the history of atlantis

Deep in the recesses of Islamic legend, there was once a region so corrupt that God smote it, not with fire and brimstone, but with sand. And as anyone who’s ever lost a set of keys at the beach knows, finding a city smote with sand is as hard as finding a needle smote with haystack. While some thought the place was a fairy tale, no one could ignore the fact that its name, “Ubar,” kept popping up in the Koran, in The Book of One Thousand and One Nights, in the writings of Ptolemy and in Lawrence of Arabia’s wet-mares.

It wasn’t until the 1980s that archaeologists, using NASA satellites and super-radars, located a network of camel roads leading to the remains of Ubar situated deep in the Rub’ al Khali desert in the Arabian Peninsula. The records they discovered indicated the area had been a thriving hot spot. For about 5,000 years, people from Persia, Greece and Rome flocked there for one of the major commodities of yesteryear: heroin. Just kidding – it was frankincense.

And then one day, all the hippies flocking their for their sweet frankincense fix returned saying the roads leading up to the city just sort of … ended. The city had disappeared.

Sometime between 300 and 500 AD, the city collapsed into a sinkhole, which then collapsed into a cave.

The 5 Most Extravagant Ways Cities Have Been Wiped Out


Lost artefacts from sunken cities dubbed the Atlantis of Egypt are to be together for the first time after laying submerged for more than a thousand years.

Enormous statues, golden jewellery and hieroglyphic tablets which were feared lost forever have been reclaimed from the sea, and are to be put on public display next year in a major exhibition by the British Museum.

The treasures belong to Heracleion and Canopus, cities built on the shifting ground of the Nile delta, which are now buried beneath three metres of silt.

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SS-Sturmbannführer Otto Skorzeny watching a cabaret at the Berlin nightclub Atlantis in late of 1943.

Humanity is an Experiment -- Earth is a Living Library

Humanity is an experiment. Humanity has been designed, as has just about everything else that exists within creation. Prime Creator began experimenting with creation a long time ago in this universe for the purpose of greater self- exploration, self-gratification, and self-expression. Prime Creator brought energies and essences of life-extensions of itself-into this universe and endowed those extensions with the gifts that it had. It gave willingly and freely of its capabilities. There are many other universes and many other ways of designing universes; this particular one was designed as a free-will zone in which all would be allowed.

Prime Creator said to these extensions of itself, “Go out and create and bring all things back to me.” This was quite a simple assignment, was it not? In other words, Prime Creator was saying, “I am going to gift you of myself. You go out and gift of yourselves freely so that all you create in this universe can understand its essence as my identity.”

These extensions of Prime Creator, which we will call creator gods, went out and began to experiment with Prime Creator’s energy as it existed within themselves. They began to create their own hierarchy, which in turn created other hierarchies. Each succeeding hierarchy created another hierarchy to endow it with its own essence and to assist in the development of this universe. Eventually, in one of the galactic systems, a plan came together to design Earth as an intergalactic exchange center of information. It was an incredible plan. Earth was a beautiful place, located on the fringes of one of the galactic systems and easily reached from other galaxies. It was close to many way portals, the highways that exist for energies to travel throughout space.

There was much scurrying and shuffling to create individual representation from all of the galaxies here upon this planet. Some of the creator gods were master geneticists. They were able through their hierarchies to tie molecules together, encoded molecules of identity, frequency, and electrical charge to create life. Many sentient civilizations gave of their DNA to have representation of their coding upon this planet. The master geneticists then designed various species, some human, some animal, by playing with the varieties of DNA that the sentient civilizations contributed to make Earth into this exchange center of information, this light center, this Living Library. The plan for Earth was a grand one.

The Original Planners of Earth were members of the Family of Light, beings who worked for and were associated with an aspect of consciousness called light. Light is information. The Family of Light created the information center they had conceived of; they designed a place where galaxies would contribute their information and where all would be able to participate and share their specific knowledge. Earth was to be a cosmic library, a place of incredible beauty that experimented with how information could be stored through frequencies and through the genetic process.

Outside the structure of time, 100,000 years can pass in what may be a year within the structure of time as you know it. These creator gods did not exist in time as you know it. A few hundred thousand years or a million years was nothing to them.

Different energies were brought into existence. There were species of humans on Earth perhaps 500,000 years ago who developed very highly evolved civilizations. We are not speaking of the civilizations that you call Lemuria or Atlantis; to us, those civilizations are modern. We are talking about civilizations that are ancient, civilizations that are buried under some of the ice caps of the far southern continent of Antarctica.

The project of the Living Library on Earth was eventually fought over. It looked enticing enough to be mined by some. During Earth’s early history, there were wars in space for ownership of this planet. Have you ever wondered who owns Earth? It’s a prime hunk of real estate. Do you think it would go ownerless in space?

Skirmishes took place, and Earth became a place of duality. Certain creator gods who had the right to do whatever they wanted-because Earth is a free-will zone- came in and took over. We call this “raiding” the Earth. It was like corporate raiding on Wall Street. These creator gods raided Earth approximately 300,000 years ago-the time period, historically speaking, that you would call the beginning of human civilization. This is merely the time period that you, in this present day, are taught was the beginning of civilization. In actuality, it was only the beginning of the later phase, the phase of modern humanity.

When this skirmish occurred, a certain group of entities fought in space and won the territory of Earth. These new owners did not want the native Earth species - the humans - to be informed of what took place. Uninformed, the species would be easier to control. This is why light is information and darkness is lack of information. These entities beat out light, and Earth became their territory. It gives you a new idea of light, does it not? There was great radioactivity and nuclear action, and much of Earth was rent asunder. The original species, human creation, experienced great destruction and was scattered.

These new creator gods who were the new owners were also master geneticists. They understood how to create life, and they wanted this territory for their own reasons. Territories are created and held by certain energies for many reasons, one of which is that there is consciousness within all things.

Consciousness communicates continuously. Consciousness vibrates, or can be led to vibrate, at certain electromagnetic frequencies. Electromagnetic energies of consciousness can be influenced to vibrate in a certain way to create a source of food. Just as apples can be prepared and eaten in a variety of ways, consciousness can be prepared and ingested in a variety of ways.

Barbara Marciniak - Bringers of the Dawn

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Out of curiosity, do you consider Kida (Kidagakash) from Atlantis: The Lost Empire to be a PoC? I thought so but people never seem to include her.

She is of a mythical race which is why she is never included. It’s difficult to apply race to non-humans. But that doesn’t mean that characters aren’t to be interpreted by their consumers. 

There are plenty of sources inside and outside the film that prove that she and her people are coded as people of color. 

  • Disney is often, but not always deliberate about choosing their voice actors (or at least they were in the 90’s and early 2000’s) and they usually cast actors that are generally of the same race of the character i.e. Mulan, Lion King (animals, I know but it says something that young Nala, young Simba, Mufasa and Sarabi were played by black actors), Lilo and Stitch, Pocahontas, the brothers in Big Hero 6 and Princess and the Frog (excluding Naveen who is ofc racially ambiguous, but that doesn’t invalidate that he’s coded as a MOC). For Kida, they cast a black actress most famous for voicing black animated characters. That says a lot.
  • Historians cite atlantis as being off the coast of Africa with Mediterranean ties.
  • The masks used in the film are blatantly African inspired along with their clothing.
  • It’s been scientifically proven that human origins started in Africa and in the film, they establish this society as being as hundreds of thousand years old.
  • It’s also been proven that all languages are rooted in Africa which is addressed in the film
  • Not all people of the African diaspora have textured hair and brown eyes
  • Kida has African features such as: brown skin, full lips, broad nose (I dare someone to look at her father’s nose especially and try to say otherwise), bone structure and hips wider than any previous European princess. Disney also tries to incorporate features of the voice actor into the design, meaning that to divorce Kida of her blackness would be to divorce Cree from her ethnicity as well.

So yes, I do interpret her as a WOC, but I do condemn Disney for not explicitly stating so and relying on magic and white hair to distance her from people of color. (Not that I don’t like magic in my Disney films, but none of the other films use magic as a crutch for racial ambiguity)

~ Mod Brei

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Atlantis of the Sands

Have you heard of this Arabian legend? According to the accepted myth, Atlantis of the Sands was a city in southern Arabia which was destroyed by a natural disaster or God’s wrath, and which has never been found. The fabled city has many possible names, the most popular being Ubar, Wabar, or Iram. Many ruins have been claimed to be this Atlantis. None have been definitively proven. The controversy continues in history and archaeology circles over whether Atlantis of the Sands even existed, and if it did exist, where it might have been.