the hired inventor


Just wanted to try my hand at writing out a dumb speculation of mine of how Flug and Black Hat met.

(Also, I’m headcannoning Flug’s age to be around early 30s, so this would be taking place around 10 years ago)

AND I DON’T CARE IF I’M BEING REPETITIVE, IM'MA SCREAM THIS OUT FOR THE WORLD TO HEAR: Thank you all SOOOOO much for all the support, your awesome comments in the tags, all that jazz!!! It really does mean so much and is super motivating! ❤

Also, that awkward moment when you’ve been typing Black Hat’s name wrong this whole time, and kind of always realized it, but just never bothered fixing it till now. Is that just me? Yeah, probably

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So this is how I die.

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Thoughts and Theories on Villainous

OP note:  I don’t always do super elaborate posts about interpreting every very precise, exact, redundant detail of every conceivable aspect of characterization, but when I do, I don’t.

Not to mention, these are some things I have been really wanting to throw out, so… just bear with me. Please.

WARNING: tedious writing ahead! Read at your own risk!

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The Winchester Wetmore-Wells single action revolver,

During the 19th century Winchester and Colt for the most part tried not to step on each other’s toes, Winchester manufacturing rifles and Colt manufacturing pistols.  In 1872 Winchester hired inventor William W. Wetmore to design a single action revolver.  By 1873, the design was completed and a number of prototypes produced.  The Whitmore Wells was chambered for a .50-38 cartridge and featured six shots.  The main feature of the revolver was an automatic ejection system.  When the hammer was cocked and extractor system incorporated into the loading gate which would extract empty cartridge casings.  In case the automatic extractor failed, a manual extractor was also installed in the form of a lever near the hammer.

The main problem with the Wetmore Wells was that both the automatic and manuals extraction systems tended to malfunction.  Without an ejector rod, it was difficult to remove empty casings.  In 1873 Colt began manufacturing the Colt Model 1873 Single Action Army, which became the most popular American revolver in the 19th century. The M1873 was much more reliable and was chambered in a popular cartridge (.44-40) which was the same cartridge used in the equally popular Winchester M1873 lever action rifle.  More importantly the Colt M1873 had a reliable extraction system consisting of a simple ejection rod.  Winchester would continue work on the Wetmore Wells design, abandoning it later in the decade.

AU where Ty is a siren who keeps trying to lure the crew of the Black Market Orchid to their doom, and it never works, and Ty keeps singing and trying to get the men to follow him but the ship never steers off course.

Captain Zane Garrett is highly amused by the siren who seems to be getting more pissed off with each failed attempt. Of course he’s even more amused because the siren doesn’t realize that the captain has hired the services of inventor Kelly Abbott who made the entire crew special ear plugs that block out the effects of the siren’s song.


The thumping at the side of his ship drew Zane’s attention. He peered over the edge and smirked as he saw the dark head down below, bobbing above the murky water.

“Hey!” The siren shouted, hitting the side of the Black Market Orchid with his hand.


The dark head tilted up and Zane sucked in a breath. Golden eyes flashed up at him from an all too attractive face. “So you can hear me then? Thought the whole bunch of you were deaf.” the siren grumbled.

Zane laughed  “Well we do have a ship monkey deaf in one ear, does that count?”

“This isn’t funny!” A loud thunk sounded. Did the siren just kick his ship?

“Easy there. i won’t have you hurting my baby.”

“This old piece of shit?” came the scoffed reply.

It was Zane’s turn to glare. Sure the old girl had seen better days, but no one disparaged his ship. No one.

“Care to come up here and say that?” Zane challenged.

The siren smirked “Care to come down here? And i’ll gladly say it to your face. Which brings me back to why my songs aren’t working on you lot?”

Zane grinned and tapped his ear “Special ears. Your singing won’t work here”

The siren splashed at the water in anger “We’ll just see about that!”

Zane felt another body slide in next to his. He turned to see Kelly Abbott smiling down at the disgruntled man below. “Hi there!” he called out jovially. “Wow, you’re pretty.”

The siren made a huffing sound “Shut up!”

“I mean we expected you to be. And your singing, wow. I listened to a teeny bit of it before putting in my plugs. Got so wrapped up in it i almost forgot to put them in. But Nick grabbed me before i made it to the edge of the ship…”

“Who the hell cares?!” the siren gave one more splash before disappearing beneath the water.

“Well he’s a grumpy one.”

Zane chuckled “That he is. Pretty sure we haven’t seen the last of him though.”