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anonymous asked:

Tuff and different kind of question here ladies, how to master the heels and feel as comfy as sneakers :D ?

Now these are the kinds of questions I am 100% qualified and prepared to answer! I live in heels. I don’t even know the last time I wore sneakers.

  • Don’t wear brand new heels for really long stretches of time. If you know you’re going to work at 10-hour day, today is not the day for new shoes. Heels need to be broken in just like any other shoes.
  • Invest in comfy heels in the first place. My personal favorite is the Comfort Plus brand sold at Payless. These have cushioning built in and really give you great support on the arches.
  • You can buy gel inserts for all kinds of heels. There are other types of insoles, but I really swear by the gel ones. Buy the ones specifically designed for heels. Feel them first and make sure it gives you support where you need it (I need it on the toes, but you might need it in the arches). You can even buy some just for the toes for shoes that are open on the sides, but if you do that, buy one set for each pair and use the sticky backs to secure them, otherwise they’ll be all over the place.
  • Buy the right kind of heels for your feet. Everyone’s feet are different and the way you walk will also dictate what kind of shoes are best for you. If you have weak ankles, don’t buy shoes that put all of your weight over your ankles. Also consider rounded vs pointed vs square toes—it’s not just about what looks best. Your foot may just be shaped better for one kind or another. If you have square feet, they don’t go into a pointed toe. It’s like preschool blocks.
  • Find the right height (for you). You can mix it up by all means and have a few different heights for different occasions, but you’ll probably find that you’re more comfortable at a certain height. For me, it’s somewhere around 2 inches, which lots of women find too high. I hate kitten heels and feel really uncomfortable in them. If you’re not someone that wears heels and doesn’t know yet, start out around 1″-1.5″. Don’t go straight to 3″ heels. You gotta work up to that shit.
  • I feel like this should go without saying, but whenever possible, try on the heels and walk around before you buy them. I recognize this isn’t an option for buying online, but if you’re in the store, try them on. Make sure you can walk in them and won’t want to cut off your toes or heels a la Cinderella.
  • If buying online, only buy from somewhere with an easy return policy. 
  • Wear heels often! If you never wear heels, don’t wear them every day (unless you need to for a job or something), but rather, work up to it. Wear them once a week to get used to them until you feel comfortable wearing them more often. Eventually, you’ll think nothing of them and wear them 90% of the time like I do. If you want to, of course.