the holy progeny

Fatima (s.a) is the blood inside my heart; her sons are the fruits of my heart; her husband is my eyesight; the Imams from her sons are my Lord’s emissaries, and they are His extended rope between Him and His creatures. Those who hold onto this rope will survive and those who do not will fall.
—  Prophet Mohammad (PBUH);  Maqtal al-Husain v 1 p 59, Ghaayah al-Maraam p 46, Behaar al-Anwaar v 3 p 100, Ehqaq al-Haqq v 13 p 79.

This Photo was recently taken at the shrine of Bibi Zaynab (a.s), I ask god to protect it from every takfere/Wahabi trying to insult the holy progeny and May God protect every mujahe'ed every brave lion fighting against these Takfeeris and grant them a victorious victory bi ha'q allee Mohammad (pbt)

تزيين مرقد الامام الحسين بالورود احتفالاً بمولد أخيه الامام الحسن المجتبى (عليهما السلام)

Shrine of Imam Hussain decorated with flowers in celebration of the birth anniversary of his brother Imam Hassan Al-Mujtaba’ (as)