the hellas

i really dont get cigarette scare tactics in this day and age bc its like. literally all of this generation has had it ingrained into out mind through the sheer amount of times in school they told us not to smoke bc it can kill you etc. literally everyone in this generation has heard it over and over again that smoking can destroy your lungs and kill you. if someone still smokes after being shown a picture of black collapsed lungs when they were 10 maybe you should be looking at other things theyre going through and help them rather than labeling them as someone who didnt listen who needs to be told again what they already know

7AM Practice Track, Rains of Castamere
Acapella, A very Rough Practice Track of Thee-Writes

So, someone asked for some singing.

I thought about it…

I drank some hot tea…

I got up at 7AM with my phone recorder…

And uh, This is what came out. Acapella, off of memory, and a very rushed warm-up session.

I don’t know how to feel about it, so imma just drop it off, and y’all can look at it… or listen. If y’all only here for Team Fortress, please feel free to ignore, normal blog stuff coming shortly!

Enjoy, I guess…?

Bye (maybe)...

On the chance that net neutrality is not saved on the 14th, I am sadly going to have to leave tumblr. While I feel like my parents would still let me pretty much use the internet every day, if they ever found out about my tumblr or that I even watch supernatural / any tv in general that isn’t educational??, I would be screwed for life.

So if I disappear, that’s why. If I’ve talked to you / you want to keep in touch, feel free to dm with some other way to contact you. I need FB for school clubs, so worst case scenario I will probably still have that. God, I can’t believe I may lose all the amazing friendships I’ve made and the safe haven I have to confide what I wouldn’t really dare elsewhere. Ily guys

Also, I would feel sad deactivating this blog. Anyone want to take over or?? idk

But there still is hope I suppose. For now I’ll just have to hope and pray that America is, even in its terrible state, able to make one good decision. One thing. This is all I’m asking for my birthday, for Christmas. One thing. 

I remember long ago,the first time i did a commission and was so excited i told my parents bout it, and how the first thing they said was “but you arent drawing any weird porn right?haha jk” and i ofc denied like “haha good joke dad” but now years later im like  👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀

nukesandwitch  asked:

So Soda, what’s on your Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate) list this year? Personally I want some more Nintendo switch controllers, some games, and the souls of the damned!

Ooooh, I could use more souls to help me around the house, maybe I’ll ask for those >:/ !!!

For Christmas I’m hoping to get a new bike, some hella stylin clothes, and maybe an on-screen tablet :’D 

Pale blue wings flapped hard as the Angel moved between ancient ruins, ruins that had been there longer than he had. An old village, small even when it was new. A place that was more of a home than Heaven.

Victor landed lightly on the roof of a building, careful to not stand entirely on it.

Who knew how much pressure it would take to cause it to crumble completely.

He glanced back towards where he came from, to the light and comfortable coolness of Heaven. And, slowly, his gaze traveled to the side until he was turned away, completely facing Hell in all it’s fiery darkness. Such a stark contrast to what he had grown up in and yet familiar all the same.

Hell wasn’t somewhere he should feel comfortable in, so he’s been told. Demon’s lived there, fallen Angels who had sinned too much, who’s dove white gowns had turned ashen gray and who’s wings had turned red.

Worse, Devil’s lived there. There was a time when Victor had feared Devil’s, before he began to hunt them. Even then, he still held a certain amount of fear, though hidden away.

Now, though, it was a Devil Victor was waiting on. And he held no fear when he saw them approach.

Only glee.

He flapped his wings hard, sending him flying fast towards the oncoming Devil until they met, lips crashing together in a hard kiss. Yuuri, his beautiful, amazing Devil, held Victor close, his crimson bat-like wings wrapping around them both as they fell freely for a moment before they flared out and caught them.

Yuuri was giggling as they pulled away only enough to speak, their bodies remaining pressed together. “Hello to you too, Vitya.”

“I missed you.” There was most likely a blush on Victor’s cheeks and he knew it, knew that his skin was far too pale to hide it.

“I missed you too,” Yuuri laughed, pressing a gentle kiss to the Angel’s nose. His feathery tail came up above their heads, catching both of their contrasting halos, gold and black, before returning back down to the side. Victor knew this wasn’t something absent-minded. This was done on purpose by Yuuri, his silent way of saying “we aren’t Angel and Devil right now, just Victor and Yuuri” and it comforted Victor more than he would ever willingly admit.

Victor clutched to Yuuri’s black jacket, leaning back to shyly look up at him. Yuuri’s hands immediately going to wrap around Victor’s thighs to be sure he was supported. 

They stayed like that for a while, simply talking to each other. This was always Victor’s favorite part of the week. The days where he could sneak away from court for a while and simply enjoy being with Yuuri and holding on to him. He finished a tale about how Phichit had pranked him when he felt Yuuri stiffen.

“Yuuri?” He asked, voice laced with concern.

“I…” Yuuri trailed off, his eyes glazing over. Something was happening, Victor just wasn’t sure what. “I have to go.”

“Why?” He questioned.

Yuuri’s eyes lost the glaze and instead began to glow a gentle red. His black halo floated off his tail and returned to it’s place over his head, Victor’s following soon after and hovering over it’s own master.

It was with a slightly sad, and slightly pissed smile that Yuuri pulled back from him, and Victor realized then that it must be something bad.

The Yuuri he was seeing right now wasn’t the Yuuri who held him tightly, whispered sweet nothings in his ears and kissed him with gentle lips.

This was Yuuri Katsuki, Devil of the Sin of Wrath.

“The Guardians have come for a visit.”