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hambone1347  asked:

Hi i really Like your art and I just wanna know if Maybe you could give me some Examples on drawing skirts I'm sorry I'm just having a hard time And Drawing legs with skirts is difficult If you Don't want to I completely understand And sorry to bother you



I’m sorry if I missed what you were asking for I tried!!!

please message me if you have any more questions or want a video for a little more help!

Here the posing program Design Doll I use!

I am teaching myself how to take up space. How to not apologise constantly for the way I live and breathe. How an apology isn’t something I am supposed to say before I speak in a conversation. How  I’m so sorry, isn’t something I have to say before I just allow myself the basic right of speaking about anything.

I am teaching myself that I am allowed to exist on this planet without thinking of myself as a burden. How to not apologise for things that are out of my control. How to understand when people are trying to manipulate me into thinking the worst of myself and most of all how to stop thinking the very worst of myself as I deserve better than that from myself.

I am teaching myself that humans can exist without assuming the very worst about themselves and how the people around them perceive them. How to not apologise when someone bumps into me and I immidiately assume it is my fault. How to not apologise when I ask a question because I think others will think I am stupid. How to love myself for these flawed bits of me no one has ever wanted to love before.

I am teaching myself that all the lies my abusers told me about myself were so very wrong. How I am allowed to make mistakes. How as long as I apologise and amend things, anything is fixable if I still have love in my heart for the other person. How not everything that has ever gone wrong in every relationship is my fault.

I am finally learning how to take up space as a human being. It’s taken a long, long road to get here. And I still have a very long way to go before I am done understanding that it is my job to take up space, that I am not just an afterthought or a secondary character in this gift of life I have been given. That who I am is not an apology, that who I am is not wrong.

—  Nikita Gill, On Learning How To Take Up Space
My soul chose yours. And a soul doesn’t just forget that.
—  Ben Maxfield

may you remember this new year:

  • to change only for the better, for the good, because you are wonderful as is.
  • to be kind and to spread kindness, especially to those who don’t seem to deserve it.
  • to be selfish in your choices and thoughts because you deserve to be put first too.
  • to be as brave as you have been, if not more. you are so strong, and you are doing so well.

you can do it. you’ve survived each year so far, so let’s make it another one (another five…another ten…). I’m so proud of you: you be proud of you too.

“Whether you’re:

fat or skinny,

tan or pale,

loud or quiet,

soft or hard,

polite or rude,

empty or full,

male or female,

neither or both,

you are nothing short of beautiful because you are you, and you are so lovely.”

— alhwrites