the hiatus will be torture

When someone finds out you love one direction then asks how you’re dealing with “the break up” and you know they aren’t worth the whole tortured explanation and your belief system re: The Hiatus™ but you can’t figure out what to say other than “fuck off, becky”:

Alrighty I’ve officially had at least 2 dreams about Bellarke and I’m gonna describe them in full detail to y’all because they’re gold:

The first one that I can remember was a while ago. In it, we (Bellarke and I) were in this shopping mall around Christmas time, frantically looking for survival supplies or something? it was really weird. just picture your modern shopping mall, extremely crowded with Christmas shoppers, and Bellarke, like, extremely grimy and bloody like they normally are lol. And i guess i was there, either as myself or one of the hundred, idk. anyway, at one point Bellamy kept trying to grab Clarke’s hand like the sly romantic drama queen he is. And Clarke was too busy “being Clarke” looking for those supplies that will save the world or looking for Christmas gifts for the delinquents or whatever to notice Bellamy trying and failing to make a move… So you know what he does? He grabs my hand, but in like a father-daughter-type way (which is weird bc I’m like the same age as them so maybe i was younger in the dream? Idk that’s besides the point), and I asked him why and you know what he said to me? He said something like “your pretend mother won’t pretend we’re a family for a second” LIKE HE WAS TRYING TO PLAY HOUSE FOR A SMALL MOMENT. so we spent the entire dream running around through the overcrowded mall, carrying random crap that I’m sure is not necessary for survival, and he’s gripping my hand pulling me behind him and the poor boy kept trying to hold Clarke’s. But each time she was like “omg not now Bellamy we have to carry the supplies back to camp i need my hands free for that” and he’s so exasperated like “Clarke just let me HOLD YOUR HAND FOR ONE SECOND PLEASE” I mean what kind of high school drama is that?

This next dream I had a few nights ago was completely different. I was watching the next episode (this hiatus is killing me obviously), and there was a scene right before they were gonna go on this dangerous mission as usual. Bellarke was in one of those tents ya know, and Clarke was facing Bellamy and they were talking strategy stuff, and I think he almost pulled a “Clarke… If I don’t see you again..” type thing. I don’t remember what was said but there was this moment of INSANE SEXUAL TENSION where they sort of leaned in like they’re reenacting that rain scene from Pride and Prejudice 2005, meaning a lot of glancing at each other’s lips and so forth… but then Clarke pulled away, and turned around and stepped outside of the tent in teenage girl confusion. For a second Bellamy looked kinda sad, kinda disappointed like in 4.06, staring at the door flap longingly with The Swallow. THEN! Clarke just stopped before she took another step away, like Bellamy’s words finally hit her (what if I don’t see him again?), and whipped back around into the tent. He’d busied himself packing for the mission and he’s about to walk out but she marched right up to him and said “Wait–” and grabs his shirt collar, stands on her tiptoes and KISSES HIM HARD and omg THEY JUST. FINALLY STARTED MAKING OUT. and then they pulled away, smiled, and went right back to getting ready for the mission without missing a beat. like. that’s incredible. Meanwhile, dream-me was flailing on my couch squealing like an idiot because Bellarke was finally canon and it was SO GOOD




When the deerstalker made his first appearance in ASIB I just thought of it as a reminiscence to canon Sherlock Holmes. After all, this hat has become the most famous trademark for the great detective worldwide for more than hundred years. Somehow the deerstalker and Holmes are almost inseperable. Therefore it’s no great surprise that this hat shows up in Sherlock BBC as well. What I wonder now - after having written about the Deer and the Skull - is this:  Could the deerstalker be of more importance for the story than just a reference to victorian Holmes? Because:

‘The deerstalker is traditionally a rural outdoorsman’s cap. It is not an appropriate headgear for the properly dressed urban Gentleman. The fashion-conscious Holmes would be loath to commit such a sartorial faux pas.'  (X)

That’s about canon Sherlock Holmes. Nowadays - in the 21st century - wearing a deerstalker in London would look even more strange I assume. And I’m not talking here about fans who wear it in honor of Sherlock. That’s something quite different. No, I mean wearing it as a hat … just a hat.

The more I think about that 'silly hat’ the more it appears to be a massive anomaly in this modern Sherlock Holmes adaptation.

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I am Too Tired To Lead currently. I have been shot at, flamethrowered, tossed out of an airlock, and maybe emp grenaded enough that it’s begun to have lasting effects.

I will not be seen at upcoming interstellar leadership events, as I need a few weeks to recuperate.

I will, however, continue shitposting like a motherfucker, so if you’re reading this you won’t miss me.

wndrwmn13  asked:

Hi Rosy, I'm a 46 year old Mom w/3 kids and more obsessed with this show (and Bellarke) than anyone my age has a right to be. Especially after the finale, it is all I think about. This hiatus is truly torture for me. All the theories and possible outcomes/storylines that Season 5 may bring are driving me crazy. Do you know anything about the words "It's You" that I have seen people post about? I thought they might be spoken in the finale, but they never were. Were they part of a leaked script?

Oh MY god WELCOME. I feel like one of the the only ones. This is my first fandom, really. I was always a solo geek before this, but I mean, from always Star Trek to Xena to Buffy to TWD. The internet makes it new.  The whole hiatus is driving me mad.

I have NOT figured out the “It’s You” yet. 

Has anyone else?

My OTP in few words
  • Merthur: it was fate and destiny to meet but his choice to stay
  • Sterek: sarcasm is his only defence but to survive he needs him
  • Hannigram: love and caring sentiment is far too often mistaken for curiosity
  • JohnLock: amazing how as long they are together everything's fine
  • Destiel: nothing says love like profound bond, eye-love-making and some back stabbing
D.Gray-man, the bloody magnificent hiatus-magnet of torture.

Seriously, though, the first anime series ended in 2008 and the new one didn’t start till 2016; volume 24 was released in 2014 and volume 25 just barely got released this year, 2017; home releases for Hallow have been indefinitely canceled; the manga has hiatuses frequently because that poor lady’s always getting hurt or sick…. Just whyyyyyyyyyy…?

Resulting feeling:

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I Will Wait

A/N: My first piece of writing for Karamel. My emotions were too strong after 2x08 and now I’m afflicted with the torture of Winter Hiatus. So I caved and decided to make a new blog and write. This is basically a transcription of the kiss and a tiny bit more. The title refers to the Mumford & Sons song :)

Pairing: Kara Zor-El/Mon-El
Word Count: 1279

His eyes are sore, but he slowly makes them open. Immediately his pain eases when his vision provides not one, but two images of Kara—her golden hair backlit by the fluorescent lights of this medical ward, casting a halo around her… Both of hers…? It barely makes sense to him, but she looks like an angel. This must be heaven.

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I see no difference between these 2 family fandom XD~



- BIGBANG = Urameshi team (Yu Yu Hakusho)
- WINNER = Gon and the gang (Hunter x hunter)
- 2NE1 = Outer Senshi 
- iKON =  Inner Senshi 
- Lee Hi = Chibi Usa
==> YG FAMILY = Togashi and Naoko’s fandom


- Hiatus Calendar XD~
- Trolls
- Love promoting others manga that later popular
- Torturing fandom XD~
- Cameos XD~
- Love number 4
- The creators are popular known by the fans so much that the fans love to “hate” XD~
- Both have legends XD~

Every other season I have been highly anxious regarding the season finale. And every year I’ve been at least a little disappointed, despite mostly enjoying the episode… I think it’s my unquenchable desire for MORE THAN THAT… More Fitzsimmons, usually. Especially since they always leave all the plot things to happen in the last possible second.

But this year? No, I’m not particularly excited or nervous. Not properly. I’m not rocking back and forth or bouncing on my heels all day… I’ve not read every single spoiler, although I’ve seen the summarized TL;DR versions floating around… Honestly, I think I was more excited about 4x16 airing after a brief Hiatus Of Torture™. This year I’ve embraced Low Shipper Expectations™ as well as the Inevitable Plot Disappointment To Some Degree™. I mean, I’ve seen this too-much-plot-not-enough-time predicament coming for several weeks and last week just confirmed it. But also because they’re trying to sell that A.I.D.A.’s abuse a semi-legitimate conflict of the heart for Fitz. And I have no hope for happy Fitzsimmons (although Philinda might be good, it’s just NOT THE SAME).

I have no doubt it’ll be a fine, strong episode. But I’ve just come to terms that it won’t be the episode I want it to be. There’s really no way it could be with the setup we were given. Because AoS likes to shirk off expectations and do whatever the fudge they want regardless of narrative… AoS is that kind of show. And it doesn’t pander to shippers or buckle to that kind of womanly sentiment (could they maybe just a little tho?).

I’m a little worried they’ll do something dumb and Ruin It All Forever™ …but tbh that is my default mode when it comes to this wonderful, stupid show that I somehow got obsessed with (*cough*Fitzsimmons*cough*)

Kichie fanfic suggestions!

I’ll keep it the most strictly KatexRichie I can, but I can make another OT3 list later, in case you want it o/  @kateandrichie

Oh, and all of them are from AO3 and they are based on my taste only.

Final Liturgy  (+18)

So, this one is my all time favorite kinda darkAU  oneshot *breaths* after season 1 with them both. You have to read to understand it, but once you do, you will.

For I Have Sinned

Is my all time fluffy favorite. There’s not so much fluffly in this fandom, which makes sense since it involves Richie and culebras and stuff, and this is really good, better if you want to take a break of the angst. 

El Rey By The Dashboard Light (+18)

Very in-character and and sexy oneshot with a slightly AU version for The Kiss.

the weight of a soul series (+18)

Every quality of the ones above in two very good oneshots.

a saint is a sinner who keeps trying (+18)

No fluff here, this one is angst fest, and so well written!

There is more, but it’s a good start and some others are on a torturous hiatus and I didn’t know exactly what you would like. I really recommend their tag on this site, but if you want more suggestions, just ask! o/

Thunderstorm (HuntxMC)

Not sure how this happened and why I’ve wasted HOURS of my actually super packed afternoon on this *sigh* :D

Anywho, I guess you all know by now that I haven’t played the last two Chris Winters dates. However, I loved the idea of Hunt showing up at the MC’s wedding and whoomp, this thing happened. I had originally written a very sad ending but I figured you guys would appreciate this one more (we are on a freaking Hunt date hiatus after all). Anywho, hope you enjoy! :)

‘Cause this is torturous electricity

Between both of us and this is

Dangerous 'cause I want you so much

But I hate your guts

Daughter – Landfill

I study my reflection in the mirror. My make-up is on point and my hair has never looked this orderly. Still, there’s this tiny glimmer of sadness in my eyes. Now that everyone has left to give me some room before the ceremony, I finally stop pretending for a minute. Stop pretending that I am 100% sure about this. That I love Chris with all my heart and that there has never been anyone else. Because there has, and no matter how hard I force myself to forget him I never quite manage.

Chris is sunshine. He lights up my world, he is sweet and warm, he takes me to places I’ve never been before.

Thomas Hunt was a thunderstorm. Dark, intimidating, electrifying. Our encounters were always charged with energy, an underlying tension that could find no relief.

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Kathryn’s favorites....

I hope you enjoyed last week’s post and found a story (or 2) that helped you survive another TORTUROUS week of hiatus. If you missed it, check out the link below. 

Previous issue:  May 24th 

To ALL CS fanfic authors: I can’t imagine how much work goes into writing fanfic–my lack of imagination is one of the many reasons I don’t attempt it myself–and I know you guys probably hear this all the time, but it can never be said too much: you are wonderful. Your fics are amazing. The time and effort you put into your work is astounding, and the fandom would be NOTHING without you. You keep us going, and for that, we are all so grateful.

To CS fanfic readers: If you happen to read any of the stories below (or in any of the “Kathryn’s favorites” posts) please, please consider reviewing, giving kudos, or liking the fics. The fabulous CS authors work so hard. Let’s show our appreciation.

Happy Reading! 

Breakfast in Bed by captainswanismyendgame

Official description: Killian has a few surprises up his sleeve for Emma’s birthday.

Rated: General Audiences. Genre: none provided  Chapters: one-shot

A sweet Captain Swan story, but the real highlight is Killian regaling Emma with tales of the previous night’s drunken escapades. Regina and Snow drunkenly apologizing to each other for their past misdeeds? A tipsy Emma proposing to Killian? And her reasoning for doing so? HILARIOUS. I could read an entire fic dedicated to that party! Make it happen, Jenna! Pretty please?

Once Upon a Tweet by Arandil, onceuponsomechaos

Official description: WiFi in the Enchanted Forest? No problem! There’s a magic app for that! This is what happens when Fairy Tale characters get to keep their cell phones and twitter accounts even after they are transported back to their Enchanted Realms. Begins during the episode Going Home, just before Emma and Henry leave in the bug.

Rated: T  Genre: Humor  Chapters: 4/?  WIP. 

Hands down the FUNNIEST OUAT-based fic I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. Zelena’s twitter handle: @NewBigBadS3. Killian continuously not grasping (and getting frustrated by) twitter’s character limits. Neal repeatedly hacking into Killian’s account and posting gems, such as: “I smell like mermaid.” EVERYONE hating on Neal. Pure comedy gold. An entertaining; quick-read–especially great when you need a little pick-me-up. 

a one time thing (and other untruths) by weezlywrites

Official description: “She supposes the reason she tells him is the same reason she kept his phone number after all those weeks.” Pregnancy has a way of throwing a wrench in one’s plans.

Rated: Teen and up. Genre: Modern!AU Chapters: 25/25. Complete.

If you read last week’s post, you know my feelings on many CS Family/Daddy!Killian fics. Frequently, I find them prone to being out-of-character and saccharine.  This story is a notable exception. It’s complicated. It’s messy. It’s 1000% realistic. And it still manages to be profoundly romantic. It’s this all-too-rare combination that makes it so unbelievably good.

Quiet by lenfaz

Official description: My take on the scene from the pictures on the set (Kathryn’s note: the 11/18/14 filming pics)

Rated:  Teen and up. Genre: none provided. Chapters: one-shot

What’s so beautiful about this fic is its simplicity. There are no grand declarations. No dramatic romantic encounters. Yet, that’s what makes this story so important. It’s the lack of action that so clearly underlines the central theme. I love reading anything Lena writes from Killian’s point of view. She consistently demonstrates such wonderful insight into his character. This fic was no exception. A truly gorgeous piece.

Rotten Heart by modernkillianjones

Official description: Princess Emma and Prince Killian are supposed to marry to unite the kingdoms, but neither are very keen on a marriage. They’ve never seen each other before and while Emma has to struggle with his attitude toward her, he has a dark secret he’s keeping.

Rated: Explicit  Genre: AU, Romance/Drama  Chapters: 24/?  WIP.

A cursed prince. An innocent princess sent to a distant land. A mysterious creature roaming the woods outside the castle. This is OUAT told in the vein of a Grimm’s Fairy Tale. And not the sanitized; safe-for-kiddos version. This is more like the original Grimm’s stories where the Evil Queen was actually Snow White’s biological mother and Cinderella’s stepsisters sliced off parts of their feet so they’d fit into the golden slipper. It’s bleak and there’s a persistent sense of foreboding, yet it’s also romantic. There’s light in the darkness. But what I love most about this story is that it’s such an entirely unique tale. I love that Sabs inserted Emma and Killian into this really dark fantasy world. It was different, yet it worked. Maybe, if we’re nice and provide lots of amazing reviews, we can convince her to update soon. Please, Sabs!!

The Weight of this Heart by jadeddiva

Official description: She tries not to think about the look on his face, the suppressed disappointment, the vulnerability in his eyes. Emma Swan, after she returns to the loft and before she lets the darkness take her.

Rated: Teen and up Warning: spoilers for the season four finale. 
Genre: none provided Chapters: one-shot

In this fic, Annie demonstrates such an innate understanding of Emma Swan that reading it feels like delving into the recesses of Emma’s brain. It’s painful to read Emma struggle with her demons, but finally getting the opportunity to witness her inner workings is a gift. This story is so incredibly heartbreaking given how the season finale ends, but it’s that quality that makes it so powerful.

When One Door Closes by navykillian

Official description: Just as Milah slams the apartment door in Killian’s face, he meets the gorgeous, challenging, and rather feisty blonde living next door.

Rated: T (one chapter temporarily increases to a M rating) 
Genre: Modern AU, Romance/Drama  Chapters: 7. Complete.

I can be a tough critic of AU. Sometimes, I find that fanfic authors use AU as a  license to completely obliterate a character’s personality. And what’s the point of writing fanfiction if the characters you’re writing about aren’t even themselves anymore? I’m happy to report that this is not the case here. Haleigh fully honors Emma and Killian’s personalities, despite placing them in a different situation.  She’s particularly adept at weaving canon into the tale, sometimes to hilarious result. Mary-Margaret and David meeting in the Modern World was a particular highlight. The last paragraph of the story was so incredibly well-done, it still brings happy tears to my eyes just thinking about it. 

You Weren’t Sure? by effulgentcolors

Official description: Based on this tumblr prompt- The Snow Queen kills Killian and Emma brings him back with true love kiss and beautiful emotional smut after that? I went lighter on the smut, strong on the feels.

Rated: Mature Genre: Romance Chapters: one-shot

If you’ve ever read my meta, you know I discuss the topic of TLKs frequently. If those three magic words are found in a fic’s description, it’s a guaranteed must-read for me. I’ve read so many of these stories at this point I consider myself an expert on the genre. And this TLK tale is my favorite. It’s romantic, without being overly sentimental. And the characterization is spot-on. But what I find most appealing about the story, is the sheer vulnerability displayed by Emma and Killian. The emotional honesty is breathtaking to witness. And the sex scene? HOT. 

The Black Canary: An Origin Story and The Love That Defines It

Part of the torture of summer hiatus is the waiting. You fall in love with a show and then they go off the air for 5 months. It’s awful. It’s like a loved one has gone on extended vacation, except they don’t call. They don’t write.

So, you start to speculate. You start talking with all your beautiful Internet friends about what you think is going to happen to these characters as the season progresses. You argue, you laugh, you praise one another, you reblog, you regif and it goes on until miraculously, your show is back. The loved ones are back in your living room where they belong.

And suddenly that little theory that you felt so smart about when you first thought of it becomes a reality. There’s something about talking about Sara dying, conceptually, that was almost detached. In my head it was logical, it connected the themes and is was the ONLY way I could understand Laurel. In your gut, you know you’re right, but you really don’t want to believe it. So you start guessing games, anyone can be a target. Stephen Amell and his two lies & a truth. It’s the boxing glove arrow! It could be Sin! It could be Detective Lance! Anybody but Sara and for a moment you’ve got yourself convinced that you are way of base. 

And then…they put three arrows into her chest. 

She falls off a roof. 

On to the cement pavement.

The body of a beautiful and vibrant young woman, shattered & broken and her sister screaming as she dies in her arms.

Sara Lance is dead.

My immediate reaction was I was right! Then the anger set in. Really…I’m talking geninue rage. I consider myself a lady, but I was swearing like a sailor at that television. I’ll give you a hint…it involved a lot of “fuck yous” specifically targeted at Guggeheim, Berlanti and Kreisberg. Don’t worry…I curse Joss Whedon on a daily basis, it in no way lessons my love for him.

Then the shock wore off and the unbearable sadness set in. I began to cry and I haven’t really stopped.

They say grief has seven stages. Quite frankly for some TV characters I’m still stuck on anger. Really Whedon? FRED? TARA? (See? Told you.) And don’t even get me started on The Good Wife.

I’ve taken a couple days and I’ve moved past anger. Currently, I’m at reflection & a good dose of depression. So it’s time to reflect on a story that has been 2 years in the making.

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The story of SVU hiatus

….for us Sonny fans

The announcement:  “4 weeks hiatus”

Week One - The torture begins.  Slow burn.

Week Two - Are we there yet?

Week Three - Panic sets in and support groups form

Week Four - People stop showering & combing their hair, all hell breaks loose…

….Sonny makes the plea on our behalf because he’s a cinnamon roll and he worries about ut


Sonny days are here again!

Did you think we’d forget about you, SonnShine??

Welcome back, Detective Sassy Pants. 

Now go get ‘em!!

Happy SVU Day everyone!  It’s finally here!



The announcement:  “4 weeks hiatus”

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Week One - The torture begins.  Slow burn.

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Week Two - Are we there yet?

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Week Three - Panic sets in and support groups form

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Week Four - All hell breaks loose…

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….Barba makes the plea on our behalf because he’s a cinnamon roll and he worries about us

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Barba days are here again!

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Did you really think we’d forget about you, Rafi??

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Welcome back, ADA Sassy Pants.

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Now go get ‘em!!

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Happy SVU Day everyone!  It’s finally here!

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