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It’s a bit more complicated than invisibility...

This occurred to me and I feel it’s worth posting since I’ve never seen any talk on this?

The One Ring doesn’t make you invisible. 

Why would it? Seriously, what purpose on Eru’s green earth does that serve? Sauron forging his ring of power in the heart of a volcano, thinking to himself, ah yes, invisibility would be a good trick to build into this thing! No. Cause you know what? Sauron’s ring does not make him invisible. And he certainly did not intend for anyone else to ever have it. So what’s it really doing?

Two words: Dimensional shift

I believe that when mortals put on the ring, they experience a dimensional shift in which they are pulled (stretched, transported) into a higher dimension, the plane on which the true spirit forms of the Ainur (and wraiths) exist. This would effectively render them invisible to those on lower dimensions, but the wearer would be able to view them with altered enhanced perception. Such as the effects we witness as described by those who have worn the ring. Especially well portrayed in the films is the ability to see the souls of others, particularly the ringwraiths (the battle on Weathertop is a good example, as well as even in Battle of the Five Armies when Bilbo is in Dale), black and white shadowy souls clear as day but invisible to the naked eye, as they exist on a different dimensional plane. It’s quite possible to me that the ëalar of the Ainur are in a higher dimension than that of mortal fëar, but that’s beside the point. They’re at least a couple dimensions removed from our reality, and thus invisible until one puts on the ring. 

Now, why would the ring have this power? I think, if I recall correctly, that Tolkien at one point did state that it was not intentional, that it was a byproduct of its making. Again, it does not turn Sauron invisible - it wouldn’t, he already exists on that plane. Mortals are bound to their bodies and so would not be able to perceive that higher dimension, but Ainur are not. I think most plausibly, this effect exists because Sauron infused a piece of his own soul into the one ring. The consequences of this are not well understood (it’s not like it’s a common practice) and we know in other ways, it is so strong in its desire to hearken back to its master, it can even influence the wills - a product of the souls - of those around it. I would not be surprised in the slightest if having a piece of Ainur ëala in an all-powerful object would result in the ability to bend reality to attempt to match the wearer to the properties of the owner. It would bring the wearer closer to Sauron, and allow him to perceive them, thus furthering its purpose to return to the whole from which it is a part. 

Just a theory, obviously, but I find it odd that I’ve never seen anyone question the rather absurd notion of ‘magic evil ring makes you invisible!’ Tolkien set up so many intriguing questions, concepts, and possibilities with underlying scientific principles - or at least, consistent rules - that I am sure this fits into his framework. 

@slimetony ’s icon is obviously cursed because im out here just trying to have fun on FaceApp and all im getting are beings from a higher, twisted plane of existence

11th Chakra
When the eleventh chakra starts to open the individual will become aware of the larger picture of his or her multidimensional self; that his or her existence in physical reality is just one manifestation of many simultaneous other existences on other planes of existence. This explanation gives a hint to what awaits the individual after ascension; the working toward becoming conscious on all planes of existence, not just the physical one.

I see Rose serenely sipping Earl Grey and raise you Rose brewing all those teas marketed with terms like ‘anti-anxiety’ and ‘high energy’ and ‘blues away’ together in one pot and announcing she’s either going to discredit them or ascend to a higher plane of existence.

Basic Numerology of 0-9

In this post I will be going over the basic numerology for the numbers between 0, and 9. Understanding these numbers in a metaphysical manner can allow you to bring the energies of these numbers into your practice to strengthen your magickal working. This can be done by understanding the meanings, and associations that these numbers have, so that you can bring them together to form other numbers, or to act out your intention with their metaphysical properties by casting out their meanings, and energies into the universe. This will be a very quick overview that will not go to in depth, but will provide just some basic knowledge about the numbers and the energies that they possess.

0 ) Zero is a number that is greatly associated with the act of being. It also corresponds to cycles, unification, oneness, and source itself. It is a very powerful number that is associated with spiritual energy, and empowerment. Zero is also connected to the unlimited potential, and power inside all things. When zero is combined with other numbers it empowers the numbers that it is attached to.

1 ) One is the number that brings the energies of new beginnings, positivity, and the strength to face those beginnings. It has to do a lot with fulfillment, love, intuition, power of will, and other strong raw emotions. It is also associated with more negative emotions, and aspects such as aggression, arrogance, selfishness, weakness, and narrow-mindedness. The number one is also greatly Associated to the god and the masculine aspects of energy. The number one is a very powerful, and passionate number, and will bring these energies to whatever it is connected to.

2 ) Two is connected to the energies of communication, relationships, and interactions. It represents the charms, balance, and harmony in connections between constructs. It also corresponds to the exact opposite such as indifference, dependency, and a lack of balance. Two is also greatly connected to the goddess, and the feminine aspect of energy. This number is greatly associated with connection, balance, and harmony, and will bring these energies to whatever it interacts with.

3 ) Three is a very powerful number that is associated with joy, creativity, inspiration, and intelligence. This number is also associated at times with the goddess, and the ascended masters. It is the number of magick, understanding, and luck. The negative aspects that it possesses are such things as disharmony, indifference,  impatience, Intolerance, and unfocusedness. 3 is also known to be the number of witches, and the unknown.

4 ) The number 4 is connected to such concepts as loyalty, devotion, mastery, hard work, high morals, stability in the inner wisdom. It is a number that is associated with the angelic realms usually being connected to the angels. The negative aspects of the number 4 are such things as laziness, and dullness. In Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Japanese it is a homonym for “death” and also carries those energies.

5 ) 5 has to do alot with powerful ideas, individuality, life, lessons, vision, change, and momentum 5 is greatly associated with the five elements, and the powers that they hold. The negative aspects of the number 5 are thoughtlessness, restlessness, and discourse. 5 is a very fast-moving energy, because of this it is even more greatly associated with the element of fire, and can become very chaotic at times.

6 ) 6 is greatly connected to unconditional love, families, parenthood, idealism, healing an emotional balance. 6 vibrates at a very loving frequency that is great for emotions, and relationships. 6 also resonates with spiritual attributes and awareness. This number is also very grounded in the physical, and is nurturing, and faithful. The negative aspects of 6 are impracticality, shallowness, and selfishness.

7 ) 7 has to do with knowledge, truth, and spirituality. It is also said to be a very lucky number and is greatly associated with the divine, and higher truth. 7 is also connected to mysticism, esotericism, religion, occultism, and many other spiritual practices. It is greatly connected to the energies of collective consciousness, and the higher planes of existences. The negative qualities of number 7 have to do with cowardice, betrayal, and negative social interaction.

8 ) 8 has to do with career, business, success, wealth, prosperity, management, and self-confidence. This is a very powerful, and dominant number that does what it can to get things done. It is a number of law & order, and the universal principle of karma. The negative energies that the number 8 is connected to are energies that are condescending, demanding, snarky, and greedy.

9 ) 9 has to do with  the energies of wisdom, helpfulness, creativity, and completeness. the nines energy is all about helping, and working with others to better everyone’s experience. It is a very selfless number that goes out of its way to do what it can to help. This number also has to do with life purpose, and spiritual enlightenment. The negative qualities of  9 have to do with egotism, arrogance, self-pitying and a condescending nature.


This scene is so emotional in such a layered way, like damn.

First off, this scene serves to reinforce that, yes, Madoka really did erase herself from this existence (in favor of moving to a higher plane of existence, but still). There really is no trace of Madoka Kaname left in the world, because even her own mother doesn’t remember her aside from getting a nostalgic feeling from the name “Madoka” and being attracted to the ribbons Madoka once wore. But even though it’s painful that Madoka’s own family can’t remember her, at least they were spared the pain of losing her. 

But I also love how this scene shows a softer, more sentimental side of Homura. Those ribbons are all that Homura has left of Madoka. Madoka gave them to her to symbolize their promise, that Homura won’t forget Madoka and that they’ll meet again someday. But as soon as Junko, Madoka’s mother (or rather, the woman who would be Madoka’s mother if Madoka still existed), points out the ribbons, Homura offers them to her. Without a single moment’s hesitation and with a smile on her face.

She was willing to give up her most cherished possession so that Junko could have just a little piece of Madoka with her. And that makes me want to cry.

So I’ve never really done headcanons or AUs or anything but I kinda have an AU in mind for Ashi cuz I can’t stand the thought of her not existing any more

The rough idea is that although she cannot physically exist due to being a paradox, her soul rose to a higher plane of existence basically becoming a powerful deity like Ra, Odin, and Rama are in the SJ universe. These gods teach her how to use her new-found powers and she becomes the guardian of earth, making sure nothing like Aku ever attacks it again. She can also manifest on earth as a more physical being so she can reunite with Jack, but it takes a lot of power so she can’t stay for long periods of time. Jack eagerly awaits her visits from protecting the universe.

I’m working on a Goddess!Ashi design so here’s a rough wip

Basic ways to charge crystals

There are many different ways that you can go about charging your crystals in order to get them working at their most efficient levels. In this post I will be going over a couple of the more basic methods for charging crystals, so that you will be able to charge your crystals and work with them more effectively.


By putting your crystals in the sunlight you will be able to charge them using the sun’s rays. All you need in order to charge crystals in this way is to place your crystals in the sunlight outside, or in a windowsill, so that the sun’s rays will be able to lay upon them, and charge them with its energy. Certain crystals should not be charged in this way due to the fact that they will cause fading of the crystals color, so make sure to check what types of crystals can be charged this way before doing it.


You can also use Moonlight in order to charge crystals from the light that is bouncing off of the Moon. All you have to do is place them outside, or in a windowsill on a night where the moon is reflecting a good amount of light. The best night for this would definitely be on the full moon.

Pushing energy into it:

If you have practiced in energy work you may also be able to push energy into the crystal in order to charge it. You can do the simply by putting your hand upon the Crystal and visualizing your energy flowing into it. This will allow the crystal to pick up your energy in order to charge itself.

Burying stones:

Burying stones in the ground is also a way in which you can charge your crystals, because it allows the crystal to be grounded to the earth. When the crystal becomes grounded to the Earth. It will be able to release negative energy that it has picked up, and will suck in energies that it needs to be able to work effectively.

Crystal grids:

You are able to create a crystal grid which is a formation of crystals laid in a grid position all connected to each other that will be able to charge all of the crystals that are part of the grid. This is done because crystal grids called down energy from the higher planes of existence through the generator stone of the crystal grid. Allowing energy to flow throughout the grid charging all the crystals that are part of it.


You can use music, and other sounds in order to charge crystals. These sound frequencies will enhance the vibration of the crystals energy. Allowing it to become energized, and work at its full potential. You can use any form of music, or instrument in order to charge your crystals.

Feeding off your own energy:

You can allow the stone to charge off your own energy. This will drain you of your personal energy, but will allow the stone to be active in its processes. All you have to do in order to get it to do this is to use crystal programming in order to tell it to feed off of you as a specific source, or simply by carrying it with you will allow the stone to feel into your energies into charge.


You are able to pass your crystals through smoke also in order to cleanse them, and to get them back into good working order. All you have to do for this one is pass your crystal through incense smoke in order to cleanse and enhance them.


You can anoint your crystals with certain oils in order to allow those oils to activate the stones energies. Certain stones should be avoided from using anointing, because it may damage the stone.


You can allow your stones to rest in a sort of water, so that they can be cleansed of their energies, and to be enhanced by the water’s energy. By using other types of spiritual waters you can also increase this effectiveness. Certain crystals should also not be put in water, because they may become damaged so you should do research on if your Crystal can be submerged in water.


By placing stones upon salt, or burying them in it you will also be able to cleanse them and reset their energy, so that they will work more effectively. this should also only be done with certain stones, because it has been known to damage certain ones.

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I’ve just decided that Yuuri Katsuki is the Hugh Dancy of photoshoots, in that every photographer meets him, goes slightly cross-eyed, panics, and starts throwing questionable props at him and putting him in ridiculous situations.

Yuuri Katsuki as Hugh Dancy drinking a mojito on a ladder in a pool for no reason.

Yuuri Katsuki as Hugh Dancy Not Knowing How Chairs Work

Yuuri Katsuki as Hugh Dancy In Eyeliner And A Collar

Yuuri thinks this is just how photoshoots work, don’t they?  It’s how his have always worked, anyway, he sort of assumes his photos always seem so weird because it’s just some flaw in him, that he’s so unattractive photographers have to distract from his terrible face and katsudon body with weird settings and poses and props. 

At some point Phichit tries to sit him down for a conversation about how he has to stop doing That Look at his photographers because it incapacitates them and that’s what leads to things like that photoshoot where he’s balancing a pumpkin on his head while a chicken stares at him.  And Yuuri is just all; what look, I am trying not to make eye contact at all, it’s the only way I can survive having so many people looking at me, why are there so many makeup people.  And Phichit has to explain that it comes off as gazing coyly up through your eyelashes, Yuuri, you were practically batting them at the poor man and Yuuri just wails I COULDN’T SEE HIM, YOU TOOK MY GLASSES AWAY, I WAS SQUINTING.  

Phichit just: that poor man, he thinks you’re practically engaged, please wear your contacts and stop accidentally making people fall in love with you, I am running out of space on my wall for photos of you not knowing how different kinds of furniture work.

What I’m saying is that when Yuuri eventually stammers out to Phichit that he’s thinking of having some, you know, *lowered voices*, boudoir photos taken for Viktor’s birthday, Phichit’s response is twofold.  

First: get him, Tiger.  Second: hire a lesbian who will not give two fucks about your Eros but actually understands photography. It’s the only way they will turn out actually-sexy and not you naked-but-strategically-draped-in-goldfish, standing en pointe in a Home Depot, for some reason, waving a box of crackers.

Phichit assumes his advice was followed when Viktor’s one and only social media post on his birthday is I AM DEAD. I AM DEAD AND MY PERFECT AND PRECIOUS HUSBAND HAS KILLED ME, RIP ME, MY SOUL HAS LEFT MY BODY, I AM ASCENDING TO A HIGHER PLANE NOW.

Then again, who knows.  That’s also the sort of thing Viktor posts on any random Tuesday if he caught a glimpse of Yuuri’s ankle during dinner or something.

Phichit sends Yuuri a thumbs-up emoji anyway, because he’s an idiot and needs all the encouragement he can get.

I hardcore headcanon that Ed became something of a mythical figure to the Amestrian military (and probably Amestrian public) after the Promised Day

Like immediately afterward he goes home and stays home to help Al recover, then travels the West as like a scholar, then settles down with Winry and has kids–it’s pretty obvious he never went back to the military at any point during that, and that he’s stayed well and far out of the public eye.

So what’s that leave the military with? “Hey you heard of Edward Elric?” “Oh yeah isn’t he that dude who passed the state alchemy exam at 12, punched God in the face, toppled the whole military coup with Fuhrer Mustang, and vanished? Yeah he had a cubby here for like…4 years.”

And with so many people knowing half-truths about what really happened in Amestris, I fully believe that hundreds of fantastically stupid and marginally correct rumors spread about Ed. “I heard Ed Elric met God twice.” “I heard he’s the only person to ever successfully break the core law of alchemy.” “I heard he’s a 4,000 year old prophet who discovered immortality and that’s why he’s so skilled.” “I heard he fought a tank.” “I heard God personally took his limbs away and that’s why he’s half-metal.”  “I heard he actually invented alchemy.” “I heard he once beat up Fuhrer Mustang with his own hands.” 

Like it’s the most central, prominent piece of small talk among new recruits–who knows the best little factoids about the child prodigy who hangs with God and saved the world and disappeared Jesus-style immediately after. Mustang walks out into press conferences, maximum security with reporters clamoring to lobby their questions at the leader of the entire nation, and somehow he always ends up with a flood of “Can you confirm?” tall tales about Ed.

“Fuhrer, is it true that Edward Elric discovered how to transmute his soul into a higher plane of existence and so he quit the military to achieve the status of a god?” 

“Edward Elric is a 32 year old man who lives in a farmhouse out east and raises sheep part-time. Last I heard from him he was learning how to make raspberry pie and trying to teach his daughter how to count to 7. Who the hell feeds you this information? Next Question