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I also got this dope ass Music For The Masses shirt! : D


Don’t ever fool yourself into believing an idol’s life is wonderful and gets easier over time. BTOB is in their 5th year and they are still working as if they just debuted. 


{ Twenty-Four }

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01. Dead Hearts - Stars / / 02. King - Lauren Aquilina / / 03. Eet - Regina Spektor / / 04. Youth - Daughter / / 05. Truce - Twenty One Pilots  / / 06. What If - SafetySuit / / 07. I Have Made Mistakes - The Oh Hellos / / 08. Rubiks Cube - Athlete / / 09. You Could Be Happy - Snow Patrol / / 10. Flares - The Script / / 11. Nothing’s Bigger Than Love - My Favorite Highway

  “Though he expresses his hatred of being a sextuplet and wishes that he was an only child, he feels that he still has the responsibility to take care of them”

Hello companion cubes, this is just a reminder to block/unfollow just-otherkin-things if you follow them. I followed them, believing that they were a legitimate help blog, but then I saw them tell a 12 year old “Hitler kin” [which isn’t even a thing] to make mustard gas in his basement. However, I had already sent them several asks, believing that they were legit. As a result, and also due to my unconventional kintype [Time Lady], many people may believe that I am trolling. I am not. One of my highest and most sacred ideals is self-respect and sincerity, and that is as true now as ever.
You guys may want to see this, silverdraka and tardis-granger.


A sad day for B2UTYs

It has been confirmed today by Cube Entertainment that Hyunseung, as noted in months of rumors, is actually leaving top K-Pop boyband B2ST.

A statement has been released by Cube today:

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