shoes for the outfit!
  8. Realize that the first month-ish of school is the prime time to make new friends. People are more open to making new friends and are more friendly and receptive. Make the most of this!!! I can not stress this enough! Remember that first impressions can stick, so be especially graceful during this period. I would even go so far as to say that you should try to go out to a party in the first few weeks of school for two reasons…. 1) You can see if you fit with the party scene and if you enjoy it. 2) When you attend events early on, people will assume you’re down to go for the rest of the semester and you’ll get invites. (Which you can turn down, of course.)
  9. Keep in touch with old friends! Seriously. Don’t just make new college friends and forget about your old high school friends. Keep in touch! Message them regularly and keep them in the loop! It might seem like a lot of work to message them all the details about something, especially when they are unfamiliar with the people so you have to describe it a lot (Wait, who’s Jim again? What’s your roommate’s name again? etc), but it’s so rewarding to have an old, familiar friend with you as you both experience college together, but separately.
  10. Know your schedule and be on top of this. Be organized. I recommend a planner and also having a print out of your weekly schedule that has your classes and other time commitments. I actually drew my weekly schedule and hung it by my desk. It not only helps me visualize my week, but also lets my roommates know when to expect me. I also use a calendar app very diligently. Whenever I commit to an event, I immediately put it into my calendars (the app, and also my physical calendar in my room). I also inputted the dates and times of my exams/ important assignments from the get-go so I wouldn’t be surprised about when they were. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND INPUTTING THE DATES OF YOUR EXAMS AND DUE DATES OF PAPERS, ETC INTO YOUR CALENDAR ASAP!!!!!!!!
  11. Keep in touch with family. Similar reasoning with #9. But basically, your parents and siblings have lived with you all of your life. They’ll miss you. Text them, call them, facetime them once in a while. Send them a postcard. Buy them college gear. Do little things like this; they’ll really appreciate it!
  12. Don’t be so uptight and remember to be grateful. I feel like I’ve matured greatly in college. I used to have these crazy-high expectations about friendships and stuff, and now, it’s not that I have absurdly low expectations, but I just don’t take everything for granted. I am grateful for anything and everything my friends do for me. They bought me Chipotle? Aww. They reminded me about the review session? So sweet. Basically, don’t take things for granted.
  13. Don’t be that one annoying friend. You know who you are. College is a time where you can really ‘reinvent’ yourself and you should really try to be a ‘better you’ during college. Here are some traits I find annoying, personally… An annoying friend is one who does any or all of these things:
    1. “Forget” to pay a friend back for spotting you. Seriously, we all hate that person who does this and we all really respect that person who is really diligent about paying back someone. So take note. Everyone is on a tight budget in college.
    2. Rants all the time. If you’re ranting all the time and your friend is just listening, you have yourself a freaking awesome friend. Just remember that friendship means you can rant, and your friend can rant back. It’s a two-way street.
    3. Tries to peer pressure others into doing something they like. Okay, I get that you drink and smoke a lot. But you don’t need to feel the urge to ‘convert’ me to doing the same. No means no.
    4. Always bails or is flaky. Freaking annoying.
    5. Takes things too far. We all have that one friend who takes things too far and doesn’t know when to stop….
    6. Too sensitive… But we also may have an uber-sensitive friend who always holds grudges and is a grumpy cat. 
  14. Don’t skip class. Seriously. It doesn’t matter if the lecture is posted online, or if you’ll just get notes from a friend. Or if you already ‘know’ what’s being taught. Just go. Skipping class = lower grades = lower GPA = unhappy you.
  15. Be willing to try new things. This can vary to an extent from person to person. It can be as crazy as asking someone out or trying new food. College is a time of growth, new experiences, and fun times. HOWEVER, don’t do anything that will harm yourself. None of this “yolo” mantra please.
  16. Bring a lot of undies. Shirts and pants can be reworn more than once (within reason), but undies can’t. So save yourself from doing laundry all the time and bring a lot of undies.
  17. Learn to let things go. I used to be that person who held onto grudges. But since starting college, I’ve really begun to realize that life is so much more fun and enjoyable if you don’t let the little things faze you. Learn to let it go. Don’t let what that rude guy said to you this morning stick with you for the whole day. Who cares if you asked someone out and it failed? You don’t need them anyway! You’re too fabulous for them to handle! 
  18. Learn to be confident in yourself. “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You “- Dr Seuss. Over the years, I’ve found that I’ve grown much more confident and independent. I love it.
  19. Learn how to socialize and be a great conversationalist. Smile and actually pay attention to what they’re saying. Remember what they said and bring it up the next time you see them. Hey, how was your lunch at Gypsy’s with John? It makes people feel special and nice. Use their names in the conversation as often as you can (without it sounding totally awkward and weird). People like hearing their names in conversation. [Btw, I read these facts on a Time article somewhere so its legit.]. People don’t remember what you say, but they remember how you made them feel. So make them feel loved and appreciated. Laugh.
  20. Live and learn through your mistakes. No one’s perfect. So what if you bombed your first midterm? It’s the first of many. Pick yourself up and study harder for the next one. Don’t get all beaten up.
  21. Consider bringing your AP study guide books to college. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened my AP Calculus review book from Princeton Review to review and look up things.
  22. Keep track of your meal points. I frequently hear people saying they always have leftover meal points at the end of the year, but maybe it’s because I like to buy a lot of snacks, but I was actually behind on points for half the semester. It’s no big deal–I can easily add more points–, but just don’t be under the illusion that you have unlimited amount of points and can buy whatever you want. Be smart about rationing off your points.
  23. Don’t let one midterm grade affect you. Yeah, you failed that midterm. So what? Just do well on the next ones. There’s nothing you can do about your midterm grade–you can only improve yourself for the future. Have a good cry, rant to friends, watch some Netflix–and then realize the changes you have to make and enforce the changes. 
  24. Pick classes that you’ll enjoy. Don’t pick morning classes (if you can help it) if you’re not a morning person. Don’t take a Drawing/ Painting class if you’re not an artsy person for your Visual Arts requirement–there’s classes like Art History or stuff like that. Be reasonable about the classes you take and how much workload you know you can handle. Not everyone is the same.
  25. Go see your adviser from time to time. Just to make sure you’re on track! Work out a 4-year plan. You don’t want to have any surprises later down the road!
  26. Be careful with labels. Like “best friend” or “favorite person”. Sometimes, these can lead people on unintentionally and you’ll get yourself in awkward and uncomfortable situations where they like you but you don’t like them or something. I learned that it’s just best to call people your “friends” and unless you are really bonded with a person, then call them your best friend. But honestly, if you two are best friends, you kinda just know you are each other’s best friend–it’s a mutual feeling and it doesn’t really need to be said or labeled. I think it’s just best to rid yourself of using labels, honestly. Terms that imply exclusivity can sometimes lead people on. I think you should have a self-check with yourself every month or two and go like, “Okay, where am I at? I really like where I am right now. I could improve on this… etc etc. Let’s see the friends I’m close to… Do I think any of them likes me? I don’t want to unintentionally lead them on.” Just stuff like that.
  27. Understand your finances for college. Including scholarships, how much you’re paying, how much you’re working (if applicable), etc. Just be on top of all your money stuff! 
  28. Don’t go out and eat out a lot. I ate out a lot during freshman year. Too much. I had no regrets during the moment but now looking back, I just imagine all of the money I could’ve saved if I didn’t eat out…. :( You can save so much money by reducing how much you eat out.
  29. Be financially conscious and be mindful of how much you spend. There are plenty of hangouts you and your friends can do that don’t require money or that much money. Examples: movie nights, picnics, checking out the campus botanical garden, going sightseeing in the city, cooking dinner together, etc. Just because it costs money doesn’t mean it will always be fun, memorable or worth it–something to remind yourself of! In addition, shoot for quality over quantity. Buy a $50 pair of Rainbows sandals that will last for years, instead of flimsy, cheaply made sandals that will break after a couple of uses. Splurge on that North Face jacket–you’ll be wearing it a lot and it’s versatile and will last you years. Now that I buy groceries and cook for myself, I’ve definitely come to appreciate the value of the dollar.
  30. Realize how small the world is and how connected everything is. Don’t talk shit about people. Seriously. The person you’re complaining about may have a friend who is taking a class with the person you’re telling to. Or the person you’re telling it to may have a friend who has a friend who knows the person. If it’s one thing that keeps coming up in my time here, it’s that everyone seems to know everybody (or is a friend of a friend). So limit your shit-talking, secret-sharing, gossip talk to only your trusted confidants. Seriously, though. As you go through college, you’ll come to notice that many people will reappear in your classes because of being in the same major, and more. The world is small, y’all. Don’t be reckless.
Tips for keeping on top of coursework and revision

Hey guys so I’ve had a few asks about how to keep on top of art/dt coursework whilst revising for core subjects like science and english. Here are my top tips (this is more specifically for gcse level subjects but I guess it would be useful for other qualifications too):

  • Coursework first; I know this sounds kind of bad, especially since core subjects matter the most but at this time of year it’s really best to focus on your coursework. In the summer exam season, you don’t have to revise for art and the exam is one of the first ones you’ll do. Therefore there will be plenty of time to focus on other subjects once art is out of the way. 
  • Keep up to date!! I cannot stress this enough. Try your hardest to start your art/graphics homework the night you’ve been set it! Because they can be very time-consuming it’s difficult to get them done the night before. It’s also extremely easy to get behind on art-based subjects so please try to get artist studies, etc done! You can always finish a science homework sheet the night before or in the morning when it’s due- you can’t really do that for art.
  • Make art fun! It can take HOURS to do art homework so make it fun and relaxing! Listen to music, have a snack, watch tv or a movie (as long as what work you’re doing doesn’t require too much concentration).
  • Use school facilities! Many schools have ‘art catch up club’ at lunchtimes or after school specifically for gcse students to catch up on coursework in. Please use this time if you can- you’ll be surprised at how much you can get done as there aren’t the distractions you have at home (tv, etc).
  • ^the same goes for other subjects- if a teacher is offering extra sessions (such as for english) please try to go! Use your school facilities and teachers as much as possible.
  • Use ‘dead time’- I refer to time when you’d normally be doing nothing as ‘dead time’; such as waiting for a bus, on the bus/in the car going to school, sitting around at lunchtime, etc. Please try to use this time to your studying advantage! Take a homework sheet with you when you go shopping or when you’re on the bus try to memorise key words and definitions (bus rides are also great for learning foreign language paragraphs for speaking/writing exams!). You’d be surprised at how much homework I’ve done in Morrisons car park whilst waiting for my mum to do the food shopping!
  • Plan ahead! Invest in a whiteboard or diary so you can write down all the homework you have (and the deadline and how long it will take you) as you get it. This way you will never loose track of assignment/coursework deadlines and you can easily see, for example, if you will be busy at the weekend or not as you can judge by how long everything will take you.
  • Make good notes! Especially for subjects like science you can feel like you’re constantly revising for a mock exam or test. To help yourself out, make good, concise notes once that you can use again. A large revision poster or flashcards are good. This can save a lot of time and effort as you’re not having to make new notes before every test. Also, if you’re like me and revise by copying out notes, you can use your good notes to make quick, messy bullet points close to when you have a test.
  • Accept that you may have no life this year. I spent countless training days, half terms and weekend just solidly doing art coursework. This will happen to you and if you accept it and at least try to make it more fun and bearable, then you’ll accomplish quite a lot and have time to revise other subjects.
  • Exam questions! Specifically for maths and science, try to do exam questions regularly, for example I used to do one science paper every Friday evening (and mark it myself) and half a maths one every Wednesday evening- this will help you to keep remembering facts so that you’ll have less revision to do and also improve your exam technique!
  • Don’t stress too much! I know I’ve just talked about how important it is to keep on top of work, but if you’re really struggling or need a break just take one. Give yourself a day off! Talk to your teachers if the workload is getting too much. Everyone in my gcse art class was behind on coursework at least once (myself included- I got an A* in the end). Your mental and physical health come first so always try to get a good amount of sleep and take plenty of breaks if needed.

Hope all of this helps; please message me if you’d like more advice/tips!

Taming The Brat Pt.10

As always I’m a nervous wreck posting this, but what can you do? I’d be surprised if anyone’s even still interested, it’s been so stupidly long since the last time I posted. Fingers crossed it doesn’t disappoint if you are. Also this is another long one, so I apologise in advance if this crashes the app. It’s a problem my scenarios seem to have. Anyways, my rambling aside MERRY CHRISTMAS, Y'ALL (unless of course you don’t celebrate it, in which case, HAPPY SUNDAY!! ^^) I hope you all have an amazing day, filled with endless love and good times ♡

♡Little Disclaimer♡

Genre: Angst/Smut/Nora’s AU
Requested: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Warnings: NSFW, 18+ Content, long af, crude af, slight Daddy kink, breath play, D/s relationship, BDSM themes, unnecessary dramatics. 

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If you’d asked me as a child what I thought the concept of normal was supposed to entail, I think the life I would’ve envisioned for myself back then would have been very different to the one I’m living now. The only silver lining I can find is the realisation my best friend is very much right about me, I’ve never much liked the mundane anyway. It was never something I strove for, I just wanted happiness. I suppose I can say I’m at least halfway there, but at the same time, it’s hard to think with such a positive outlook considering the details. I wouldn’t go so far as to sum them up as small, but awkward and misfortunate works pretty bloody well. Especially now.

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