the holy sword excalibur

meatballmeatballspaghetti  asked:

Is Ex ok with being called "doof noodle"?

“So yeah I’m okay with it. It’s nothing but a pet name Juniper gave me, and then Cadmium shortly after. To me it’s my name just as much as Excalibur Arthur Penndragon is my name.”


“Day for Fools!”

It ain’t April FOOLS without HIM showing up at least one! A crossover that needed to be done…and just in time for today! I was going to turn this into an animated comic panel butttttttt….then I decided it’d be more fun to just let you miraculous folk make up your own crazy stories based on this squigglustration.

In honor of this April Fools, instead of pranking, let’s play a game!
Miraculers, CAPTION THIS squiggle art!

We’ve been blessed with an unexpected cameo from everyone’s favourite sassy holy sword: Excalibur from hit anime series: Soul Eater who has strangely, now been kwami-fied, However, it doesn’t seem like the K-SQUAD are too pleased with greeting this now pit-sized stranger. Hmmm I wonder why.

Let me hear what you think is happening here. It’ll be funny to hear you interpretations. In the meantime, I hope everyone enjoys this new K-SQUAD squiggle art. It’s been a while since I’ve drawn the kwamis. Now I’m another squigglustration closer to completing the first session in my Miraculous K-SQUAD series. Still many more to come so always, stayyy tune for more star kids and I shall see you in the next squiggle!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

♥ More Miraculous Art by Squiggles

~LittleMissSquiggles (2017)

One of my newest hobbies is collecting replica swords from my favorite anime/video games. As part of the SAO fandom, of course, I couldn’t neglect the swords from the show. From top to bottom: Lambent Light, Elucidator, and Dark Repulser. All are made of carbon steel. Unsharpened edges, but very sharp tips.

Other swords from the series I’d love to own because I like the designs: Eugeo’s Blue Rose Sword, General Eugene’s Demonic Sword Gram, Guilty Thorn (made by Grimlock), Holy Sword Excalibur. Also, Kirito, Asuna, and Yuuki’s (Zekken) swords from ALO, which don’t have specific names.

Soul Eater AU where everything is the same but Excalibur is voiced by Cr1tical

“What’s up everybody this is the Holy Fucking Sword Excalibur and today I’ll be turning this shitty meister into a titty meister, let’s do this shit”

“By the mighty shit of Lord Death”

“Does this sword form make my titties look good”

“I’m not afraid of you, Kishin. I once answered a telemarketer’s phone call and politely told them I wasn’t interested in their product. Good luck intimidating me.”

“My mastery of the hokey pokey cannot even compete with that type of choreography.”

“That’s it, remember to rate the weapon, comment on the weapon, and subscribe if you wanna see more weapons like it. Later.”

If you look closely to some of the Fairy Tail scenes, then you can find some Soul Eater. There is a theory going on that Hiro Mashima is a fan the series. In one scene, you can find the Eyes of Asura on a tower. There is also the quest for the holy sword Excalibur. Then there’s Grey wearing a bag and belt with my name on them. Keep looking and I bet you’ll find more!

In terms of relationship milestones and symbolic gestures Captain Swan has set the bar really high:

Wanna move in together?

Sure! To signify that step in our relationship lets magically ignite an ancient spark from mankind’s first fire!

I’m committed to you, and have decided that I can’t lose you right now.

So I’m going to inscribe our names together on the current form of the HOLY GRAIL….the most famous sword in existence…. EXCALIBUR

I really wanted a future with you and to take the next step, but you died.

Engagement party in the Underworld! Probably.