the hindreds


happy april fools daaay everyone!! i wanted to draw something silly so have this weird swapping i made haha. it’s a bit messy so sorry for that.

i drew the quail boyfriends for me, anghel/ nageki for @hindre ( just because she is my favourite artist and i love her art!! so much!! ) and tohri/ shuu for @kaijinkyn ( she’s been v supportive and lovely to me lately and aaa a ).

I’m not gonna say what i swapped exactly that’s something for you to figure out. :’^) 

i’m not sure how to say this but…..

i just found out my good friend @hindre has passed away?

she was a really talented artist, went out of her way to be kind to people, and gave me some fantastic advice on a number of occasions. i’ll miss her so much.

rest in peace, torry

OK BUT REALLY TRULY VERILY AND HONESTLY the contemporary prejudices against skin color and race that we hold in mexico (and i suspect the rest of latin america as well) are reflective of the old colonial caste system where the white spaniard was at the top and the indigenous and african people were at the bottom and the way to move up the social ladder was through mestizaje with someone of a lighter skin color. the entire concept of “mejorar la raza” and our linking of darker skin = lower socioeconomic background are basically echoes of “de español e india nace mestizo”….. it’s easy to think that because the colonial system was abolished hundreds of years ago it has no influence in our lives anymore but colonialism has deep roots in our society

Update: we just sent the donation through to Blue Chip Farm Animal Refuge in Hindre’s name (explained here if you’re confused). Screenshot for attestation.

We’d like to take this time to once again thank everyone who contributed to the zine whether by submitting art, buying it, and/or spreading the word. It’s because of you that it was possible for us to do this and we can never overstate how grateful we are for your support.


We all did the Telephone call thing with APH Canada.

voru5 hindre union-jackoff v-a-t-s owynsama spacelegg pasteljellyfish

The original concept is of a guard in front of a toy store that starts with an ‘S’ or like a faimly crest. Through the telephone call his outfit evolved through beautiful art with talented artists. Thank you all for joining in on the call!

wittymuse  asked:

Apricot, cream, champagne? 💖

hey sof!!
apricot (favorite ice cream)- hm… I really like spumoni a lot (yknow like the one they serve at the Spaghetti Factory with the cherry, pistachio, and chocolate)!! it’s amazing and I haven’t had it in a long time
cream (favorite blog)- oh boy there are a lot!! I mean of course my friends/mutuals obviously. but also @hindre @ironinkpen @ihatejonarbuckle @grumpsaesthetics and @mxllardnxllings come to mind! there are a lot more that I love but those are the first that come to mind right now.
champagne (least favorite fandom)- well I mean I don’t want to like. start any shit and remember I’m not talking about specific individuals when I say this and just bc you’re in this fandom doesn’t mean I automatically think you’re a terrible person but,,, I think it’s the hetalia fandom honestly,,, like even just thinking about it makes me tired I’m sorry,,, not good memories

thanks so much for the ask, friend!!! 💕

ahh this is my second follow forever and its really late!! but id really like to thank all of you guys for following me. i really love all of you!! all my followers and mutuals are very important in my life !! 
please please tell me if i forgot you!! and sorry if i tag you twice.

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