the hobbit: on the doorstep


Based on: this request by Anonymous (I hope you like it!!!) + this imagine from @imaginexhobbit.

Prequel: Not all of us

Warnings: self-esteem issues.

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You are gathering and folding some clean clothes to help Óin taking care of the wounded: taking his orders and fetching him what he needs is all you can do. Your back aches and you are tired of standing but you must consider yourself lucky to be still alive. Many have died in this battle, many have been severely injured, first and foremost the King, who has not woken up yet; even Fili has been badly hurt, but he is quickly recovering.

You wipe your sweaty forehead with the back of your hand, ready to take the clothes to the infirmary set up in the newly reclaimed Erebor, when you hear unmistakable and hurried footsteps. Bilbo’s voice is calling your name: you look at the door and you see the Hobbit running in the corridor, then coming back and entering the door of the room where you are working.

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  • as soon as he is able (read: as soon as he is left unsupervised long enough to slip out of bed) merry marches to eowyn and wobbling on his two hairy feet holds his head high and tells her thank you and sorry for your loss and how honoured and proud he is to have ridden into battle with her
  • (she lets him sit on her bed and tell her about the shire and his friends and if he cries a lil bit she pretends not to notice) (this is more or less what they did the entire ride to minas tirith)
  • he does eventually smoke a pipe with both eomer and eowyn and there’s a lot of spluttering and coughing but they are both determined to finish. they wind up turning it into a competition and merry is utterly appalled by their lack of art and appreciation
  • on the handful of times merry rides out to edoras/ithilien it’s a very long journey that always ends with a very bedraggled hobbit yelling ‘SURPRISE’ on their doorstep. immediately followed by bellows of delight
  • both their injured arms were cold at theoden’s funeral and eowyn held merry’s hand. merry braided eowyn’s hair with athelas on her wedding day and he and pippin both cried
  • (a lot of people these days don’t really believe the songs about the shieldmaiden and her halfling squire who felled the witch king but there are still folks who will defend it to the death)
Not All Who Wander - Chapter 2

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Woo! In this chapter we get to Bilbo and Thorin meeting! Or… re-meeting? Whichever. This chapter was so much fun to write. I love exploring all these little things about who they are in their day-to-day lives.

The boys hadn’t questioned it when Thorin had sent them on ahead when they were several days away from Bree. It was sometimes a good idea for someone to go ahead, to advertise their presence and perhaps, if they were lucky, get a few jobs lined up. Thorin was not, however, going straight to Bree. Instead, he turned the pony pulling the portable forge towards the Shire. Towards Hobbiton.

Knowing that his… whatever it had been, had been real, at least in some fashion, had been a shock, and it had taken several days to sink in that if Erebor and Azog and everything else had been real, then Bilbo had been real, too. That the longing he felt wasn’t his old and familiar loneliness, but rather him missing his hobbit. The hobbit. Master Baggins. He really wasn’t Thorin’s anything. He didn’t even know Thorin right now.

That was something Thorin was rather inclined to think of as a blessing. No gold-sickness, no Arkenstone, no altercation on the battlements standing between them now. And this time? This time Thorin would not – would never – allow himself to cause such harm to his- to Master Baggins. Perhaps he would even be able to make amends, even though Bilbo would, of course, have no idea that there were amends that needed to be made.

Of course, he knew he couldn’t just show up on Bilbo’s doorstep for no reason, so he decided he was going to pretend to be nothing more than a lost travelling blacksmith. It wasn’t, exactly, a lie, but Thorin still felt bad about the ruse. Right up until he got lost, again, on the way to Bilbo’s house, at which point it simply became frustratingly accurate.

Eventually, he found his way to the little green door of Bag End, reigned the pony to a stop in the road, and jumped down from the driver’s seat to stomp up to the door and knock. He had to wait a minute, and heard a slightly distant voice inside calling out “Just a minute!” before the door swung open to reveal Bilbo Baggins.

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