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When I saw this clip in the Production Diaries for The Hobbit, I just about died laughing. I couldn’t believe my eyes and went back to make sure I just saw what I thought I saw. XD Makes it look like “JACKASS: Middle Earth” with the guys standing around watching and filming lol! Think I’m immature all you like, but I hope to god this little gem makes it into the second movie. In part because I find slapstick humor funny, so sue me. And partly because I hope that they don’t make Bilbo a super action hero after the finale of the first installment. I really don’t want to see him portrayed as a perfectly competent fighter, so I think moments like this would provide both levity and character moments that remind us that he is just an average person, after all. Poor Bilbo. And poor Martin Freeman, hope he had an industrial strength sports cup. 

My Aidan Turner You Tube playlist

Ok so you may have noticed from late looking at my blog that I have developed a thing for Aidan Turner. I’ve been going on You Tube a lot lately to watch various videos of him and developed a playlist. It was then I thought that those on Tumblr who also like Aidan Turner might want to see some (or all) of these videos so I thought I’d share them with you all!

These are videos that I like to watch so they don’t cover everything but if you want to contribute more links re-blog, add your links and pass it on to your followers. There are a couple of fan made videos which I like to watch but there are only a couple promise - everything else is interviews and scenes from various things he has been in so here we go!

Full film Part 1 of 6

Full film Part 2 of 6

Full film Part 3 of 6

Full film Part 4 of 6

Full film Part 5 of 6

Full film Part 5 of 6

The Clinic:
Aidan scenes only part 1

Aidan scenes only part 2

Aidan scenes only part 3

Aidan scenes only part 4

Aidan scenes only part 5

Aidan scenes only part 6

Aidan scenes only part 7

Aidan scenes only part 8

Aidan scenes only part 9

Aidan scenes only part 10

Aidan reads Dante Gabriel Rossetti poems:
Suppreme Surender

Nuptial Sleep


Love’s Redemption

The Kiss–9rY

Love’s Lovers

Resonance - The Morning After


The Sound of People

The Tudors

Porcelain (trailer)

Desperate Romantics:
Rossetti paints Lizzie

Rossetti and Lizzie’s first night together

Heroes trailer

Fan made video - only sound is music from Desperate Romantics

Fan made video - Gabriel and Sid

Adian Turner interview

Mortal Instruments City of Bones:
Deleted Scene featuring Luke

Luke Garroway fan made video - only sound is music

Adian Turner interview

U.S. Trailer

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

Being Human:
Adian’s video diary

Lenora’s video diary

Russell’s video diary

Night shoot

Baby Day

Return to Totterdown

Is Being Human set haunted?

Merry Christmas from Being Human cast and crew

Happy Halloween

Aidan interview

Aidan Being Human interview dressed as Rossetti

Aidan exit interview with Russell

Inside look: John Mitchell

Mitchell in the caves - behind the scenes

Back at the hospital - behind the scenes

Train carnage - behind the scenes

Mitchell’s prequal

Deleted scene - Mitchell looks awful

Deleted scene - When Mitchell and George meet Annie

Deleted scene - series 3 the gang arrive on Barry Island

Deleted scene - happy annie-versary

Extended scene - doggy style

Mitchell and Annie in a police cell

Mitchell’s greatest moments - series 1

House meeting–yQu8

Don’t scare the neighbours

Mitchell’’s temptation

Mitchell makes a friend

Mitchell has a job interview

Mitchell has his photo taken

Oh Bernie

Mitchell questions his place

The accidental kiss

I think annie might fancy me

The very worst thing

Mitchell gets arrested

Mitchell drunk on blood

Funny scenes

Mitchell and Josie

The story of series 3 episode 7 (Mitchell’s penultimate episode) – MAJOR SPOILERS!!!!

The story of series 3 episode 8 (Mitchell’s last episode) – MAJOR SPOILERS!!!!

Mitchell promo



Promo 2

Series 3 promo

The Hobbit:
The Hobbit production diary 1

The Hobbit production diary 2

The Hobbit production diary 3

The Hobbit production diary 4

The Hobbit production diary 5

The Hobbit production diary 6

The Hobbit production diary 7

The Hobbit production diary 8

The Hobbit production diary 9

The Hobbit production diary 10 - The Unexpected Party premiere

The Hobbit production diary 11

The Hobbit production diary 12

The Hobbit production diary 13

The Hobbit production diary 14

I See Fire recording

Dwarf bootcamp - appendices

Aidan Turner hunk dwarf - appendices

Archery training - appendices

Aidan Turner interview on how he got the part of Kili and meeting Dean

Best of The Hobbit interviews

Cast discuss Adian Turner

Adian and Dean interviewed at world premiere - The Unexpected Journey

Adian at Boston Comic Con

Elana meets Aidan and Dean

A Hobbits Tale (behind the scenes) - Part 1

Kili deleted flirting scene - The Unexpected Journey

Full extended feast scene in Rivendell - The Unexpected Journey

The Unexpected Journey - funny dwarf scenes

Blunt the knives scene - The Unexpected Journey

Kili and Fili scene - The Unexpected Journey

Kili and Fili arrive at Bagend - The Unexpected Journey

Turned to stone clip - The Unexpected Journey

Kili meets Taurial - The Desolation of Smaug

Kili is shot by an arrow - The Desolation of Smaug

Kili enters his jail cell - The Desolation of Smaug

Scene with Kili and Tauriel - The Desolation of Smaug

Barrell escape scene - The Desolation of Smaug

I belong with my brother scene - The Desolation of Smaug

Well that is everything. I hope you enjoy and I hope also that there are fans like me who can enjoy watching these videos as much as I do

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NEW: Hobbit Production Diary 14

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William Kircher discusses pranks on the Hobbit Set

He talks about Martin in the production diaries and discusses stealing Aidan Turner’s underpants in retaliation for a prank Aidan pulled during filming of a battle scene in BotFA

Even Peter Jackson hated making The Hobbit, and JF Sargent has evidence.

5 Behind-the-Scenes Features That Show Why Movies Went Wrong

#5. The Hobbit Production Diaries Show That Peter Jackson Is Tired and Old

I checked out the special features, to see if they could explain why this movie is that thing it is and … well, here are some quotes, taken totally at random, from the production diaries and “The Appendices” found only on the extended Blu-ray:

“This is a nightmare.” -Peter Jackson

“I asked Peter Jackson if he was going to do The Hobbit and he said, ‘No, I’m not interested in doing that.’” -Elijah Wood.

“[This movie] made me feel like I should stop acting.” -Sir Ian McKellen

Sure, all those lines are said as jokes – but it’s the only type of joke anyone is making.

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The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Production Diary 14