the holy v



CAUTION: This individual is skilled and extremely dangerous. It is recommended those without the proper experience stray far from this particular bounty, and those that do take caution.



GENDER: Male (assumed)

SPECIES: Unknown (indigo-blood)

HEIGHT: 8′2″

NOTABLE DETAILS: Trademark skull-like mask assumed to be carved from bone. Visor across the left eye, glows orange. Cloak that reaches down to upper legs with an insignia (outline of a circle with two slashes across the center) on the left shoulder. Voice modulated; sounds three-toned, with a unique rippling flang.


  • Shrotrav-class sniper rifle (customized)
  • Herov-class sidearm (customized)
  • Herov-class tranquilizer gun (sidearm)
  • Grappling hook
  • Forearm-length blade (serrated)
  • Forearm-length blade (plasma)

SKILLSET: A better question is what isn’t a part of Talon’s skillset. Jack of all trades; expect anything.

NOTES: Wanted living or dead. Talon has proven to be remarkably problematic and has yet to have failed in slaughtering whoever he deems to set his sights on. Not every one of his mark is an official bounty which thus renders his actions illegal. There is little to be known of him, and not even the peasantry who are so fond of him seem to be able to give any details – even when properly convinced. It is worth noting that the Talon underneath the mask and cloak appears to be different than the man that had gone under the same alias with the same disguise a decade ago, or so it is assumed.


So, basically, “Talon” is the bounty-hunter persona (exile) Sendak moonlights as, who is very adored to the lower class populace of Neo Shousis. He goes through extensive efforts to keep this on the lowdown; there are none that suspect him of assuming this role.

The Talon persona was taken up by Sendak majorly because he is simply unable to cope with not being useful to some degree. He can’t not make some sort of impact and the only way he could figure out how to do that after being exiled on Sigma Rhada 6 came through bounty hunting. Initially, he had only gone hunting for a mask of some sort to conceal his identity, and ended up taking the already known name of Talon once he had figured a mask with a story would be all the better to hide behind.

In short: Being important was his purpose. Being useful was his life. He thrived on work and it was always the centermost point of his life from even childhood. With exile, that was completely ripped away from him. While the alcoholism was a facade ( he started to have a problem, but had enough self control and awareness to not continue with it lest it really be an issue ), the depression really wasn’t. It was very, very difficult for him to suddenly deal with being effectively useless, thus the bounty-hunting.

Talon’s alignment is very much Lawful Good. His purpose is to hunt down the worst criminals Sigma Rhada 6 has to offer and he has a “personality” of his own to match it ( stoic, well-meaning, etc ). The persona for him is quite easy to fall in, as to him, it really isn’t that much different than what he once did during his previous job ( manipulating people ) now and again. The ease of this shift is stark, like two entirely separate personalities that only really seem to merge into one much later into his time on the planet.


“The album title… Vices & Virtues, came after the lyrics were written… it was so spontaneous… I guess this record was really a study in human behavior—mostly for us personally what we had been going through, and noticing all of that.”

Happy Birthday, Vices & Virtues!

March 18, 2011

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