the holy sword excalibur

If you look closely to some of the Fairy Tail scenes, then you can find some Soul Eater. There is a theory going on that Hiro Mashima is a fan the series. In one scene, you can find the Eyes of Asura on a tower. There is also the quest for the holy sword Excalibur. Then there’s Grey wearing a bag and belt with my name on them. Keep looking and I bet you’ll find more!

Soul Eater AU where everything is the same but Excalibur is voiced by Cr1tical

“What’s up everybody this is the Holy Fucking Sword Excalibur and today I’ll be turning this shitty meister into a titty meister, let’s do this shit”

“By the mighty shit of Lord Death”

“Does this sword form make my titties look good”

“I’m not afraid of you, Kishin. I once answered a telemarketer’s phone call and politely told them I wasn’t interested in their product. Good luck intimidating me.”

“My mastery of the hokey pokey cannot even compete with that type of choreography.”

“That’s it, remember to rate the weapon, comment on the weapon, and subscribe if you wanna see more weapons like it. Later.”

Info about my Book

Imogen Knightly: A girl in her early 20′s with PTSD from an encounter with dark historical figure. She came from an abusive home, her mother turning out to be a serial killer who killed her father later on. Living with her Uncle John, she slowly learned to trust the world again and joined SPECTRE.

Sir Nicholas: A Centuries old Knight Templar who thinks of the Jr members of his group like the children he never had. He was trapped in a cave for almost 600 centuries with the holy grail and the sword excalibur.

Godiva: A very powerful and resourceful witch who not only trained under Morgen Le Fay but was her lover for a very long time. She is Sir Nicholas’ wife, they have been married for almost 1,000 years.

Navila: A muslim vampire who was bitten by a Knight Templar carrying vampirism from England. She met Sir Nicholas during the crusades and centuries later when he was hospitalized. She is his best friend.

Tristan: A grim reaper in training, son of Azriel and a walking disaster. Tristan loves to party, and loves to goof around but he loves and cares for his friends more than anything. He and Devyn lived and survived on the streets together, killing criminals (especially pedophiles) for Devyn to feed on. Nicholas recruited them into the group.

Rosamaria: A descendant of Carmilla, she is a very powerful vampire who hides her strength behind a smile. She can charm the pants off of just about anything and already has. She met Godiva when she was with Morgan Le Fay in Spain and helped her find her true love, Sir Nicholas. Godiva is her best friend.

Chanda: From a long line of werewolves in India who moved to the UK where there is a bigger werewolf community. Smart and cunning, she is a fierce warrior and viciously protective of those she cares about. You always want to be on her good side. She is dating Rosamaria. Her twin brother Thomas is her best friend. 

Thomas: Sweet tempered and shy, Thomas is always one to please. He tends to stick with his sister and Rosamaria. He gets along well with most of the team but doesn’t think of them as his friends yet, it takes someone with amazing understanding and spirit to crack his shell.

Devyn: Born into a life of slavery, she saw her family die before her and was turned into a vampire by Navila. After a few decades she ran away and met Tristan, who she got along with splendidly. Often patronized because of her young age, and a lack of human blood in her diet because of laws and rules set on her she is often short tempered but really a sweet person who wants to do good. Tristan is her best friend. 

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In terms of relationship milestones and symbolic gestures Captain Swan has set the bar really high:

Wanna move in together?

Sure! To signify that step in our relationship lets magically ignite an ancient spark from mankind’s first fire!

I’m committed to you, and have decided that I can’t lose you right now.

So I’m going to inscribe our names together on the current form of the HOLY GRAIL….the most famous sword in existence…. EXCALIBUR

I really wanted a future with you and to take the next step, but you died.

Engagement party in the Underworld! Probably.