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Good Places for Witchy Things Locally

I’m not one to endeavor into online or long distance shopping. To aid those who don’t want to go too out of their way for their craft, here’s a list of places on the top of my head that can be reached in most local areas!

First- Michaels/ACMOORE/Craft Stores

Many witches may recommend craft stores, but believe me, they are NOT lying when they say they’re useful! I went to a local Michaels and was STUNNED to see that they had beautiful, ready-to-wear, polished crystals that were $4.99- not to mention they were all 50% off! They were even labeled, so I could know what crystals I bought. On top of that, they had raw crystal/geode fragments scattered around the store for various prices.

Also, most craft stores carry a multitude of storage objects used by witches. Jars, vials, containers, small storage cases- I see most of these things regularly! Craft stores are your best bet, though, as they carry tons of knick-knacks for many purposes.

Second- Grocery Stores/Markets

A lot of witchcraft that I’ve seen involves herbs, spices, and even food. Since you can obtain coupons with such ease, these markets can really be a great place to obtain small things needed to help with your craft! (I will admit, though, most coupons are for common foods and not spices/herbs. Perhaps I’m looking in the wrong places, who knows.)

Third- Target/Walmart/Tesco/etc.

These shops carry everything and anything, it seems. Storage containers, home decor, foods/spices, you name it. You also never seem to be exceptionally far from one. These places may also have regular sales. It’s easy to keep an eye out on what’s there so you can get more materials!

Fourth- Hole-In-The-Wall Shops

There are some little hole-in-the-wall shops that really seem to carry the most beautiful things. In fact, a local shop I know has an incredible amount of gems/crystals/incenses/oils for wonderful prices. You never know what you’ll find in little places like that.

Fifth- Home Decor Shops

I don’t know what about a good ol’ geode that makes a home look more comforting, but apparently, it’s enough that every home decor shop I can think of carries them. Sometimes, they also carry crystals (this is rare for me to see, though). They also have small storage units for good prices, and it’s not hard to find a good coupon online. But if you’re in need of a good geode, trust me- home decor shops will have them.

Lastly- Resale Shops/Thrift Shops

Resale shops, like Good Will, have so many strange and useful things. They’re all for SUCH CHEAP PRICES! I got a perfect crystal storage unit for perhaps no more than $3- three shelves, perfect condition. Perhaps never even used more than once, if at all. They also have home items, books, and little things like that. These shops are a DREAM for a budget witch.

Now, these are all from personal experience. There are likely tons of amazing places I can’t think of that have things that are useful to you. Always keep an eye out, and you’ll find what works! Happy witching, my lovelies!

Ghost Messenger

Words: 11.8k
Genre: Fluff, Angst
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Originally posted by baebsaes

8:34 am. Y/N: I hope you have a really great day today! Remember to eat and don’t overwork yourself! If you need anything, I’m just a simple text away! :)

8:45 am. Hyunwoo: Yup.

Namjoon smacks his head on his desk, his phone falling through his fingers and onto the wooden surface. He begins to feel his throat tighten from guilt but he suppresses it, inhaling a large breath as he sits up. He shifts the phone aside and opens the file folder, pages and pages of old text messages printed out in front of him. Before noon today, Namjoon has to read all of them and find out the client, Hyunwoo’s, texting habits and mannerisms in order to mimic.

8:34 am. Y/N: I hope you have a good day today too! I know you’re probably really busy today so don’t worry about giving me a call. I’m doing fine here. Good luck on your meeting with the shareholders! Dad mentioned it yesterday so I just wanted to wish you luck. :)

Namjoon can’t fathom how you manage to send a text every single day at the exact same time. What he also doesn’t understand is how your fiancé can consider it annoying or clingy. If anything it’s kind of swee- ding!

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Eating malasada in Alola

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Can y'all update the biting tag? It's been about a year and it's my weakness.


Claiming Run by 3rdgenderfromthesun (12/12 | 42,840 | NC17)

Stiles was convinced his mate wasn’t out there, but just when he was ready to put life behind him a snarky sourwolf stepped in his way with an offer he couldn’t refuse… a business partnership as a trucker with sexy times on the side.

if you’re going through hell (keep going) by theonewiththeeyebrows (1/1 | 10,291 | NC17)

Stiles didn’t know until he was gone. Until it was a constant ache.

A chasm in his chest that nothing could fill.

Not all the alcohol in the world. Not all the attempted mindless, nameless fucks. Not magic. Not Scott, not his dad, or his friends. And Stiles couldn’t call him back. Because calling him back would mean that it meant more.

And Stiles couldn’t admit that.

Not after he had insisted it didn’t.

He couldn’t call Derek back, not again. Not after he’d finally gotten him to leave this hell hole again.

The Shop by Stiles_Hale_38 (1/1 | 5,707 | NC17)

The shop is run specifically for werewolves. Werewolves need mates, and Peter is just a man trying to help some wolves out, so, he sells omegas, little omegas, young omegas.

Derek, Peter’s nephew, has never taken interest in the store or any of it’s purchases. Sure he’s looked around, but never found anything, that is until Peter calls him in for help renovating. The minute Derek walks in, he catches a scent, and with a little searching, he finds Stiles, and knows he is the one, and he doesn’t care how much he costs.

Trail of Woe by 3rdgenderfromthesun (2/2 | 10,041 | NC17)

Somewhere amidst all the fear-smell and their impending death sentence another scent caught Derek’s nose. It was one that spoke of hope and future and that he was almost sad to find here.

Sinful Touch by XOXOBlockMania_21 (1/1 | 5,110 | NC17)

Stiles was cursed with, you guessed it, girl parts by a fuckin’ Witch!

And the only way for him to turn back is to get laid…

By Derek fuckin’ Hale…

Can You Feel the Sparks Fly? by liam_hale (11/11 | 28,997 | PG13)

It was a Saturday, the weather was nice, there were no immediate threats to Stiles’ wellbeing. Well, aside from the fact that he had just intimidated an Alpha that practically molested him the previous night. But Stiles conveniently forgot that little fact.

In which Derek is a powerful Alpha and Stiles is a powerful Virtue. Drama ensues.


I’m no longer updating this work. Originally intended to be 50+ chapters, but quickly devolved and due to various factors, cancelled.

Derek’s Valentine’s Day Mission by Lesatha (1/1 | 7,597 | NC17)

Someone hires bounty hunter Derek to catch Stiles.

no biting on the first date by haleofStilesheart (1/1 | 3,898 | G)

Derek has never kissed anyone before. Not even when he was sort of dating Paige. But that’s all about to change when he decides to play spin the bottle at a party his crush, Stiles, is at.

Ideal (Chicago P.D.)

Title: Ideal

Fandom: Chicago P.D.

Rating: T/PG-13

Author’s Note: I probably watched one too many romantic dramas this weekend, but I was trying to make myself feel better after the announcement about Sophia’s departure. To me, the best case scenario we can hope for after 4x23 (and given Sophia may be coming back for a few episodes in S5) is a follow-up to Erin and Jay’s conversation in 4x21 about ideal living situations so this is what I came up with.

She will never get used to the hustle and bustle of this city - the constant honking of car horns, the way people push past each other on crowded sidewalks without the apology that comes with Midwestern nicety, the thin crust pizza being hawked by the slice at the same cart selling skinny hot dogs that don’t deserve to be called sausage or bratwurst, the turf wars among precincts over which borough they serve, or the tunnel vision the highrises create making it is impossible to see city landmarks.

That last change was - is - probably the hardest to adapt to because it used to be she walk down the back steps of the District or swing by Firehouse 51 or chase down a suspect and be able to see Sears Tower standing up straight. Offering orientation as she floored the 300 or the Sierra or as she hopped over a fence in a foot chase. Now? Now she orients herself by the number of blocks to the FBI’s headquarters, by the coffee shops and hole in the way restaurants that Lieutenant Benson pointed out to her the night she arrived in New York City with Hank’s admonishment not to look back still ringing in her ears.

Advice Hank himself hadn’t followed given that Benson was waiting for her at baggage claim, that the first person she saw upon arrival was someone from her past. It had been Benson who helped her find a place - one that was smaller than her condo in Chicago and without the floor to ceiling windows or the fireplace, but in a neighborhood that didn’t feel quite so sterile or gentrified as the place the FBI set her up with. It had been Benson who took her out to the coffee shop around the corner from her new apartment and offered her a position in her own unit. Offered to open up doors for her at the NYPD that would let her out of a life spent in starched, white blouses and pantsuits.

But she had to pass, had to take Hank’s advice that she not look back because she couldn’t imagine facing the kind of monsters like Yates every single day. Couldn’t handle the mental mindfuck that would come every time a woman was brutalized that way Nadia had been. And she had to keep the deal she made five months ago. Five months, eleven days, and six hours ago.

So much for not looking back.

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One thing I really appreciate about the closing montage...

…is that everyone is going about their normal day, going to school and work before getting together for the big family dinner..

…and Rumbelle are holed up in the shop all day (you can see that it’s light outside when they are dancing), just dancing, and probably staring at and cuddling their baby every minute he’s awake, and banging almost every minute that he isn’t.


Request: “ Okay you know I love anything tony stark…. can I have a Valentine’s Day request please add all the fluff you want lol thank you !!!” @tonystarksgirl

Spending Valentine’s Day with Tony Stark would involve:

  • Thinking he wouldn’t be into Valentine’s Day since he’s not exactly into any other holiday.
  • So you’re incredibly surprised when you wake up the next morning to the smells of him cooking you breakfast. 
  • “Excuse me!” He snaps playfully over his shoulder. “But this was suppose to be a surprise. And it’s suppose to be served in bed. Now that’s-that’s all shot to hell.” 
  • catching a glimpse of  of the living room and having to do a double take. 
  • “Well you’re just full of ruined surprises!” He complains as you take in the sight of hundreds of flowers covering every surface in the living room. 
  • Confessing that you didn’t get him anything. 
  • To which he replies with a wicked grin. “That’s fine because I got you everything.” 
  • The first half of the day is spent at home watching sappy movies, crying and eating junk food in your underwear because you two are a hang out in your underwear kind of couple. 
  • At one point there’s a scavenger hunt through the entire apartment, still in your underwear mind you, which leads to a beautiful Tiffany’s necklace wrapped around the neck of a four foot tall teddy bear. It’s a little extra for your taste, but it’s from Tony so it means the world to you. 
  • There’s a dinner that night, of course, but he’s booked the entire restaurant just for the two of you. The drinks and the food seem to never stop coming. 
  • On your way home he stops into a random hole-in-the wall shop and forces you to wait outside. 
  • He emerges with an enormous fluffy cat in his arms. (”You can come back and pick out accessories for it tomorrow!” He waves you off.)
  • “It’s love day.” He insists. “This cat’s parents didn’t love him so now we will. Say hello to our son.”
  • “Our son?” You raise your eyebrows and shake your head. Only Tony Stark.
  • “Yeah, his name is Thor. He lives with us now, C’mon home is this way.” He says walking towards the car. 
  • Later that night you lay in bed completely exhausted, with barely enough strength to fiddle with the new necklace you were wearing. Thor is curled up between you and Tony, you’re certain they are both already asleep.
  • “Happy Valentine’s Day, Tony.” You whisper before kissing him on the forehead. “I love you.” 
  • “Love you too, [y/n]” He mumbles, pulling you towards him. 

@weirdnewbie @tonystarksgirl

Fads: The Psychedelicatessen

uncredited writer, Time, 17 February 1967

It was a foregone conclusion that as soon as LSD became the daring, far-out thing to take, entrepreneurs would begin to peddle psychedelic accessories —the stuff to take on the trip. The paraphernalia ranges from such objects of contemplation as a polished cow’s tooth ($2.50) to poster-size enlargements of current underground heroes such as Lenin, Dostoevsky and Oscar Wilde. But not even Thomas DeQuincey in his wildest opium-pipe dream could have imagined the success that such accessory shops are beginning to enjoy.

Psychedelic central for the U.S. right now is a half-mile stretch along San Francisco’s Haight Street, which has 27 shops catering to the needs of hippies and trippies. One of the earliest, simply called the Psychedelic Shop, opened in the psychedelic Paleozoic era: in January 1965; the latest, barely six months old, calls itself The Phoenix. Their hottest items: incense, cigarette papers and bells. The bells are to hear, naturally, and the incense to sniff. And the cigarette papers? “Well,” admits bearded Owner Robert Stubbs, 26, “we have sold an awful lot of papers, and no one has asked for tobacco yet.” To further aid his pot-puffing patrons, Stubbs carries a line of water pipes from India; to nourish their spirits, he has English kites. “Kites fit in with the psychedelic state of mind,” claims Stubbs. “It’s a state of mind, flying, free of the bonds that tie you down.”

Love Oil & Roach Clips. In Los Angeles, the leading psychedelicatessen is The Headquarters, not far from the gates of the U.C.L.A. campus. It was opened last November by two ex-television writers, Jerry Hopkins, 31, and Corb Donohue, 26, who invested $1,000 to make it a shop that any junkie could call home. In the first three months, HQ passed the acidhead test, grossed $11,000; Hopkins and Donohue expect to gross $50,000 in 1967. It is hard to see how they could lose money. Their rent is $225 a month, and more than half of their goods are on consignment. Among the Headquarters merchandise: prism spectacles that even without drugs make the world seem askew, roach clips (ornamental holders for “roaches,” the butts of marijuana cigarettes) and Psychedelic Love Oil, a scented baby oil made by a local perfumer and priced to sell at $1.95 per bottle.

Incense has become a smell celebre in the L.A. area: Loyola University now fines students who burn it in dormitories; and at a West Los Angeles high school, a girl who lit some in the ladies’ room was sent to the fire chief to be lectured. Yet the pungent odor is likely to linger on; legend has it that it masks the fumes of marijuana.

The odor of joss sticks also hangs heavy in the air of Hollywood’s newest psychedelic store, The Infinite Mind, which is barely a month old. Proprietor Eldon Taylor, 25, insists that The Infinite Mind is “really just a toy shop for teen-agers,” but he provides the ideal station from which to start a trip. Light boxes around the walls blink and fade and oscillate, floodlights of red, blue, yellow and green flicker on a paisley-patterned tapestry while the sounds of the Beatles or Ravi Shankar boom from strategically located loudspeakers.

Kaleidoscopes & Mini Marvels. In Cleveland, there is another Headquarters shop, this one located in the town’s beat and offbeat section on Euclid Avenue, just east of the Western Reserve campus. Owner Stan Heilburn considers his store “a propaganda agency for LSD users, to counter the effects of a bad press.” The propaganda works—at least in Ohio: 200 to 300 people press in on weekday nights; weekends, up to a thousand customers clamor for medium-priced trivia, including Yugoslavian pipes ($3.00), and off-beat books and records. “We sell a lot of things that are generally available,” concedes Heilburn. But the psychedelic label adds a commercial gloss. “It puts things in a new light. This is what makes these places go.”

In Manhattan, the light goes on at the Head Shop, a hole-in-the-wall Lower East Side shop opened last year by Jeff Click, 25, and Ben Schawinsky, 27, who wanted “to do something legal and be in touch with the beautiful people.” Their initial $500 investment turned into a $3,000 a week bonanza, so last October they opened a Greenwich Village branch. Both shops keep psychedelic hours (2 p.m. to 10 p.m.), sell up to 5,000 packs of cigarette paper a month, count as regular customers Allen Ginsberg, Timothy Leary, and by now, say the owners, “we’ve reached the Madison Avenue crowd.” Among their best-selling items: Japanese colored balls, kaleidoscopes, avocado hand cream, Mini Marvels (stamp-size comic books) and diffraction disks—small metallic decorations to be worn on the middle of the forehead.

Vicarious & Tantalizing. The key to the cross-country psychedelic-accessory explosion probably lies not in how many items can be used by the trip taker but in how few. The dedicated drug user may have some use for the paraphernalia. But many shoppers who intend trying nothing stronger than a Bloody Mary find that the clashing, primary-colored psychedelic fabrics, the bold, wobbly colors of posters advertising Light Shows and the glittering kaleidoscopes and prism glasses offer them a vicarious if tantalizing hint of what the authentic acidhead sees when he is away on a trip.

Others, like Jackie Kennedy, who bought a set of psychedelic-colored plastic boxes, do so just because the shape and shade of the things appeal to them. And still others—maybe the majority—buy conversation pieces that they can add to their collection of comic books and Humphrey Bogart posters, reducing the whole march toward mind expansion to a close-order drill on the old campground.

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Omg I would love to see your writing on how/where the chocobros would take their s/o on a date if it was 1950

As I knew absolutely nothing about dating in the 50s I had to do a lil bit of research lol.  I hope you enjoy it nonnie!!  I certainly enjoyed writing this unique little request :D

Prompto, 100%, would take his s/o to the ice cream parlor.  Setting the scene: it’s a hot summer day and you and Prompto have been attempting to come up with something to do.  At first you two were planning to do something somewhat bigger like go to a movie and then to the pizza parlor, but the two of you became so tired with trying to plan that, that you guys decided to go to the ice cream parlor right then and there.  Who didn’t enjoy ice cream on a sweltering day such as this?  Not to mention it was always a few degrees cooler than most other buildings as the ice cream needed to stay cold.  The two of you would share a sundae, occasionally feeding each other spoonfuls as you laughed with one another, enjoying the time spent together.

Gladio would be the one to take you to a drive-in movie.  Legit this man will be the type to use every cliche.  Setting the scene: the two of you had been going steady for about four months now, originally having met when you were out with your girl friends Cindy and Aranea.  He’d come to pick you up for you date at around five, the two of you heading out to grab a bite to eat at the local diner.  Both of you would order a burger and then proceed to share a milkshake as you do.  After, the two of you would head to the drive-in in Gladio’s apple red convertible.  The movie is a rom-com, and not ten minutes in Gladio does the whole yawn-stretch thing, wrapping his arm around your shoulders and pulling you into his side.  You’d rest your head against his shoulder and he’d feel like he was on top of the world.

Noctis would take you out bowling.  Setting the scene: Noctis was part of the cool kids clique as he was the dark and mysterious type that drove girls – and some boys – wild.  The two of you had started dating only recently, and he had yet to ask you to go steady.  You didn’t particularly mind all that much though as Noctis had a tendency to not play by the guide book.  As something to do after school, Noctis asked you to go bowling with him (he didn’t call it a date, but it was definitely a date).  The two of you played a game, chatting between turns happily.  Noctis was surprisingly good, and you ended up losing to him by ten points.  The two of you went to the pizza parlor afterwards for a slice and a Coke.  You’d run into some of Noctis’s friends who started poking fun at him because wow, who would’ve though Noct would have a girlfriend?  After an annoyed “buzz off” from Noct and a few more jokes from his friends, they left the two of you alone to enjoy your meal in peace.  You couldn’t help but grin at Noctis’s slight blush.

Ignis would, obviously, take you to a coffee shop.  Setting the scene: You and Ignis began dating your first year of college.  He was a year older than you, but the two of you had bumped into each other (quite literally) at the local coffee shoppe.  Luckily for Ignis you weren’t too terribly upset over your ruined clothes, and you promised to forgive him if he agreed to go on a date with you.  Ignis was caught off guard by your forward personality, but it was a strangely delightful change from the norm.  From that first date onward, the coffee shop became your usual haunt.  Sometimes, if the two of you had enough time on your hands, you’d go to the record store that was just across the street from the coffee shop, the hole-in-the-wall record store usually empty save for the owner and a few straggling customers.  It was a lovely place to escape from the world and get lost in one another.

Vernon/OFC: When Seungkwan third wheels the hell out of a date

Boo Seungkwan becomes “Mr. Steal Yo Girl” 

Genre: Fluff/Romance

Word Count: 1336

Characters: (You do you, Boo) Boo Seungkwan, Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female

“You sure it’s okay?”

Yes Hansol, for the millionth time.”

“I know he’s kind of rude, like all the time. And sometimes he likes to eat your food without asking. And comment on your bland fashion sense. And he doesn’t really shut up, ever.”

“Neither do you.” she sighed dramatically, unlinking their fingers as they crossed the promenade. “And are you calling my clothes boring?”

Immediately recovering, he seeked to grab her hands again. “You look beautiful in anything, baby girl.”

“Lame, Vernonie.” Boo Seungkwan cut in, and quite physically, dropping his arm like a knife between the couple, effectively killing their contact.

In the words of Joshua Hong, he was putting a gap between their relationship.

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