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Small devotional acts.

  •  Leave flowers at empty graves
  • Wear that lacy/flowery dress and the leather jacket
  • Wear a flower crown or flower hair pin
  • Find nature and gentleness in the harshest of places
  • Practice your “don’t mess with me” look and posture. Use it while walking through crowds
  • Paint your nails dark red or wear red lipstick
  • When you find a small animal that has died, honor its life and death. If you can, bury it or leave it someplace for the other creatures of the forest
  • Go barefoot more often
  • Buy yourself a houseplant/s
  • Build your night vision, know your way in the dark
  • Take time to enjoy the sun whenever it is out
  • Drink coffee sweetened with honey
  • Demand respect and a listening ear from all – especially men
  • Decorate your home with dried flowers in the winter
  • When people do the unforgivable, hold them to their actions – do not forgive easily
  • Grow a rosebush or buy yourself some roses
  • Visit an arboretum or large gardens
  • Burn a candle for those who died unjustly
  • Volunteer with organizations that clean and restore forgotten places – graveyards, empty plots of land, etc.
  • Go swimming in natural bodies of water at night (be safe)
  • Offer a few coins/dollars to those who need it
  • Wear floral or fruity scents
  • Spend time outside in the winter too
  • Stand up for the abused
  • Go dance in or enjoy the next rainstorm
  • Don’t be afraid to defy stereotypes -  if she can be the Spring Maiden and the Iron Queen, you can be anything
  • Add more flowers to your garden
  • Take a candlelit bath
  • Know how to win a fight in case you need to
  • Don’t let anyone tell you who you can and can’t love
  • Many, many, many other things not said here
Ways to bond with a deity

- Read up on their mythology! Highlight and jot down cool facts about them that you find. Take note of their associations, as well as anything that may offend them so that you know what to avoid. Read as much as you can about their entire pantheon. What better way to get to know someone than meeting their friends and family?

- Dedicate a small space for them. This doesn’t need to be an extravagant altar, although it can be if you want it to! It can also be a shelf in your closet, or even a tiny shoebox that you’ve decorated for them! 

- Leave them small offerings. Burn some incense with their favourite herbs or scents, a candle, wine, fresh flowers etc. This should be tailored to what their associations are. 

- Make them something! Whether it’s colouring a picture, making a little clay sculpture, or maybe even baked cookies, they will love it. It doesn’t matter how it turns out but you should try your best. Think of it as a child making something for their parent.

- Leave things at their altar that you found that made you think of them.

- Make a playlist full of songs you associate with them.

- Have a devotional journal for them. Write poems and hymns for them, letters to them, song lyrics, etc.

- Just sit down, meditate for a bit, and then talk to them! Tell them about your day, your hopes and dreams, and what you love about them.

Good luck!

witch memes

•uhh i’m a witch and i blended *insert herbs* and now my cat knows the f word
•i?? shoved a *insert crystal* up my ass why am i not blessed yet?
•casting circles in,, weird shapes
•smoke cleansing with sage and getting your house searched because it smells like weed
•spirits causing very very minor inconviniences
•forgetting to close the loopholes in a spell so that you technically got what you asked for but it was the Wrong Thing
•my familar is that rock over there he loves me
•s a l t
•tarot cards calling you the fuck out
•*thing that isn’t directly connected to witchcraft but is enjoyed by many witches* is witchcraft culture
•my name is dementia darkn'ess…
•hellenic polytheism to the MAX
•did i mention salt

You just have to Look

The gods haven’t left us, but some say they are forgotten

Zeus roars his battle cry as lightning strikes skyscrapers and thunder rolls over corn fields and grassy plains.

Hera sings a lullaby to the crying newborn babies every night and hold the hand of those born early, those fighting to survive.

Artemis screams her protest in the voices of every woman, young and old, as they raise their fists for equality.

Demeter whistles through the streets of cities, rustling the leaves of scarce trees, reminding the concrete jungle of the jungles around them.

Poseidon bellows through the foghorns of steam ships, cruise liners and cargo ships as they dock into the harbour.

Hephaestus hammers his forge’s red fires with the punch of a time-clock and in the muscles strains of the working man.

Apollo blasts his voice through every headphone, earbud and speaker turned way too loud.

Ares’ battle cry echoes through a stadium as the crowd cheers after a national anthem is played.

Aphrodite whispers in the giggles and “I love you"s said between lovers intimating.

Hermes laughs in the roar of every engine and the gurgle of gasoline through the pump.

Dionysus cheers in the spirit of every young person celebrating themselves and making their lives enjoyable.

Athena hums in the silence of a late night library visit, in the turn of a page and the scratch of a pen.

Hestia smiles in every host saying “come in”, in every oven’s beeping, and the sigh of relaxation in ones home.

Hades beams in every dark humoured joke, in every Halloween night, and in every morning after.

They say the gods are gone, forgotten and a world away.
But they are here, if you look for them.

  • Them: *beautiful altars, offerings, hella spells, festivity, celebrating on may 1st*
  • Me: *eats one grape for breakfast on may 2nd whilst sat in my pj's, unwashed and doing no magic*
  • Me: blessed beltane everyone :^) 😊

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Small devotional acts.

  • Donate to organizations that support suicidal individuals
  • Wear more metal
  • Eat/drink fermented things
  • Stay up late – enjoy the night
  • Help clean up cemeteries – weeding, picking up garbage, leaving fresh flowers, etc.
  • Get jewelry/crystals like obsidian, smoky quartz, garnet, etc.
  • Burn a candle, remember those who died unjustly
  • Use more vinegar – get red wine vinaigrette the next time you have a salad
  • Go searching for animal bones or fossils
  • Drink some mint tea
  • Offer coins/a few dollars to those who need it
  • Sit on the edge and observe
  • Bring flowers or a nice card for the people who work in hospice care
  • Start saving your spare change
  • Do your assigned tasks to the fullest of your ability (even if they suck)
  • Wear deep reds and blacks
  • Learn to keep your emotions in check and stay collected, when needed
  • Drink black coffee
  • Spend more time in the shade
  • Make responsible choices, even if they seem boring
  • Pay for someone’s meal
  • Volunteer at a nursing home
  • Learn CPR and the Heimlich maneuver
  • Plant a poplar tree
  • Support someone who needs to put a pet down, in whatever form that takes
  • Eat more chocolate
  • Practice your poker face
  • Host a dinner/visit with friends
  • Grow some roses
  • Go for a nighttime drive
  • Many, many, many other things not said here

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Small devotional acts. (Of self and platonic love)

  • Wear cozy/comfy clothes
  • Listen to music that makes you feel empowered
  • Sing along to your favorite songs
  • Give little gifts to your friends
  • Go for an evening walk
  • Sleep in when you can
  • Bring more gentle colors into your life
  • Clean your room and let some fresh air in
  • Drink tea with honey 
  • Visit the ocean or find some ways to be connected to it (sea salt, seashells, etc.)
  • Write a letter to your future self or one to her
  • Glitter!
  • Go to a store and try on some new clothing styles
  • Leave positive notes in random places
  • Change your look every once and a while
  • Treat a friend to some drinks/dinner
  • Don’t limit yourself and your style because of stereotypes
  • Support small businesses
  • Take a day off and do whatever you want
  • Watch some cute animal videos
  • Visit a garden
  • Go on a picnic
  • Stand up for those who need it
  • Buy yourself some flowers
  • Be there for your friends
  • Eat those extra sweets
  • Wear more makeup/jewelry if it makes you feel nice
  • Compliment people more
  • Try out some new face masks
  • Take more selfies and pictures (by yourself and with friends)
  • Enjoy floral scented things
  • Go to a movie by yourself
  • Many, many, many other things not said here

What other witches do: cast circles, visualize, use expensive oils/herbs/crystals, set aside time for rituals/Gods

What I do: open the windows and blinds, set a stick on fire, scream “I aint get no sleep cuz of yall, yall ain’t get no sleep cuz of me” at spirits in my house, wave stick fire smoke in circles above my head, use a red dollar store pen to carve sigils into tea candle, throw salt at windows aka “little bitch gtfo my house boy bye”, uses 37493927 emojis in texts to significant otter for good vibes, cries on my dog to ward her and also bc she’s So Good, wines to Zeus about my Problems™, watches Friends with Aphrodite and laughs, whispers “please fix my car” to hephaestus and offers him a burnt match, stares pointedly at Hermes offerings and squints at tip jar


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Small acts of devotion.

  • Go hiking 
  • Learn self defense
  • Spend time in the forest
  • Go barefoot
  • Carry menstrual products in case someone needs one
  • Learn archery or how to use throwing knives
  • Go stargazing
  • Understand feminism 
  • Always help an animal in need
  • Keep an eye on anyone who seems to be uncomfortable with the person they’re with - discreetly offer support if needed
  • Make fashion choices that make you feel quietly confident
  • Cook over a campfire - or a wood burning stove
  • When drinking your morning cup of tea/coffee, step outside and enjoy the fresh air for a few moments
  • Dance
  • Wear oils and perfumes that smell of the forest
  • Be kind to kids - inspire them to follow their passions regardless of gender, ethnicity, etc. 
  • Learn more about constellations 
  • Boldly be whoever you are
  • Give money to any homeless people you pass
  • Plant native plants near your home
  • Work with the moon, follow it’s phases (use an app if needed)
  • Support aro/ace individuals 
  • Sleep under the stars
  • Buy more houseplants
  • Learn about the geography of the moon (Maria, Lunar highlands, etc.)
  • Watch wildlife/nature documentaries
  • Wake up at dawn
  • Go to pride
  • Learn bird language
  • Listen to instrumental music that inspires you
  • Keep basic first aid supplies with you
  • Donate to charities that help endangered species
  • Spend time in the mountains
  • Many, many, many other things not said here

Pallas Athena/Minerva with her aegis.  Roman mosaic (3rd cent. CE), surrounded by a modern (18th century) mosaic depicting celestial bodies and geometrical patterns.  Now in the Museo Pio-Clementino, Vatican City.

Praying for My Soul to Bloom


Guide my mind into the open flames of change. Allow my old leaves to float away from my open hands.


Show me my way into the wilderness of thought, into the abysmal green lands that frighten. Let your creatures walk with me. 


My soul searches for me, the body it carries is lost in an ocean of doubt. Wash my self-hatred from my throat. 


Butterfly wings pull me up into the evergreen trees, because you are a believer in hearts overcoming themselves. 


Darkness isn’t always a terror, a rotten thing. It binds and comforts, allows for introspection. Grow signs along my path. 


She knows I walk the path of the unmade. I have much to do, but I am not broken. 


The wisp of wind exhales from my lips as newness is drawn into me. Love me through my transformation. 


Watch as I stumble into a new welcoming place. The walk is uncomfortable, but you are holding my hand. 


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Small devotional acts.

  • Wake up early
  • Read a book you enjoy
  • Take up a new hobby
  • Pay attention in your classes
  • Use more olive oil in cooking
  • Play poker/a game that involves strategy
  • Think critically, but kindheartedly
  • Dedicate more time to studying
  • Incorporate owls into your life
  • Learn self-defense
  • Listen to music that reminds you of her
  • Go do something new
  • Wear makeup or jewelry that make you feel connected to her
  • Write something. A sentence, a story, a poem 
  • Don’t be afraid to fight for what is right
  • Watch a video on something you find interesting
  • Journal!
  • Buy some new supplies 
  • Learn more about an era that’s interesting to you
  • Defend those who need it
  • Do one thing a day that you’re passionate about
  • Get some new books
  • Be the one who can see both sides of an argument
  • Become more motivated where it’s needed
  • Take a day off if you need it (know your limits - don’t push yourself!)
  • Always seek the truth
  • Write down the little things you find interesting
  • Practice self confidence - know how smart you are!
  • Create and maintain healthy boundaries 
  • Spend more time in bookstores and coffeeshops
  • Embrace curiosity (in yourself and others)
  • Many, many, many things not said here
Dorm-friendly offerings & altars

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I don’t know about y'all, but I’m BIG on using candles and burning incense as offerings for my deities. I love asking them to help me pick out a candle or incense scent that they would like, and burning it in their honor. That’s my standard go-to when I’m at home. But when I move back on campus this fall, I’m going to have to get a bit more creative for the no-burning-things rule and so as not to alert my already suspicious roommate, lol. I thought I’d compile a list of ideas for dorm and roommate-friendly offerings and altars. 

Obvs, this can be useful in any situation in which you can’t practice openly for whatever reason. PLEASE, feel free to add your own ideas & your own examples from your practice. I want this to be an interactive list!


  • Make them a drink (coffee and tea seem to be popular, but anything can work)
  • Cut out a portion of your lunch to share with them
  • Draw them (they’ll love it!)
  • WAX WARMERS!! If you can have them. Closest alternative to a candle
  • Oil diffusers
  • Collect pretty things you find outside that remind you of them. Rocks, feathers, flowers, etc.
  • Dedicate your work in their domain to them (ex. dedicating your study time to Odin)
  • If you have kitchen access, bake things for them


  • Pocket altars are always a good idea (check out the pocket altar and altoid altar tags for ideas)
  • E-shrines
  • If you can do it discreetly, you can set up your altar on a windowsill or in a corner of your desk.