the hobbit artwork


Just decided to do a screenshot redraw of a scene from DoS.

I also decided to redesign Thorin and give Bilbo a bit of a touch up since the design I gave him at first didn’t do much for me.

Their clothes are a bit inspired from the Yakan people from Zamboanga. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do the intricate patterns of the Yakan people (maybe some more later Laketown doodles)

Also, Thorin’s redesign is blind in an eye thanks to Azanulbizar. Hope y'all like this!


I can’t but show off because - GOD - I have never had so much fun drawing in my life, and I am growing more and more in love with this drawing, which also is unusual! I usually like a drawing less and less the more I work on it… what’s happening?! 😳

but yeah, follow me on IG to see a little time lapse of how I did Kili’s hand! ☺🙌🏻 (username: IngvildSchageArt)