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Dating Sirius would include...

  • Threatening to cut all his hair off if he doesn’t stop teasing you
  • Arguing in public and not caring if anyone watches/hears
  • Him curling up next to you in front of the fire as you run your hands through his hair
  • Kissing you in the middle of class even if that means getting a detention
  • Getting detention just to be with you
  • Lifting you up and carrying you over his shoulder when you’re mad at him which always gets you both to laugh
  • Pouting at you when you say no to try and get you to change your mind (which it usually does)
  • Rides on his motorbike. He goes faster just so you’ll hold onto him tighter
  • Wearing his leather jacket when you’re cold
  • Friendly rivalry with the other love of his life A.K.A James Potter

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-Lauren and Kerrie

1436. A muggleborn girl who is a metamorphmagus always thought that she was a freak. When her letter came and she was on the train to school, she asked older purebloods if every witch and wizard could do what she can. When they told her it’s a rare gift, she started to like it. Later she started using it to cheer people up and to make home sick first years happy.


It’s the first september and once again a well known legend rises up above to guide us with magic and welcome us with open arms to a place where four brave, intelligent, kind hearted and ambitious wizards once stood together.

Always remember Harry Potter, the boy who lived. 👓⚡

What if...
  • every writer came from a different world and wrote those books under false identity for us to know their world? If J.K Rowling was a witch,Suzanne Collins was the winner of The Hunger Games,Rick Riordan was a demigod,Cassandra Clare was a shadowhunter and Veronica Roth was a divergent? If they were trying to warn us about the existence of universe the same as ours but at the same time completely different?

I have this headcanon that fred and george ended up starting a tradtion of senior pranks after the battle of hogwarts. It was a tribute to them. All houses would get together to plan it in the room of requirement, it was one of the few traditions that broke house barriers. 

Hufflepuffs had the best ideas.

Ravenclaws knew how to get it to work.

Slytherins were usually the ones to make sure no one would get hurt.

Gryffindors were always first to volunteer setting it up.


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Been binging on Harry Potter videos lately and I’ve fallen in love with this one. Amazing.

Remember the Magic/Hogwarts Will Always be There to Welcome You Home– A Harry Potter Tribute

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The letter came when Mika was eleven. It shocked him to learn that the things he’d unconsciously been doing were because he was a wizard, and not because he was just strange. His mother, Krul, was beside herself. There had never been a wizard in the family, and she was thrilled Mika was going to be making something of himself.

Mika was a skinny blond male with bright blue eyes. He was kind-hearted to a fault, but did occasionally say things that got him into trouble. Would he fit in at this school, he had to wonder.

He and his mother took the trip into London, and were shown how to get into Diagon Alley. And everything began from there. 

Once at the school, he was put into Hufflepuff by the Sorting Hat. And he had fun. His classes were all so interesting to him, even the ones taught by teachers who were less than nice. While he wasn’t top of his classes, he still was high enough up not to worry about failing.

In his third year, his mother was murdered. Rumors circulated that she was killed by Dark wizards, but who cared? The only person Mika’d love was dead. He grew quieter after that. Since he had no father that he knew of, he had to live at a muggle orphanage while he wasn’t at school. The younger children looked up to him. He watched over them, but he hardly ever smiled anymore.

In his sixth year, he developed a burning crush on Yuu. Yuu was a Slytherin, well liked by those he talked to. Mika had seen him on and off through the years, especially when they both joined Quidditch and ended up playing against each other. But since Yuu was a Slytherin, and bad things were said about that house, he never once talked to him. But now… now Yuu had turned from a young fierce boy to a startlingly handsome male. When he would walk by, Mika would flush, duck his head, and flee in the opposite direction.