the hidden memory

dreamy asks
  • 1. what is your favourite plant?
  • 2. do you believe in aliens?
  • 3. name three artists ( musical or art ) that have inspired you or impacted you.
  • 4. who are your favourite people in the world?
  • 5. talk about your crush or someone you love.
  • 6. what is your favourite dog breed?
  • 7. write a short story or poem about what your favourite season feels like to you.
  • 8. what are your favourite names?
  • 9. do you enjoy reptiles as pets? why or why not?
  • 10. how does art or music make you feel?
  • 11. do you prefer the beach or the mountains?
  • 12. indoor gardens or outside gardens?
  • 13. do you like long hair or short hair?
  • 14. what is your favourite childhood memory?
  • 15. what is the dreamiest/most surreal thing that has ever happened to you?
  • 16. where do you feel time stop?
  • 17. what is your favourite breed of cat?
  • 18. are you pro freckle?
  • 19. what is your favourite thing right now?
  • 20. what is your hidden talent? (example: memory, double joints, etc. )
  • 21. what is the best dream you've ever had?
  • 22. are you a good plant owner?
  • 23. what is your favourite article of clothing?
  • 24. how many languages do you know?
  • 25. what is your dream vacation?
  • 26. do you believe in zodiacs/horoscopes?
  • 27. if you could have any superpower, what would it be?
  • 28. who is the most unproblematic person you know?
  • 29. do you know how beautiful you are?
  • 30. what is your favourite feeling?
  • 31. what is your favourite cold drink?
  • 32. what is your favourite hot drink?
  • 33. what has been the highlight of your week?
  • 34. who are your favourite tumblrs?
  • 35. what are your favourite sounds?
  • 36. what is your aesthetic of choice?
  • 37. if you could spend a day with anyone, who would it be?
  • 38. do you like anons? why or why not?
  • 39. what is the nicest thing someone has ever said about you?
  • 40. list the top five things you love about yourself or your life.
  • 41. have you ever seen the ocean?
we call it a good day if we don’t think about the pain or it’s source 
we pretend to smile at the appropriate places
we nod when needed and shake our head when wanted
we sleep sleep sleep because that’s what drinking a bottle of cough syrup does to us
we laugh reading our old words because we saw the pain, how did they not
we call it a day when we cry because crying helps to put us to sleep and that’s what normal people do at the end of the day
we don’t have a schedule and even if we do, we don’t care because we care too much 
we call it a good day if we don’t think about them or us 
we call it a good day if we don’t think at all

have a good day // @justscribbledwords


I get aches in my stomach…
Tears in my eyes…

I close them and I am thrown back…

Lying there…
Suffocated from tears…

Counting ducks on the lampshade…


It’s 7!

Yellow, with orange beaks.

They are looking at me.
They see everything.
But they keep silent.

Like me.

‘Shhhhhh… it’s our secret…’ he whispers.
A secret that is like a hidden treasure.

I will keep my promise.

Like the ducks do.

Hidden Memories 0.1

Originally posted by pjmjjk

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Smut, Angst, Fluff

Words: 1240

Summary: You were only 11 years old when it happened. Time seemed to stop the moment it all took place. 7 years later you were in your senior year of highschool and your life seemed to be better, until you were faced with the same fear you wanted to forget 7 years ago.

Trigger Warning: (Mentions of Death and Rape) Please read at your OWN risk!

The wind was chilly nipping at your bare legs and arms as you walked the short distance to school, you wished you’d brought a jacket for a bit of warmth. Although it was chilly outside, the sun didn’t fail to shine through the morning sky as bright as ever with yellow and pink hues to help the scenery. You had always admired looking at the view on your way to school. In a way it calmed you, but in another way it made you anxious as to what the rest of the day held.

As you made your way to the school grounds with kids bustling around the front of the building, you quickly manuvered your way through the crowd trying to get to your first period class as quickly as possible before the late bell rang. Finally reaching your first period class, you walked in , greeting your math teacher before taking a seat at the very back of the class not too far from the window.
Lost in your thoughts as you stared over out the window, you hadn’t realized class had started and that someone took the seat next to you. A hand reached over to you, waving slightly in front of your face a few times to get your attention.

“Hey, class has started”. His voice was low and husky which made you snap your head in the direction it came from. Once you made eye contact with the dark brown haired boy, you gave him a small nod as thanks and swiftly turned your attention to the front of class. It wasn’t long before the class was over and soon it was time for you to head home after a few hours. Packing up your things, you grabbed your backpack and headed towards the door when a hand grabbed your wrist to stop you.

Turning around slowly, it was the same boy who had snapped you out of your daze during first period. He looked at you with a small smile plastered on his face as he let go of your wrist and then he spoke. “ Uhh.. I know this is probably weird for you since you don’t exactly know who I am.. But.. Is it okay if I walk home with you?” You looked at him with a confused but skeptical look contemplating whether you should accept his offer or not until he suddenly started blurting out things you could hardly understand. “I know this is weird but I live pretty close to you, I’m not a weird guy and If you’re wondering how I know where you live it’s because I saw you walking infront of me on your way here and my name is Jungkook and–”

You abruptly cut him off by placing your hand over his mouth and quickly retracting your hand after realizing what you had done. You weren’t one for touchy feely people, and you yourself weren’t a touchy feely person either. It was weird to you and truthfully it frightened you, yet in that instant you had touched someone out of instinct. After mentally cursing yourself in your head, you tried to calmly recollect yourself while looking up at him. You hadn’t realized just how tall he was until you noticed he was completely towering over you. “S-sorry for suddenly touching you like that.. I didn’t want to.. I-I mean.. I didn’t mean to..” As you were constantly tripping over your words, you heard a light chuckle from above you , causing you to look up and find him laughing. “It’s okay, I understand you don’t want to touch someone you’re not too familiar with. But on another hand, how about that offer I made? Oh and what’s your name by the way?” It took you a moment to register what he had said before you snapped back to reality and answered him in a small voice, “I’m Y/N and sure we can walk home together.. If it’s not a bother to you..” Jungkook smiled down at you with his bunny teeth showing and gestured for you to walk infront of him. “Why would it bother me? If it did I wouldn’t have asked you in the first place.” Slowly nodding your head in agreement, you turned around and exited the building with Jungkook right behind you.

When you and Jungkook were halfway to your house, you paused and turned around to look up at him before quietly asking him if you could make a errand to the corner store to pick up a few things. He nodded , following you to the nearest corner store just about 5 minutes away and told you he’d wait outside for you. As you went into the corner store you’d picked up a few things, a large bag of hot fries , a hershey’s cookies and cream candy bar, and tossed a few mango arizona tea drinks into the small basket you carried in your hand. While you made your way through the aisles looking for a few more snacks and necessities you might need, you stopped in your tracks as you felt a pair of eyes watching your every move. You looked out through the glass window of the small store and noticed it was gradually getting darker outside. If you had been more frequent with checking the time, you would’ve known it was already 6:52 going on 7:00. Becoming a lot more anxious with every passing minute, you hurriedly grabbed the items you needed and headed to the front counter to pay for them.

Jungkook was still outside, occasionally checking his phone for the time and any messages from his friends. He shuffled from one foot to the other as he had grown tired from standing too long. He craned his neck to the side to see just what you were doing and why it was taking you so long. He peered at you standing at the front counter paying for your things when he noticed a odd change in your behavior from earlier. You were continously darting your eyes in every direction of the store, while clenching and unclenching your fists. He had also took notice of you occassionally biting your lip , fidgeting around as if you had just got out of a cold bath. He hadn’t thought much of it and figured that maybe you were tired of standing just as he was, so he once again fished his phone out from his pocket and texted back a friend who had texted him a few minutes ago.

Once you had paid for your items and moved to leave the store with your bags, a very rough hand had latched onto your wrist tight enough to bruise, causing you to wince in slight pain. You hesitated to turn around and see who it was that had suddenly stopped you , until you recognized his low and eerie voice that you thought you had forgotten long ago..

“Long time no see Y/N”.

Hidden Memories 0.2

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Smut, Angst, Fluff

Words: 2403

Summary: You were only 11 years old when it happened. Time seemed to stop the moment it all took place. 7 years later you were in your senior year of highschool and your life seemed to be better, until you were faced with the same fear you wanted to forget 7 years ago.

Trigger Warning: (Mentions of Death and Rape) Please read at your OWN risk!


“Long time no see Y/N”

You stiffly turned around to face the man whose grip on your wrist was tightening by the second. As you made eye contact with the man, you took notice of the creepy smirk spreaded across his face. Just looking at him sent chills down your spine. You averted your gaze to the ground, trying to avoid any further eye contact with the man. He roughly grabbed a hold of your face, his thumb and index finger sinking into your cheeks, and turned your head upwards to look at him. You internally shuddered at the feeling of his rough and dry hands touching your face. His dark and hooded eyes pierced into yours, making the feeling in your legs go numb. “So Y/N, have you heard from your sister.. Or your bestfriend?” Your entire body froze upon hearing the question. To say you were afraid was an understatement. You’d always avoided questions about your sister and bestfriend due to the fact that you couldn’t withstand any more pain that you had already received.

The question had caught you off guard, rendering you speechless. You remember your sister disappearing 3 days before your birthday, with your best friend following a week after. You’d ask around your neighborhood everyday whether or not they had seen either of them, and to your dismay, nobody has. You somehow managed to get your sister’s boyfriend’s number only to find out he hadn’t heard from her an entire week before she disappeared. It was strange to you how both had seemingly disappeared not too long after the other. It was even more weird how your sister hadn’t contacted you even once. Your sister always made sure to text you before and after school everyday to let you know she was fine, and if you were okay. But the day she disappeared, she hadn’t texted or called you at all.

Three years later, you were still out and about diligently searching for any hints of your sister coming around. All your efforts were in vain when you had no feedback of her being seen. You were so lost in your thoughts that you had completely forgotten you were 2 seconds away from being kidnapped, and possibly killed. The man eyed you curiously, his eyes scanning your well developed body throughout the years. The mans voice broke you out of your daze and brought you back to reality. “Judging from your silence I take it you haven’t heard from them or seen them.” You wanted to respond, scream for help even, but the fear instilled in you restricted you from uttering a single word. Your palms became sweaty and all the color started to drain from your face, you were getting tired of standing as well.

The cashier eyed the man and yourself suspiciously before speaking, “Is everything alright over there?” Before you could respond, the man had already formulated an answer in his head. “Ah, yes everything’s perfect. Just having a small talk about our childhood.” You roll your eyes at the comment and looked outside again, directing your attention to Jungkook. The cashier nodded in response to the mans answer and went back to helping out the rest of the customers. The large male leaned down so that his mouth was leveled with your ear and whispered, “Who’s that? Your boyfriend? You know little kitten.. If you’re not willing to talk, I can always force you to.” You shuddered at his breath being so incredibly close to you, you were disgusted. You could practically hear the devilish smirk laced in his tone as he said those words to you.

Jungkook had just finished texting his bestfriend Taehyung, when he turned around to see you gawking at him. He stared at you, noticing the obvious fear in your eyes and shifted his gaze towards the hand that was tightly grabbing onto your wrist. He didn’t know what was going on, or why you were silently pleading to him with your eyes, but his feet moved towards the automatic doors on it’s own. The man noticed Jungkook approaching the doors and quickly attempted to drag you away when another hand grabbed onto your free wrist, stopping you in your tracks. You looked up to find Jungkook infront of you, trying to pull you towards him. A part of you were happy that Jungkook had finally came, but another part of you were scared for him as you replayed the words the man had whispered to you in your mind. What did he mean by forcing you to speak? What if he uses Jungkook to get to me? What if he hurts Jungkook, or possibly kills him? You had a dozen questions unanswered swarming in your head when you heard Jungkook speak up, breaking you out of your thoughts. “What are you doing to my girlfriend?” His voice dropped a octave lower than his normal voice and his eyes were dark and narrow as he stared at the man who was currently holding onto your other wrist.

You hadn’t paid much attention to Jungkook in school since you always sat by yourself at lunch and avoided any conversation with the students there, but you have heard about him. He was apparently every girls crush, the guy with the bunny smile. You had walked past him a few times and caught him laughing and talking about with what you assumed to be his friends. You had never expected to see the look you saw in his eyes at this moment. His eyes showed no sign of fear , his tone was harsher than the tone you usually hear him speak in. To be honest, it amazed you. You wondered how he could be so fearless in the face of a very suspicious stranger, you envied him. The man looked at Jungkook with a smug look on his face , practically throwing your wrist towards Jungkook before speaking again. “Her? Your girlfriend?” He laughed. “Who would want something as filthy as her as their girlfriend?” You winced at his words and felt tears threatening to spill from the corners of your eyes. Jungkook could feel you shaking under his touch and looked down at you with a reassuring look.

Jungkook swiftly wrapped his large muscular arms around your waist, pulling you into a warm embrace as he glared at the man with the intent to kill. You were taken aback by Jungkook’s actions. You knew you weren’t a person who liked touchy feely people, but in that moment you couldn’t pull away from him. He gave off a comfortjng and warming vibe that didn’t allow you to pull away. Instead, you buried your face into his black hoodie, your hands clenching onto the back of his hoodie. He smelled of cherry blossom body wash, it was soothing. Jungkook then spoke again, this time his tone of voice sounding like more of a threat. “If you EVER disrespect my girlfriend again, and I found out, your end will be near.” The man scoffed, pushing past both you and Jungkook before heading out of the store to get in his car. You slowly peeked around Jungkook , watching the man drive out of the parking lot and away from the scene.

Jungkook then stares down at you with a small, tender smile, as he sees you practically engulfing him. As you tear your eyes away from outside, you nearly forget you have your arms wrapped around Jungkook, causing you to jump back out of embarrassment. Jungkook laughs at you, before he opens his mouth to speak. “You know, I’m not going to hurt you. You don’t have to be so resistant towards me. I promise.” You silently nod at Jungkook before walking past him and out of the store to avoid further embarrassment. Jungkook shrugs, walking out of the store and jogging to catch up with you. He looks down at you, opening his mouth as if he wants to say something, but quickly decides against it upon seeing your pale face. You both walk back towards your house without saying a word to each other, despite the occasional glances between you two. Upon reaching your house, you walk up your porch steps, fishing out your house keys before unlocking the door, ready to go in when Jungkook breaks the silence. “Y/N!” You turn around and look at him with a puzzled look, waiting for him to continue. “Do you want to exchange numbers? I mean if that’s okay with you. You don’t have to. No pressure.” You look at him with a surprised look, taken aback by the fact he just asked you for your number.

Jungkook stares at you with a confused and nervous look before speaking once again. “What? Did I say something wrong?” You suppress a giggle before stepping towards him and holding your hand out for his phone. He takes his phone out of his back pocket and hands it to you , watching you add your number to his contact list. You then take out your phone, putting his number into your contact list. You place his phone back in his hand before smiling the first genuine smile you’ve ever smiled in 7 years at him. “It’s nothing, I just didn’t expect Mr.GirlCrush to ask for my number so suddenly.” Jungkook chuckles at your response before replying. “Mr.GirlCrush? Where’d you get that name from?” You start walking towards you door again , turning back around to answer him. “You know you’re every girl’s crush at school. You’re all they talk about. It’s kind of annoying.” Jungkook laughs as he scratches the back of his head, “Ah I see, I’ve never really paid attention to gossip around the school. Just me and my hyungs.” You giggle a little before pushing the door to your house open. “Whatever you say Jungkook, now goodnight.”

Jungkook gives you a sympathetic smile after realizing he had help you up from getting sleep. “Goodnight Y/N, don’t hesitate to call or text me if you need help with anything.. Or if you’re just bored.” You smile and nod at him before waving him off, watching him walk in the direction of his house before walking into your own, shutting and locking the door behind you. You heavily sighed, kicking off your shoes and tossing your backpack on the floor while heading to your bedroom. You flopped down onto your bed, closing your eyes for a few seconds before sighing again. You wondered why and how the same man from years ago had found you if he were supposed to be in jail. You shuddered at the memory of him whispering into your ear and pulling on your wrist. Your thoughts then wandered to Jungkook. You replayed him embracing you with such tenderness and protectiveness over and over in your head again. You recalled him smoothly claiming you as his girlfriend and defending you without a sight of hesitance or fear in his voice.

You smiled to yourself, blush creeping across your cheeks at the very thought before curling up into a ball. You knew you needed to be sleep, but you already knew you wouldn’t be able to sleep for the rest of night unless you forced yourself to. You got up out of your bed, digging around in your drawers for your silk pink night gown before heading towards your bathroom to take a shower. After freshning up in the shower, you went into your kitchen, deciding to fix yourself a bowl of cereal before going to bed. You poured yourself a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch cereal, walking over to your couch and plopping down on it after deciding to watch some tv to get your mind off things. You were watching ed, edd, and eddy before you heard your phone make a ding noise, signaling that you had gotten a text. You placed your bowl of cereal down, grabbing your phone and entering your passcode to unlock it before checking your messages. It was from Jungkook.

9:30 PM/Jungkook: Y/N , are you awake?

You hastily texted him back, eager to know what he wanted.

9:31 PM/You: Yes I’m awake..

9:31 PM/Jungkook: Are you okay?

9:32 PM/You: Yes.. I’m fine.. I can’t sleep though.. What about you?

It was your first time texting someone else and being eager for their reply. The only person you had texted frequently was your sister and best friend.

9:34 PM/Jungkook: Same here.. Sorry for texting you out of the blue like this..

9:35 PM/You: It’s alright.. I think I’m going to just stay home tomorrow instead of going to school..

9:35 PM/Jungkook: Ah really..? That’s understandable.. Uhh.. If you don’t mind.. Could I ditch school with you and come over to your house?

Your heartbeat sped up at the very last question from Jungkook. He wanted to come over? To your house? You pondered over the thought , wondering if it would be a good idea to bring him over. You had never invited or had anyone over to your house for years. You decided that you’d let him come over. It’s the least you could do since he saved you right?

9:40 PM/You: Umm sure..

Jungkook nearly jumped for joy after reading your text. He expected you to say no, knowing that you don’t like touchy feely people. You seemed a lot more reserved in his eyes, he kind of liked that.

9:41 PM/Jungkook: I’ll be over at 9:00 in the morning. Thanks Y/N. I’m going to get some sleep, and you should too. Sleep tight Y/N.

You sent a simple reply before turning your phone off and closing your eyes.

9:41 PM/You: Goodnight Jungkook. You sleep well too.

You were nervous that you would be having a guy over your house. After all, it’s the first guy that you’ve ever allowed to come over. But you were also excited. You wanted to know more about Jungkook. You couldn’t exactly pinpoint your finger on why you wanted to know more about him, but you did have an attraction to him. Be it you like him or not, you didn’t know. What you did know, is that tomorrow would surely be a fun day, and you couldn’t wait to see what was in store for you.

Deciding to let sleep overtake you, you drifted off into a deep slumber, anticipating the day ahead of you.

Soulmates AU (9)

part one, part two, part three, part four, part five, part six, part seven, part eight

as small as a world (ao3) - justanoverobessivefangirl

Summary:  prompt: “there are tattoos of plants, gardens, forests, that are a part of us, growing, changing and when we meet the one, everything seems to bloom more beautifully”

Bittersweet (ao3) - ToLazehToLiveLife

Summary: “Do you believe that there’s another world at the other side of the mirror where everyone is opposite?”“No.”“Watch out"

Blank (ao3) - LeRein

Summary: “He, Dan Howell a.k.a. Danisnotonfire, was kissing Phil Lester, also known as AmazingPhil.
It felt nice. Dan’s heart plummeted. He had secretly hoped that kissing Phil would feel different than kissing someone else. Not necessarily overwhelming but different. But it just felt… nice. Exciting too. But desperately similar to his previous kissing experiences.“In a universe when everyone is born with a mark on his wrist, indicating who their soulmate is, Dan’s wrist is desperately blank. But does it really matter?

Everything Is Blue (ao3) - orphan_account

Summary:  Soulmate AU where you can only see shades of your soulmates eye color until you kiss them. (1.4k words)

Favorite Record (ao3) - jfcmartin

Summary:  Phil’s most treasured memories are the times he had spent with his childhood best friend, Dan. Unfortunately, Dan doesn’t remember it just as much because of an accident two months after he moved away. Phil is determined to help him bring back his memories, winding up making new ones in the process.

foulmates (ao3) - indemnis

Summary:  Dan finds soulmates in too many people and maybe the most important one is one you create for yourself.

Growth of Plastic Flowers (ao3) - nightowlhowell

Summary: The story of a boy who feared love and the other whom he accidentally fell for.(Or, the one where Dan’s a famous (pastel) musician, 2009 never happened, and Dan’s totally a crazy cat lady.)

Love in the Time of the Dragons (ao3) - fandom_trash

Summary:  Dan Howell is the most dangerously feared assassin and swiftest thief in the kingdom. He silently kills in the night under the name, Dark Silence. Taken in as a young boy by a man named Vexx Grimsbane, he grew up at the secret Grimsbane Institute where he learned to fight and kill with precision. He quickly rose to the top and became the institute’s most skilled assassin. Over time Dan became hesitant to kill & Vexx began to force him to by controlling him with magic. One day when he is assigned a mission to steal a precious magical jewel that’s locked away in a dungeon of an old castle, Dan plans to take the jewel for himself and use this as an excuse to run away. Upon entering the dungeon, Dan unexpectedly finds Phil Lester, the prince of the kingdom who was kidnapped 10 years ago and locked in the dungeon by an evil sorceress. Dan helps get Phil out of the castle and learns that the only way he was able to enter the dungeon was by breaking a spell put on the door that could only be broken by Phil’s soulmate. Even though Dan is skeptical of the idea of soulmates, Phil bets Dan that they will fall in love before the five day journey to return Phil home comes to an end.

Maybe We Were Meant To Fall (ao3) - silentwriterx

Summary:  Dan’s name was expected to be the one inked on Phil’s wrist, but what if it’s not?

Music (ao3) - Cat

Summary:  Everyone is born into this world deaf- that is, until age eighteen. At eighteen, something rather magical- excuse the cliche- happens. You can hear what your soulmate is hearing- except, it’s just background noise until you meet them. So what happens when Dan can hear certain noises perfectly? Specifically, the band Aesop’s Fables?

Of Hidden Memories and Kitchen Adventures (ao3) - SillyLittleStoryteller

Summary: Whenever they reincarnated, it would always take some time before they would regain their memories. And as always, trying to explain will never not be a challenge.“What was that!!??”
“What was what? I mean, nothing, that was nothing, I mean maybe? Do you remember? Anything?”
“Remember!?” Sputtered Dan. “What is there to remember? There was a freaking pot flying in the air!"I don’t know what my mind was thinking, but this is the result. Written at about one AM. Enjoy.

Piano of Dreams (ao3) - Star4545

Summary:  Phil dreams of Dan, each time with a new scenario and he can never actually get to Dan, but the underlying classical music leads the way to Phil slowly escaping the dreams to try and find Dan in real life.

That Awkward Moment (ao3) - Turner_Kate

Summary:  Dan is depressed, not only because the universe has got him down (again), but because he hasn’t yet met his soulmate. PJ and Chris decide that a night out is the perfect way to get a smile back on their friends face, and even try to further help by inviting another friend along. This new guy is everything and more, he might even be Dan’s soulmate! Only problem is, neither Dan, nor this new man, know that they’re destined to be together yet.

The Anatomy of Your Umbrella (ao3) - KittyCatriona

Summary:  Phil starts meeting Dan in his dreams, and Dan misses the way the rain used to make him feel.

The clumsy phil gets his self into another sticky situation (ao3) - Nightcoreday_parade

Summary:  Phil the clumsy always trips over air and is able to stumble on the last step on the stairs. and when he ends up staying up all night without much sleep he decides to look up random stuff and comes across red strings of fate. Phil starts to experiment with stuff with Dan.

The Theory of Colour (ao3) - commonemergency

Summary:  Dan has always seen in black and white, he’s always been told that once you find your soulmate you’ll see in colour. Though he’s never really sure if he’s believed in it, regardless of what people had said it’s just a theory to him. Though one night at a house party he meets Phil Lester and it changes everything. This is a story of the theory of colour, and falling in love for the first time.

We Keep This Love In A Photograph (ao3) - ChristinMKay

Summary:  Dan and Phil meet in a world in which you stop again when you turn 18 and only continue ageing when you have found your soulmate. While Phil does not particularly care about soulmates, Dan hates that he is not ageain. However, as the years pass it seems like he and Phil are, but that can’t be, they are not soulmates, right? It doesn’t help that every one thinks to know better than Dan and Phil, and that Dan has a crush on Phil.

You Look So Beautiful Today (ao3) - sodagiraffe

Summary:  Dan has been living life in black and white, like every lonely soul around, until he finally meets him.
With Phil, he can enjoy life in full color.

Yugen (ao3) - FlyAndDontLookBack

Summary:  Prompt idea from tumblr user limerenceforphan. Soulmate AU in which Person A shoots Person B because of a job and finds out that they were their soulmate later. phan. chara death. angst. one-shot.

Winter Shadow - chapter 2

Work was really slow today so you get two chapters. Hope that’s OK, sorry. 

And all credit to @pixierox101 for the idea, not me xx

They woke at dawn wrapped around each other, bare skin cold in the unheated lodge. No time, or need, for words: they would be expected at the base and lateness would be punished.  They both dressed, strained and tired muscles complaining at the movement but disregarded, pain too familiar a companion to attend to.

He led the way, as always, out onto the hillside, skirting the treeline to stay out of view of early risers, but there was no one around.  They walked for four hours in silence before stopping to drink from a meltwater stream coming down the mountainside. The sun was hot on their backs now, the cool water a blessing as they cupped their hands and poured it over their heads.

They were used to spending time together without talking, their connection not needing words, more primal than language, so she was surprised when he spoke her name as they walked off. He stopped, and waited for her to catch up from her customary position a pace behind.  Walking side-by-side felt unfamiliar but comfortable, as if there was a half-forgotten memory of walking down a woodland path with someone once. She watched him, waiting to see what he needed to say.

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everyone might not have known the “real” Rose Quartz, but Rose did. Do you think she ever worried that if people knew her, really knew her, they wouldn’t love her as much as they do now, or even at all? Do you think she maybe kept so many secrets in part because she was scared what people would think of her if they really knew her and was afraid they might not love her anymore? Do you think she ever felt hollow, like undeserving, of the love and admiration because, “well, if they only knew, they certainly wouldn’t love me anymore”?

I think so, on some levels. We don’t really see Rose a whole lot, especially in a neutral light, but when we do she always seems so conflicted and haunted even. And I sometimes think about how some of Steven’s insecurities and his huge guilt complex was inherited from her. Like, of course, a lot of it is his own feelings, but like she says in his video to him, his feeling of love is (at least in part) her loving him and loving being him. I don’t think it’s too far-fetched for his enormous, all-consuming guilt (which is really so big it’s almost disproportionate to what he knows of Rose) is in part from that locked away and hidden memories and feelings of her within him.

Lord of Thorns (Chapter One)(Spideypool AU)

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This first Chapter is LONG AS HELL. We get to meet all the characters, background info etc. Beast!Wade, Beauty!Peter, Gaston!Harry.
Fair warning guys, Harry is… icky. I had never realized just how awful of a person Gaston is with his borderline sexual assault on Belle until I watched the new movie and I couldn’t get it out of my head. So yeah, Harry as Gaston is icky.
Characters are Ryan Reynolds as Wade, Andrew Garfield as Peter, James Franco as Harry, and Sally Field as Aunt May.

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Every significant moment in your life is inked on your skin in the form of flowers. A first kiss, a perfect day, a favorite memory, a wedding, the birth of a child, and of course, the death of a loved one.

The flowers first appear on your ribs, traveling up your side and across your chest, spreading to your neck and down across your back and if you are lucky, enough bloom to cover your arms and legs. By the time you are old, your skin is covered in lovely flowers and leaves and trailing vines, like tattoos that tell your life story, and the more intricate the blooms, the luckier you are.

Some people have flowers with specific meanings– blooms that signify compassion and care decorate teachers. The best lovers are covered in red flowers for passion and love. Others simply are covered in every flower imaginable, the random colors and designs filling their skin like a meadow filled with happy memories.

Both way are beautiful. Both ways are desired.

But then, some people have thorns winding through their flowers, black slashing through the colors.  These are the people to avoid, the worst people, the people whose souls are so stained with their misdeeds, that it spills out onto their skin for the world to see.
These are the people doomed to be alone.


Once upon a time, in a faraway land, a young prince lived in a shining castle, deep in the heart of an endless forest.

He was beautiful, this prince, tall and strong with golden blonde hair, light blue eyes that glowed when he laughed, and perfect smooth skin nearly covered with flowers and blooms because the prince had had many happy moments in his twenty nine years.

But alas, despite his beauty, his heart was cold and his smile cruel, his words like barbs when he spoke.

Some of the townspeople blamed the late King, rest his soul, for turning the Prince so bitter. After the lovely queen had passed away shortly after the Prince’s seventh birthday, there had been no one to act as a buffer between the cruel King and the innocent boy, and the Prince had suffered for it. The King lived a life of drinking and partying, using and discarding any beautiful person that caught his eye, man or woman, and the Prince grew up with the same values. What had once been a teasing sense of humour turned sarcastic and cutting. Instead of laughing readily at almost anything, the Prince began only laughing at someone elses misfortune. The years turned the darling little boy into a cynical young man.

Others blamed the war that had nearly destroyed their kingdom years before. The Prince had ridden off ahead of their troops as a boy barely of age and had come home a hardened man. The soldiers told quiet stories of the Princes surprising talent of fighting with the twin blades known as katanas, how he could decimate an entire platoon just by himself. Spoke even quieter of his many romantic entanglements with the best looking soldiers, of nights spent listening to him find his pleasure, only to see him break the unlucky soldiers heart soon after. And just the barest whispers of the way the Prince would laugh as he tore through their enemies, blades flying, taunting and teasing non stop as he killed mercilessly. The way he talked about slaying soldiers as if it was a game, drunk and giggling about it over the fire.

Despite their negative feelings, all the townspeople waited eagerly for their invitation to the Prince’s 30th Birthday Party, for tonight he was to choose a partner to share the throne. The most handsome men and the most beautiful women made themselves up in their finery, each trying to outshine the other. Unlike most of the other kingdoms, having two Kings, or even two Queens, was not an issue. Several of the previous rulers had been adopted into the family because the ruling partners could not have a child naturally. Others had been carried by surrogates, and raised as royalty, the idea of “pure” royal blood an outdated concept they refused to engage in.

After all, families were about love, not about bloodlines, so the Prince could choose whoever he wanted.

Needless to say, the kingdom was almost in an uproar, each eligible person trying to figure out what they could do to catch the Prince’s eye.

As always, the castle was decorated in astonishing, jaw dropping colors, flowers imported from all over the world strewn across the tables and floors. Entertainers from the East wowed the guests with magic, and musicians from all the grandest symphonies played in every corner of the ball room.

And the Prince sat upon his throne, a self satisfied smirk on his handsome face as all the most beautiful people paraded themselves in front of him, each dress more intricate than the last, each suit a richer shade of varying colors, each glance more flirtatious, each smile more promising.

He was still so charming, even after going away to war, after becoming so bitter. When he wanted to pay a compliment, his words left the recipient blushing, fanning themselves. Older women who disapproved of his ways were swayed to his side by mischievous smiles and flirty winks. His eyes were like a magnet, and once he had you in his sights, you were already lost, and he knew it. His beauty was like a weapon, and he wielded it effortlessly.  

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