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How Dan and Phil probably broke up #43
  • Dan: *sacrifices Phil to Satan*

Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD: ‘The Return’


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MoYou London Trend Hunter 02

I really liked this look! Not my best stamping though.

My Big Bling Clear Jelly stamper worked perfectly it’s just that my BPS stamping polish is a bit old and dried super fast.

Tools used: MoYou London Trend Hunter 02 and Holy Shapes 19 stamping plates.

CJS Big Bling stamper and Born Pretty White stamping polish.

OPI Vant To Bite My Neck.

Color Club Meet Me At The Rink.

Essie Garden Variety.


Chara is the Tiefling Blade Pact Warlock, while Frisk is the Half-Orc Lore Bard. And poor Flowey must DM for them.

((holy crap, you 100% nailed it

in celebration of you nailing it so much and also because I thought this all over way too much…

Chara is a Tiefling Warlock under the Pact of the Blade and their patron is the Archfey. They only design characters with the intention of breaking and taking over the game. The play styles of whoever is running the campaign are always taken into account to maximize efficiency and insufferability. They do their best to make the most broken player characters possible while still adhering to the rulebook. By default they have tons of unlimited use cantrips, one of which causes huge amounts of damage (eldrich blast) even without their charisma stat bonus, which is of course their highest stat. That intimidation isn’t with proficiency, that’s raw charisma right there. All of their scores are suspiciously high but they insist they just rolled really well. Frisk can confirm, as they had to do the rolling for them.

Frisk is a Half-Orc Bard in the College of Lore. Their playstyle is really just to have fun and hang out, they don’t care about “winning”. Their characters are built to fill the gaps everyone else leaves in the party, so they’re usually the healer. Their characters are more built off of pre-made and easy build instructions. Because they aren’t a huge nerd.

And Flowey is hardly the “poor DM”. His style is to make his players suffer and kill off their characters as brutally as he can. Despite all that, his games are actually pretty fun as long as you get him to roleplay instead of throwing you into combat. He’s an expert when it comes to making lots of NPCs with unique personalities and his character voices are limitless! You could say it all comes from experience. As a player, he rarely makes the same character twice. Mostly because he constantly tries to use broken homebrew races and classes that the DM will inevitably have to go in and laboriously repair, and he isn’t a very happy player after that.


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