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I wish we could send little presents other than our hero feathers to each other in fe heroes. Min would have to give your Alfonse a book of secretly spicy sonnets to take back with him for you two to read together. >:3c

Oh goodness, that would be sweet! 

Or, well, spicy in this case, ooh la la ;//v//; 

Tried to draw the reading part too but there’s no words, insert a sonnet somewhere LOL; 

Imagine how happy Keith would have been to see Shiro go on this amazing mission to Kerberos.

Don’t imagine how hard the news of the “pilot error” must have hit him. Don’t imagine how much Keith denied the “pilot error” because the Shiro he knew would never make a mistake, especially if there were other people in danger.

Don’t imagine Keith demanding to know more, to know what ACTUALLY happened, because Shiro would never, could never make a mistake like that. Don’t imagine Keith getting throw out of the Garrison because he kept persisting to know the truth.

Don’t imagine him slowly having to accept that Shiro was gone. Don’t imagine him being alone AGAIN in that little shack. Don’t imagine that year of Keith trying to find a steady foothold on what he was actually doing with his life.

Imagine Shiro coming back, and all the joy Keith would have felt. He was changed, but this was still Shiro, he was alive.

Don’t imagine all the times Shiro almost died on missions. Don’t imagine the fright that Keith felt when he saw Hologram!Shiro abandoning him. Don’t imagine Keith being scared when Shiro didn’t respond to him through the coms. Don’t imagine the shock Keith felt when he saw Shiro’s seat abandoned, him seemingly disappearing in thin air. Don’t imagine Keith losing Shiro again


HOLY COW! This took so long to draw BUT IT WAS WORTH IT XD!


Underfell Sans (Edge) belongs to ????

Abysstale Sans (Abyss) belongs to @metakazkz

Gztale Sans (Ganz) belongs to @golzy

Xtale Sans (Cross) belongs to @jakei95

So i went and looked at a room and holy cow it was great! Its a sweet old lady and her detective son (hes like 40) and they are very kind! The room has a bathroom (as pictured above) and a mini kitchen (fridge, shelf and microwave) omg its great… So…. I AM MOVING IN WEDNESDAY! 💞😊💞

Do They Know?

For the first time ever, I just watched a full Supernatural Convention Saturday Night Special concert. It was amazing seeing all the guest stars join the band on stage, but it was the band themselves that got me thinking.

Does Billy Moran know how chill he looks when he plays guitar? The guy is up there shredding in a way I never could and looks as calm as if he is making a cup of tea. Holy cow, man. 

Does Stephen Norton know how much joy shines through his eyes while he’s drumming? He looks so delighted by everything. If I could capture that mirth and bottle it, we would have a cure for depression that worked for all.

Does Mike Borja know how happy his harmonies make people? Everything, all the way down to the kazoo harmony made me smile so much. Just knowing there’s a man who sounds so wonderful is a major life game changer.

Does Rob Benedict know how proud we are of him? Does he know that when he sings “She Waits” we can feel his pain? Every stumble on a word, every deep breath he draws…it was like watching a man remove his mask and show us the nerve endings underneath. Raw, broken, but unapologetic. To bare your soul to a crowd of strangers in such a way time and time again is the most amazing thing I have ever seen.

This year at SeaCon will be my very first time getting to see them perform live and in person. Wish me luck!

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It's 1:18 AM and I'm about halfway through Rise (thank you, by the way, the Newsflesh universe is one I enthusiastically dive into over and over again at least once a year) and from an offhanded comment made by Mahir I suddenly have a burning question-- is the space race over in-universe? Would the risk of zombie astronauts be too high? Holy cow, has anyone ever amplified on the ISS???

So a lot of people have done “zombies on the ISS,” which means I have yet to find anything new to say there.  Ergo, “I don’t know, maybe, until I find a story, I don’t/won’t care enough to figure it out.”

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This wedding Apocalypse, like dayum, It escalated rather quickly, haha! XD But where's the love for the Zola project boys? And for the non-vocaloids, the Binan boys? Course if no one wants them, I'll be happy to ask for their hands for marriage and have them all to my lil self, mwahaha~ CX

RIGHT ITS CRAZY holy cow it took me ages to get to ur ask ehhee mostly bc sulfur didnt want to load for some reason

SADLY i can’t speak for the zola boys bc @maydaymmd did those kiddies not me!!!! i just assisted in the process i think


hehe but i’m sure the battle lovers have enough love to go around (u guys can also have a bonus kin-chan bc why the heck not)

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some gaming yesterday, some writing and knitting otherwise!

That does sound fun :D A faulty outlet … not so much :/

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Which horse show?! My aunt trains Arabians out west and spends a lot of time around Scottsdale at horse shows.

That’s the one we went to! It was my first time and last night there were a lot of finales. We caught the tail end of the jumping competition, and one of the riders was 10 years old holy cow. Gosh, Arabians are gorgeous horses!

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dunno about fun but definitely busy. useful though!

Well, as long as it’s a useful busy and not a needless busy :P Maybe next weekend will have more time for fun!

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crossfit open 17.1 hurt my soul. fun though

Okay, I had to look up what that is, and my soul is hurting just thinking about it. But I’m glad you had fun :D I’ve always been curious about crossfit. It looks equal parts thrilling and frakking frightening.

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The green tea frap's one of my favorites! But if you want to try something a little different, add: 2 pumps chocolate syrup, 1 pump mint syrup, java chips (optional but so good), honey. It's like a thin mint in a cup.

That sounds like it would taste really good but holy cow it also sounds like it’s 90% sugar. (not that the green tea frap is probably that much better for you).

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kingdom hearts…

ice skating…

Kingdom Hearts…. Ice Skating.