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On Minako and Yuuri


I know a lot of people are trying to dissect Viktor and Yuuri and the dynamics of their coaching relationship. (It’s really hard though since there are literally no boundaries between them as student/coach, fiancés/lovers.)

But anyways: let’s talk about the single most underrated teacher/student relationship in the series.

The easy route to go with these characters is to parallel them with Yurio/Lilia. Both Lilia and Minako are celebrated dancers (they probably knew each other or of each other) and both are extraordinarily influential in their students’ skating styles. Yurio’s FS isn’t possible without Lilia’s ballet-boot-camp. We joke about how Yuuri’s dance mastery—and subsequent banquet shenanigans—is all because of Minako? 

What sets him apart as a skater?

His ridiculously high PCS scores? That’s Minako’s lasting influence—she trained Yuuri as a dancer, probably made sure he was as skilled in it as he possibly could be, and as a skater he made up the score gap with his artistry. Even notoriously hard to impress Yurio is intrigued by Yuuri’s step sequences—the figure skating component more “dance-like” than anything else.

But let’s go to the Scene that Keeps on Giving

1) We get Viktor and Minako in a room together. Please people, keep imagining them talking with each other. They are in many ways, very, very similar and very, very much in awe of Yuuri. If Viktor is an unending source of romantic love, Minako is basically his second mother, and an unending source of familial love. They are both Yuuri’s eccentric teachers.  They both are prodigies in their given fields.

(That pretty statue we see in Minako’s studio? That’s a Prix Benois and it’s the highest dance-award you can get. On that note… 

Hell: if Minako is in her 50s, she was most probably, in-universe, The First Asian Woman to Win All her Prizes. She was probably, in-universe, The First Asian Woman to Dance Principle in X, Y, Z Ballet Company Abroad.

I know homophobia is handwaved in the Yuri on Ice universe, and to a lesser extent, racism. But Phichit and Otabek are always pointed out as trailblazers. When you see them crying or proud because they’ve done something for their country that no one else has? Minako’s been there, done that, and still hasn’t aged.


But going back to Viktor and Minako… Just think of all that underlying tension. Minako is all “Take advantage, Yuuri” to Yuuri’s face but you can bet she’s somewhat leery of Viktor. Because she’s heard the stories. If Yuuri’s idol-worship is keeping him from realizing how creepy Viktor’s arrival is… I’m imagining the good people of Hasetsu are all… “So this Viktor guy just shows up naked, unannounced, and he says he’s teaching Yuuri.” 





“Hand me another drink ji-san. He kept staring at my boy’s ass for all two hours of our ballet class.”)

Minako would probably be the first person to cut Viktor if he doesn’t make good on his coaching Yuuri promise.

2) The scene is used to establish that Yuuri is a genius of hard work.

(This distinction probably only means anything to Minako and Viktor, who most likely both worked their asses off but had the sheer talent to boost them up to living legend status.)

but: Here’s Where This Becomes The Most Enlightening Scene Ever


To unpack this:

Minako is low-key telling Viktor: “Yes, Yuuri gets anxious. It’s not just a competition thing. He’s been anxious his entire life. This is his coping mechanism.” 

And then: *bam* “I usually go along with him.”

Can we just?

Imagine baby Yuuri, who probably has used up all his spoons for the day, and then there’s his teacher Minako, who notices and goes all “Okay, what do you need? You need to skate? Ok. Let’s tell your parents, I’ll go with you, and I’ll stay with you.”

No questions asked, she’s just there.

Like—she’s either dancing with him or just watching him ice skate for however long it’ll take the anxiety attack to go away. 

The fuck.

For the entirety of his childhood, Yuuri has had this one woman support system of “You need to skate/dance right now? Kay, let me just find my coat, off we go Yuuri!” Can you imagine? How many hours? How many times a week? And she’d just go with him. 

Minako is the ideal teacher: She saw what Yuuri needed and gave it to him.

Bonus: She wasn’t at the GPF where Yuuri failed. She didn’t fly into Russia for the Rostelecom Cup where he was alone for the second half. You can imagine that before Viktor arrived, Minako was the person most likely to help Yuuri during an anxiety attack. 

The Finalists

So, how will the final turn out?

JJ seems nearly unbeatable as long as he doesn’t make any mistakes. He got 4 points more for his SP than Yuuri and his FS is the most difficult on a technical level. We haven’t seen a perfect FS from Yuuri yet so it’s still possible for him to beat JJ when he gets more points for it through a really high presentation score. Then we’ve got Yuuri rival, Yurio, his best friend Phichit, Victor’s self-proclaimed rival Chris, and Otabek who we didn’t see skate yet.

All in all, I find it really hard to predict who’ll get a medal and if Yuuri is really able to win gold. My current guess is:

Winner: Yuuri
Second: JJ
Third: Yurio (or Otabek)

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so.. whos the top?

the one w the top score in Mario Kart is me, yes. It’s completely biased tho cause she’s never played video games and i’ve clearly been in a cave my whole life addicted to games growing up so yeah it’s a bit unfair But she beat me a couple of times so shes had the top score on those instances. you know, that being said, who cares who has high scores, we all know it’s about that time stamp on who can actually complete the lap the fastest i mean that’s all i really care about. sometimes 1st place is luck but those time scores are what actually counts. And we have to also play the same character cause i can’t have her playing bowser and me playing toad and thinking that’s fair like bowsers karts don’t have the same ease of handling and toad has those special boosts so i try to be as fair as i can and we both play the same character and the same kart but really what this means is i’m a petty bitch who will easily use a character as an excuse for a loss so this is a way to check myself and wreck myself cause on that other hand if i win i’m a sore winner and all this really comes down to is we’re both the top u do the math

trump administration trying to find crimes committed by my immigrant family: we can’t find anything?? how do they have such a high credit score?? it’s like they came into this country to make an honest living how is that possible???
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Today on ‘I’m Gonna Cry over Fanart’

I think the biggest setback caused by the “anti-Mary Sue” craze and the popularity of TvTropes a few years back online was that it caused a lot of people to start looking at characters as being just a list of “traits” and tried to turn the process of creating and defining characters into a neat predictable chemistry, when it’s usually a personal or experimental process.

I always hated those "Mary Sue trait lists” cause they were nearly always void of context, and making any character a reflection of yourself means you write terrible self inserts. If your character scores too high on the Sue chart you just “add” 2 flaws and they go down -2 points and are now a “good character”

I still see people approach characters in a weird mechanical way, it still doesn’t feel right to be able to adequately explain a character’s identity and moral standpoints in a bulletpoint list…

You know what I want to see?

Yuuri skating before he met Victor.

Because, allow me to remind you Yuuri got to the Grand Prix Finals the previous year.

Yes, he got overwhelmed and placed last after all, but the point is that he got to the Finals even under coach Celestino.

And I’d really like to see how that went down. Because he’s clearly skilled and Victor is drawing out his potential, but clearly even without skating 100% of his capacity he was good enough to reach finals. Sure, after losing he collapsed mentally and failed to win even nationals, but before that he was good enough.

Like characters mention in the series, he was never particularly good at jumps, but he always got high scores in presentation for his step sequences and spins and I would love to see some programs from Yuuri’s past, how he skated even with mediocre jumps, but got scores high enough to end up in the Grand Prix Final.

I know that we have nowhere near enough time in this series to explore all of this, but just think about it. How amazing it would be to see the still imperfect Yuuri, but the Yuuri beautiful and skilled enough to pass to the last stage of the competition just with his hard work under Celestino. It’s also a good occasion to think about how his loss at the GP Finals wrecked him so much that he couldn’t even beat Minami back in Japan. Sounds like great potential study in psychology.

If we do get a second season, I pray that we will see Yuuri’s past in there (or at least, the past year in which he got to the GP Finals). I think seeing it could really improve our understanding of Yuuri’s character as a whole and allow us to appreciate him even more.

thoughts on episode 9 preview

looking a bit worried here, yuuri? why would that be?

oh. wait!

what’s that

in the background?



so is that…

  1. a sad and disappointed face?
  2. a nervous face while he waits for the score?
  4. “i wish victor was here with me” face?

i have no idea