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Victor and Yuuri’s Career Choices in Episode 12

Alternatively titled “WTF was episode 12!?” 

As the 3rd and final post in the Victor/Yuuri and Grief series (found here and here), we’ll be taking a look at how their individual journeys that we explored in the previous 2 posts leading up to the hotel scene in eps 11/12 affect their career choices in the final episode.

As we’ve seen already, both of them have gone through the entire grieving process by the time the hotel scene rolls around. Just as a reminder about what their grief focused on, I’ll do a super quick recap.

For Victor, his grief was centered around the developmental loss of his career and accepting that he can still have a fulfilling life coaching Yuuri. He hits his acceptance of this during the GPF short programs, the moment we see him overlooking the stadium as Yurio breaks his short program world record. Victor has finally reached a place where he feels he can be happy with things as they are – with him off the ice.

For Yuuri, his grief was centered around the anticipated loss of losing Victor (in all capacities) after the GPF ended and accepting that the time he has with him is limited. He convinced himself that the time he has with Victor in every capacity wasn’t forever and that he would eventually have to give him up. Over the course of the series, he comes to terms with this on his own.

Buckle up because it’s going to be a long ride. I promise you, however, that the read will be worth it. (I’ll even add in some music recommendations to listen to during certain parts to add to your reading experience!)

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kings rising ch16: nikandros is a bro pt 2 (pt 1)


ngl listening to this 600 year old recorded transmission in me:a was one of the most emotionally painful moments like… w o w … 


Sabriel sketch dump

Hey look at what I posted about one year ago. Isn’t this so much better? Yay, improvement!

General Opinion: I’m getting really tired of seeing this ship everywhere. I don’t hate it, but when you’re trying to find Rei-Q fics or just browsing Rei-Q stuff the sheer amount of it just slowly drives me mad. I understand that 1) Asuka is the only person that has shown Rei-Q any sort of human decency, and 2) that Rei-Q chose to go with Asuka and Shinji at the end of 3.33… but I can’t see it. Even ignoring the issues that point one brings up (Shinji talked to her to? Asuka didn’t really say anything, just asked what she wanted to do??), I don’t really see them ever getting anywhere beyond somewhat awkward (see; Rei-Q reminding everyone of Rei Ayanami) frenemy status– certainly not romantic. 

 Again, I don’t hate the ship (much), but would it kill people to not shove it down my throat every time it shows up? All in all, Asuka/Rei Q ranks pretty low on ships for me.


Top 10 films of 2013
 1. The World’s End, directed by Edgar Wright


Galadriel and Thranduil from Lord of The Rings The Hobbit Trilogy

ahhhhhhh so awesome!!!    Tekko 2015

They were so nice and btw Thandruil’s flute playing was amazing!!!