the high art society

There aren’t any more P.S I love yous,
or those overly drawn out voicemails asking if I wanted Chinese food or sushi.
The only reminders I have of you are couch stains from lo mein,
And cavities in my bed where our bodies would be.
We were always intertwined
And now I can’t occupy the space,
The crater that was our collaboration.
All I have left of you,
The only factor that’s growing,
Is the space in between us-
The gap of time between where we once were,
And where we are now.
—  J.DeLissio, Day 165, The Space in Between Us

Albert von Keller (1844–1920, Germany)

Figures and scenes

Keller was a German historical and genre painter, popular in his time as a society portraitist. Over his fairly long life, unlike a lot of artists who found their style at odds with modernistic trends, he appears to have adapted quite easily to the altering artistic priorities at the end of the 19th Century. In some of his work can be found elements of symbolism and expressionism.

It’s a confusing time
being in your twenty- somethings
You think you know a lot,
almost everything
But you don’t kiddo,
You’ll need some advice

That’s where it starts,
you might have met someone
who has broken your heart
It may feel as if there is a
a grand canyon splitting you open
but time will act as glue inside of you

Be nice to your parents
they aren’t excited about birthdays
however, they are excited about cards
You can make them feel special
in a variety of other ways
call them, love them, share time with them.

Listen to people
And I mean actually listen
not that one ear out of the other,
I’m not really here type of bull shit
look someone in the eyes,
don’t just listen to reply

Take care of your body
It is the only home you’ll ever have
Respect your soul
Treat it well
burgers and booze are a tasty combo
but inside of you they’ll wreak hell

You probably have no idea
 who you are or what you want to do
 that’s okay, we have all felt that way
 Life is about falling down
 and getting back up.

 Don’t stay on the ground for too long.

This is my advice to you,
 always display kindness and integrity
 extend your arm to those in need
 cry more, love more,
 and most importantly
 act out of love instead of greed

—  J.DeLissio, Day 124, “Advice for Twenty-Somethings”

La promenade. Victor Guerrier (French, 1893-1968). Oil on canvas.

Clearly inspired by the work of Impressionist masters such Manet and Toulouse-Lautrec his work captures and celebrates the diversity of life in Paris at the turn of the century; from the nightclubs of Montmartre to the cafés of the Champs-Élysées, Guerrier depicts French high society in its pomp.


Vlaho Bukovac (1855–1922, Croatia)


Vlaho Bukovac was a Croatian painter whose career extended across central Europe and France. He was a student of Cabanel and painted in the Academic style, before transitioning to an Impressionism-influenced technique in the later half of his life.

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