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WIP meme

Do This: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever.

I was tagged by @annawrites and @spanglebangle! This is probably the funniest thing ever, let’s see how long this ends up:


  • sickeningly sweet (like honey), andreil kid au in which the foxes are silly children who love and support each other and Dad Wymack is constantly exasperated by his kids’ antics; constantly being put off in favour of aus of this au or weird future contemplations
    • shades of purple (this one’s a bruise), andreil kid au oneshot, part smut but mostly embarrassing fluff
    • the Wymack family backstory and Dan’s future
  • double scoop, andreil ice cream au where Neil is the hot guy serving ice cream
  • continuations for the FMA au (first kiss involving Neil being a martyr and some belated world-building) and the andreil blind date au (first date to the movies)
  • prompts (cries because these have been in my inbox for so long)
    • andreil long distance sex
    • Andrew cheating (no angst, I promise)
    • WTNV au
    • Elementary au (a bunch of friendship things)
    • playground au (an alternative kid au which is somehow even sillier than the original)
    • guardian angel au (featuring a weird capitalist angel society)
    • andreil doing nice things for each other
    • andreil internet friends au
  • the war is won, this really dumb oneshot I’ve been thinking about for months, entirely about Neil being old and lame and loving it
  • weighted shoulders, a set of separate Andrew + Neil oneshots focused on changes


  • album art for an INCREDIBLE TTOTS playlist (by @lukesunburn), stay tuned b/c I’m going to be promoting it like crazy soon
  • I’m Still Here lyricstuck, comic, I can’t remember what I normally call it :/ Andrew-centric and hopefully not as sad as I first thought it was
  • art for other people’s fics…
  • I want to try some animated illustrations?? probably going to be soft andreil or foxes
  • Big Bang art, which isn’t due yet, but I really want to do a couple of concept sheets for the characters
  • au stuff??? idk if I want to write or draw, but probably FMA au (Ishvalan Renee!!), vigilante au (morally grey superhero Neil and supervillian Andrew), kingdom au (spy/knight Andrew busts Prince Nathaniel out of his father’s castle and they take down the neighboring kingdom with help from the Foxes),,,
  • that one “why do we have to fight the monster” post
  • a quick comic with the really cute cat goalie video
  • a dumb Renee + Andrew doodle
  • andreil at a banquet (excuse to draw them looking hella fine)
  • all of my other wips (I’ve posted a bunch of them already)
  • idk whatever I end up starting while procrastinating on the above ^^
  • the HQ!! Shut Up And Dance lyricstuck that I might have discontinued, I honestly don’t know


  • a house, an actual 1:8 scale model of the wood framing for a small house, made of hand-milled cedar (which I may or may not be allergic to??), nail-gun holes where I missed, and my tears; for class and as something to maybe have for future portfolios

Tagging @badacts, @exysexual, @coldcigarettes, @lukesunburn, @lazyleezard, @nekojitachan, and whoever else has some cool wips that need to be shared


Of the Nail, the Thorn, and the Cross

  1. Iron Nail Cross
  2. Cross of Samael
  3. Oak Nowl

Metalwork, sculpture, and carving attributed to Daniel Schulke

“The Thorn is both punitive & binding, the Holy Nail of the Greenwood executing the grim sentence of Crucifixion at once harnessing the forces of binding & torment.”

— Daniel Schulke, Viridarium Umbris: The Pleasure Garden of Shadow

The cross has been defined by Schulke as “the supreme magical formula of incarnation-sacrifice-apotheosis arising from the fixation of spirit into the four ways of matter.”


Has anyone else noticed that (spoilers) After the Jake fiasco, Brooke spoke differently? She didn’t stutter or anything obvious, but if you listen to her before and after she found out Jake was dead, her voice sounds deeper and more gravely. And its not even just for the time she’s mourning him- She sounds like that for the entire rest of the series! Even in Halloween! where everyone is happy! and smiling!

Her difference in tone could symbolise something breaking within her- as her voice literally breaks. I always viewed Jake’s death as a turning point for Brooke; the moment where she truly realises throughout everything that the Killer is going to have no restraint, no dignity, and no compassion. That the person attacking her friends and family is Ruthless, and she has a right to be as well. I’m not insane, right? I can’t be the only one hearing this.

anonymous asked:

#30 with couples of your choice. But instead of a concert it's karaoke night

Okay, I’m kind of up to my neck in fic prompts, but this is so delightful I’m going to do something different. So here’s everyone’s Karaoke choices which are probably super inaccurate and technically don’t make any sense because Overwatch takes place at least 70 years in the future so there’s no reason they’d pick songs that are all at least 70 years old (Or like 100 because lbr the best Karaoke songs are ancient.) (Let’s assume the karaoke machine they got is an antique Junkrat dug out of a trash heap or something.) Anyway! Song choices!

Widowmaker is very stubborn about the whole thing at first, but then Sombra dares her and basically won’t stop bugging her until like 5 drinks later when Widowmaker is all like “I’ll show you” and she sings “Laisse Tomber les Filles” in her sexy Widowmaker voice while pretty much giving Sombra a lap dance. Sombra is… compromised.

Mercy is really really shy and doesn’t want to go up in front of everyone alone so Genji goes with her for a duet and he’s her #1 cheerleader up on the stage and she picks “99 Luftballons” because it’s the only song she recognizes out of the whole playlist and Genji does his best to back her up even though he can’t get the beats + German lyrics down for his life. Mercy is really self conscious for the whole thing and stays in her ‘head voice’ for like two-thirds of the song until towards the end where she finally gets up the courage to sing from her gut and then Genji is??? so proud of her?? And even when her voice cracks toward the end she nearly stops but she keeps going and he’s so in love with her oh my god it’s embarrassing.

McCree: I’m gonna need to ask you to control yourself during my act, darlin’.
Hanzo: If you picked “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy” I’m breaking up with you.
McCree, desperately looking through the song playlist for an alternative because he absolutely picked that song: Hahaha who said I was pickin’ that one? I wouldn’t—that song’s ridiculous I’m not—I definitely did not pick that one.

Somehow McCree is miraculously able to pick out “Friend of the Devil” within 12 seconds and holy shit he nails it. Nice save, Jesse.

Symmetra: Explain to me again… why must you and Tracer do a duet to this song in particular?
Tracer: Because of ‘Top Gun!’ 
Pharah: As she said. Because of Top Gun.
Symmetra: You keep saying that as if it makes sense.
Emily: It’s… a pilot thing, right?
Pharah and Tracer: Yeah.

And then Pharah and Tracer do a killer cover of Danger Zone as their confused girlfriends look on.

It’s Dark Out And We’re Wearing Sunglasses - Part 8



Warnings: HOLY SHIT THIS CHAPTER IS BASICALLY JUST DICKS EVERYWHERE. Ahem spanking, anal sex, oral sex, fingering, Negan’s potty mouth.

If you wanna be tagged or untagged lemme know! (It’s been a while since last chapter so I hope i managed to tag everyone. If not don’t be afraid to drop me a reminder!)

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