the help (2011)



My Playlists #4 - Powerful music

Whether full of attitude or full on empowering, these songs are guaranteed to put a sway in your hips and a strut in your step ;)

The full playlist: Here (YouTube)

The Tracklist:

1. Mad clown - Fire (ft. Jinsil)

2. EXO - Lotto

3. Hyuna - Blacklist (ft. LE of EXID)

4. Hyuna - Straight Up

5. CL - Hello Bitches

6. BTS - 21st Century Girls

7. Lady Gaga - John Wayne

8. Ailee - U&I

9. Jessi - SSENUNNI

10. Hyuna - Roll Deep (ft. Jung Ilhoon of BTOB)

11. 4MINUTE - Crazy

12. 2NE1 - I Am The Best

13. Block B Bastarz - Zero For Conduct

14. f(x) - Red Light

15. SNSD -The Boys

i need a bright morning to wake me up (and you)

“are you staring at me?” jonas’ eyes are still closed shut, but the morning light is pushing past the closed blinds and he can make out a familiar shape next to him. he feels a puff of air on his face and as he opens his eyes, he is faced with a grinning mikael.

“maaaybe,” replies mikael, squinting his eyes at jonas grinning shyly. and man, that stupid, beautiful smile makes his chest tighten in a weird, heavy way. jonas rolls his eyes and mutters, “creep”. he tries to turn away, hiding his smile from mikael, who manages to take a hold of jonas’ hand instead. “noooo,” mikael whines as he drags jonas back around and wraps the other boy’s arms around himself. “you’re just a very cute sleeper.” mikael’s face is pressed against his neck as he speaks, and jonas can’t help but let out a soft laugh as he lets his finger slide through mikaels untidy morning hair. 

“you’re not cute when you’re sleeping.” mikael pulls away from his neck, putting on his best “fake offended” look and lets out a “whaaat?” jonas’ smile widens. “well, i don’t watch you sleep, ‘cause i’m not a creep.” mikael tries to push himself away, but jonas only laughs and tightens his hold around mikael. mikael settles against jonas’ chest and plants a small kiss on his right shoulder. “idiot,” he mumbles against jonas’ skin, and jonas feels a slight shiver running through his body. “you’re very cute while watching other people sleep tho.” mikael laughs against his shoulder as he tilts his head up and kisses jonas’ chin.

they are lying so close that jonas can feel mikaels heart beating against his own chest. it’s all so new, and yet it feels strangely familiar. like the way mikael looks at him, and the way the other boy fits against him. somehow it feels like it has always been this way. the two of them, intertwined, with soft words and stupid laughter. 

jonas looks down into mikael’s dark brown eyes, and just as mikael meets his eyes, a beam of sunlight falls over mikael’s face. it’s like a paint brush just stroked over him, because suddenly mikeal’s eyes are golden. like how an ocean glitters when the sunlight bathes in it. jonas has to catch his breath because it feels like all the air has just left his body.

mikael blinks and moves his hands softly so they’re on each side of jonas’ face. somehow, they move simultaneously and their lips touch, moving slowly against each other as the morning light turns brighter. it’s so soft and yet jonas feels like he still can’t breathe properly. mikael just does something to him, he can’t even explain it. he just feels so much.

his hands are now in mikael’s hair, who is half lying, half sitting on top of him. jonas pulls mikael down closer to him, but all of a sudden he can feel mikael freezing under his touch. “did you hear something?” mikael’s eyes are suddenly wide and attentive, and his head moves to his door. before jonas can answer, mikael’s face turns horror-struck before whispering in a high-pitched voice: “it’s my parents.” jonas can’t even begin to react before mikael jumps off him, and before jonas knows what is happening, he is lying face first on the floor. 

all jonas can think when he is lying on the floor listening to mikael hurrying out to meet his parents is ‘AGAIN? FUCKING AGAIN?’. how can this happen again? the same exact thing happening twice, with two completely different people? how? he wonders what makes people think that he enjoys being pushed down on to the floor. he can hear mikael telling his parents he’ll be up in a minute. “i’m sorry, i’m sorry,” mikael says in a hushed voice as he frantically collects his clothes, which are spread out all over his room. jonas can only think of one suitable response to this whole situation: as mikael is rushing out of the room, jonas raises his hand and gives mikael the finger. 

later, when he tells eva, she almost chokes from laughing so hard.