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The Watcher (Joker x Reader)

“Your life changes after a bank robbery sends you into the arms of Gothams most dangerous criminal. Little do you know, he’s had his eyes on you for awhile.”

Requested by Anon: “Can you write an imagine where the reader is black and is a loner who doesn’t get out much and is very shy and nice and unbeknownst to her is being watched by the joker who’s formed a slight obsession with her can you also make it so he’s actually been in her apartment before but she has no clue how they meet can be up to you and what transpires after they meet can be up to you just make it romantic and cute but not over the top thank you so much ❤😘”

A/n: This took me FOREVER to write xD I hope I did alright. I didn’t want to go too far with it and end up with something offensive. I’m still too inexperience for this stuff, I’m sorry. But I decided to split this into two parts, the second part is done already and it’ll be posted tomorrow probably.

Warnings: Death of Hostages, violence, gun shot wounds.

The sound of vibrating and the chorus of your favourite song blared through out your apartment, pulling you from your deep sleep. You quickly silenced it and let out a sigh. You’d been so happy when you downloaded that song as a ringtone, and now you were starting to hate the very sound of it. Guess all good things have to come to an end eventually. You pulled your ass out of bed, groaning from how groggy you were. It was your first day off and you wanted you wanted to do nothing but sleep the day away. Unfortunately there were a lot of errands you had to run. So sleep would have to wait.

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Give the People What They Want

here’s my first fic of the seven that are going up this week!

An accidental like on Twitter brings Dan more than he bargained for.

“Hey guys! I’m joined today by Dan, and we’re going to be doing the chapstick challenge!”

aka the one where Dan and Phil try to do the chapstick challenge and it doesn’t exactly go as planned

words: 2.8k

tags: chapstick challenge, friends to lovers, fluff, making out, slight grinding but no real smut

read it on ao3

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St-rain-gly Familiar

I thought I’d try out another weekly prompt from the super cool @introvert-club You can also read it on ao3 here.

Dammit, fucking god shitfuck. Remus glowered, giving his umbrella a wild shake like it was a magical wand that would poof! his day better. Or at least magic his umbrella into opening up like it fucking was supposed to.

The drizzling rain became a downpour, harder by the minute, drenching his favorite knitted sweater. He made eye contact with a stranger across the street, someone with dark curly black locks that looked unfairly impeccable and not even slightly frizzy in the rain. They stared at Remus with great amusement and something else, something more heated, and twirled their fully functional rainbow umbrella. Usually, Remus would have looked away, maybe a bit embarrassed, but not to-godamn-fucking-day. He glared at the stranger and shook his umbrella more furiously, never breaking eye contact.

The stranger’s mouth opened into what Remus assumed was a chuckle and before he knew what was happening, the stranger glided across the busy street filled with cars zooming by.

In Remus’ defense, it all happened very fast.

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anonymous asked:

If the phrase thing is still open how about "Sorry I ate all your donuts even though you left a note on it telling me not to" from either person would be fine ^^

Hello~ Ri’s finished her load of the requests!! You’re my last, nonnie~! No worries, you sent it in time ^o^

(lol crap I was so sleepy that I almost began to write Seven x MC lololol)

Note: A masterlist of all the Zen prompts for his birthday will be posted when all requests have been completed.


Error 707: Donut Not Found

Oh. Crap.

It was just as you finished your last donut, with the crumbs all around your lips, that you noticed the note beside the box of donuts.

Hey honey, let’s eat these together later!! Don’t eat them without me

You stared at the note, suddenly feeling a huge wave of guilt washing over you. You’d just eaten two dozens of donuts all by yourself (you couldn’t help it, they were just that good) but Zen had meant for it to be for both of you…

The click-clack-ing at the door made you whip your head around, quickly shoving the box into the refrigerator. You hopped onto the couch and sat rigid, acting innocently while feeling very, very guilty.

“I’m home, MC~” Zen called out happily, waltzing into the apartment and wrapping his arms around you.

“Welcome back, Zenny!” you greeted in a slightly strained voice, higher pitched than usual.

“Aah~ You’ll never guess what I have planned tonight!” he chirped, walking into the kitchen. Immediately, you jumped up to follow him, feeling nervous.

“Uhm! Zen! Why don’t we watch a movie first?! So you can uhm, relax,” you explained, pulling at his arm to drag him back to the couch.

He stared at you oddly, “Hm? Well, that’s not a bad idea, but you’re acting a bit weird.”

You bit your lip, “I, uhm, kind of ate all your donuts…”

Zen furrowed his eyebrows as he processed your words. “What do you mean…?”

“P-please don’t be mad, I didn’t mean to ruin whatever plans you had in mind for tonight…” you begged, staring up at him pleadingly. “I-I’m sorry I ate all your donuts even though you left a note on it telling me not to…”

Suddenly, he burst out laughing. “Ohh, those donuts!! No, jagi, I left those for you. I knew you would love them, I’m glad I wasn’t wrong~”

You tilted your head in confusion, “Wait, what?”

“A co-worker gave me those donuts as a joke as a birthday present in the morning,” he explained. “He was acting like one of my fans, so he wrote that note too. Man, I was surprised when he suddenly came up to me and squealed, wrapping his hands around mine! Anyway, I left them for you, but forgot to take out the note.”


Zen smirked. “Oh my, jagi. You still have some crumbs there…” he murmured softly as he leaned in, his tongue peeking out of his lips to lick away the crumbs at the edge of your lips.

You narrowed your eyes playfully, “How about you help me clean up all of it?”

His eyes darkened, his hand pressing at the back of your head as he pulled you into a deepe—



ERROR: 707 has removed the NSFW scenes!!

707: Too many sinners lurking around this blog!! Y’all need to pray to God Seven!

Karaoke Night (pt.I) /Saeyoung x Reader/

WARNINGS: Swearing + SMUT/NSFW (Daddy Kink)


I had been planning the karaoke night for weeks, at some point I lost count of how many times we postponed the damn plans. I was doing that to be a little more in contact with the members of the RFA, so we could get to know each other better. I don’t know, I thought that, for once, it would be fun to hung out as friends and not only for work or business purposes.

I didn’t want to hear about possible guests when I went out with my friends, that’s what the chat app was for, that’s what business days were for. I’d been enduring weeks of excuses and last minute cancellations, and when the day everyone was free came, guess who was being a pain in the ass?

“Saeyoung, don’t be a dickhead!” I said and sighted in frustration “I’ve been planning this for weeks, if you didn’t want to hang out today you could have told me this fucking morning, not two hour before!” He shruged and looked the other way to avoid eye contact, he knew I was right but tried to shake it off with excuses.

“But babe, I’m tired… I ju-” I cut him off, not willing to take any more shit from anyone.

“No, you know what? You can stay here if you want, I’ll call Zen to pick me up” I had my ways to convince him and this I knew was going to catch his attention; I had to contain myself not to laugh when I saw his face.

“Wh-what? But babe…“ He whined in frustration.

“Shut up, you’re the one saying you don’t want to come, isn’t it? Then I won’t go alone because of you!” I said, and suddenly I had an idea “Hm… I’ll look like a bad girl riding Zen’s bike, don’t you think, babe?” I grinned in anticipation knowing that those words would make his blood boil in anger.

“You’re not riding Zen’s bike, (Y/N)” He stood up from the computer chair and faced me “I’ll go, but you’ll have to pay the price for it” And he came to me with an evil grin on his face.

“I knew it was going to work!!” I thought, hiding a smile. And, you know, I didn’t mind paying the price if it meant he was going to fuck the life out of me.

He grabbed my waist and pressed me against his body, I gasped in surprise and, before I could say anything, he grasped my hair with his free hand and pulled back hard so I had to look into his eyes, I winced at the sudden pain but I remained silent, all my rage vanishing at once.

“You’re such a bad girl… you tried to blackmail me” He chuckled at the thought and brought his lips to my ear, just the feeling of his hot breath against the sensitive skin of my neck made me want to moan “I’ll punish you so hard you’ll be sore for weeks…” He bit my ear lobe and I couldn’t contain a little groan. He smirked, clearly satisfied with my reactions “Oh… but don’t get me wrong, I won’t let you cum unless you do as I say, my princess~” He said, mocking Zen’s words, and laughed at his own joke.

Before I could complain, he began to kiss and nip my neck, making me moan in delightful surprise “Sae… Saeyoung…” He tugged at my hair and stopped. I knew what he wanted and I happily obeyed “Daddy…” I moaned, purposely hotter than usual. He hummed with guilty pleasure and his free hand started wandering over my body. He squeezed my breasts and his mouth followed the path of his hand, leaving a trail of wet kisses along my skin.

Saeyoung slowly unzipped my dress, his lips returned to mine, hungrily clashing again, speaking a language in which both were fluent, like all the answers of the universe merged there, on our lips.

When the dress finally fell, leaving me in my underwear, he took a moment to delight himself with the view, being a thread of saliva between our mouths the only thing that kept us together. My heart was pounding, spreading all the blood between my cheeks and my crotch. I thought I was going to explode. Even after all this time, even after we had memorized every curve of our bodies, every groove and every gap, even after all that, it still made me feel like the first time.

“Damn, you’re so beautiful…” He said, lust spilling from every pore of his skin “And you’re mine, just mine, aren’t you, princess?” He approached me with a half-smile and slammed his lips with mine all over again, I couldn’t answer but it wasn’t a question after all. He got rid of my underwear in the meantime, leaving me completely naked.

Without any warning, Saeyoung pulled me up and led me to our room, slamming the door shut with his left foot. The rough feeling of his clothes against my bare skin was exciting. It was true that I was embarrassed to be the only one who was naked, but Saeyoung always looked at me in a way that left no room for my insecurities; I wanted him to look at me like that, I loved it when he devoured me with his eyes. He made me feel like a goddess, in and out of the game, not just in sex, and that was what turned me on the most.

He roughly left me on the mattress, causing my body to bounce a little, and undressed himself; the full view of his naked and well-toned body made my pussy even more wet and I tightened my legs trying to find some relief by friction. Saeyoung noticed it and grinned “You’re ready for me, aren’t you? I haven’t touched you yet and you’re already wet…” His voice sounded low and husky, loaded with desire, and I answered at his words with a dirty moan.

His breath hitched in his throath and I smirked, I loved how he reacted to every single sound I made, that gave me some power over him, and I didn’t doubt to make a profit out of it “Daddy … please, make me feel good” I moaned again and then I opened my shaking legs to let him know how ready I was for him, how wet I was, just for him “Just for you, Daddy…” My face flushed brightly and I bit my lower lip to control the trembling desire.

Saeyoung grunted and muttered something under his breath so I couldn’t hear what he said. He positioned himself over me, pressing his hands on the matress on either side of my head to hold his weight. His breathing was almost as shaky as mine, his eyes mercilessly piercing through my soul, our skin was vibrating in anticipation of what was going to happen “You’re being such a bad, bad girl…” He whispered in my ear, licking and biting the skin around, leaving a mark on every free spot he found “And that’s too dangerous, princess… Haven’t you heard that you shouldn’t play with fire?” He kept whispering and I kept moaning, his words lingering on my skin like fireflies.

My pussy began to throb with needing, I was so wet that I was afraid I was staining the sheets, so I wrapped my fingers in his hair and tugged at it until his eyes locked on mine “What if I want to get burnt, huh?” I asked with a low, raspy voice “I want all of you, all of you …” I said, and I could feel my lower stomach aching and my core twisting with nerves, a delicious feeling of fear and pleasure kicking in as he licked his own lips and smiled.

He shook his head in disbelif, laughing at my words “Oh baby… You don’t know what you’re saying, you don’t know…” He said, not even bothering to look at me, and kept his tortuous path of kissing, licking and nipping. But before he could twist his tongue around my nipples I tugged on his red curls again to demand his attention, this time he looked back surprised, trying to found in my eyes something that assured him that I was serious.

“I said I want all of you” I tried to make my voice sound clear and determined, but instead came out trembling, clouded with desire. 

His jaw tightened and his eyes darkened when he heard, he didn’t answered back, he simply removed my hands from his hair and pinned my wrists above my head with his left hand in a rough move. With the other hand he spread my legs and let them rest on his shoulders, then he grabbed his erect cock and aligned it with my pussy “Look at me while I fuck you” He said in a cold, husky voice, and I obeyed, my body shivering in anticipation. The moment our eyes meet he entered me hard, fast and deep, and he slammed his mouth over mine to silence my loud moans, locking my lips in a rough, passionate kiss.

I was too wet to say that it hurted, but I didn’t feel as smoothly as it normally felt, which, in a way, turned me on even more. When I adjusted to his size I began to jerk my hips forward to ask for more and Saeyoung wasted no time to start moving, mercilessly thrusting into my pussy. I was wrapped up in a pleasure I had never felt before.

“Nngh … ahh … Sae-” Before I could correct myself he bit one of my nipples as a punishment, I tossed my head back and cried out in pleasure, my moans mingling with his own groans “Daddy… ohh… it… haaaa- feels so… good… nngh”

His thrusts kept the pace withouth hesitation, he pounded into me so hard that we hardly had time to breath. The sound of his cock ramming into my pussy and our moans filled the room. I closed my eyes as I felt my orgasm building up “I said … look at me while I… Nngh…Fuck you!” Saeyoung said and tightened his grip on my wrists, my eyes instantly fluttered open to found out his eyes were still fixed on mine and my face flushed red.

“I’m… I… want- ahh… God… cum- nnhg fuck” I whined in frustration, twisting my feet and arching my back in an attempt to find some friction. He was missing all my sweet spots on purpose, not kissing nor touching the right places so I had to beg for it.

“Cum then, I’m close… too… nngh… haaa!” He moaned, still thrusting into me. 

“Ple-please… ahh- please…!” I complained, my voice raspy from screaming. I jerked my hips forward again in frustration “Please… ple-ahh” I was about to cry from anger and exasperation.

“Please… what…?” He asked in a choked voice, his chest rising and falling, he was about to cum and I knew I couldn’t take an orgasm denial, not at that point “Tell me… ohh God ~… what you… want, ahh, yes” He said panting, and the rhythm began to weaken, becoming erratic.

“TOUCH… ME! PLE… PLEASE, DA-AHH-DDY … PLE-” My screams stopped when I felt his tongue darting on my nipples and his thumb roughly twisting my clit. That was enough to make me cum “Ahh… fuck nngh! Sae-Saeyoung! Haaa ~” I moaned so loud that my lungs ran out of air; He found his own release while he rid the throes of my orgasm, moaning my name in my ear and making me shiver in response “Y/N !! … ahhh, God!!” I felt his hot cum shooting inside of me and dripping between my legs and my butt in a delicious way.

He slowly pulled out of me and lay down beside me, undoing his grip on my hands and dragging me into his arms in a warm embrace. He kissed my wrists to relieve the pain and gently stroked my hair and my back to calm me down and I purred in response, snuggling against his chest; I was able to feel his heart, which was drumming at a raced pace, still trying to come down from his high.

“I love you …” He said in a sweet voice, and cupped my cheek with his hand and kissed me. It was a sloppy kiss, soft and slow, he wanted to make me feel his words, which vibrated in my soul until they echoed on my lips.

“I love you” I whispered in his lips with a smile.

When the kiss ended, we fell silent again, feeling sleepy and tired. That was until I remembered why it all started and I got out of bed, panicking. “Holy shit, come on! Let’s shower, we’re gonna be late!” I said as I headed for the shower, he grunted but followed me.

I prepared two fresh towels and put the water to a suitable temperature, a minute after Saeyoung entered the shower and hugged me from behind, squeezing my breasts and grinding his half-limp cock against my ass. I gasped in surprise and he laughed. 

“Ready for a second round, baby~?” He asked with a devilish grin on his face and his right hand left my breast to trail down my body.

“SAEYOUNG …! We’re gonna be late… Oh my God” I whined, but my body seemed to react on his own to his words and touches with renewed lust. He started licking my neck and rubbing my clit again and I couldn’t hold back the moans “God, you’re gonna be the death of me…”

Okay… *screams* I’m nervous!!! ಥ_ಥ This is the first time I write smut in english, and I have to say it was fucking difficult *whines in frustration* So… okay, I know it’s not the best but I do work hard everyday to improve my writing and my english, it’s always a challenge but this time it has harder, believe me, fluff is easier to write!! x3 

Btw, Pt.2 will have smut as well, but it will be more fluffy and funnier than this one. I’ll try to post it this weekend!!

And please, like or reblog, whatever you want, since it’s the only way I have to know if you liked it! (I don’t mind at all if you leave a lovely comment, in fact they made my day, and of course you can give me some advice if you think I can improve on something, but be nice, always :3)… I’m sorry about any typo or mistake you may find ;; 

And that’s it, I think.

Hope you enjoyed and, as always, all the love for you!! (*^3^)/~☆ ❤

Snow Angels

Pairing: Scott Lang x reader

Summary: This is part of mine and @buckyywiththegoodhair‘s Christmas Drabble Party. Request: Scott Lang + Snow Angels. Thank you for being such a sweetheart @themcuhasruinedme. I hope you enjoy the drabble! 

Words: 750ish

Warnings: F L U F F

Originally posted by paulruddaily

“Scott, we can’t! It’s freezing outside!“ 

”[Y/N], come on! We’ll bundle up. It’s the first night it’s snowed this holiday season and Cassie has been dying to make snow angels.“ He nudges Cassie, whose attention is on her tablet and whatever game’s her current obsession.

She looks up at him questioningly. "What?" 

“Tell [Y/N] how badly you’ve been wanting to make snow angels!”

She stares at her father for a beat and tilts her head a little. “Dad. I’m a big girl. I don’t make snow angels anymore.”

Scott exaggeratedly brings a hand to his heart and gasps. “I was counting on you, Cas. You were my final hope.“

You roll your eyes at his theatrics. "Fine!  We’ll go make snow angels, but only if Cas agrees." 

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Dance with Devils Unit Single 1 Kaginuki Rem vs Sogami Urie: I'm the Prince! (English Translation)

Dance with Devils Unit Single 1 Kaginuki Rem vs Sogami Urie (English Translation)

Track 1: I’m the Prince!

Kaginuki Rem (CV: Soma Saito)
Sogami Urie (CV: Takashi Kondo)

Spicy’s Notes (aka) Things you might like to know before you get started:

(1) The crack. So much crack. Mix in the fairy tale references and this is a thing of beauty.

(2) The drama track itself is actually titled 王子は私 / 僕だ! using the differing forms of self address that Rem and Urie use respectively. But since “I’m/I’m the Prince!” makes no sense in English I went with the title choice above.

(3) Usual disclaimers, there may be parts I misheard and such. Knowing me there’s definitely going to be typos. Sorry for that. The SFX have my own special touch to them.

(4) Not currently planning to do the rest of the CD. (It’s just the single and then a couple quickie monologues anyway.) In any case, this is where the good stuff is.

Okay? Ready? Onward!

- o - o - o - o - o -

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ahsagitarius  asked:

Hi! For the winter themed prompt: CS and their kid(s) playing in the snow, please? Thank you! :D

“All right, this is just ridiculous.”

Emma glances up from her book and watches her husband lift the couch cushions beside her.

“What, you still haven’t found it?”

“No, I bloody haven’t. You haven’t seen it, have you?”

“Babe, if I’d seen it, I would tell you. Where did you last take it off?”

“In our room, I thought. Maybe in the bathroom before I showered. I can’t remember. But I’ve been looking for nearly half an hour now and it’s just nowhere, love.”

A burst of giggles filters in from outside, and Emma smiles as she looks out the window into their backyard where Henry, Charlotte, and Riley are tossing snowballs at each other. Henry is an adult now, just home for the holidays before he’s back off to college, but it warms her heart how well he gets along with his sisters.

A glimmer of light flickers from something behind Henry and when he moves and the object becomes visible, Emma covers her mouth to stifle a laugh.

“Killian?” He hums distractedly as he opens and closes kitchen cabinets. “I think I found what you’re looking for.”

“What? Where?”

She nods toward the window and he turns, sighing heavily when he sees what she does. Their children had built a rather interesting looking snowman, one wearing a familiar long leather coat, an eyepatch, and, unsurprisingly, Killian’s hook to finish off the whole ensemble.

“Those little thieves.”

“Well they are our children.”

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Full Moon Night- 1p2p AmeCan witches and werewolves

A birthday gift to my dearest darling little sister Miss Annie @vi-6w6

“What exactly… were you trying to summon tonight??” 

“Animal spirits,” Matthew answers. He doesn’t hear the strange tone in Alfred’s voice and he doesn’t quite turn around. “But I think I worked the spell wrong. They’re supposed to kinda appear out of the woods, but I haven’t seen anything so far.” 

“I think I found them.” 

Finally Matthew turns at his spot by the fire to look back at him. Alfred was standing quite still. One very large werewolf with pale fur standing on two feet was looming over him and snuffling at his hair. A second one- fur a glossy chocolate color- was on all fours, curling his body around Alfred’s leg and nuzzling his nose against his hands. 

Unsure what to do, Alfred strokes the wolf’s nose and head. 

“Yeah, I worked this spell wrong somehow…” 

“No kidding, dude.” 

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dreamerbellamy  asked:

Hi! I love your imagines (the Bellamy ones in particular) and I was wondering if you could write me one with him for 22 from the numbers? Thank you! :)

22. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”

Sorry it took so long, I’m really busy at the moment so I don’t get a lot of time to write. I hope you like it!
PS: You’re totally my fave by the way. I love your imagines so much.


I knew it (Bellamy x Reader)

You stood near the massive campfire, laughing at Jasper’s ridiculous attempts at some sort of tribal dance. The negotiation for the new peace treaty between your people and the grounders was finally over and everyone was celebrating, talking and dancing around the fire. Monty even finalized his new mead recipe and was giving it away. You declined politely, seeing the state some of your camp-mates were already in. The last think you needed was to lose control of yourself and go blabbering on to Bellamy about your huge crush on him.

You looked around at this thought, trying to catch sight of him. “Looking for someone?”

You spun around, coming face to face with a slightly drunk Bellamy. “Oh! Hum…no, not anymore.”

He grinned down at you and your heart missed a beat. “That’s what I thought.”

You rolled your eyes, trying not to show how nervous you were. “You’re drunk Bells.”

“Not enough to miss the obvious though.” He smirked.

You raised an eyebrow at his comment. “What do you mean?”

He moved closer to you, leaning in to whisper in your ear. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”

You stepped back, your cheeks burning up. Were you really being that obvious? “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Hm, too bad. I thought you might have wanted to know it isn’t one-sided, but since you don’t care…” He shrugged and started walking away.

He barely had time to take one step before you grabbed his arm, getting him to turn around and crashed your lips on his.
You pulled back for air after a while, still shocked that you even mastered the courage to do something like this.

Bellamy was smiling widely and laughed at the look on your face. “I knew that would work!”

You shot him a death glare. “Shut up, I almost had a heart attack.”

“I’m sorry.” He smirked, taking your hand and leading you to his tent. “But I can definitely think of a way to make it up to you.”

Don’t Be Jealous, Jagi

Summary: “That girl…do you love her?”

Members: Taehyung, You, Rest of Bangtan

Genre: Angst + Fluff

Warnings: Foul Language 

Length: Decent

A/N: I had this saved as a draft for a while. Since I don’t have much inspiration for “No Longer” Pt.3, I decided on finishing this and uploading it. Enjoy!

Staring at the bright screen of the laptop, you sighed and closed your eyes. Lately, college has been stressing you out with exams coming up and the pressure of making your parents proud was high. You always wanted to prove to your parents that the abroad studying to South Korea for college was a wise decision. However, with exams coming up, you just wanted to scream.

You closed your eyes for a minute until your phone started blaring your ringtone, which just so happened to be Pokémon’s theme song. Annoyed, you grabbed your phone and practically screamed to your poor boyfriend, Kim Taehyung, a singer in the k-pop boyband Bangtan Sonyeondan or BTS. BTS was currently making a comeback and decided to make a track song, “War of Hormone”, into a music video. 

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anonymous asked:

Who is the most attractive people in Lake Grimstone?

5. Appearance means nothing in the grand scheme of things, except that people are easier to screw over.

Lessee. Flynn, obviously, apparently. Hm. Patel isn’t half bad. That Harley fuck, for all his ideas of pick up lines are shit, and the other one, Daniel. And the ladies around. Hm. Probably gotta go with Jade, Cassandra, maybe that one from the cafe. I wanna say it’s Courtney? Who fucking knows.

@flynnxcarver @zanexpatel @harlcyhunt @daniel–black @fireproof-jade @cloakingcassandra @detecting-courtney

anonymous asked:

Thats how this this can capture sansta! Take Black Friday

“Black Friday…? Isn’t that his son…?” 


“……Hm…. Not a bad idea anon~…”

Jace and Alec

alexander-lightworm said: Hi, Cassie! I have a question about Jace and Alec–was Jace always so oblivious to Alec’s feelings (not necessarily towards him, any) or was there a time before Clary/Magnus/The End Of The World As We Know It when they were really close? I know that they /are/ close, but I look at the friendships between Clary and Simon and Will and Jem, and w/o a couple of touching scenes and the fact that I know better, it would seem that they aren’t really friends/parabatai/brothers.“

I can see how compared to Jem and Will’s bond, Jace and Alec’s friendship might seem like something completely different, or as if it pales in comparison. (Though, in the oblivious stakes, Jem never noticed Will was in love with Tessa, and Will never noticed Jem was in love with Tessa, a fatal obliviousness that creates an entire love triangle. Which is not something that ever happened with Jace and Alec.) **

The fact is, Jace and Alec have a completely normal friendship and normal parabatai bond. You say "Without some touching scenes and without knowing better I wouldn’t think they were friends” but you do have those touching scenes, and you do know better. So you seem to be saying that if large parts of the books, like all the scenes where Jace and Alec interact, and all the scenes where they show they care about each other, and all the scenes where we are told it or shown evidence that they do, were removed, then it wouldn’t seem like they were friends. I cannot help but agree, but that is why those scenes are in there … and the books that didn’t have them would be completely different books.

The problem, I think sometimes, with having a character apologize for something (in Jace’s case, in CoHF, being insufficiently thoughtful about Alec’s feelings re: Magnus being kidnapped) is that often readers will take this as a sign of Total Culpability. Like, Jace apologized, so he must be irrevocably in the wrong. He wasn’t just apologizing for being oblivious in a single situation, he was apologizing for being a terrible non-friend always.

The thing is, that’s not how human relationships work — where there’s usually fault on both sides and the relationships are shaped by the flawed individuals in them. Should Jace have apologized? Yes! Does he have a lot of other crap going on in CoHF that might have distracted him, like being on fire, as an exculpating factor? Yes! Are he and Alec not friends? That would be weird, given the things they’ve done for each other. Jace falls apart when Alec is hurt in CoB, Alec defies the Clave to help Jace escape in City of Ashes. And in City of Glass, Jace proves how exactly not-oblivious he is by (rudely, but I think he was trying to get through) pointing out to Alec that Alec is in love with Magnus. Jace isn’t just not oblivious, he actually knows Alec better in that scene than Alec knows himself.

Jace looked at him steadily. “What’s between you and Magnus Bane?”

Alec’s head jerked back. “I don’t—there’s nothing—”

“I’m not stupid.“  (CoG)

After which Jace proceeds to tell Alec in exacting detail what is up with him. And he is right. So it is not like Jace was once close with Alec and then stopped paying attention to how he felt. He has always paid attention to how Alec felt, and continues to do so after Clary shows up. He knew Alec was gay long before Alec ever told him. It was something he observed about Alec and didn’t comment on to Alec until Alec had a boyfriend, out of deference to his feelings, but he very obviously knows it, as he says it in City of Ashes.

Clary and Simon are normal close affectionate friends.  Will and Jem have a history-making desperate closeness woven out of the fact that they literally have no one but each other for years, that Will thinks he can’t care about anyone else, and Jem thinks saving Will is the only thing that will make his life have any meaning before he dies. It’s true that Jace would not describe Alec as "his great sin” but — he doesn’t think he’s under a curse. 

In fact, Jace is someone explicitly dealing with trauma and closed off from others: of course even his loving relationships look different than other people’s. Humans are different and have different relationships. I guess I just don’t think it’s a good idea to compare them — I think without comparing Will and Jem to Alec and Jace, there would never be a question that they were close, close friends.

** Also I shared this with Sarah Rees Brennan in a discussion of what characters apologizing means for the structure of a story, and she was assailed with a vision of the Alternate Infernal (Alternal) Devices, in which Jace the Romantically Astute cuts off the whole love triangle business at the knees. She wrote this:

“JACE: Oh no, Alec, I divine from a cursory examination of your recent behaviour, to wit squiring Mr Magnus Bane around all the sights of London, that you are enamoured of him. ALEC: Er… JACE: Terrible news, dear friend! In this century I am bisexual and I too worship at that well-dressed temple! ALEC: Oh? :( JACE: Comrade, we are in a love triangle. A dark day for England’s bravest and most attractive Shadowhunting team. JACE: Well, nothing to be done but visit Mr Bane’s residence and put the choice before him. ALEC: I sense this will not go well for me. JACE: It’s true I am a dashing blade and much admired by all. I regret your imminent rejection as a suitor, my friend. MAGNUS: I PICK ALEC. ALEC: I am stunned by my good fortune, as if slapped in the face with the salmon of joy! JACE: I am heartbroken and also somewhat surprised, but will take it on the chin! Like a true warrior I will channel my sad disappointment in love into my work: defeating the clockwork demon menace quicksmart.” Hm, Jace and Alec in Victorian clothes, not a bad idea…
Together we’ll slay out demons (Dean Winchester x reader)

Title: Together we’ll slay out demons

Pairing: Dean Winchester x reader

Fandoms: Supernatural

Warnings: Mentions of death parents/siblings and abusive boyfriend.

Summary: This was a request, but I changed it a little bit. Basically Dean finding your diary and reading it, only to find out that your past is a bit darker than he’d expected. Fluff at the end.

“Alright, I call it a night.”

Your head shot up at the words of the oldest Winchester which suddenly broke the silence that had surrounded you for the last hour. It was past midnight, and the two of you were doing research for a new case. Sadly enough, it was harder than usual to find out what monster had caused the cruel murders that had happened a few days ago and even after four hours of research, you had nothing.

You heard Dean closing his book with a loud thud and heard him yawn, before he stretched out his arms above his head to get rid of his sour muscles. You wanted to refuse, to tell him that you had to keep searching in order to save those people, but instead of words a huge yawn escaped your mouth, breaking of the excuse you wanted to use:

“But Dean, we have to figure out wha…”

Dean let out a soft laugh as his eyes found yours from the other side of the table. He couldn’t help but admire your small form as you yawned from the exhaustion that was taking over your body.

“I’m sorry princess, but I couldn’t hear you over the sound of your yawn. Want to try again?”

You shot the oldest Winchester a sour look as you too stood up, trying your best to keep your eyes open. No matter what anyone said, research was exhausting and to be honest you were longing to crawl into your bed and get some shut-eye.

“Never mind. You’re right, if I’d close my eyes I’d  fall asleep right here and right now. I’m going to bed, night.”

“Sweet dreams,” Dean responded in a teasing but tired voice, before he watched you as you walked towards the hallway. You gave a small wave as a response, before you yawned again and started to make your way towards the bathroom to get ready for some sleep. Dean chuckled silently as your figure disappeared into the shadows, after which he walked back towards the table to pick up the books you had used. One by one, he picked up the books about old lore and monsters and put them back into the cupboard. He came across books about demons, wendigo’s and even vampires, but as he already knew the monster they were hunting was neither of them.

After a small minute, Dean had only one book left to put back. The sounds of you getting ready to sleep in the bathroom had already quieted down which told him you were sleeping, or almost at least. Dean withheld a yawn as he picked up the next book, wanting to put it back into the shelf, until…

“What the-”

Dean looked surprised at the light book that he was holding in his hand. It was smaller than all of the other books, and bounded into a weathered, brown leather. It had been laying under one of the bigger lore books, and Dean hadn’t thought anything of it, until the moment he’d taken it in his hands. The book was surprisingly light, and he wondered what it could be, especially since it had been laying at your side of the table.

“Oh well,” Dean shrugged, not really thinking any special of it. Nevertheless, he couldn’t shrug off the curious feeling which had been nagging at him since he’d laid eyes on the mysterious book, and soon he found himself being drawn to it.

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