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Fav Quote: Day 4

“As soon as I get it, you will.” That was foreplay. That whole opening had me questioning if I had missed a whole episode between 6x09 and 6x10. I kept looking back to my fiancé like “wait, have they been doing it this whole time?!” To think that Michonne was naked under that robe 😩 and just casually walking around the house, casually having a conversation with Rick in his bedroom. Girl if you dont take that shit off and ride that cowboy. 😠 And then Rick’s being all flirty. BOY IF YOU DONT UNZIP THEM PANTS! lol it had me distressed y'all. I needed to know what tf went on between them the 2 months after the herd 😂.

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In a College Au, what would the Titan shifters be like?

Note: These are my headcanons. Feel free to disagree!

Eren majors in either biology with in intention of going premed, (he wants to be a pediatrician,) or he majors in political science to go prelaw (cause he’s really good at arguing, and once he learns how to find evidence for his arguments, he’s unstoppable!) He plays as a chaser on the university’s quidditch team, and is part of the mixed A Capella group, Emerald Expressions, (cause their school colors are green and blue, so emerald.) He lives with Marco year one, then Armin, Marco, and Jean year two, and then gets a job as an RA his junior and senior years. He likes to keep himself busy, studying with friends, going to the gym, joining in club meetings whenever he can. 

Ymir double majors in film and journalism. She’s on the executive board of the university’s literary and arts magazine, and works at the school’s writing center to help edit other students’ work. She lives with Sasha her first year, then Historia the rest of the way through. She’s the one that always had connections to alcohol, and could throw the best parties and never get busted. She also uses the squad for all her film projects, and generally makes the most of college. 

Annie studies forensic science with a criminal justice minor. She’s also in the university honors program. She’s on the dance team, and works as a kickboxing instructor at the recreation center. She spends a lot of time studying, but can always be found with the squad on weekends. She lived with Hitch her freshman year, then Mina sophomore year, and Sasha, Mikasa, and Mina junior and senior year. She didn’t get super involved outside of dance, but still has a good time. 

Bertholdt studies either biology with premed intentions, or secondary education with a focus in either English or history, (as you can tell, my opinion switches frequently.) He’s also in the university honors program, and spends a lot of his time on school work. He’s part of the university’s top choir, and also Emerald Expressions with Eren. He writes for the literary magazine as well. He lived with Armin freshman year, Reiner and Connie sophomore year, and then Reiner, Jean, and Marco junior and senior year. He’s become a master at herding his friends home after parties. (Extra: in some aus, I also headcanon him on the dance team.) 

Reiner studies either accounting or biochem. He is also in the university honors program, and plays on the university’s football team. He serves as a representative in student government all four years. And everyone on campus seems to know him; everyone knows Reiner Braun, and he says hi to at least 10 people whenever he walks anywhere. He lives with Connie year one, then Bertholdt and Connie year two, and then Jean, Marco, and Bertholdt year three and four.