the high tech home


The smart home is becoming a reality

In 1999, when the Disney Channel original movie Smart House imagined what a fully automated, high-tech home might look like, the idea of an intelligent nervous system that managed your daily routine, arranged your wardrobe and made smoothies was far-off science fiction. In 2015, connected devices are making the smart home a reality.

In collaboration with @tagheuer

what if.... HGTV AU?

Root is a high end high tech designer (think Candace Olsen).
She is gorgeous and flirty.
Her accent makes people melt.
She takes beat up, low tech homes, and makes them sexy lovely high tech and wonderful.
While cameras follow her around (of course).
Shaw is a contractor. A wicked good one. She doesn’t talk much, is a genius at math, and has finished like 70% of her jobs on budget and on time (which, um, MIRACLE).
Shaw has no friends besides her therapy dog, Bear. He stays on site with her. She tells him all her secrets (when they’re alone).
Shaw doesn’t think much of Root, has seen her show a few times, thinks she’s too bubbly and most likely a fluff-monger who probably inflates all her prices and uses WAY WAY WAY too many throw pillows, water features, and recessed lighting. Like come on. Water features aren’t even practical.
Then Root gets asked (by the Ellen show!!) to makeover a house for war hero John Reese and his agoraphobic “friend/roommate/bunkbuddy,” Harold. No, no last name.. Just Harold.
Root is super into it.
But guess who gets hired to be her contractor.
Sameen, black tanks and ratty cargo pants, Shaw.
Shaw doesn’t have much to say to Root.
Takes all the measurements of the property, gives Root an estimate.
Root frowns, “are you jacking your prices because you know this is going to be televised?”
Shaw glares. Fuck this woman. She silently shows Root her faded Marines tattoo, it should be answer enough.
“Oh,” Root murmurs, “ok.”
She bends her head over the spreadsheet, bites her lip, doesn’t even reach for a pencil.
Nineteen seconds later she looks up, straight into Shaw’s eyes.
“Oh, I see what you did here…” and Root finds a calculation error. An error that Shaw, who has a bachelors in physics from BC, missed.
Oh that does NOT endear her to Shaw.
You know what else doesn’t endear her? When she shows up in jeans and boots and cutesy plaid shirt to help with demo day.
Ok maybe Shaw gets some respect for her.
And maybe while they’re arguing about numbers and installations and such, their faces tend to get awwwwwfully close.
And maybe one night Shaw is working in her trailer and Root shows up with beers and pizza.
“Psh, you probably don’t even drink beer,” Shaw says instead of thanks,
But Root brought her favourite beer!
She takes one and drinks half of it, staring Shaw down while her throat bobs and her bottle slowly empties.
Shaw is transfixed.
They rock the trailer that night.
“Nailed it!” Root says the next morning, waving Shaw’s electric nail gun haphazardly.
“Oh be quiet.”
Root grins.
She shows up to the site to help with painting…. wearing Shaw’s signature paint-splattered tank.
The camera crew totally notices,
So does the audience.
The next season, they have a show together, where they flirt and bitch at each other while fixing people’s houses.
Shaw never gets her tank back.
She doesn’t much care.


Grey’s Anatomy first look: Check out one of the new sets for season 12 (EW)

The set of Grey’s Anatomy went through some major construction during the hiatus.

Now that Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) is moving back to her mother’s old home alongside Maggie (Kelly McCreary) and Amelia (Caterina Scorsone), the McMansion has been dismantled. In its place stands a high tech new cadaver lab that will be home to a new anatomy class at Grey Sloan this season


Modern home in France   I  Homeadverts

Beautiful house “high-tech” built in 2013 of 460 sq. m. useful (381 sq. m. Carrez law) on ground of 2900 sq. m. This house offers exceptional services: De Dietrich kitchen pro, geothermal heating, wine cellar, heated pool 16x6 m. surrounded by a terrace of 500 m², Jacuzzi.