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“On second thoughts, let’s not go to Erebor. It is a silly place.”

The Hobbit + Monty Python (4/?)

Beauty Brands I Need in My Future 🌸🍃

  Hello ladies and gents! Today I just wanted to give you guys a short list of brands that I really want to try soon based on the things I’ve seen on social media, research on their products, and research on the brands themselves! I’ve also listed some of the specific products I’m most eager to try.

• Fenty Beauty - I’m obsessed with how inclusive the launch was, plus, this is Rihanna’s makeup line. Need I say more?

- KILLAWATT highlighters

- match stix trio

- gloss bomb

• Mario Badescu - I’ve ALWAYS heard this brand in various “holy grail” lists and I’m curious if once I try their products if I’ll see similar results

- rose water facial spray

• Glossier - I love their social media presence, many of my favorite youtubers have vouched for the brand, and I like that it’s not just makeup or just skin care. Glossier, in my opinion, is where the two meet.

- lip gloss

- haloscope highlighters

- body hero

Facts!!!!! ( I love facts ❤)

So I was tagged by the lovely @graydalestairs ! And let me tell you people how much I love tags ! I love answering questions so yay !

Name : Sofia
Gender: female
Sign: Capricorn
Height: 162 cm ( I think that’s like 5.2 or smth)

Favorite animal: dogs , dogs , DoGS! Did I mention dogs!!???? Also bears and rhinos idk why I just love them so much and boars!
Dream trip: Australia or like a road trip around UK
Dream job: A writer and to open my own publishing company .
When and why I made my blog : I think it was in February of this year and I basically craved fandoms and my fave ships and then I stumbled upon the holy grail of tumblr and now I’m in love .
Favorite music band : I would say FOB because it is basically how I feel 24/7 and the words just really get to me, like all the time. Props to my friend who got me into them !

Favorite emoji : The red heart . Classy and boring but I love it ❤.

Would you rather be exceedingly rich but unhappy, famous but somehow have little money ,or happy and wealthy but in ill health?: Hmmmm, I’d say be famous and somehow have little money because it’s really important for me to be both happy and healthy so I would prefer to be famous for something great and spread the word on the topics and themes that I am passionate about!

Do you have any piercings that are not in your ear lobes?: nopeee , only my ears although I’m hoping to get more holes in my ears soon

What kind of exercise do you do/what sports do you play?: I play tennis for leisure cause I’m not really a sporty girl . Although I really enjoy P.E lessons at school due to my super duper competitiveness .

Can you sing well enough that you wouldn’t be booed offa karaoke stage?: yea I would say I would . I love singing and I love karaokes so I don’t think that I’d be booed 😂.

Can you cook any meal from scratch?: Nope unless it’s like an avocado toast . I legit might burn the house down .

Describe in five words the last person you had a serious crush on: OH BOYYYY. So this guy who’s actually kinda my friend ( I don’t really crush that much on him anymore ) alright basically: 1) Best accent ever 2) arrogant 3) fluffy hair 4) annoying 5) Astro-physicist
( that was more than 5 words whatever )

Android or iPhone ?: iPhone

Ever broken a bone?:nope , but I have severed my back really badly in the past .

What’s that one song you can listen to an embarrassing amount of time ?: Superheroes by the Script , I love it !
What is the last book you’ve read that wasn’t TSC?: well I’m reading the Raven cycle and they both die at the end right now so yea there’s that ! Both are great btw and the second one is making me cry every second of my life like wow the beauty!

So I tag : ( obvs mi amiga ) @tavvy-and-rafe-are-parabatai , @queenrosales , @thepurplewarlock , @tiberiusblacktorn , @gracelightwood , @catarinalosss

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buddy, they aren't fucking canon bisexuals. stop it. people /can/ go through self discovery. people don't come out of the womb knowing their sexuality. can you stop treating bisexuality like this holy grail that can never be changed and literally everyone who ever shows any interest in multiple genders is bi even though people have married people before figuring out they were gay. fuck you.

People that are interested in multiple genders aren’t bi? Honey, what do you think bisexuality is?

But no, I’m not treating it like a “holy grail”. I’m simply saying you can’t treat bisexuality like it’s always just a questioning phase. Did you know that treating our sexualities like it’s a phase is wrong and actually contributes to a lot of self hatred and internalized biphobia? I’d know, because I’ve struggled with it for years. Yes I’m aware that questioning happens - for example, if someone like Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer was requested where we have confirmation that she was just questioning, I wouldn’t do it. But it’s really, really, really wrong to assume that every bisexual is just questioning.

Anyway. Seems like you’re mad that your faves are bi. But Corrin is a beautiful bisexual, and so is Niles, and Soleil, and Rhajat.

Some new running gear for Christmas!

Here to fuel my eternal love for crass, stupid displays of sarcasm.

Why M&A is exploding in this market

It’s late in the second quarter with U.S. equity markets marginally ahead on the year. The next leg of the bull market was supposed to come from Capex but it appears CEO’s have found a quicker way to drive returns. With organic growth slowing and an economy struggling near the flat line management is turning to M&A as the Holy Grail. It’s no secret the pace of deals is picking up with barely a day going by without some announcement on your favorite financial news channel. Just tweet about the potential of a deal and it’s enough to send shorts scrambling for cover as investors stampede into the target.

According to Forbes there have been 15 + deals in 2015 north of $10 Billion and the list seems to grow with each passing week. Europe’s BG tops the list at $70 Billion with Charter’s (CHTR) take out of Time Warner Cable (TWC) following at $55 Billion. Comcast (CMCSA) failed in their Time Warner bid as regulators made it clear they weren’t going to give this one a pass. Just last week one of our recent additions Broadcom (BRCM) shot up on the heels of a $37 Billion buyout offer from Avago (AVGO) in cash and stock.  

Investors Bidding up Buyers and Sellers

Some companies aren’t even waiting for the deals to develop and are hiring bankers seeking “strategic alternatives.” On Friday Humana (HUM) announced they had hired Goldman Sachs to advise them on potential offers making it clear they are for sale.  

GDP Last 5 Years

One look at current stats and it’s easy to see why CEO’s are looking to ride the M&A wave. On Friday we got news the economy contracted for the third time since the recovery started. We seem to stumble from one quarter to the next taking hits from weather, dock strikes, a slowdown in China and the never ending story of a potential Grexit. The truth is when you have an economy this slow, negative GDP quarterly growth is going to be part of the mix more often then we’d like.

While Fed action likely saved us from the Abyss and has been a bonanza for asset prices it hasn’t really trickled down to the Main Street economy. Mr. Bernanke and Ms. Yellen took monetary policy to the limit in an effort to keep the patient alive long enough to get back on their feet and to a large degree that was a success. Regardless of whether you believe these actions were the right move it is clear this era has passed and the Fed is slowly but inevitably heading toward the exit.

In the last five years fiscal policy failed to keep up with the Fed and I believe history will view it as largely a failure. I’ll leave it to the political talking heads to point fingers but for now it’s difficult to ignore the obvious.

The SPX above 2100 is a testament to just how resilient the market has been in the face of weak data. Pullbacks have been shallow with buyers lurking at every level of support.

Green Shoots

Most of the economic data hasn’t been promising but in a recent Barron’s interview heavyweight Byron Wien pointed out the ECRI (Economic Cycle Research Institute) Index had recently turned up indicating that future quarters could show improvement. In the chart above I plotted the ECRI data during the last five years alongside the S&P 500. As Byron points out it has turned up. While the two charts do seem to move together I’m not sure a case can be made for the ECRI having real predictive power.

Why Now for M&A

We shouldn’t be surprised to see this level of M&A activity given the economic backdrop. With so many companies struggling with revenue growth management is becoming increasingly inventive with efforts to grow the bottom line. Buybacks and other sources of financial engineering have been a big driver of price momentum but nothing works better than a good old fashioned merger.

Think of it management’s point of view. You eliminate a competitor and come up with a treasure chest of synergies to drive margins and earnings for the next several years. Unfortunately, one of the first casualties when two companies combine is jobs.

You don’t need two sales departments and even in the C suite there will be some job losses however, I suspect the severance packages will be a little more generous.

As the pace of deals picks up announced transactions are getting bigger. The chart above from Business Insider shows the trend and size of deals. With global growth in the doldrums this may be just the tip of the ice berg. Get ready for some shocking numbers and merger announcements from companies you never would have thought would put themselves up for sale.

If you can’t grow organically then M&A may be the next best thing. The premiums will move higher as more deals get announced and the best prospects are taken out of play. Those who move first should end up with the best deals for shareholders with late comers picking up the scraps.

The increased pace of announcements smells of panic as companies scramble to find partners. As the best of breed get gobbled up pretty soon even the wall flower starts to look good. It’s too soon to say if the buyers are overpaying but that’s how it always ends.

For now CEO’s of firms with strong balance sheets and a rising stock price, top and bottom line growth is just a phone call away.

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Holy crud you're following me??? Your blog is the holy grail of blogs!!



Loki: So ’m I!


Dean: Hey, Sammy!  Are you enjoyin’ your MOOSE DAY presents?  Got any more PIE?

Sam: Dean, it’s about my MOOSE DAY presents!


Loki: So ’m I!

Sam: I got TWO TRICKSTERS followin’ me now!

Dean: So what happened?

Sam: Well, we went to the MOOSE CLUB!

Moosie: I’m DA MOOSE!

Moosie: What a coinky-dink!  I am DA MOOSE as well!


Loki: So ’m I!

Sam: An’ then I went with THOR to buy reasonably priced HAIR CARE PRODUCTS!

Thor: These tinctures will bring us SHINE and MANAGEABILITY my friend!


Loki: So ’m I!


Tony Stark: Almost ready for prototyping!


Loki: So ’m I!

Sam: An’ then we attended the CLOWN DANCE REHEARSAL for the PIESTIEL SAGA’s special MOOSICAL episode.


Loki: So ’m I!

Dean: Wait, Sammy.  So, what kinda TRICKY TRICK did the Tricksters pull on ya?  I’m not hearin’ it.

Sam: That’s just it, Dean.  They haven’t pulled ANY TRICKS!  I’m goin’ CRAZY just WAITIN’ for it!!!!

Sam: *wump*

Dean: You guys got anything to say?


Loki: So ’m I!

Cas: How is Sam enjoyin’ his MOOSE DAY presents?  Is there any HOT CHOC'LIT left?