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okay. so y’all complain about no diversity in shows, so let me throw in some details about sense8. it’s kind of a long post, so bear with me. but in this funny, fascinating, absolutely gorgeous show, you have:

  1. Nomi, a trans woman hacktivist in a healthy, loving relationship with Amanita, her black lesbian girlfriend that directly addresses trans erasure and bigotry in both the queer and straight communities while challenging the idea that you can’t be gay and trans, or have any sense of a happy relationship
  2. Lito, a gay Mexican man, renowned actor, and highly emotionally intelligent character that’s breaking the ridiculous hyper-masculine, unemotional, and chauvinistic stereotypes of latino men
  3. Capheus, a Kenyan man trying to get enough money to get medicine for his mom suffering from AIDS and literally the most compassionate and optimistic character I’ve ever seen, addressing the international issue of AIDS outside the realm of white gay cis-men and defying stereotypes of hyper-aggressive black men
  4. Kala, an Indian pharmacist and devout Hindu breaking the perception that you can’t be both scientific and religious, as well as the belief that you have to abandon your traditions and the importance of family to survive in a modern world
  5. Sun, a Korean businesswoman and absolute badass who can kick anybody’s ass and directly destroying the passiveness, submission, and domesticity attributed to east asian women 

as 5/8 main characters who are minorities. Will, Riley, and Wolfgang are both white and cis, but definitely not fully straight after multiple telepathic transatlantic orgies that they all really enjoyed. Either way, 5/8 main characters (not to mention their attached side characters from their respective countries and cultures) is still a long ways from what we usually see of an all-white cast.

Basically, through Sense8 you get this show that goes and films in all these different locations and addresses all these different cultures and challenges so many stereotypes as to what kind of characters we see and are constrained by, all the while remaining interesting, hilarious, and visually stunning. Even if you don’t care about the story you have to admit that just the filming of this show is so absolutely gorgeous. Not to mention that they also film on site and hire local actors and crews from 7 different countries in the world.

Does this show have it’s problems? Yeah, yeah it does. Every show is going to be problematic in some form or another, but this is also the first show I’ve ever seen that has this much diversity in every step of the filming process, that represents so many people and I want this to succeed because it’s the first project that tries to do all this and if gets cancelled it’s unlikely we’ll ever see this sort of representation again.

So please, while you’re adding The Get Down, Dear White People, and Master of None to your Netflix watchlist (all of which I love and highly recommend), please just consider watching Sense8. Or just keep it playing in the background while you’re doing other stuff to get those views, if it’s not your kind of show. Please just let this show live, because honestly I don’t know when we’re gonna get a project like this again. 


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Felix Hernandez
The True Hero of Once Upon a Time

This guy was the leader of the production team and personal assistant to Adam and Eddy in all areas of the show’s development throughout Season 1 to 3A.  He was able to influence them in their creative decisions and help make the story as good as it was.  The character of Felix, Peter Pan’s lieutenant, was even named after him because of how important he was.

There were other people to credit for the show’s original high quality too: studio heads like Channing Dungey, A&E’s old mentor Damon Lindelof who helped them behind the scenes in Season 1, and a host of talented writers like Daniel T. Thomsen, Ian Goldberg, Robert Hull and Christine Boylan who dropped out by the end of Season 3 (plus David Goodman and Jane Espenson, who remained to the end and usually attempted to produce quality material with sincerity). But I think Felix was the big one, since the moment he was promoted in 3B to the more hands-off role of producer rather than A&E’s personal assistant, the show took a decline in quality that it never recovered from, all the way to its recent conclusion.  It’s ironic that the last episode he served in his old role began with this happening to his namesake:

Your guiding hand was solely missed, Felix.


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