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My mom’s walking around the house saying “do you want the hotdog? Do you want the hotdog? Hotdog. Weenie. Weenie. Weenie.” And this is what it’s like living with a stubborn food driven German shepherd

sundae seems confused as to why im not cuddling her as often im sorry u amazing cat i cant pick u up or hold u in my lap ur literally too heavy fdhsjdodbd

The active main cast of villains for this volume and the last has been nothing if not boring.

Emerald and Mercury, the only ones who actually even come off as interesting especially after Roman’s anticlimactic death, barely even get any screen time and Neo is nowhere to be found.

Why did they kill Roman off again? 

No, seriously… Why? 

He was a fan favorite. No one could deny that, as a villain, he was both likable and menacing and was one of the most interesting characters consistently in the first 3 volumes…. So why?

Why the the hell did they kill him and leave us with the most boring, bland, and generic of round table villains?

I interviewed such a genuinely nice guy today. He was very nervous but he was well presented, had done his research and is clearly very smart.

But mostly he came across as just a genuinely nice and thoughtful young man

My guess abour the black hood so far

First, I don’t think it’s Chic Cooper, because the black hood is supposed to be in his 40s!

I think Sheriff Keller fits the description so well! He is in his 40s, green eyes (I think), knows Betty since she was a kid because she was friends with kevin back then, as a sheriff he hasn’t been able to do any good to the town and being all crazy and killing people could be someone crazy people believe is making justice, BUT Betty and Veronica suspect he is the black hood in the next episode, and there is no way they are gonna reveal his identity so soon! So that makes me think it’s not him (though as I said he really fits the description we have of him so far)

My guess? Hal, he is Betty’s dad and he would know about her being crazy about nancy drew as a kid, he has green eyes, he is in his 40s. And has internal hatred for mama Coop obviously, because it must be hard to be married to her😂 And that, would explain why he made Betty publish that article AND why he sent all his letters to the Registe (though maybe that’s because there isn’t another newspaper on Riverdale, but he could have published it on the internet or something, we live in the 21st century after all😂).

Also, that would explain why the black hood is so fixated in keeping Betty away from Jughead and Veronica (maybe he doesn’t want that kind of company for her daughter cause Hiram is such a corrupt. And being with Jughead would make her become more similar to Alice? Who was from the south side after all)

AND last but not least, that scene where the black hood tells Betty to wear the hood and tells her she IS the black hood is because she is his daughter? Plus, Hal is in almost every episode, yet he barely speaks or has any relevant role in the current plot, so why keep Lochlyn so present in the show (silently but still in almost every episode) if he is not going to have any part in the development of the main plot of the season?

What do you guys think??

(Sorry if there are any typos or expression mistakes, it’s late here, I haven’t slept properly in days and you know, English is not my first language)

anonymous asked:

idk my ~lesbian label~. i know im not butch but i definitely dont feel femme either? i also dont really know what it means to be femme. what does it mean

honestly i feel like i should hit u with some history or something here but i dont actually know a lot about the history of femme lesbians? (something i plan to change soon, i Really wanna get into it)

all i can explain is what it is for me, personally. like. i have some fashion-y traits that more stereotypically butch, i mean, i wear boots 100% of the time im outside and i have a side-shave haircut. but like. idk. i want to look pretty. i like to look pretty. i love to do my makeup and my hair and wear fruity perfumes and dresses with leggings and little button-up sweaters and jewellery. tbh a lot of the time i do not have the energy to do this because of The Depression™ but if i could look like i just came from a vogue photoshoot every day i would.

but i think the Important thing for me about presenting as a femme lesbian in public is the knowledge that i am not trying to look pretty for men? i do not want men to look at me. my appearance is not for them. it is for me, and for other women. i love to see my reflection in the glass as i walk by it and think ‘she really went all out today and she looks hot’. i love when other women compliment my hair, or my outfit. and at the moment, for me, that’s what’s being femme is about.

Magda keeping an eye on Eliza, observing her mopping and dusting. He occasionally points one of his disturbingly long claws at a spot she missed.

“You know bruja….ever think about how easy it would be for a mortal to simply vanish without a trace here? I mean….this mansion is a maze….a gigantic home with hidden rooms and passages…so simple to hide a drained corpse….even another vampire’s sharp senses would have difficulty determining the location….”

Eliza has gradually stopped her chores, and is looking at Magda over her shoulder.

“Uh….guess I don’t really think about those things too much…”

The officer tilts his head, drumming his fingers on the glass; eyes never leaving her.

“Si….quite dangerous here….If someone was so inclined, they could snatch you in a heartbeat, drag you around a corner and feast….finishing by plucking your heart right from your chest like a precious, candy rose…” Magda flexed his free hand; claws scraping and clacking together.

Eliza nodded, paling as she began to subtly move away from the officer.

“Yeah….yeah it’s quite dangerous…”

Magda was suddenly right beside her, index finger tracing about the rim of his glass. His fangs looked especially sharp in this light and Eliza gulped. He leaned forward as she leaned back, nearly falling over from the angle.

“…hypothetically speaking of course….” he returned to his seat, refilling his glass from the wine bottle Armando had left him for the day.


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