the hills are alive with the sound of white people

<begin white terrorist origin-story rant>


I would just like to add:

Chechnya is located in the Caucasus Mountains. 

I repeat - - CAUCASUS FREAKING MOUNTAINS.  The place where Caucasian people come from.  Where white people own goats, dress like it’s 1986 and sound like Borat.

Hitler’s alleged “Land of the Aryans.”

I’m really sorry these two white brothers also happen to be Muslim…but I regret to inform all of the racists out there that the “Brothers Tsarnaev” are STILL white…and there are a handful of countries chock full o’ white Muslims…whether Fox News can handle the truth or not.

White Muslims.  Just like white chocolate. 

Maybe you don’t like the color, and maybe it tastes weird…but it’s still motherfucking chocolate.

Those two a-holes were literally…not rhetorically…not “I’m trying to make a point on Tumblr”…those two assholes were factually, historically and scientifically as Caucasian as a person can fucking be.

White U.S. residents…one of them a citizen…both terrorists.  Who were as self-entitled, stoned and vacant as the rest of us.

Feel it. 

Now exhale.

“Oh my god.  White people commit heinous, terrorist acts on American and foreign soil.  We’ve been doing it for years.  We kill thousands of people every day with our guns, bombs and chemicals.  We are the problem.”

And…end scene.  Insert crying.  Go get some vanilla ice cream, boo boo. 

You’re gonna be okay.


</end rant>