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Prince’s Own Liner Notes On His Greatest Hits

When Prince’s first greatest hits collection was released, Prince made private comments as a guide for the liner notes. Later briefly posted on his website in 1996, Prince’s comments have been lost for the last 20 years, but now provide a rare first-person insight into how he saw some of his most famous songs.

In 1993, just as Prince had changed his name and began wrangling with his record contract, he agreed to his first-ever collection of greatest hits, released as a 3-disc set, The Hits/The B-sides. Prince’s longtime manager Alan Leeds wrote the liner notes for the box set; already an industry legend for his work with James Brown, Leeds had won a Grammy for his extraordinary work on the liner notes for Startime, the definitive James Brown box set released in 1991.
But Leeds’ notes on Prince’s work included a number of mentions of anecdotes and inspirations that Leeds couldn’t have been privy to first-hand, and a few that only Prince himself could have known. When liner notes for The Hits were posted on three years later, fans were shocked to see that, rather than simply replicating Leeds’ writing, the notes on the site were clearly Prince’s own thoughts. The notes omit many tracks, include mention of songs that weren’t included in the box set at all, and include what appear to be editorial suggestions for Leeds.
Prince often refers to himself as “PRN” (Prince Rogers Nelson) throughout. This was likely both reflective of his longtime habit of trying to issue his pronouncements as coming from a larger, vague collective rather than just himself, and the fact that the notes were likely captured as recited to an assistant. However, it could also have been a deliberate stylistic choice in reference to his then-recent name change; at the time this was published, his public position was that “Prince” was dead.

Alan Leeds himself has weighed in, on Reginald Hudlin’s Facebook page, saying he hadn’t known these notes were ever posted online, but confirming that he did use these comments from Prince to inform his work.

Interesting — I’d never seen this before and wasn’t aware P had posted these comments. For the record, I had volunteered to Warner Bros. to help assemble and sequence the 3 CDs. However, they were stuck on “their” sequence — I never knew for sure if Prince liked or was involved in the sequencing. I believe it was put together by WB’sr in-house catalogue maven, my friend Gregg Geller and I doubt he had much dialogue with Prince. However, Prince did call me to write the notes. I told him it was an honor but only if he’d answer a few questions so I could add some background that wasn’t common knowledge among fans. He agreed but asked me not to write like an interview. So I simply incorporated some of his “revelations” into my notes. When I sent him the finished notes, he called to say “thanks, nice job” and that was it. He surprisingly did zero editing.


originally recorded as a demo 4 Patrice Rushen’s album. PRN had a mad crush on her at the time and the song is about her.

was only used as a concert tune. This song was picked as Lisa Coleman’s initiation into the band. Gayle Chapman quit because the material of the Dirty Mind period got 2 strong 4 her. Prince figured if Lisa could sing the lyrics to head she could handle anything. The song as a demo as was all the Dirty Mind LP.


the 1st time Prince turned the control room into a bedroom. Candles were lit, chiffon veils were hung and all the doors were locked.

write about the first time U heard reflective notes

after another marathon all-night recording session PRN wrote this in the front seat of Lisa’s pink car (brand of car can be gotten from her) whom PRN drove when she was in LA. PRN always considered the song a dream because it was written between 3 or 4 catnaps and he was never fully awake.

Dr. Fink came up with the original keyboard line which PRN heard and wrote lyrics 2 that same night. PRN and Dr. Fink came 2 rehearsal the next day proud of their creation. The band flipped when they heard it. The centerpiece was in place.

originally recorded with bass, backing 2 sets of keys and guitar. Frustrated with the mix, PRN sat discouraged in the studio (Sunset Sound). Jill Jones came 2 visit, saw the long face and asked what was wrong. PRN was said to have said, “if. had my way the song would sound like this.” He then shoved down the bulk of the instrument faders and left up only the drums and the xylophone, when the voices began to sing the chorus. Jill then asked PRN why he thought he couldn’t have his way with the mix. There was no reply. Everyone who passed by the studio was enthralled by the strange sound coming out of Studio 3 that day. The next time Jill heard the song it was on the radio and it was bassless and stark. PRN had his way.

PRN after recording this shelved it because he thought it 2 strange a production 4 human consumption. It was included in the Parade album was an afterthought. PRN thought it never quite worked on that album. Every time he plays it live he changes the arrangement. Probably still feels the same about the public’s acceptance of the sound. It concert it’s never sounded like the record.

a friend of PRN used 2 jump up and dance whenever Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love” came on. As a test this song was recorded to find out of the friend would dance 2 a similar groove or just chill because it wasn’t a hit. Sure enough the friend didn’t like the song until it was in the Top 10.

“SEXY M.F.” 
the song that made PRN abandon computers just before he retired. Proof that nothing beats the feel of a live band of funky M.F.’s.

PRN wrote this standing in a mirror.

one of the songs PRN is most proud of; he adores it. Used to play it live even fore it was released. Through the years this has been the indication of his feelings about a new composition.

“I FEEL 4 U” 
another demo written 4 the Patrice Rushen project. PRN tended 2 write more Top 40 when writing 4 other artists.

written in a hotel room in North Carolina on the Rick James tour. This was not a happy period. PRN didn’t want to do this tour but he needed the exposure cuz his record was breaking R&B first. He was ready 2 headline his own tour but had 2 wait.

a favorite concert number during this period. The anthem 4 all the freaks and funkateers of the Dirty Mind generation. Vocal recorded in one take, no punching in after PRN in his 16 trackhome studio set up the song on the board, plugged in the mic, and left his leather coat on the chair. He went to get pumped at a movie and when it was over walked straight into the studio, donned the leather coat, and sang it straight out. He didn’t listen 2 it until the next day and then began finishing it.

was meant 2 be a group vocal. Lisa, Dez, and Prince actually sang the whole song every line. When Prince mixed it he made the decision 2 split up the lines. That’s why the melody keeps changing. Jill Jones 1st big vocal assignment. She does the ad libs on the vamp. Prince loved her voice. Vocally he said she was a ‘cliffdiver.’


the jam in the ‘hood.

inspired by Patti LaBelle & Luther Vandross who Prince was digging at the time. Patti — ”if only u knew”…

written, recorded, and mixed in one day.

Prince always called this an ‘aural cartoon.’ Recorded during the LoveSexy period.

originally a 12" 4 the song “200 BALLOONS.” This song with every sample just grew and grew. Listening 2 “200 BALLOONS” Prince commented “this sounds like it came from BATDANCE — not the other way around.”

written as a duet with Rosie Gaines. Prince vowed never 2 performs it with anyone else. As much as Prince wanted Rosie 2 go solo he hated the fact that he wouldn’t be able 2 peform one of his most prized possessions, Diamonds and Pearls, until they were 2gether again. Prince has called Rosie one of the greatest singers of all time. He most likens her 2 Ella Fitzgerald. Range, speed, and styling. Rosie’s got it all.

Jevetta Steele asked Prince 4 an explanation of this song. He only smiled.

Happy 60th birthday to Siouxsie Sioux!

Siouxsie is my favorite musician and it’s because of her albums that I legitimately became interested in music in the first place. I think this occasion makes for a good time to start listening to her music for those still unfamiliar.

So, I’ve tried to assemble a playlist of a song for every Banshees and Creatures album, including Siouxsie’s lone solo album Mantaray to somewhat give a taste of all the major releases. I tried to keep it mostly accessible and not entirely made up of obvious hits (as great as those songs are). I also left out B-sides because there’s just too many good ones to fit in here for now. Hopefully I can go more in-depth about my love for these albums in future posts.

Siouxsie + Banshees + Creatures ‘gateway’ playlist:

1. Pure (The Scream)

2. Icon (Join Hands)

3. Red Light (Kaleidoscope)

4. Into The Light (Juju)

5. Cascade (A Kiss In The Dreamhouse)

6. Morning Dawning (Feast)

7. Swimming Horses (Hyaena)

8. The Sweetest Chill (Tinderbox)

9. Hall Of Mirrors (Through The Looking Glass)

10. Carousel (Peepshow)

11. Pluto Drive (Boomering)

12. Little Sister (Superstition)

13. Forever (The Rapture)

14. Say (Anima Animus)

15. Further Nearer (Hai!)

16. Here Comes That Day (Mantaray)

17. Love Crime (Single)


On this day in music history: July 13, 1996 - “How Do U Want It” by 2 Pac hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 2 weeks, with the B-side “California Love” peaking at #6 on June 22. 1996, also topping the R&B singles chart for 3 weeks on July 6, 1996. Written by Johnny J. and Tupac Shakur, it is the biggest hit for the prolific rap artist. Featuring K-Ci & JoJo Hailey of Jodeci on background vocals, it is the second single from Tupac’s fourth album “All Eyez On Me”. Co-written and produced by Johnny J (aka Johnny Lee Jackson), the track is based around samples of Quincy Jones’ classic “Body Heat” and Brian McKnight’s “Up Around My Way”. The single release of “How Do U Want It” also includes the original hit version of “California Love” featuring Dr. Dre and Roger Troutman (of Zapp). When the album is released in February of 1996, it features a remixed version of the track. Entering the Hot 100 at #4 on June 29, 1996, it leaps to the top of the chart two weeks later. The single earns Tupac a posthumous Grammy nomination for Best Rap Performance By A Duo Or Group in 1997. “How Do U Want It” also appears in the rapper and actor’s last film (though not the soundtrack album) “Gang Related”, released thirteen months after his death in October of 1997. “How Do U Want It” is certified 2x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

Secret Empire #0 Thoughts (Spoilers)

Previously: The Red Skull used Korbik (a sentient cosmic cube that sometimes takes a child’s form) to turn Captain America into a bad guy. Captain America is now a loyal agent of Hydra an evil organization that is sometimes Nazi affiliated and sometimes not depending on who is writing. Captain America planned a bunch of bad stuff behind everyone’s back.  Captain America turned on his evil master.  Red Skull desperate to make Cap stop admitted that Captain America that his new history (that we saw in extensive flashbacks over many issues) was all lies he made up. Captain America doesn’t care because he’s EEEEVIL! He kills Red Skull and sets out to take over the world… his way! This took 15 fricking issues to get to.  Meanwhile we learned that Nick Spencer should really stay off twitter.

Notes: Despite the bad reaction Spencer’s Cap run has gotten I’m actually a fan of most of Nick Spencer’s work. Superior Foes of Spider-Man is of one the best comics of the last decade and the The Fix is hilarious. His run on the two Captain America runs are really mixed bags.  The first two arcs of “Captain America: Sam Wilson” are really good but Spencer struggled trying to deal with real life politics in the later issues. As for the eeeeeevil Captain America book well… it’s better than painful fever dream of Rick Remender’s Captain America book. I’m going to try to be fair and optimistic going into this one.

  • Our story opens with a World War II flashback in of Hydra Cap in the mountains of Japan meeting with Kraken an obscure villain from Jonathan Hickman’s Secret Warriors. Hydra’s secret base looks like the Legends of the Hidden Temple set. Kraken tells Captain America that the Allie will use the Cosmic Cube (not Korbik but another one) to change reality so that Hydra doesn’t take over the world. He says they’re going to change his memories and no matter what he must not forget he’s a Hydra Agent. Of course we know all of these new World War II memories are bullshit so… they’re either illusions or maybe Kraken was manipulating Steve the whole time or… uuuugh. I am three pages in and I have a headache!
  • We now have a flow chart of characters. I know Secret War did the same thing but… hoo-boy. That’s a bad sign.
  • We cut to modern day.  Cap is at S.H.I.E.L.D command with Sharon Carter.  We learn that a Chitari (those aliens from the first Avengers movie) invasion is headed towards Earth.  But the Planetary Defense shield is down.  Wasn’t there a whole other organization called S.W.O.R.D that handled this? Where is Abigail Brand?
  • We see the Guardians of the Galaxy and The Ultimates fighting aliens in space.  I am wondering why most of the focus isn’t on this and is instead on S.H.I.E.L.D HQ?  Daniel Acuña draws pretty fight scenes. Let him do that!
  • Meanwhile a boatload of supervillians lead by Gravitron are attacking New York and the Defenders are fighting them.  Unfortunately more of the focus is on S.H.I.E.L.D headquarters. So we’re mostly watching EVIL Cap and Sharon watching all the action.
  • Meanwhile Hydra has invaded the country of Sokovia the country that Ultron completely destroyed back in Kurt Busiek’s run.  I know it’s played a role in Specer’s run but shouldn’t it just be all empty space and dead Ultron drones now?
  • The narrator is REALLY going out of his way to tell us what a brilliant strategist Hydra Cap is and how all of these couldn’t have happened by coincidence.  It’s sort of like how every three pages in Avengers Arena someone says “gee Arcade is really a clever villain now. He sure thought of everything.”
  • Back in space Quasar is eaten by a space whale.  I should be upset at the apparent death of a new superhero but like… this HAS to be a set-up for her to punch her way out of the belly of a space whale an issue or two later. Right? I mean why would you waste an opportunity for an awesome action scene?
  • I just realized that Hydra Cap planning his scheme while the heavy hitters are in space is a LOT like the plot of Infinity.  Also the whole novelty of an EVIL Captain America story would have been a lot more at home in Axis.  Remember how Tony Stark was eeeeeevil for a year and no one cared?
  • Now Nitro shows up while the Defenders are fighting and Jessica Jones throws him high into the air while he triggers an explosion that looks like a homage to the opening of Civil War.  This comic is turning into a greatest hits album of other comic crossovers.
  • The Secretary of Defense gives Captain America full control over the U.S. Military and Law Enforcement thanks to a new act of congress so everything bad from here on out is caused by an ill conceived piece of legislation… just like Civil War!
  • The defense shield is turned on locking aliens out and the Defenders get backup from the Uncanny Avengers. Things are looking up for the heroes.
  • Suddenly a heli-carrier crashes into S.H.I.E.L.D HQ and a bunch Hydra mooks show up. Only the S.H.I.E.L.D guards aren’t fighting back because Dr Faustus is brainwashing everyone.  I should have mentioned before this whole mess started that the Red Skull had psychic mindscrew powers and dude whose sole power was brainwashing people working for him.  If you really wanted to do a Captain America is EVIL story the whole cosmic cube and prolonged elaborate false history flashbacks are kind of superfluous.
  • Captain America orders the Hydra Guards and the mind controlled S.H.I.E.L.D guys to take Sharon Carter prisoner.  Sharon is not under Faustus’ control despite the fact that if I had a drink for the number of stories where Sharon Carter was mind controlled I’d be drunk.  Sharon thinks Cap is being controlled by Faustus but…

  •  A Hydra guy is just standing there and has this slackjawed look like “I can’t believe this shit.”  I’m going to pretend he’s Bob from Deadpool. Bob’s presence is the most entertaining thing about this book so far.
  • I could be reading “The Button” right now.  That comic has Batman fighting Professor Zoom AND Flash fighting Samurai Robots… Samurai Robots!  And it doesn’t have walls and walls of exposition text…
  • Iron Men Riri Williams and Force Ghost Tony Stark (it’s a long story) discover someone has sabotaged the planetary defense shield and Hydra guys attack them. Just as it looks like we’re going to get a good fight it cuts away.
  • On Space Skype Captain America reveals to Captain Marvel that wave after wave of Chitari are coming and he’s keeping them walled off outside with fierce alien warriors to their doom.  Cue Cliffhanger #1.
  • Tony Stark and Riri Williams just beat up all the Hydra Guys OFF CAMERA!  We’ve got like a bazillion action scenes going on and NONE of them are given any time to breath under these unending walls of exposition text.
  • Hey it’s HELMUT ZEMO!  Which Zemo is it… the morally complex anti-villian/anti-hero from Thunderbolts? Is it the Cobra Commander-esc idiot from Avengers Undercover? A combination of the two? I don’t know because he has all of three panels in this issue.
  • Zemo and a guy named Blackout (not the Ghost Rider Villian) have stolen the book of Darkhold.  Does anyone remember Darkhold: Pages from the Book of Sins?  It was like this early 90s quasi-horror comic about this cursed book whose pages granted evil monkey paw wishes and the people who made those wishes usually turned into monsters. Plus there was an evil dwarf.  Like that you should be revamping that into something so if you wanted Peter Dinklage to be a villain in a Marvel movie.  Oh and there were people called The Darkhold Redeemers who were trying to stop the Dwarf and one of them was a lesbian and this was like long before LGTB representation was anywhere near common in comics.  Dude I want a Darkhold Redeemers comic.
  • So Zemo and an obscure Avengers villian named Blackout (who looks like the poor man’s Electro) use the Darkhold to banish New York City isolating it under a Dark Force dimension dome.  It’s like when the Hand sealed off Hell’s Kitchen in Shadowland but bigger.  ANOTHER crossover callback.  Cliffhanger #2.
  • Tony deducts that the next target of attack is going to be Washington DC he calls for The Avengers (several teams worth), The Champions, and Spider-Man (who I guess wasn’t in New York.)  We get some big epic hero arrival poses that would look great if they weren’t crammed into TINY… TINY panels.
  • Back in Washington an army of Hydra Helicarriers loom ominously over the White House. Hey do you remember the C-Plot from Fear Itself.  When Skadi’s Army attacked Washington but no-one cared because the rest of the book was about fighting monsters with Evil Thor Hammers? ANOTHER CALLBACK!
  • This the B-side of a Marvel Comics Crossovers Greatest Hits Album. Side A is about 70% tracks from Secret War, the Worthy stuff from Fear Itself and a trio of tracks from Civil War, Secret Invasion, and House of M. that were popular at the time but doesn’t hold up.
  • The nicest thing I can say about this comic is that Daniel Acuña’s art is really good and if anything this is one of the best looking bad comics I’ve ever read.
  • Despite the involvement of Hydra and the 40s flashback EVIL Cap doesn’t really come across as a Nazi at all and just a generic “take over the world” badguy.  On one hand that kind of seems to be Marvel backing away from the obvious “Cap is a Nazi” angle that was making people uncomfortable and angry and yet on the other hand it’s also backing away from the “America is more messed up than we thought” allegory that could actually make a point this time.  Spencer isn’t the guy to be doing that kind of project though.  Not sure who I could see doing that and making such a gut punch work. Grant Morrison or Kyle Baker maybe?
  • If this is any indication it’s going to be a loooooong six months.  Maybe I should be polishing off my “Rikki Barnes: The Winter Soldier” pitch.

anonymous asked:

Soooo goes both ways. Powerplays were kept EVEN. Deserving hits and trips went uncalled on BOTH SIDES. B O T H SIDES. Crosby got held and yanked down on the way to the net on his breakaway opp. Obvious holds on Malkin. Couple trips and many whacks from your guys. I say this lightheartedly lol, now you know how Pens fans feel. Not fun lol

oh dear friend ….. do you even watch penguins games? this whole refs up their asses thing isn’t new. that BS goal call cost us the game. It was clearly inconclusive unless the refs have some magical better screen than the fans do. go back and watch the two penalties that caused the 5 on 3. Did Neal cross check Daley? Yeah, but Daley embellished the FUCK out of that. And the jarnkrok tripping call or whatever? Didn’t even TOUCH hornqvist. I’m serious, please go look for the replays it is absolutely ridiculous. That’s one goal that probably wouldn’t have happened if it was 5v5 or 5v4. Also idk WHAT you’re talking about with the breakaway he literally FELL. There’s always those little whacks here and there that get missed. But this is different.

EDIT: I’m on mobile but here’s a link to the call on Jarnkrok:

also the Daley embellishment:

plot bunnies based off songs by the neighbourhood

how: muse a has lived in a conservative town their entire life. their father was a pastor of the town church. however, muse a has just turned 18 and decided they’re done trying to live by their families rules. so, the week after their eighteenth birthday, muse a decides to move off to new york city. they’re sitting in a nearby cafe one morning when they see a brawl going on outside. enter, muse b. muse a stops the fight and is instantly attracted to muse b. after a swapping of numbers, the two hit it off instantly. muse b shows muse a the wilder side of life. things aren’t as great as they seem though. there’s ridicule, drugs, sex, fights. it’s the most dysfunctional relationship either has ever been in. it’s dangerous and that’s what makes it great.

afraid: muse a is a rockstar on tour. they’ve got adoring fans, groupies, drugs, whatever they want. but there’s someone they see in the front row of every los angeles show, muse b. tonight, muse a’s band has a show at the roxy and there’s muse b, front row as usual. except after the show is over, muse a goes looking for muse b. they find them and the night unfolds into one of an absolute dream. now they’re afraid that it was just a fling and muse b is just another groupie. plus, with the media constantly hounding on them, how are they ever supposed to be a normal couple?

everybody’s watching me (uh oh): muse a is a famous rockstar/actor and they’re trying to get home one night when they’re bombarded by paparazzi. they’re trying to escape when they hear a voice above them. muse b is hanging out of a two story building, an amused smirk on their face. muse b pulls muse a into safety right as the paparazzi rounds the corner. it’s an abandonded building and muse b has only a few candles lit around the place. the night resolves between the sheets and the next day, muse a kisses muse b outside the building. but one of the paps was still lurking around. now muse b is in the spotlight. where can you go? everybody’s watching you.

sweater weather: muse a and b have fgrown up together in venice beach. they love the street life and that everything is always alive there. one night, they decide to have a bonfire and get a little too drunk and end up in each other’s bed. after that, they decide they work and start a friends with benefits deal. but as the seasons change, so do the feelings. it’s no longer summer and it’s no longer so easy. now one of them must approach the other with the fact that they might be falling for them.

let it go: muse a grew up in thousand oaks, a small town where everyone was loaded with money. muse b just recently moved there after their dad was promoted to a higher office job. they’re the ones that live in a house with only a one car garage, no pool, and two stories. muse b is on scholarship, something frowned upon in thousand oaks high. muse a is someone who doesn’t care about standards. they’re well respected and liked in the school, a popular kid, if you will. muse a is welcoming to muse b from the first day, something that’s a little overwhelming. but eventually, they start to hit it off. but when it all goes to muse b’s head and they start getting too big for their britches, what will come of the two?

alleyways: muse a and muse b have both just started college in a new town where neither of them know anybody. muse a has a lot of money but muse b is struggling and therefore, turns to prostitution. muse b is standing on a corner one evening when muse a pulls up and offers a lot more money than b is expecting. they accept of course and part their ways without so many words. until the next day, when they discover they have advanced physics together. cue a very stunned muse a and b. after talking it out, muse a could easily help muse b, with a little payment themselves. muse a’s father owns a porn company and tells muse b that with only 5 movies, they could pay a whole year of tuition. muse b agrees. what happens when muse a starts getting jealous?

w.d.y.w.f.m.: *trigger warning: abuse* muse a has spent the past year trying to make muse b happy. everything they did, was for their good. and yet, nothing works. muse b just gets angrier and angrier every single day. and yet, muse a stays with them. but it’s starting to get harder to conceal the bruises. especially when people start asking about them. and muse a is starting to blame themselves. they think they might die. but to die at the hand of muse b would be the perfect way to go, in their eyes.

flawless: sex. lots and lots of sex. muse a and muse b are both rockstars in the same band and somehow always end up in each other’s beds, despite their growing choice of others. there’s cigarette smoke constantly surrounding them and they practically live in their tour bus. tattoos and drugs and alcohol. it’s never boring with muse a and muse b. and everything is super angsty and dramaticized and grungey.

female robbery: modern day bonnie and clyde. muse a decided that it’s time they get what they feel they’ve deserved their entire life. muse a has always been a good kid in school; never got in trouble, never was even sent up to the principals office. so when they approach muse b, local badass, about the idea, they laugh in their face. until muse a shows them just how serious they are. so, with their first bank robbery successful, they decide to do some more. they’re consantly on the run from the law but with enough money to do whatever you’d want, there’s lots of fun to be had.

staying up: muse a suffers from insomnia. to deal with this, they sometimes go driving in the middle of the night. one night, they’re driving on a backroad, listening to their favorite record on repeat when a person runs in front of their car, muse b. muse a slams on their breaks and is– honestly– terrified for their life. muse b taps on the window and then muse a recognizes them. the homeless person from downtown. muse a, despite their conscious telling them no, lets muse b into the car. they learn that muse b is a good person and just down on their luck. now every night, muse a goes and picks up muse b and they go for a drive together, occasionally getting some donuts or some coffee. until muse b comes to muse a’s school one afternoon. they’re embarassed and tell them to leave. now they spend all night searching for muse b, wanting to apologize.

float: muse a is absolutely terrified of water. there’s nothing that scares them more. yet, they somehow find themselves at the beach with their giant group of friends. of course, they refuse to go into the water and instead sit on a big beach towel high up on shore. sometime during the day, the lifeguard, muse b, comes over to sit with them on their break. muse a isn’t expecting it but throws themself into the conversation nonetheless, admitting their fear of water. now, muse b is convinced to help muse a get over it. day by day, they venture deeper into the water until muse b decides to be funny and dunk muse a underwater. an act so childish sets muse a off and leaves them ignoring muse b. muse b is fighting for their friendship back, doing whatever they can to try and win them back.


I originally planned on covering this art book over the weekend, but after taking the photographs for it yesterday I had to share this as soon as possible.  I had to make a double post.

Yoshitoshi ABe’s Gaisokyu may be one of those art books that if you had to only pick one book to ever get, this would be it.  Immediately, you can tell the level of quality that went into the production of the book itself.  The book itself is inside a study case that lifts off once you remove the band around it.  Once removed, you then are presented with a beautiful hard covered art book with a different version of the art work present on the case.  When you open the book itself, the quality is ever present.

The book itself seems to be made up of a study type of paper that is a bit rough to the touch, but removes that typical glossy look/feel that most art books have.  The end result is ABe’s work is presented beautifully on a surface that won’t glare and still gives the same high quality present in A4 format across roughly 170 pages. 

The content itself? Well, this can be basically looked at as a chronicle of ABe’s career.  Covering everything he had a hand in, to renditions of characters from other series, to sketches and solo works, to work that was primarily featured in other doujinshi books, to even what was more of his recent works (I Am An Alien, I Have A Question and Pochiyama at The Pharmacy) that makes this book pretty much a greatest hits combined with a B-sides.  I was rather surprised about not only the quantity of material, but the sheer variety.  While those that may own other ABe material might find this a bit redundant in some aspects, there’s still plenty of other material in here to make it worth the additional purchase. 

The book itself is also a bit of a mystery to find.  Ebay copies go anywhere from 70 to 110 USD and beyond, so places like Mandarake and are going to be your ideal choices.  Those prices will still be a bit more expensive, around 35-50 for used copies, but considering everything you get it is more than a bargin.  I talk a lot about quality of art books too, but this is by far the highest quality book I’ve purchased.  A must for any ABe fan and even if not, this is a great book that chronicles the years and showing the progression along the way.


On this day in music history: September 14, 1993 - “The Hits/B-Sides” by Prince is released. Produced by Prince, it is recorded at The Record Plant in Sausalito, CA, Alpha Studios in Burbank, CA, The Record Plant in Los Angeles, CA, Sunset Sound Recorders, Hollywood Sound, Ocean Way Recording Studios, Capitol Studios in Hollywood, CA, Monterey Sound Studios in Glendale, CA, Kiowa Trail Home Studio, Galpin Boulevard Home Studio, Paisley Park Studios in Chanhassen, MN, Lake Minnetonka Home Studio in Minnetonka, MN, The Warehouse in St. Louis Park, MN, First Avenue in Minneapolis, MN, Washington Park Warehouse, Flying Cloud Drive Warehouse in Eden Prairie, MN, and Olympic Studios in London from October 1977 - January 1993. The fifty-six track career spanning compilation covers Prince’s output from 1978 until 1993, plus five new and/or previously unreleased songs. Discs 1 & 2 (“The Hits 1” and “The Hits 2”) are sold separately, but the third disc containing rare non-album B-sides is only available with the full set. Prince’s former road manager Alan Leeds writes the liner notes for the set. The set is issued by Warner Bros after they refuse to release the album “Goldnigga”, the debut album by his band the New Power Generation (Prince releases the album on his own NPG Record label in July 1993). The label had wanted to issue a greatest hits compilation in 1991, but the project was put on the back burner when Prince gives them the “Diamonds And Pearls” album instead. There is also an accompanying hour long video compilation released the same day titled “The Hits Collection” (initially released on VHS and LaserDisc only, later issued on DVD on June 8, 1999), featuring thirteen music videos with twelve classics and the video for the new track “Peach”. “The Hits/B-Sides” peaks at number nineteen on the Billboard Hot 100, and is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

Character Development: Alternatives to Worksheets

Anonymous asked: Hi, so I’m having a character development issue, but with only my main character. I keep feeling like he is either flat or too complex. I’ve done countless worksheet and things, but I just can’t seem to grasp who he is. Can you help me in any way? <3 love your advice by the way.

Aww, thanks!

I always recommend character development sheets as a character development exercise, but try not to take them too seriously/rely on them too heavily.

I suggest switching gears and trying some different character development exercises. There are several that I find to be really helpful when I’m struggling to get to know a character:

1) Reality TV Crew:

This is so much fun I even do it for characters I understand well. :) Start by choosing a point just prior to when your story starts, then pretend a camera crew is following your character through a normal day. Write down everything that happens from the moment your character wakes up until the moment they go to bed. Be sure to explore their interactions with other characters, how they react to good and bad things (good: getting a package in the mail, bad: finding out they have a cavity), what they do to entertain themselves, and how they meet their basic needs. You can even do little reaction interviews, ala The Office or Modern Family where the character divulges their feelings about things that have happened. If it works for you and you want to dive deeper, try to find an important even in their back story and follow them through that day, too.

2) First-Person Free Write

This is kind of like the last one except without a “camera crew.” This one is done in first-person present tense, as if you’re inside your character’s head as they are experiencing an important even in their life. It can be any event that you want, but it’s extra helpful if it is an experience that adds to their back story or has an impact on who they are.

3) Character Interview

For this, you’re going to answer interview questions as if you were your character. There are a number of ways you can go about this. You can look for interviews with real people to help you come up with questions, or you can just wing it and make up a bunch of questions on your own. Either way, make sure you have a good mix of mundane questions like “what is your favorite food” to really profound questions like “if you could go back in time and erase one event from history, what would it be?” Write down all of your questions ahead of time, and then either hand write the answers (remembering that you are the character as you answer), or even better–answer them out loud, either by yourself or with a friend to ask the questions.

4) Alternate Universe Crisis Mode

This is a free write exercise where you drop your character into a crisis that has nothing to do with your plot or back story. This is simply an exercise in possibility–to see how they would react in an extremely stressful situation. It could be a car accident, a ski weekend interrupted by a crazy ax murderer, or devastating earthquake. It doesn’t even have to be a situation in the same time, place, or universe in which your story takes place. If you want to see how your character would have fared in place of one of Henry VIII’s mostly ill-fated wives, go for it! You can even drop your character into your favorite TV show or movie as if they were an additional cast member. This exercise is all about learning who they are as a person. Are they brave or fearful? Do they lead or follow? Are they helping the injured or too squeamish? Are they optimistic or pessimistic? This exercise will tell you a lot about your character.

5) Milestone Map

In this exercise, you’re going to write 1-3 paragraphs, first-person, about all of your character’s major milestones from the first day of school to whatever milestone they hit prior to your story beginning. These don’t even have to be major milestones like getting a driver’s license or going to prom–they can be smaller ones, too, like first babysitting job, first A on a test, first kiss, etc.

6) Character Playlist

One of the first things I do when I create a character is listen to a lot of music. I’ll usually start by listening to “B sides” (the non-hit songs) of my favorite bands and singers. Then I’ll use an app like Pandora (which plays random songs based on your interests) to find new music, or sometimes I’ll sit on YouTube and watch random music videos to find new stuff. Little by little, a playlist will begin to emerge as I hear songs that fit my character. When I have a good list of songs going, I’ll sit down and really listen to the music. More often than not I learn new things about my character this way.

7) Character Board

This one is especially fun if you’re crafty or good with photoshop, but it’s still fun even if you’re not. The object is to create an inspiration board for your character filled with photos of everything from clothing to physical features, and from quotes to items the might own. Anything that reminds you of your character. If you have access to magazines you can tear up, you might do it on a piece of poster board or bulletin board and have fun decorating it old school Or, you might prefer to do a collage in photoshop or an online collage app. You can even do a gallery on Pinterest or Tumblr if you prefer.

8) Visualization Tricks

Sometimes a character’s personality won’t fall into place until you’re able to visualize them. There are a number of ways you can go about getting a good picture of them into your head. If you’re good at drawing, you can try to draw a portrait of them. If you’re not good at drawing, you might enlist a friend or family member who is. Or, if that’s not possible, try looking through the commissions tag on tumblr and see if you can pay someone to do it. Some artists might even be willing to negotiate if you can’t afford to pay them, if there’s something else you can offer them like writing them a piece of fan-fiction, making them a fan-video, or a graphic. Sometimes it’s fun to do a “casting call” and choose an actor or model who looks like your character to “play” them in your mind. It’s very important that you already know what your character looks like before doing this, because the goal isn’t to use an actor as your character. It’s just a way to help you visualize them easier.

If none of these help you  get a better handle on your character, there may be something else not working. You might consider putting them into a folder for a future project and try creating a new character for the current story. Sometimes that ends up being the magic trick that gets things flowing again. :)


On this day in music history: January 6, 1982 - “Let’s Work” by Prince is released. Written, performed and produced by Prince, it is the ninth single release for the singer, songwriter, musician and producer from Minneapolis, MN. Originally written as “Let’s Rock” after the popular dance “The Rock”, the song is initially to be released as a stand alone single following his self-titled second album. When Warner Bros. nixes the idea, Prince reworks the song and re-titles it “Let’s Work”. Released as the second single from Prince’s fourth album “Controversy”, it quickly becomes another hit on the R&B chart and on the dance floor. It also is issued in extended form as his first commercially released 12" single six weeks later on February 17, 1982 (featuring “Gotta Stop (Messin’ About)”, the first of the artists’ numerous non-LP single B-sides on the flip side). “Let’s Work” peaks at #9 on the Billboard R&B singles chart on March 27, 1982, also hitting number one on the Billboard Club Play chart (paired with “Controversy”) on November 14, 1981. The extended 12" mix of “Let’s Work” makes its belated CD debut when it is included on the double disc compilation “Ultimate Prince” in 2006. “Gotta Stop (Messin’ About)” is released on the triple CD set “The Hits/B-Sides” in 1993.

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