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Kon do you traditional art? If so do you just stick with pencil n paper or do you have some hidden painting skills you haven't revealed to us yet?

I do traditional but they’re always messy and stuff >.> and I’m not really good at traditional mediums 😭

The Parent Trap - Part Eleven

Character: Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 954

Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five - Part Six - Part Seven - Part Eight - Part Nine - Part Ten

Summary: When Dean shows up in the middle of the night unexpectedly, the reader learns that he knows more than he lets on and has a similar secret.


   The only time anyone ever knocked on your door at two AM was when you hunted. They never came bearing good news; it was either inconvenient or a trap. You never answered the door weaponless, especially at two in the morning, so when rapping wakes you from sleep at quarter past, you snatch up the pistol you keep hidden on a top shelf and prepare to use it. Small as it is, even small silver bullets will slow down most things.

   But you don’t need it, as it turns out. The knocker is only Dean. His presence is both a relief and a surprise, and he confuses you further by entering your house without a word.

   “What the hell?” you hiss.

   “Why do you have a gun?”

   “Because someone was knocking on my door in the middle of the night!”

   “You’re expecting me.”

   “What? Why would I be expecting you at this hour?”

   Dean furrows his eyebrows and crosses his arms. “Ramona called me like half an hour ago. Said she was homesick and to please come get her.”

   “Nobody called anybody.”

   “She used your cell, and I have the call history.”

   “Dean, the kids have been asleep for hours. Ramona is just fine, and I have no idea … oh, son of a bitch, he did not.” Pursing your lips, you check your purse for your phone, but you find it missing. “Mitchell.”

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Okay, but I need Scaramouche to have some kind of hidden electricity or lightning attack to use during the final confrontation. 

‘I see a little silhouette of a man,

Scaramouche, Scaramouche! Will you do the fandango?

Thunderbolt and Lightning!

Very, very frightening me!!’

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HELLO do #8 top 5 fave things to draw!!!

thank u i love u

1. SCENERY i love 2 draw scenery

honestly the greatest tragedy of my life is that my comic (yes, im gonna plug it as much as i plug @cambionverse everywhere sorry followers) mostly takes place inside of a house

2. hidden gasters, which is like a hidden mickey but instead of the disney mouse you use goop dad from the skeleton game. i like to draw them really tiny. see that glowing waterfall drawing up there? he’s on the little cat-tail plants above the bridge.

sometimes i also put him in reflections

or in shadows

hiding things in ur art is highkey a skeleton game thing and it was hard to break the habit when i was working on the cover for synchronicity. so i hid something in that too, near the upper right. MOST of the enochian in the bg is what’s on claire’s legs, but SOME of it says something else.

3. this garbage skeleton

4. this snarky bodysnatching ghost kid

5. this creepy flower motherfucker

ONLY the creepy version. not as fun when he’s not scaring you shitless.

neojet280  asked:

I want to why THAT entrance, BUF Goopster?

Entrance? There’s no portal or something like that hidden in LD Sans’ skull. BUF Gaster was just using the guy as a hiding place. To watch over him. :-o

While acting like some kind of Fresh Ripoff. X,-D


He’s just worried about your health, McCree.

My part of Art Trade with @blacksmiley-c WE CAN’T STOP WON’T STOP. Same like it came up with HER PART, single picture became a short comic. I had so much fun drawing this, thankkkkkkk you!  ♥

A banner I made for the Samwell Student Union, they keep track of all the events in the Check Please Fandom!

(board inspired by Check Please comic 2.1- Moved In)

I have a massive tip for BotW treasure hunters!

The next time you find a chest:

Take a photo of it!

Then open your Hyrule Compendium…

And select “Target with sensor”.

You see that green symbol on the chest icon? Well now the next time you go wandering, you sensor will beep when you start heading towards nearby chests!

Useful, right? Go find yourselves some wonderful hidden weapons and armour!



Tips for Breath of the Wild!

Setting fire to grass creates up-drafts for paragliding

NPCs sell better/rarer things when it’s raining

Jumping during the last red part of your stamina meter lets you jump twice as far

Cooking during the blood moon will give food random buffs

Use a wooden shield against archer enemies to collect their arrows

Taking off armor and heavy weapons makes you swim faster (unless you have the Zora armor, which boots swimming speed)

Freshly emerging from water grants you temporary fire immunity

Letting a Rock Octorok eat your rusty weapon and spit it out will refresh it

Well-trained horses (max bond) will follow a road or set path on their own if you let go of the control stick – and they’ll avoid rocks and trees on their own, too

Giving the dog at each stable 3 pieces of fruit to eat, one at a time, will get the dog to lead you to a hidden treasure chest

Using a heavy sword or axe against a shield-bearing enemy will knock their shield out of their hands

Hitting an enemy in the head with an arrow deals twice the damage

Throwing a badly damaged weapon at an enemy deals twice the damage

If you don’t have a sledgehammer handy when you come across ore deposits, use the bomb rune to break up the rock

It’s easier to sneak up on enemies/animals during the rain because the sound hides footsteps

Any wooden weapon can be a torch

Hope these help! Feel free to add your own to this list, and happy adventuring!

On love: Agape

Ok, first of all, I don’t know any Latin - this translation of the lyrics was done by @littlechubbyyuuri​ that I found here

I’d been looking for the lyrics + translation for quite a while, so I was really happy when I finally found them. I thought it would give me some major insight into Yuri’s character, since lyrics in YoI never seem to be picked at random.

But after reading the translation I was a little … huh? That’s not Yuri. 

So I kept turning it back and forth in my mind until suddenly a thought snuck up on me.

Wasn’t Agape going to be Viktor’s short program? Same as Eros? 

So, what if Agape isn’t about Yuri, but about Viktor?

I’ll show you what I mean in a second - let’s go over the lyrics in hors d’oevre-sized morsels:

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My heart was broken. It’s always going to be broken. And I know yours is broken too.
—  Manchester By The Sea
You know when you feel like something’s missing all the time? When you walk into a room and you stop in the centre of it and look around because you already forgot why you went there in the first place? When you feel like there’s no purpose and no motivation in your life anymore and your heart stutters in your chest because there are difficult times ahead of you and you have no idea how to pull through? When all you feel like doing is giving up? But you don’t. You don’t because every mistake we make, every stroke of fate that tries to tear us down carries a hidden lesson to learn from. Why do you think it is that we have to climb a mountain to get the best view of the stars and why we only appreciate the light if our world’s been plunged into darkness? Isn’t it amazing that we’re still here and that it means we haven’t given up, not once?
—  we’re still here/ n.j.