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day 1 writing prompt: first meeting

aka lukas is flustered by new-kid philip

They don’t get new kids. Not here. Not in a town this small, with nothing to bring people to it but previous family ties. Tivoli isn’t a place people come to. It’s a place they leave.

And yet, all Lukas has heard about today, the news swimming through the halls, is the new kid. The rumors swell and change, some painting Philip as a goth kid, some painting him as a hipster, some painting him as short, some as tall.

None of them do him justice, and none of them are true.

The real Philip, the one who walks into Lukas’ 5th period History class, is like no one Lukas has ever seen before. With messy brown hair, dark eyes, and a reserved demeanor, he really shouldn’t be anything special.

But he is. He’s the most beautiful person Lukas has ever seen. Just the sight of him makes Lukas’ stomach tighten, makes his chest ache, makes his breath catch.

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adolfin-hitlai  asked:

I know you don't really like angst, but "That was fun. Let's cause more chaos again, later" with hawkmoth, akuma!marinette, tikki, plagg, Chloe, and alya. Hawkmoth got both lb and cat miraculous, Adrien dead/out in the corner.

I don’t know where you get the idea that I don’t like angst if you’ve read my drabbles, but here you go. :)

“That was fun,” Seamstress cooed, dropping the Black Cat Miraculous into Hawkmoth’s open palm. “Let’s cause more chaos again, later.” She slipped a long needle from the bun at the top of her head. “For now, I have something else in mind.”

Chloe pushed herself in front of Alya as the needle sailed through the air. It sank deep into the back of Chloe’s shoulder and she cried out as she fell forward against Alya’s weak form. 

A wicked smile spread over Seamstress’s mouth as she languidly moved towards them. “Not looking so hot, Chlo,” she drawled, slowly pulling out another needle.

“Seamstress,” Hawkmoth called, voice low. “I wanted the Ladybug and Black Cat Miraculous. We have what we need for now.”

“I can take the others,” she replied, keeping her eyes on her former teammates.

“Tikki would be so ashamed of you,” Trixx tutted as she and Pollen flew out to form a protective barrier in front of the young women. 

The akumatized Marinette tilted her head, a playful smirk appearing on her lips. “Tikki was always a bit of a buzzkill.”

“Mari, please help Adrien, please.” Alya’s voice was low and hoarse, specks of blood painting her lips with each word she spoke.

“What’s the point?”

“Seamstress,” Hawkmoth called again, tone harder.

She glanced back at him over her shoulder. “You got what you wanted, Hawky. You won’t rush me now.”

“You forget your place, girl,” he growled.

Without looking back, she threw her hand in his direction and thick strands of yarn wrapped the man up, tipping him over to a bound pile on the floor. He cursed and spat angrily, trying to work his cane out of the restrictive bindings.

“He’s really no fun,” Seamstress pouted. “I guess you get a pass for now.” She stepped away from Chloe and Alya and moved towards Adrien’s limp form. She studied him for a moment and sighed, nudging his wounded side with the tip of her toe. “He had such potential too.”

Hawkmoth had worked one arm out of the yarn bindings and was yanking the cane out. Seamstress leapt to the window and did a mocking curtsy. “Until we meet again,” she grinned before disappearing into the night.

“You’ve really done it now, asshole,” Chloe swore, grabbing her shoulder and glaring at Hawkmoth. “You have no idea what you’ve unleashed.” 

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