the help needs to come from the weak side

A lot of people use the Trident to pit the Stark sisters against each other. Both Arya and Sansa made mistakes on that day and innocent lives were lost, but ultimately Joffrey is the one to blame for his actions. Both girls were in an extremely tense situation that they were not equipped to handle by themselves. What is more important is that Arya and Sansa have both learned from their experience and this is shown after Ned’s death.

At the trident, Sansa is afraid and tells Arya to stay out of it. She doesn’t know what to do, so she does nothing, allowing Joffrey to cut Mycah rather than intervening. Flash forward to A Clash of Kings when Joffrey is ordering the death of Ser Dontos. Sansa impulsively says he can’t and when she is almost faced with Joffrey’s wrath, recovers by stroking his ego and successfully persuades Joffrey to make Ser Dontos a fool instead of killing him. Sansa is able to bravely maneuver the situation in a way that she was not able to at the Trident and saves an innocent life.

Arya is also afraid at the Trident, mostly for Mycah. No one is listening when she tells Joffrey to stop and she reacts by hitting him, starting a fight where Nymeria comes to her rescue by attacking Joffrey. Flash forward to A Clash of Kings when Arya is at Harrenhal and wants to free the prionser northmen. Like with Mycah, Arya seeks justice for northerners and people connected to her family, but knows she can’t just try to attack the guards. Instead, she outsmarts Jaqen H’ghar and he helps her free the prisoners. Arya is able to think strategically to achieve this outcome without touching a single sword, wooden or otherwise.

It’s easy to pick apart how the Trident incident could have been prevented and point fingers, but it’s more important to see how far both girls have come. Since the Trident incident, Arya and Sansa have learned how to manage extreme situations and can even control them. They have come from opposite sides of the flight/fight spectrum and, while still having their own strengths and weaknesses, are both far better centred. 

My fake boyfriend Part 1

Summary: After receiving a very rude letter of your ex on the mail saying that he is going to get married. You see yourself not knowing what to do, you can just let it go or accept the help of your hot neighbor and pretend he is your boyfriend.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1056.

Warnings: Angst your ex is an ass, fuffly Bucky is a cute pie.

A/n: Thanks to @drinkfantasy for being my beta. You rock.

Originally posted by sebjpeg

Bucky wakes up with someone shaking his shoulders, he groans annoyed not ready to get up yet “Leave me alone, Steve, I’m not gonna run with you today.” He hears someone laughing, he swears that is your laughter “It’s not Steve… it’s me.”

He opens his eyes, he sees your face in front of him and it feels almost like a dream having you in his bed “What are you doing here, doll?” You smile weakly at him “Sorry, Sam let me in; I just need to talk to someone.”

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Akaashi and his confirmed fucking feelings

Guys I’m so happy about Akaashi in Haikyuu!! ch. 244
In this chapter
• He wasn’t super done to Bokuto immediately
• He knows all of Bokuto’s weaknesses and helps him (he actually has a list)
• He immediately knew what to say to fix Bokuto’s mood
• He actually fucking smiled (TALKING ABOUT BOKUTO)
• He actually said it makes him feel good when he sees Bokuto in his best form
•or the he’s like a highlight reel either way it’s a fucking complement coming from “Akaashi-I-Hate-All-Of-You-Keiji”
This was basically a different side of bokuaka where it wasn’t just Bokuto wanting/needing Akaashi’s attention. Akaashi actually really does care about Bokuto. LOOK AT THOSE CONFIRMED FUCKING FEELINGS!

Loved and Lost

Word count: 504

Warnings: none

That was it. That one short moment and he knew it. He had fallen for you. He had fallen for your smile,  how it was always present and bright. How it crinkled your face in a way that even if you weren’t smiling you could still see the remnants of one. 

He had fallen for your laugh, how contagious it was and musical it sounded. How it would always catch his attention no matter what he was doing.

He fell for your brain, the way you spoke, how captivating you were. How the two of you could sit and talk about nothing for hours and still come up with new things to talk about.

He fell for how much you were like him, how you were willing to do everything you needed too to get the job done. How you never gave up.

He fell for how different you were, how compassionate you were, how you saw the good in everything. He always thought kindness was weakness but with you it was your strength.

He was watching you from across the room. You were sitting with Cisco in one of the side rooms helping him with one of his new gadgets for training the Flash. Cisco told you a joke and you laughed, Harrison couldn’t hear you, but just seeing you laugh brought a smile to his face.

He was in too deep, and he had no idea how it happened. He had never planned for this, to fall in love, to fall for you. He dreaded the day you would find out who he was. Would you be against him? Of course you would. Your sense of right and wrong was too strong to think that the love of a villain would change it.

But would it be worth it? To try? To let himself fall further. To have you fall for him? Would it be worth the inevitable pain of a goodbye? Of a betrayal?

No. He would do it if it would only hurt himself. But with your heart on the line. He couldn’t risk it.

So he would stay away. Let you stay oblivious to his feelings and just hope that one day you wouldn’t hate him.

Harrison hardened his gaze, hardened his heart, he had made is decision, he was ready to let you go.

Then you looked at him.

Your dazzling eyes met his holding his gaze like a vice and you smiled. A small embarrassed half smile, like you were caught doing something you weren’t supposed to. You glanced down for a second and bit your lip a, soft pink spreading across you cheeks, you looked up at him through your lashes and just like that, everything he decided, everything he vowed, went out the window.

It was like he had melted, his resolved all but disappeared. He had to go for it, he had to try besides, he thought to himself, what did Shakespeare use to say?

It’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.

A/n: I feel like i should have a beta reader but I’ve only done 3 imagines so i might be getting ahead of myself. Hope you enjoyed, this was something i just spit up. 

If you didn’t see it already, I am trash for anything Harrison Wells.

Also i know i’m not sure but i think i want to write a part two to this, let me know if you guys want one!

Expectancy–The Discovery (Part 1/?)


So a long while back I saw this post by unflavoredskelly in the Papyton tag, and honestly I was so taken by the idea that it wouldn’t leave me alone until I put it into fic form.

(I’ll be putting it up onto AO3 within the next couple of days!)

Rating: Mature
Pairing: Papyton (mentioned Alphyne)
Word Count: 5074
Summary: After some drunken night shenanigans at a party, Papyrus ends up pregnant… by Mettaton. Unfortunately the latter can barely even remember who the skeleton even is. Maybe by spending time with Papyrus, Mettaton can rediscover the charm that his drunk self had been so taken with to begin with.

Warnings: Skelepreg, mentions of vomiting, alcohol mentions

Something was off.

Papyrus rolled over in bed, screwing his eye sockets shut against the headache and nausea that surged through him. Was he getting sick? It didn’t happen so often, but on the occasions that it did, it was unbearable.

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Mine / Chapter 8

You ran as fast as you could. Thoughts were flooding your head making it pound in pain but you couldn’t focus on that right now. Your chest was constricting as you breathed heavily, your legs burning as you rushed past the bushes and trees where sticks and branches managed to scratch your bare skin. You needed to keep running, praying time was on your side as you tried not to think about Baekhyun getting badly hurt.

You could see lights just up ahead, signaling the yell out your mouth as you called for someone to help. You could feel the tears threatening to spill from your eyes again, your voice wavering as you continued to call out.

Chanyeol was the first you saw, his head poking out the door before he called your name and hurried out to come to you. Your legs grew weak, stumbling forward before you caught yourself off the ground and strong pair of hands held onto your arms.

“What’s wrong?” Chanyeol’s alarmed voice rung through your ears, raising your head as you sucked in air.

“Baekhyun.” His name came out in a whimper, “Please, Baekhyun.”

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Kurai Koibito - Chapter 5 -Smut

Originally posted by jasminshore97

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Void/Reader
Words: 3,633

Warnings: Character death, beheading, stabbing etc.

AN: This is the end, I got really emotional, I’m so sorry. Thanks to @writing-obrien for her input on the ending.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

Void sighed in his sleep, pulling you closer, your skin pressed against his. You were hiding out in apartment somewhere downtown, keeping a low profile and watching as the pack scrambled to figure out your next move. They thought they were ahead of the game, but they would soon find out that there was no way that Void would be outsmarted this time. Not when you were here with him.

You shifted slightly, trying to get more comfortable, and smiling when you felt him rubbing your back, his lips ghosting over your shoulder.

“You awake?” He asked, his voice rough.

You hummed, burying your face in his neck, your hand moving to play with the hair on the back of his head.

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Stiles Stilinski x reader // angst

Request: Hi!! I wanna request an angst one with Stiles♥️ So like, they were fighting the Alphas and the reader is a werewolf too and while fighting, she died. And Stiles was there too so just basically plain angst. Ty♥️ You can make an alternative ending too! But like she still died but came back to life? Something like that.

Word count: 2,407

A/N: Thank you for request! I had so much fun writing it, despite it’s angst and sad, but read it to the end! If you like it, please give me reblogs and notes, then I know that someone’s reading my trash. Also sorry for mistakes! xx

You’d lie if you’d say that you weren’t scared. This sharp, afflictive pain in your stomach was proving it. You were all silent, everyone knew what’s going to happen. You could hear heavy breaths and shaking hands. You looked at Scott. He nodded, letting you know that he knows you’re all scared, he was also. One question was still remaining in your head – why it was all so hard? You couldn’t have any rest, problems connected with supernatural world were appearing all the time, and all of the pack had to live every day knowing that it can be their last day. You didn’t have problems with risking your life for your friends – they were your everything and you just couldn’t lose them. Even if you were a werewolf, with your strength and great senses, you were also still human and had a right to be terrified.

You were all standing in front of the Beacon Hills High School. It wasn’t fair, to fight or die because of the bloodthirsty Alphas. But you knew, you had no choice. Fight, or let your friends die.

Suddenly, you hear a loud scream coming from the bushes. They were coming. In one moment everything changed. Creepy silent and nervous calmness suddenly changed into one, big mess full of screams, moving bodies and sounds of fights. You woke up from your trance and got even more terrified.

“Y/N, watch out, behind you!” you heard Isaac screaming and that was enough. Your eyes glowed yellow and you quickly turned around to see big Alpha jumping on you. It was too late, he knocked you down and you rolled through the street.

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To keep you in my Life

A/N: here you have our bae Shay. after writing it, i couldn’t look at it for a few days and i called it ‘shitty Shay smut’, but i hope it turned better in the end. sorry for any mistakes and enJOY! (credit to the owner of the pic) X

Pairing: Shay Patrick Cormac x Reader

Warnings: fluff, smut, mentions of blood

It was evening when she was coming back home, but streets of Boston were full of people. You could hear noisy conversations and shouts coming from taverns and (Y/N) always tried to go by them fast and unnoticed, just not to be hook by drunk sailors. Sometimes, she heard shouts and whistles after her, which made her heart beat faster and feeling fear, but luckyly, it always ended only with it. She was affraid, she would not be able to protect herself when a drunk man would attack her. (Y/N) wasn’t married and she had no one, who could help her. She was alone and her parents died long time ago.


Couple of steps from her house, in one of the main streets of Boston, her ears heard groans of pain in the side alley. She stopped and looked in that direction exerting her stare, hoping she would see something from place where she stood. At first she hesitated, she didn’t know if she should come closer and check or walk away as fast as she could, not looking back. Dark, stinking alleys never brought something good, but she remembered her mother words to always help needies. She looked around her, took deep breath and taking careful steps, she went in the alley. Groans and shallow breaths were more and more audible. Sound of her shoes echoed quietly between building walls. Exerting her gaze, (Y/N) saw an outline of a body leaned against the wall. She came a few steps closer, but far enough to have a hint of a chance to escape.

‘’Excuse me, is everything allright?’’ Her voice shaky and heart sped up.
She didn’t get the answer straight away. The sitting form moved not much.

‘’P-Please, help me…’’ Male, weak, croaky voice answered her.

(Y/N) bit her bottom lip and gazed in the direction of floodlit street. On the one hand, she wanted to run away and leave this person, but she perfectly knew, she would regret her decision. (Y/N) directed her steps in the man direction. When she was close to him, she noticed his head was leaned back on the wall, eyes closed and lips parted. One of his large hands was squeezing firmly side of his abdomen.

‘’What happened, Sir?’’ She asked tentatively looking at him.

‘’I need help…’’ He said with weak voice and coughed.

(Y/N) jained her lips in a thin line and furrowed her forehead. She couldn’t leave him here without help. She kneeled next to him and took a look at the place where he had his hand. In very faint light, she recognised blood on his robes. Coughes and hisses coming from his lips every now and then.

‘’Can you stand up? I will take you to my house, I live nearby.’’ She asked him, but knew it could be a ridiculous idea, because she didn’t know what to expect from that man.

‘’What is your name, lass?’’ She noticed, he gazed at her and weak beams of street lights reflected in his eyes.

‘’(Y/N).’’ She looked into his eyes.

‘’A beautiful name for a beautiful lady.’’ His voice full of honesty.

She blushed. ‘’Lets go, you need to be medicate quickly.’’ (Y/N) turned her head from his stare and moved closer. He put his hand on her shoulders and she encircled his waist with her arm. The man was heavy and with difficulty she lifted him to his feet, even if he was trying to help her. He was tall and his chest and shoulders were broad. He hissed from the pain and folded in half when they took first step. They stopped for a while, but he let her know to start walking again. When they were on the main street, (Y/N) had a chance to look better at the wounded man. His hair was black and messy, but tied back. On his face, she noticed a few days stubble and a scar running through his right cheek and forehead. Eyes and lips were clamped in grimace of pain, however he looked very handsome. He wore dark robes and belts full of different kinds of weapons, which sight made her shiver.

Few minutes later, when they reached her house, (Y/N) clumsyly opened the front door and carefuly came inside with him. With her leg, she shut the door and led him to her bedroom. The man sinked into the bed with  heavy thud.

‘’Wait here, I’ll bring all necessary things.’’ She said quickly and left to the kitchen where she had all medical supplies.

When she came back, the man was folded in half again, still holding his wounded side. She put the small basket on the night stand, took a deep breath and approached the man.

‘’Sir, I need to take off your clothes to fix the wound, can I?’’ She blushed once again and asked silently, not able to hide nervouness in her voice.

He rised his head up and looked at her. His dark eyes seemed to be distant and blurry, but his head bowed lightly and with difficulty he straightened up. Hesitantly, (Y/N) reached his weapons belts and started to unbuckle them. She put them on the table and started taking off his robes. He hissed from the pain when moved to slide them and the girl held her breath. (Y/N) put the robes on the chair and looked at him. His white shirt had a big, crimson bloodstain. While later, she unbuttoned his shirt and was so embarrassed that she didn’t hear him speaking.

‘’Shay…’’ He whispered with voice full of pain and tiredness.

‘’Pardon?’’ (Y/N) looked at him inquiringly.

‘’My name is Shay.’’ She heard his thick Irish accent. ‘’Shay Patrick Cormac.’’

The girl smiled shyly and returned to unbuttoning his shirt. Slowly and carefuly, she took it off and crimsoned hard when her eyes saw his perfectly toned chest and stomach. Muscles flexed with every little move. His groan pulled her out from gazing at him and she took little basket with medicament and kneeled in front of him.

‘’Shay, you have to show me your wound.’’ (Y/N) said silently and timidly looked at him.

Shay nodded and gingerly unveil injury. Blood was flowing from it quite heavy and she noticed that the cut was deep. Without stitching, there was no way for it to heal. She did it a few times, when someone needed it, but usually it was someone she knew for a longer time and didn’t make her feel distressed and undertainly.

‘’You have to lie down on the bed. The cut needs to be stitched.’’ She gazed at him, meeting his full of pain eyes.

Shay bowed his head and clumsyly lied on the bed, clenching his teeth with every vawe of pain. (Y/N) went around the bed with small basket and lamp, which she put as near as possible to have a better look at his wound. She sat down on the edge of the bed, took a piece od fabric and asked Shay to put it on his cut. Next, she took a bottle of alcohol and disinfected her hands and needle, thereon stringed it with thread.

‘’It is going to sting and hurt, Shay. I have nothing to give you to make the pain smaller, I’m sorry.’’ She said honestly looking into his eyes.

‘’Don’t worry, lass. I had worst than that.’’ Shay breathed.

(Y/N) put away his hand and fabric from his wound, then delicately poured it with alcohol, which made Shay groan loudly and all his muscles flexed. She frowned and moved her face closer to his cut to puff on it and make the stinging a little lighter. Her mother always did that, when (Y/N) hurt herself. She noticed his muscles relax. She took a deep breath and started stitching the wound. Shay hissed and clenched his palms on the bedsheets. Young woman looked at him and saw how his wide jaw and eyes clamped with every touch oh the needle. She tried to be gentle, but the injury was big.

Some time later, she finished stitching, washed the wound with alcohol once again and bandaged it. Shay’s breath normalized and muscles relaxed. She slid off his high boots and covered him with quilt. After that, she gathered all used supplies and dimmed the lamp light just not to irritate his eyes with it. Unexpectedly, when she wanted to leave him alone, she felt his strong grip on her wrist. At the feeling, she jumped and hesitantly looked at the man. He was staring at her softly and on his lips were ghost of a smile.

‘’Thank you, (Y/N).’’ Shay whispered, still holding her wrist.

‘’You will thank me, when you’ll get well. I’m almost sure, you will have a fever, but I’ll try my best to make it less oppressive for you.’’ She smiled lightly. ‘’Rest now. I’ll come back from time to time to check on you, but if you would need anything, just call in. Meanwhile, good night, Shay.’’ She bowed her head and left the room.


As she thought, Shay went through fever, but his organism was strong and handled with it. Also his wound healed quickly and within couple of weeks he was healthy. Both of them drew closer to each other, when Shay was recovering, but any of them wanted to confess, that in their hearts were born strong affections.

Finally came the day, when Shay had to set off in his journey. Both of them didn’t want to say goodbye, but Shay duties didn’t let him stay with her, even if he wanted it so badly. (Y/N) walked him to the port, where his ship, The Morrigan, was waiting for him in full readiness. He told her about that part of his life, but kept as a secret his Templar life. Nevertheless, he put her in danger appearing in her life and didn’t want even more. Shay could not bear, if something would happen and he lost her. 

They looked at each other with sadness. Shay hugged her tightly and kissed in the forehead thanking for everything. (Y/N) nodded and smiled wistfully. Templar let her go from his arms and boarded The Morrigan. He was welcomed with loud hollers of his crew and then she heard how Shay was shouting orders to unmoor the ship and few whiles later she saw The Morrigan sailing away. Not raising her head, she turned away and started walking back home and a single tear run down her rosy cheek.

Shay took a look at the port. His heart was heavy with sadness and already growing longing. ‘’Wait for me, love.’’


It was over six months since (Y/N) saw the man for the last time. It was middle of January and Boston was covered with thick layer of snow. (Y/N) was sitting in her armchair next to the fireplace, reading one of her favourite books. Books were her only distraction from the reality and longing after Shay.

‘’I hope you’re going to tell me what is that book about, aye lass?’’ Familiar thick Irish accent pulled her away from the reading. (Y/N) looked in its direction and smiled widely not believing her eyes. Leaning against door-frame with crossed arms and honest, gentle smile on the lips, stood Shay. She put away her book and hurriedly ran up to him. She stopped inches from him, making sure it was not a dream and then unexpectedly entwined her arms around him, snuggling into his broad, firm chest. Cold radiating from him, made her shiver. Shay looked at her. At first, there was light surprise on his face, but seconds later changed into gentle smile. His long, muscular arms rounded her tenderly and cold, pink cheek lied on the top of her head.

‘’I thought, I will never see you again, Shay.’’ (Y/N) whispered, snuggling her face even more into his chest.

‘’I couldn’t leave you like that. Not after what you have done for me.’’ He said silently inhaling sweet scent of her hair. ‘’You saved my life, (Y/N).’’

‘’I missed you…’’ She blurted out before she thought what she was saying. She bit her lip and her muscles flexed.

‘’I missed you too, lass.’’ After these words, she looked at him and he smiled subtly. His eyes was shining in lamps light, gaze soft. Their faces started getting closer in slow motion. They didn’t drop their gazes from each other and when their lips were inches apart, Shay hesitated. He didn’t know, if she wanted that, but surprised him, when she closed the gap between them in delicate and tentative kiss. Shay aswered for the kisses immediately, firstly gently, then more boldly. Their lips danced ceaselessly, wishing to let it last forever. Shay took her bottom lip between his teeth and slid his tongue in her mouth deepening the kisses. (Y/N) put her hands on the back of his neck and stood on her tip toes to ease them their kisses.

They were surrounded with amazing feeling and their hearts were beating like crazy. The girl felt lack of oxygen and broke the kiss. Both of them were breathing heavily, trying to catch as much air as possible in their lungs. They looked at each other. His brown eyes, darkened even more and she saw in them a mix of different kinds of emotions. Nevertheless, she had no intention to let him go from her arms, she didn’t wish him to disappear from her life again.
Few moments later, with fast move she pulled in his lips to hers and they met again in a fiery, lustful kiss. Shay grinned and loud moan of pleasure went from his throat, when he quickly and almost unseen took (Y/N) under her tights and lifted up. Her legs entwined his hips and arms pulled their bodies even closer. Shay turned slightly and leaned softly (Y/N)’s back on the nearest wall. His lips left her swollen ones and started kissing and nibbing delicate flesh of ner neck. His stubble gave pleasant, tinggling sensation, which made her moan.

‘’I have been dreaming about you every night…’’ Shay gasped between kisses and (Y/N) put her hands in his tied hair. She closed her eyes and gave in completely to the sensation. Everything was new to her, unknown, she was scared. She has never been with man before, but she trusted Shay and felt, that he was the man, she wished to give all of her.

‘’Shay…’’ (Y/N) whispered breathless. ‘’I lo-I love you…’’ Her palms balled on his thick hair.

Shay stopped the kisses and looked at her. (Y/N) smiled shakily and Shay repeated her expression, rubbing his nose against hers. She giggled silently and moved strands of hair away from his face.

‘’I desired to hear it from your lips.’’ He gave her quick peck on the lips. ‘’I love you as well (Y/N), even if I am affraid of your safety, because of who I am.’’

‘’I don’t care Shay…’’ His name like a prayer in her lips. ‘’Don’t ever leave me again.’’

‘’Never…’’ He whispered and kissed her passionetly. Both of them moaned in pleasure, which spread all over their bodies. Shay squeezed her tights harder and led them to her bedroom.


Shay lied her carefuly on the bed, not breaking the kiss. He placed himself on top of her and her small hands wandered on his shoulders and hard chest. Shay started to take off his weapons belts, throwing it airily on the floor, still kissing her lips. With quick, impatient and shaky fingers, (Y/N) started unbuttoning his robes. Shay grinned into the kisses and started helping her. When she felt his large and strong hands on hers, she sighed. Shay took off his robes and they met faith of the weapons belts. Shaky palms of the girl, were delicately massaging Shay muscled arms through fabric of his shirt. Templar broke the kiss, making her groan in protest, when his chopped and warm lips started kissing soft skin of her neck and shoulder, causing enjoyable pain. (Y/N) hissed and her palms slid from his broad shoulders to head, tangling them into his thick, dark hair. Quite moans and whispers of his name repeating like mantra, were coming from her swollen lips. His kisses moved easily to her exposed breast, which made her gasp and drive her nails into his head. His capable and fast hands started unlacing ribbons of her corset without stopping the carresses. Moments later, Shay pulled away his swollen and reddened lips from her skin and took off her outer corset and did the same with the skirt, leaving her in only underwear. Her palms rested on his forearms and Shay darkened from lust eyes were voraciously remembering every inch of her body.

‘’You are so beautiful…’’ He gasped moving one of his hands along side of her body. Shay squeezed his strong hand on her tight, which attracted to his hip. Then, he bended over her and that time he softly kissed her lips. ‘’Are you sure about it? This is the last moment I can hold back.’’

‘’Love me, Shay…’’ He didn’t need anything more. With fast move, he took off his shirt and his grabby lips were collecting kisses from hers, when his palm still held her tight to his hip. It was more than sure, that it would leave brusies, but both of them didn’t care less.

Her soft palms were tracing paths on his naked chest and back and found a scar after healed wound. (Y/N) felt how every of his muscles flexed under her touch. She sighed deeply into the kiss and her hands started undoing his britches. After a few seconds, (Y/N) palms warily started stripping them from his hips, delicately dabbing his hot skin, which made Shay growl. He put his large hands on hers and stopped her moves and broke the kiss. He stood up from the bed and without breaking eye contact, took off his high boots and slid his britches with underwear at the same time.

(Y/N) leaned on her elbows and she had full view on Shay. His body was ideal, muscular, broad, perfectly ripped, she couldn’t take her eyes off of him and for the first time felt starnge, but pleasant tingling and warm growing in her lower belly and between her tights.

‘’Do you like, what you see?’’ Shay asked quietly and her eyes immediately looked into his. She couldn’t find words so only nodded.

Shay pulled out his hand towards her and she gingerly gave hers, and then he softly pulled her in, so she stood up and looked into his loving and full of lust eyes. Shay put his rough palms on smooth skin of her neck and started lovingly moving them along her shoulders. He kisses them and then started sliding off straps and unlacing ribbons her of corset. She put her palms on his bare hips and squeezed them firmly, he moaned and then the corset fell down. Shay looked at her with love and admiration and wetted his lips, which made (Y/N) blush and lower her head. He took her chin between his fingers and rised her head to look at him, then without hesitation closed the gap between them in tender kiss.

His kisses went down to her neck and then even lower taking her breasts in his hands and started massaging them. (Y/N) sighed and moments later she felt his warm and wet lips on her right breast. His tongue  started to spin around her hard nipple, giving vawes of pleasure, she has never known before. Her hand tangled into his dark hair and the other one lied on his shoulder. Shay softly started biting her nipple, giving her shivers and hiss let out from her swollen lips. Later, he did the same with the left breast and (Y/N) hid her face in his messy hair couldn’t take new sensations he was giving her. Her legs started to shake and heat with growing knot in her belly were getting even bigger.

Couple of minutes later, Shay went even lower, giving kisses along the way on her tummy and his stubble made her giggle. He stopped above hem of her underwear and kissed both of her hips. (Y/N) muscles flexed and she felt light pulsing in her clit. She digged her nails into flesh of his scarred shoulder and Shay rised his head and saw her face with pure bliss on it. She was  breathing heavily and when she felt his gaze, looked at him in his almost black eyes. (Y/N) saw in them mix of different emotions and kind of a request for further caresses and then she stroked his stubble cheek and bowed her head lightly, letting him know to continue.

Shay softly took off the fabric from her body and his hot lips started wandering on her tights while his rough palms caressed skin of her buttocks. She bit her lip and closed her eyes. His lips were moving closer to her womanhood while next gave her a single kiss there.

All of a sudden, Shay stood up making her shake a little, but his strong hands caught her by waist. The girl felt his thick, hot member on her innertight and pleasant shivers ran down her spine. Shay led her backwards to the bed kissing her hungrily and then sat her on the edge. He kneeled between her tights massaging them without breaking the kiss. Then, his hot kisses went down through her neck, chest, belly to her heat.

He put one of her legs on his shoulder and she felt his hot breath on her. She shivered and then his wet tongue slowly slid up and down her slit. She inhaled sharply, her palms again tangled into his thick, black hair while heel dug into his back. Shay’s tongue was swirling and licking her throbbing clit, biting it gently with his teeth, from time to time. One of his hands spread her folds giving him better acces and her whole body shuddered and tensed under growing heat.

‘’Shay…’’ (Y/N) sighed and put her palm on the back of his neck, massaging it gently. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back. His stubble was adding even more pleasure to his smootches.

Templar dipped his tongue into her and caerfuly started making circular movements. Her hips unwittingly bucked forward and Shay kept her steady with his hands, rubbing them. His tongue sped up the pace making her legs shake even more and heat with tangling knot in her belly were unbearable.

‘’Shay, I…’’ (Y/N) whimpered and dug her nails into his wiry back. Her petite body was shook with unfamiliar till now spasm of ecstasy and relish. There were light throaty laugh and quick, shallow breaths heard from her lips.

Shay moaned and gently started kissing her swollen clit and tights massaging them to relax. He straighened up on his knees and kissed her passionetly. She tasted herself on his tongue and he lied her on her back. Shay positioned himself between her legs, drinking in her sight. She was so petite and if he would pin her down more, he could break her in half.

Shay leaned in and put his hands on both sides of her head. They were looking at each other unceasingly. (Y/N) eyes darkened heavily with lust, but behind it, there were love and trust. Shay kissed her, but that time gently, sweet, like she was about to break, while her palms rested on his back, stroking them up and down.

‘’I love you, (Y/N).’’ He whispered into the kiss.

Shay gave his member a few strokes, moved closer and delicately and slowly started entering her. (Y/N) clamped her eyes and jaw, held her breath and flexed her muscles. She strongly entwined his neck and pulled him in closer while he hid his face in the crook of her neck.

‘’Relax, love.’’ Shay whispered into her ear and kissed place under it. (Y/N)’s body immediately relaxed what eased him thrusting into her. Both of them moaned loudly in the same moment. ‘’Tell me when can I start, love.’’ He knew she has never been with any man before. He wanted her to remember that moment as best as it could be. He wanted her to feel beautiful and loved, that she was the only woman in the world to him.

‘’Shay…’’ Her voice was shaky and after few seconds his hips started moving. He felt how her nails dug into his neck.

Searching rythym for both of them, he felt how her body started responding to his efforts. Their breaths were shallow and hips moved in one steady pace. Nice warmth was spreading through their bodies creating drops of sweat. Knots in their bellies were balling even more with every move they made. Shay rised his head and looked at her. Eyes still closed and face features graced with peace and pleasure. Her pink, full lips were agape and shaped into small smile.

Shay fastened the pace making his thrusts even deeper and feeling upcoming climax. He gripped her tight and drew in to his bare hip. Straightening up, his other hand took her knee for stability while (Y/N) opened her (Y/E/C) eyes and looked at him. Her dark from lust irises moved to the place where they bodies merged into one and bit her lip. She leaned on her one elbow while her other arm reached to Shay’s sweaty chest and started stroking it softly, feeling every scar under her fingertips. He took her palm in his larger one and rised to his lips, kissing its inner side and then putting it where his heart was. (Y/N) smiled and reached to his neck pulling him into honest kiss. Their hips were moving fast and they felt shivers of upcoming orgasms. Shay squeezed her forearm in his hand and leaned his forehead agains hers. Their eyes were looking into each other ceaselessly, when finally cries of pleasure and bliss came out from their throats. Their moves became slower and sloppy during riding out their climaxes. Both of them chuckled quietly, breathing heavily and on their faces appeared smiles. Their bodies were glistening with sweat. Shay slid out from her carefuly and lied down on the bed beside her. (Y/N) brushed away strands of hair, which stuck to his sweaty forehead and lifted up a little bit to kiss scar on his face.

‘’I love you (Y/N) and even if I have to leave, I will come back to you.’’ Shay moved closer and snuggled her body to his, propping his chin on top of her head. ‘’Always. My home is there, where is my heart and my heart is with you.’’

A/N: let me know if it wasn’t shitty as i think it is. requests are still open! :) X



  • could you make an imagine with Gerard and like, you’re playing video games together and just somehow leads to smut. please, pretty please~
  • could you do one where the reader is playing video games with Gerard and somehow it leads to kinky rough smut?

“Yes!” I yelled, leaping off the couch and waving my controller wildly.

“No way! That is bullshit!” Gerard yelled in frustration, tossing his controller next to him. “How the fuck did you beat me?” Gerard and I found his old collection of Nintendo games while going through storage and have been playing non stop. Gerard becomes a new person when he gets his hands on a game. He’s the most competitive guy I’ve ever met and a huge sore winner. 

“Face it Gee, your not the best player in the world,” I smirked, sitting down next to him. He huffed and too another sip from his Dr. Pepper can, looking like a pouting toddler. “I’m going into the kitchen, want anything?” I asked, standing up and grabbing the bundle of empty Dr. Pepper cans. 

“Another drink?” I nodded, walking into the kitchen. I heard a loud gasp as I grabbed another can from the sink, making me almost drop the can. 

“Jesus Christ Gerard, what happ-” I stopped dead in my tracks at the pissed off look on his face. I glanced over at the screen, fighting off a smirk when I realized what happened.

“Care to explain?”

“What are you talking about?” I teased, shrugging casually.

“Why is my difficulty set to ‘extreme’ and yours is set to ‘easy’?” He huffed, glaring at me.

“Because you’re a sore winner and needed a taste of your own medicine.”

“You let me loose for an hour straight from cheating?” I couldn’t help but laugh at how offended he sounded, emphasizing the word “cheating”.

“Come on Gee, lighten up. It was just a prank.” I turned around to go back to the kitchen, his hand gripping my wrist suddenly. He spun me around, pulling me into his chest. I looked up at him, feeling uneasy at how dark his gaze became.

“You’re not going anywhere. Cheaters need to be punished,” He growled, tangling his fingers into my hair before kissing me roughly. I loved Gerard’s rough side, something about his raspy tone and dominance made me weak in the knees. I kissed back with just as much force, egging him on. He pushed me up against the nearest wall, pinning my arms above my head in one swift motion. His tongue lapped against mine as he nibbled on my bottom lip, insisting on leaving a mark.

“Gee…” I panted as his mouth left mine to suck on my neck. He simply groaned in response, biting sharply and sucking on the sensitive skin. He practically ripped my shirt off of me, sinking his teeth in the newly exposed skin. My fingers curled into his red locks, as he snapped off my bra. 

“You seem to be enjoying this way too much, sugar,” he rasped, licking his lips as he looked up at me. “This is a punishment, not a reward.” My mouth formed words but couldn’t spit them out, letting out a small whimper instead. He admired the purple hickeys displayed across my chest before standing up, hastily stripping down to his briefs.”Show me how bad you want this and maybe i’ll go easy on you.” He smirked, gesturing for me to get on my knees. I happily obliged, giving him a few soft pumps before taking his tip into my mouth, sucking hard. He grunted and began to push down on my head, forcing more of him into my mouth. I could feel him slide against the back of my throat, trying to relax to avoid gagging. I let him set a pace, pushing my head up and down. I ran my tongue along the underside of his shaft and hollowed out my cheeks, causing him to growl thrust his hips lightly.  “That’s it baby, that’s it baby…” he murmured, rolling his head back with a low groan. He pulled me off suddenly, hoisting me up to my feet. “I didn’t want to cum yet,” he explained at my confused look, winking at me. I crashed our lips together, feeling him smirk against mine. 

“Gerard, please,” I begged when he pulled me onto the couch, hovering over me.

“You think that was your penalty? It’s gonna take a lot more than some head to make up for that baby,” he smirked, licking his lips seductively. “Maybe you need a spanking…” he whispered, ghosting his fingers on my inner thigh. “Or maybe I won’t let you cum…” I whined at his words, shifting underneath him. That was the one thing I didn’t want. “Flip over,” he commanded, sitting up so I could re-position myself. I laid my face down onto the arm rest, resting on my knees. My breath hitched when I felt his hand gently caress my ass, chuckling lightly to himself. “You know how hot you loo like this? Waiting for me to fuck you, begging for me to fuck you? You should see how you look when i’m done with you, a beautiful fucking mess. Your hair teased from my fingers, knees wobbling, flushed, out of breath…fuck, it’s perfect,” He sneered teasingly into my ear, knowing how weak I was for his dirty talk.

“Fuck Gee, please…”

“Please, what?”

“Please fuck me, I need you so bad. Please.”

“Such a good girl, darling. Have you learned your lesson?”


“Are you ever going to cheat again?”

“Never, never ever.”

“Good girl…you’re being such a good girl princess, I think you deserve an award.” I could hear the sound of shuffling as he quickly stepped out of his jeans, tossing them across the room. I shivered when his finger ran across my slit, pressing down hard on my clit before bringing is hand back up to his lips. “So wet…you taste like fucking sugar darling,” he purred above me, positioning himself at my entrance. I braced myself, knowing Gerard was never the type for soft, slow sex. He pushed his whole length in, both of us groaning in unison. His hand instinctively wrapped into my hair, the other digging into my waist. His hips snapped with such force I almost fell over, gripping onto the cushion for support. I cried out as he brushed against my G-spot, making Gerard mutter a quiet “found it” to himself behind gritted teeth. He angled himself at the same spot, pounding into the sensitive bundle of nerves relentlessly. “Fuck, you’re so tight…do you want to cum, princess?”

“Yes! P-Please Gerard, i’m so close,” I whimpered into the couch, biting down on my lip. 

“Not till I say,” he reminded me of the unspoken rule, somehow getting his thrusts to be harder and faster. The couch rocked along with his hips, squeaking as the legs scratched against the hardwood. His thrusts were getting sloppy, hinting that he was close. “Fuckin’…shit,” he choked out, leaning down to kiss my shoulders. “Cum for me baby.” And that’s all it took. I stiffened as my orgasm crashed through me, wave after wave. He grunted above me and moaned my name, sounding fuzzy as my mind was focusing on the intense pleasure coursing through me. He pulled out of me after he finished. I could feel his eyes burning onto my skin. “So gorgeous…the sight of my cum leaking out of you is enough to get me hard again,” he chuckled, pulling me into his chest. I relaxed into the embrace, completely drained.

“Sorry I cheated,” I mumbled tiredly into his chest.

“It’s okay baby, i’m sorry for being a sore winner. I guess I kinda zone out while playing video games,” he admitted, kissing the top of my head. 

“Yeah, that was rude of you,” I said playfully, looking up through half-lidded eyes. He smiled, pushing his damp red hair out of his face.

“Hey smart ass, you want another penalty?”


Helping Hands (Loki x Reader)

Originally posted by lokihiddlelaufeyson

You pulled yourself up on the counter, trying to reach the bowl you needed. You stretched, fingers barely scraping the object. You heard a faint chuckle from behind you, which only annoyed you more. “Shut up”, you snarled. Cool hands landed on your hips and lifted you off of the counter. “Don’t be so feisty, love” You frowned and crossed your arms. The black haired god reached up and grabbed the bowl with ease. He handed it to you, still smirking. “Thank you”, you huffed as you pouted.

You looked up at the book you were currently reading. It sat on the highest shelf of your bookshelf. You didn’t know how it got up there. Maybe Loki read a bit in it and decided it was too boring for him. You sighed and looked around to find your chair. And, of course, your cat was sleeping on it right now. You couldn’t wake it up when it was sleeping. You were too much of a sweetheart for that. “Loki”, you called out. “Can you please get me my book from the top shelf?” He was there only two seconds after you had called him. He smiled, trying to make it look sarcastic but failing. “Of course, love”, he said lovingly. He walked to the shelf and grabbed the book. Then he handed it to you and bent down to place a kiss onto your hairline.

“What are you doing?”, Loki asked, watching you chase the cat around your home. You stopped to look at him and pointed behind you at the animal carrier behind you. “He needs to go to the vet” Loki chuckled. “Do you need help capturing him?” You puffed out your cheeks. “No” Then you stormed off to get the cat, only to fail again and again. You sat on the floor, frustrated. “Loki”, you whined. “Yes, love?” His voice was so smug. “Please get the cat into his box” He laughed and got up from his seat. He went to another room, emerging from it again after only a minute with the cat in his arms. It didn’t struggle, didn’t cry and yell. It was completely calm. How?

You huffed. You couldn’t get the jar open. Why did you have to be so short, so weak, so in need of help? You placed your head against the door of the fridge. “What’s wrong, love?”, Loki asked, concern lingering in his voice. “I am completely useless”, you mumbled, half hoping that he didn’t hear you. Suddenly you were hugged from behind, your head was pulled against a firm chest covered by clothing. “You are not useless, love.” You groaned, annoyed. “Then tell me, why do I always need your help, all the time and everywhere?” Lokis hand starting rubbing soothing circles into your hips. “You know, where I come from, it’s considered a crime for a goddess as beautiful and utterly charming like yourself to even work so much.” You rolled your eyes. “Reasons, Loki. You can’t charm yourself out of this one” He sighed, hands now rubbing up and down your sides. You wanted to melt against him, but knew you couldn’t give in just yet. “Well, you don’t have any control about your height, and you are only weak because you want to. And don’t argue with me now, love. I know you’re playing the damsel in distress to make me feel better. Needed. I thank you for that.” You blushed. SO he had caught onto your spiel. “Can I even hide anything from you, Loki?” You smirked playfully, feeling better already. “No, you can’t, love”

You would probably never know what happened each and every night when you slept. You would never catch Loki putting things out of your reach, but you somehow knew he did it. You were okay with it. It made him feel better. Important. He wanted, needed even, to be a good person in your eyes. Especially after everything he’s done wrong in his life. You loved him, with all your heart. And he loved you.


Having serious trust issues and being deeply withdrawn from the world when it comes to sharing what torments them, both Jane and Lisbon feel the need to confide in each other and trust each other. It’s so important that they have this need and that deep down the thought is ringing in them that they are not better off alone, after all. It’s like sharing their deepest fears and worries with each other and asking for help produces a therapeutic effect and makes them feel it is probably fine to be weak at times and rely on someone else, the one that is standing by their side silently and allows them to be themselves.

I think they both understand that the fact that the other depends on them gives meaning to their life. It means responsibility but it also means learning to speak their heart and turn to the other for help or advice. And the feeling there’s someone out there needing them is addictive. Gradually, their trust grows more personal as they open up to each other but I love it that even when they get together, they continue to treat each other’s most sensitive issues very carefully and with respect, not letting anything come between them. That’s precious and it makes their relationship so solid and strong.

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Can we get "Time of the Doctor" as NOT written by Moffat?

That was the recent Christmas Special, right? 

The Doctor gets a strange message that seems to be attracting all sorts of aliens to one particular spot in the universe.  So obviously, this is something he needs to check out, so he swings by Clara to see if she wants to have an adventure.  He arrives at Clara’s on Christmas Day and sees she’s got her whole family over for dinner.  Clara’s gran picks up right away that he’s not a regular guy, and asks if he’s an alien.   Of course he’s an alien, and he tells gran about some of his adventures.  The rest of the family doesn’t believe him and think he’s humoring a nice old lady.  But Gran knows better, because she’s always been keen on reading about odd things, ever since she saw a story about a medical doctor who had performed miracles in WWII.  The Doctor tells her it wasn’t a miracle, rather future nanobots that healed the town, and he should know, because he was there.  He then tells Gran that he found a strange signal far off in space and was going to check it out, and stopped by to see if Clara would want to go.  Gran tells him to have her back in time for dinner, and off they go….

The signal is coming from a planet called Christmas.  When 11 and Clara arrive, they see the skies are filled with all sorts of previous enemies.  Cybermen, Daleks, Silents, Sontarans are all sitting outside the planet, just waiting.  They try to land the TARDIS on the planet, but find that there is a force field around the planet.  The force field was put up by Tasha Lem, the leader of the planet, because she fears what all these visitors would do if they landed on the planet.  The Doctor convinces her to let him land and find out where the signal is coming from and how to keep her planet out of harms way of all the baddies.  Tasha knows her force field and armies can only hold off the bad guys for so long before they invade and needs all the help she can get to save her planet.  11 and Clara land where the signal is coming from and they find the crack in time and space that 11 is familiar with.  Clara figures out that the signal is coming through the crack and it must be pretty important if whoever is on the other side is willing to risk this universe by using a weak spot in time and space.  The Doctor is not so easily convinced that whoever is on the other side is benevolent.  

The Doctor is baffled about the message, because the TARDIS’s translation circuit can’t seem to translate it.  Tasha, who’s been around the crack for a while, has been able to understand parts of the message.  Whoever was on the other side was calling for The Doctor and asking him for help.  Since the message was being sent out to the universe, it summoned his enemies looking for revenge.  Clara figures out that it’s the Time Lords on the other side of the crack, trying to break back into this universe after the Doctor sealed them off during the time war. While they weren’t strong enough to break through, they had enough power to send the message to bring them here.  The Time Lords wanted to bring all their enemies to one spot to get rid them once and for all. The Doctor, not happy that the Time Lords have endangered an innocent planet and it’s people to keep waging war, begs them to call off the invaders.  The Time Lords refuse and the planet’s force field starts to fail and enemies starts landing on the planet.  The Time Lords then use the crack to send through an energy pulse that will disable the invading forces.  

The pulse hits the TARDIS and the TARDIS starts to overheat and threatens to explode.  The Doctor quickly figures out to channel that energy into the planet’s force field generator, which will strike the invading enemies and protect the planet.  His plan worked, but in the process he took a massive shock and is dying.  Tasha and Clara bring him back to the TARDIS where he lies unconscious until he regenerates.  Tasha thanks them for saving her planet, and making the force field stronger, but warns them to never return, because she doesn’t want any more war on her peaceful planet.  

11 wakes up and knows that’s he’s regenerating and sets the TARDIS to bring them back home.  As they are landing, 11 regenerates and Clara gets a little freaked out.  12 asks to see her gran and she uneasily allows it.  Clara and 12 go back to her apartment (where only ten minutes have passed).  Her family asks what happened to the other guy and who was this guy.  Clara’s gran, who more with it than anyone, winks at 12 and thanks him for bringing Clara back so quick.  

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Okay but imagine Bellarke in Modern AU. With Sunday brunches on the back porch and whispered I love yous when no one else is listening...

Thank you! <3 It is now 1am and I need some fluff and angst and countryside Bellarke in my life so let’s go!

Also on AO3

They start off as a storm. Bellamy is an earthquake, Clarke is sure. If people were natural disasters, he’d be the ground shaking beneath her feet, earth shattering, beautiful but deadly. 

And still, she loves him. Loves the same guy who made fun of her red boots she showed up to the town council meeting that first week. That’s what you do when you decide to leave a big city behind, move back to your grandparents’ farm, feed the chickens and get your hands dirty. 

“Well, if it isn’t the city princess,” he crows, leaned back in his chair, so self-assured with a smirk resting upon his face. His curls look like a crown and Clarke can’t help a blush.

Of course she sticks out like a sore thumb.

But she’s also an asshole so there is that.

“Someone has got to teach you peasants how to behave,” she shoots back, making him gape and everyone else laugh after a pause. Raven Reyes, the town mechanic, is the first one to clap her on her back and say that they are friends now. 

And Bellamy - well, Bellamy comes around eventually, when her car breaks down and she’s stranded by the side of the road with her phone battery drained, crates of tomatoes in the back of her grandpa’s run-down truck that works on will power alone. 

She’s just bemoaning leaving the city with all its commodities behind, hands gripping the steering wheel and tears dropping into her lap, when Bellamy knocks on the window and startles her.

“You need help, Princess?”

“Not from you.” It even sounds weak so Bellamy chuckles, leans on the roof of the truck, looking like if he has no intention of leaving. “Go on, get out of here! Go mock someone else!”

His brow furrows in part-confusion, part-offense. “You think I’m mocking you?”

“Oh, and you’re shocked?” 

A beat of silence, nothing but crickets chirping. Summer is going to come soon, Clarke knows. The country shows you that with grass getting greener, sun scorching your skin, crickets and grandmas busting out their best iced tea recipes. 

She loves it so much. It’s even worth tolerating assholes for it.

But Bellamy stays silent, just leaning on her truck with a deeply puzzled look in his eyes. This close, she can see his freckles, even in the dusk, can see the scar above his upper lip, how he makes this whole town feel like it’s bigger than it actually is.

How he seems like a fallen star that accidentally stumbled upon Earth and decided to stay there.

(She doesn’t think about dog adoption programmes he organizes. Doesn’t think about how she runs into him in the library, when he’s reading greek myths to kids, doesn’t think about how that makes her smile. Doesn’t do that. Not at all.)

“Blake, you alright?” she asks at last, rolling her window down. He doesn’t move for another second and then he spins into motion, crouching so his chin is on level with the window.

“I’m really sorry, you know? You didn’t deserve all the shit I gave you.”

It punches the breath out of her lungs and she’s still not sure if he’s teasing her, never can be with Bellamy Blake - as soft as a pillow in the morning and then as rough as the sandpaper she used to fix her grandparents’ back porch. 

He’s a paradox.

And she’s still an asshole so she gets out of the truck, reaches into the crate in the back and throws a tomato at him, red stain blooming on his thigh as he stares on in shock.

“That’s for being a dick.”

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He liked to keep his guard up. He liked to be the strong one on the outside, and keep his feelings hidden. He’d grown up to be the strong one in his family, so he could help as much as possible when his mum and his sisters were hurting. When Mark left, his mum was in pieces, and as much as he wanted to break down and cry with her, he felt he needed to be strong so he could protect her. He wanted her to know that he wasn’t the weak one, and he could look after them both. His sisters were heartbroken, and with the amount of tears coming from around him, he just wanted to give up.

When he asked you out, he tried not to show a weaker side to him. Back in the early days of your relationship, when you cried into his shoulder about an exam you failed, he wanted to cry with you. Because all those sleepless nights together where all you drank was coffee and water didn’t pay off. He had hopes raised, and he felt your pain. When you got upset with him going to LA for a week without telling you, he didn’t want to leave. He didn’t want to show that you had that effect on him.

You hated how he’d always have a guard up, even after all the years of being together. It was like he didn’t want you to be there when he felt like he needed a hug. You felt unwanted when he’d just walk straight passed you, and into the bedroom.

It was always rare when he asked for a cuddle, but you were always there with open arms. Enveloping him into a warm hug as he vented out his feelings. He’d talk and talk until he felt better, but he never cried or showed any emotion whatsoever. But as much as he bottled it up, the worse it drained him. He’d constantly ask to be left alone, and he’d be too down to eat or speak about anything, and the best thing you could do would be to leave him to himself until he felt usual self again.

It killed you to watch him suffer alone, but sometimes you just had to do it, if it made him happy.

• • • •

‘I’m coming home early… Are you home? I forgot my keys.’

You felt confused as you read his text over and over again, your mind wandering. Was he ill? Did something happen? Is he hurt? You worried as you typed back a quick reply.

'I am home, yeah. Is everything okay, love? xxx’

You placed your phone on your lap as you awaited his reply. Your eyes cast on the TV screen playing a re-run of an old The Big Bang Theory episode, but you mind cast to fear and panic and scenarios which could have happened. Instead of receiving a text back, you were greeted by a knock on the door, followed by a jangle of keys. You shot from your position on the sofa and walked to the door, and through the small window at the top of the door, you could just about make out the top of Louis’ head.

As you pulled the door open, he lifted his heavy head and looked at you through red-rimmed and bloodshot eyes.

“They cut my song from the album…” He sobbed, as he fell into your arms. His body shook from the sobs and whimpers leaving his mouth as he gripped onto you for dear life. His arms wrapped around your hips in a vice grip, in case you’d be cut from his as well. “It was written for you. I wrote it for you! And they cut it!” He cried, as you rested your head against his, and held him tightly.

“Hey, hey.. They’re stupid for not choosing it. I can tell you that now. But, I’ll always cherish it. You know I will” You whispered, as your fingers twisted at the hairs at the back of his head. “It’s okay, baby. It’s okay” You added, as you felt his tears soak at your neck.

“I wanted that to be on there! It had a special meaning and they told me it wasn’t good enough!” He cried out, as he lifted his head from your shoulder. “Liam’s got chosen! And that’s about Sophia!” He hissed, as he turned to the front door and slammed it shut in anger. His throat giving out a loud cry. “It’s not fair!” He whimpered, as he slid down the wood and fell to the floor. His knees bent to his chest.

“Louis… It’s okay, baby. Your other song got chosen, right? The upbeat and dancey one?” You asked, as he wiped at his eyes and nodded softly. “See! Your writing is wonderful, babe. One of them got chosen! So what if it wasn’t the one you wrote for me? I still have you to sing it for me whenever I want” You whispered, as you wiped away at the excess tears on his cheeks.

“Mmm.. 'Suppose so. I just really wanted that one to get heard. It meant a lot to me and to have it cut hurt like hell” He sighed, as you held your hands out and stood above him. “What are you doing?” He wondered, as he took your hands in his hold and hoisted himself up.

“We’re going to have a cuddle on the sofa, and we’re going to talk and laugh just like you do for me when I’m upset” You smiled, and kissed underneath his jaw. “I love you, Tommo. You’ll always be a superstar songwriter to me” You grinned, and squeezed his hands as you pulled him into the living room.

“How’d I get so lucky, huh?”

Star Wars Theory

If I’m right, this could change every movie in the Star Wars series. Spoilers!

Okay, hear me out. The director has said, and with it shown on screen that Kylo Ren collects old artifacts, as shown with Darth Vader’s helmet. There is even a scene in which a conflicted Kylo Ren is talking to the helmet explaining the pull towards the light and that he is not sure he can finish what Darth started.
The audience assumes that he is talking about being loyal to the dark side, but what if that isn’t the case? We do not see all of the artifacts, so what if he uncovered a journal of some sort that was Darth Vader’s, and he found out that Vader was trying to get to the top of the dark side to get closer to the one that pulls all of the strings (Supreme Leader Snoke). Snoke I believe was mentioned in episode three by Palpatine when he describes that there has only been one that has cheated death. When they show Snoke, he is a hologram, they never see him in person, and also has a giant scar on his head. Okay, so the only thing Vader had to do to prove his loyalty was to kill Luke, but he wasn’t strong enough, and ended up saving him and dying, not completing his ultimate mission because he felt a stong pull to the light. What if Kylo knew this plan because of the artifact, and is begging for strength because Darth withstood it for years. I’m not saying that Darth wasn’t total dark side for awhile, but I do believe conflict still rested in him and he maybe wanted to redeem himself. Kylo wants strength to be able to kill his father to show loyalty to the dark side, so Snoke will trust him.
He tries to distance himself from his father by calling him Han Solo, hoping that it makes it easier. He even tries to use his new identity to distance himself. He still has resentment to him as a father because they sent him away to train with Luke, but Luke saw how conflicted he was, and maybe helped Kylo come up with the plan to infiltrate the dark side, and told him to destroy the temple. It never says he killed all the students. So, Luke left maybe waiting for the right time to return.
When Han approaches Kylo, he calls him Ben, and Kylo still tries to distance himself by saying that Ben is gone and was weak like his father. He sees it that Han ran away from the fight. When Kylo does kill Han, he explains how conflicted he is and that he doesn’t know if he has the strength to do what he needs to and asks for his help. He even starts to hand the light saber over because it would be so much easier to just go home and forget the mission, but then he realizes that he has come too far, and makes his choice, ultimately to kill his father. A decision that Darth could not do in killing Luke.
Kylo does not seem to gain any new powers from the dark side like Anakin did when he killed all the young padawans, so he is still conflicted with the light and torn when fighting Rey. He is wounded, but also this inner conflict helps an inexperienced Rey overpower a trained Knight of Ren. He even tells her that he would train her to use the force, but doesn’t specify what side.
What if the dark side could be brought down? The only way to get close to the top is on the inside. Kylo is trying to do what his grandfather did and failed at, but to do it, it has to be nothing but dark side to let Snoke want to see him in person.