the hobbit tatto

So…I finally finished them!

All thirteen dwarves (+1) are done and ready to be posted. I want to thank everyone for the incredible amount of support and love this project received so far, I’m so grateful and happy, you have no idea.

That said, tomorrow I’ll post the first of the fourteen drawings I did, I’ll post one every three days and I’m asking you *points at screen, uncle Sam hat appears on my head* to decide in which order you’d like to see them.

The way you can do it is by reblogging this post and writing where you want (in the tags too if you feel shy) which one of the dwarves you’d like to see next.  

Once the next drawing is posted the process is always the same, reblog that drawing and vote for the dwarf you want to see next and so on.

I’m putting a lot of effort in this project so that you’ll have the best, helping me spread my art and this whole work would give me so much joy (and grant you a place in heaven <3).

Thank you again for your support, let me know if you want to be tagged when I post the drawings, I’m creating a tag list right now! :)

Dwarves tattoos project

I received so much love for this project, I’m so excited to post it soon. Thank you very much for your support, it means a lot to me.

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I’m still a pretty small blog but I’m so grateful to each and every single one of you for following me. As for the actual project update I’ve just finished other two dwarves, I was thinking about a poll to decide in which order and when to post them (I was thinking once every three or two days, let me know). I’ll also write a small headcanon under the drawing about the story of the tattoo, feel free to add details and use the headcanons if you find them inspiring (crediting me would be great and very kind but I won’t beat your ass if you don’t do it…okay maybe it’ll make me a little bitter…but still I won’t hate you <3.)

Again thank you so much and let me know in which order you’d like to see them. *Sends love*!! <3

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