the history of dubstep

Practically every form of popular music you can name - from the blues and rock and roll to hiphop and dubstep - was the music of black struggle in working-class communities, before it was stripped of social content for the mass market and commodified by wealthy, white record executives.

Apart from EDM, that was apparently the result of a laboratory accident.

happy halloween! as a treat, here’s some dubstep for your eerie, atmospheric, dark, sub-bassy night. a tracklisting would be absolutely insane, but here’s a taste: this is in 3 parts tracking dubstep’s origins from UK garage into its own sound, and then as it grew and splintered from that into what it was at its peak, and finally what the future holds. you’ll hear all the most influential tracks from the scene (as it was) but don’t expect any brostep here.

featuring el-b, hatcha, zed bias, digital mystikz, mala, loefah, skream, rusko, benga, burial, appleblim, pinch, joker, d1, caspa, peverelist, eskmo, joy orbison, disclosure, j:kenzo, and many many more.

[ part 1 : origins 2000-2006 ] [ part 2 : evolution 2007-2010 ] [ part 3 : future 2011-2014? ]

Exo’luXion in Dallas Fan Acc

Okay so to start off… I was driving four hours from Houston to go see the boys and i left two hours later than planned (at 12 instead of 10) and there was traffic on I-45 that most of us got stuck in. I was so afraid i would get there too late and miss seeing everyone. I got to meet @sleepykimjongin@shrimp-ass@saltyapples@cytaoplasm​ (omg you are the cutest!!!!) and you were all very lovely and amazing to talk to before the concert

At 5:25 there was a dance mob and all the dancers were so incredibly talented! I wish EXO themselves could’ve seen them. They danced to a mix of the Dubstep Intro, Mama, History, Drop That, Growl, and Love Me Right. I’m pretty sure Call Me Baby and Overdose were thrown in there too. 

The doors did not open at 5:30 as was stated, but much later. The venue kept playing an announcement that Kai wouldn’t be there which all us salty Dallas Exo-Ls kept screaming “Shut Up” to LOL

When the doors did open I was one of the first people to get in and i swear you could see almost every person take a deep breath of the air inside the venue. WE WERE IN THE SAME BUILDING AS EXO!!

It took a long time for everyone to get inside the venue, but guys IT WAS FULL!!. All those doubts we had about showing Exo an empty venue were so unwarranted! I could cry just thinking about it.

But the concert didn’t start until 7pm instead of the 6:30 it was planned to. So everything was running behind schedule. Though this was good for osme fans because a lot of people got to the venue late. A lot of people will tell you it was unorganized or something, but I honestly thought that MMT did a fine job.

Seats!! Verizon theatre is such a small venue that even though i was seated in section 203 I swear i could see all of their faces so clear!!! AND GUESS WHO I WAS SEATED NEXT TO?!?!? @bisexualbaekhyun She ws possibly the sweetest!! She accidentally sat in my seat and I had to repeatedly tell her that it was okay. As one of the admins of EXO-L USA fan support for the concert she had been under a lot of stress lately, but I am so glad she was able to enjoy the concert and spazz over Suho. I really hope i wasn’t a bad seat partner


I already uploaded the setlist here, but guysssssss i swear when it started we could see EXO just standing there for about a good 30 seconds and we all went crazy. Chanyeol and Sehun were standing next to each other and they were SOOOO TALL OMFG SOOOO TALL. Kyungsoo is as glorious as everyone says. Since Jongin was absent, he was the only one I could focus on. I kept trying to look at everyone else, but Ksoo was just there the entire time. With his smiles and eyebrows and sensual hand movements. They all looked so flawless!! AND CHANYEOL’S HAIR!!!

So the venue actually extended the stage to allow for pyrotechnics which i am so glad they did! But the fire really scared me because they were really close and also…It was kind of hot. I could feel the flames.

They did not perform a lot of the songs i was hoping for, like Hurt, El Dorado, and Angel and they cut a lot of the extra performances off, such as Sehun’s Baby Don’t Cry dance solo and Xiumin’s solo he had in Hurt. 

During the ments Chanyeol, Suho, and Sehun tried to speak in as much english as possible and it was the absolute cutest. They talked so muuuch. I will post a separate post of what everyone said because I have them almost word for word. I swear you will die at some of the things that came out of their mouths. Xiumin was most adorable. He kept telling us that he loved us. The favorite phrase of the night was “Thank you very much” and during the last ment Suho skipped Kyungsoo becuase he couldn’t stop laughing at himself. When it was his turn to speak he didn’t say anything and then started laughing so Suho was like “Okay Xiumin”. Also Suho was being a troll by thrusting a lot while different members were speaking.

During every performance Sehun danced like his life depended on it. He was so sensual and moved his hips a lot. Xiumin was like a little kid. He kept turning in circles the entiire time. Baekhyun and Jongdae definitely tried to impress with their new dancing skills. Chanyeol was just so tall gdi. All i saw was his height. But Jongdae smirked a whole bunch and Kyungsoo looked so manly, especially during The Star and Playboy. 

During the ments the boys kept calling us pretty and sexy. Kyungsoo, Chen, Baekhyun, and Sehun kept stressing about how they really didn’t think the venue would be full tonight. BUT IT WAS. SOUTHERN EXO–LS MADE IT HAPPEN!! They called us “amazing” “sexy” “excellent” “handsome” and just so many other words I just cannot even write here. They were so lovely to us. Suho kept trying to come up with more adjectives until they gave up and kept saying “sexy” over and over again.

Baekhyun’s english isn’t that good so he chose to speak in Korean the entire time except for simple phrases. But that was okay since we had a translator and he said some of my favorite lines of the night. 

The fans didn’t really know any of the fanchants (or maybe didn’t want to sing them) which i was a bit disappointed by. But i sang all the fanchants and didn’t care who was looking at me. 

During one ment Chanyeol was sitting on one of the speakers (trying to give those in the pit nosebleeds lol) but Kyungsoo kept motioning for him to get off until he finally got up.

The boys had so much energy up until the last song. They didn’t seem tired at all. And while Sehun and Chen sweated buckets, I swear i saw like one stream of sweat on Kyungsoo. It’s true what everyone says….he really doesn’t sweat!!

Before the “Club Exo” remixes Chanyeol and XIumin asked us to stand up, but the fans had already been standing since the beginning of the concert. I don’t think they knew we were standing so they kept asking us to stand up and we started chanting “Stand Up”, but like we were all standing. I think he finally noticed and moved on to the next part. The majority of the fans couldn’t get the “ 완벽한 아름다움” part down or just didn’t want to say it, which kind of disappointed the boys. They had to keep asking us to chant louder and louder. But we finally got a lot of participation and they could start the song. I was really upset at the fans because of the lack of fanchants and response to the boys sometimes. But overall the fans showed EXO a lot of support and gave off a lot of energy.

However the fans that were in the pit really disappointed me because whenever i would look they would just be standing there. Even after Jongdae made us promise that we would scream and shout, they just stood and recorded :((

But the boys got extremely close to the fans. Even going out in front of the speakers to talk and point at those in the pit. My favorite moment was when Kyungsoo saw a girl with a D.O. poster and talked to her for a long time. Pointing back and forth between the poster and himself. He had the hugest smile on his face and stayed on that side of the stage the most. I think out of all the members he was probably the most shocked at seeing all the fans. He was literally speechless. 

I am pretty sure I’m missing a lot and i hope to get all the missing info when i make the post of all that they said. Overall I probably just experienced the best day of my life. (The next best day will be when they come back with both Lay and Jongin)


And the boys did address Yixing and Jongin not being able to make it to the concert. And out of respect for Jongin’s absence the boys did not try to sing his lines or dance his parts for the most of the concert. They would just let his lines play out and continue dancing. Of course, where Jongin had main parts, like in Call Me Baby, they got Sehun to do his dance, but they did not try to have anyone sing for Jongin. I really liked that about the concert because i did say before that i would be bitter over anyone who was assigned Jongin’s parts (sorry he’s my bias and i love him to death. I really didn’t want to see anyone performing his parts but him

That brings this part of the fan acc to an end. Though i still have much to say. Sorry this is so long, but 3 hours is a lot to talk about!!