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i have so many headcanons about the diplomatic and political climate in Kyo Kara Maoh  (including the developement and spread of religion and its influence on Shin Makoku and surrounding countries) and literally no one cares

Thinking about de-aged Derek/Scott again and how much I wish it was a thing.

One day, young, fresh-faced Derek turning up at Scott’s doorstep, saying he woke up near the nemeton, didn’t know where else to go. 

Scott helping Derek deal with his trauma as Derek helps Scott deal with his. Scott being the person Derek can trust, who manages to get him to be more open. Derek being fiercely loyal, even sometimes when he maybe doesn’t need to be. Them learning how to do the full wolf shift together through hours of study, attempts and failure. 

Late night discussions about what they understand about the history of being a werewolf. It turns out, Derek is a complete history nerd. Midday chats about what they understand about the modern complications of being a young man. It turns out, it’s something Scott considers a lot when he has time to think. Early morning Spanish lessons, where Derek helps Scott with his vocab and Scott helps Derek with his pronunciation. Lying tangled up on the couch together, because they both fall sleepy and decide on an afternoon nap.

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Steven stone with a history nerd s/o?!? Like him finding how much they have in common.

Steven Stone w/ history nerd s/o 

  • At first, he’d think they were just reading up on a certain topic for themselves and friends. Slowly, he realizes how much their nose is buried in history books and there’s an entire book case in their home dedicated to history books. 
  • One day, it’ll be revealed that his s/o is a history nerd when jokingly asking about a time in Hoenn before the gyms were established and they basically blurt out what went one and so on. This boy has Steven Universe star eyes looking at his s/o. 
  • Steven is a history nerd himself, but his s/o can remember tidbits and facts that he can’t. He also asks if they know things about different regions’ history- which they indeed do. 
  • His s/o lowkey would study on science books for the history of rocks and each gemstones to woo him. 
Weird history fact

Apparently Aaron Burr was friends with William Godwin (the father of Mary Shelley, who wrote Frankenstein) and when Burr visited Godwin in England, Burr sat with Godwin’s daughters to play Tea Party with them. They sang to him and Mary Shelley presented an essay called “The Influence of Government on the Character of the People” (what kind of essay is that for a 13 year old, oh my god). Burr told Mary that her writing was very good and that’s the end of that crazy story. Why is history so weird. I never thought these two figures would meet, let alone at a play-pretend tea party.

I'm so tired - A Black Girls Ode

I’m tired of the stereotypes
Black girls are
“Too dark”
“Not desirable”

I’m tired of the hair hate
“Wannabe white”

I’m tired of the skin hate
Like we’re on opposing teams…

I’m tired of the hate for liking out of race
“Black guys”(Who sometimes don’t even want us)
“White guys”
“Asian guys”
“Hispanic guys”
And forever wondering if said guy will even like us back

I’m tired of being told I can’t be
“ A geek”
“A nerdy”
“A gamer”
“Good at school”
“A princess”
“Or a Queen”

Or can’t have
“A stable family”
“Good grades”
“Drama free love life”
“Normalcy of any sort”

Or I can’t like
“Comic books”
“Video games”
“Indie music”
“Pop music”
“Rock music”
Anything other than Rap/R&B

I’m tired of the names and things said
“White girl in a black girls body”
“I don’t date black girls”
“You’re pretty for a black girl”
“You talk/act white”
“You’re not like the rest”
“I like chocolate”
“You’re my Nubian princess” (Like we are food or a prize to be won)

I’m so tired
…. Of constantly trying to prove myself
….. Always explaining myself
….. Trying to keep my voice down
….. Being too dark
…… Or too light
…… Steering away from stereotypes
….. Being treated like less than
….. “No I don’t have kids” “Nit currently or planning to be pregnant”
….. “No you cannot touch my hair”
….. Yes I live with both my mom and dad
…… “Nubian princess”
….. Keeping my hands to myself in a store so I don’t get accused of stealing
…… Social media and News representation
…… Being a fetish
…… Being wary of cops when I’ve done nothing wrong
…… Knuckling under
…… Black on black hate

I’m so tired of fighting

My skin color and hair does not, has not, and will not ever represent me.
I am in touch with my black and Haitian roots but none of it defines me unless I say it does.
No matter I do or say people will still see me that way. I’m so tired of people not even seeing who I am but what they perceive me to be solely based on my skin.

I’m so very tired, BUT, too many people (men, women, and people of every race) have fought too long, prayed too hard, and died too often for us to GIVE UP because we’re TIRED! No, this is when we push even harder, because if we’re tired so are they, but now we have one foot in the door ^3^

the foxes try to bond with Kevin by spouting random history facts at him

- Aaron watches lots of documentaries for the sole purpose of distracting Kevin with them because he swears to God if he has to go over exy stats one more time he’s going to snap someone’s racquet (he’s gonna snap Kevin’s racquet)
- Nicky learns just enough to throw general stories Kevin’s way but he makes sure to mess with some of the details because he thinks it’s funny when Kevin goes off on his rants,
- “no, NO, Nicky, no, it’s like this-”
- “sure, Kev, I mean /I/ believe you, but the internet says-”
- Dan and Matt are pretty genuine for the most part, they’ll ask him stuff like “so is there any truth to the King Arthur tales?” but after 3 hours it gets to be a bit much and they’re going to be late for their dinner plans and “yeah ok, wow that’s so interesting, Kevin, oh cool, yeah hey we’re gonna be late. Oh, yeah? Wow I didn’t know that and now I do,, okay bye,,,,,”
- Neil and Allison will tell him a thing and then shut him down before he can comment on it
- “no Kevin, I don’t want to hear about the entire history of France now, i don’t actually care, I just thought that one thing was cool”
- Renee,, the sweetheart she is,,, will actually sit there and listen for hours on end,, she’ll ask him questions to keep him going,, bless her soul,, people ask her why she does it and she just tells them “you can see the way his eyes light up when he’s talking, it’s nice”
- and oh, Andrew. Andrew pulls stories out of his ass that sound just real enough that Kevin is like “no that’s… fake” but there’s the Doubt™. Kevin is seen awake at 3am later that night with an entire pot of coffee and his laptop open to 12 different tabs.

History is weird

Like things are happening in one place and you realize that other amazing things were going on at the same time.

Like when Mozart was composing his “Paris” Symphony, America was fighting for it’s independence.

Or how Macbeth was written only a year before Jamestown was established.

Also Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was only a year younger than Alexander Hamilton….


Historical Paints Series - Combeferre + Synthetic Ultramarine

Natural ultramarine, a pigment made from the semi-precious stone lapis lazuli, is notorious for being extraordinarily expensive. However, advances in chemistry allowed the pigment to be analyzed in the early 19th century, and observations were made of similar blue deposits forming in kilns. This led to the offering of a prize in 1824 for the artificial production of the color, which was successfully done a few years later. This new version of the color was a fraction of the price of natural ultramarine, and quickly surpassed the older pigment.