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You know, I almost forgot how nice to draw them

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Betty selfish? I'm guessing that person is watching a different show. Betty has constantly put others before her. Hell in ep. 3 she gathered the girls who got slut shamed and at the end cleared their names with the school article while V was only looking justice for herself and only made Chuck confess she didn't do anything, never once mentioning the other girls.

Yep…even cheerleading was something she wanted because of how it would look on college applications (and probably as part of her good girl fantasy life that really isn’t her)—the only stuff she’s ever done for herself are the B&G and her relationship with Jughead….that’s the whole point, just as each of them are the only ones to EVER put the other first (with FP now seeking to make up for that)


                                         The best and wisest men I have ever known.
                                                       O u r Baker Street boys.

all of kevin and joaquin’s scenes were so good and well acted like wtf riverfail get your shit together and give those boys more screentime. yknow what, take it out of lice’s screentime while you’re at it bc this ep was 6000x better without that nonsense


Morgan & Reid »  [4.09] 52 Pickup

See, there you go. That’s what I’m talking about. That’s called game.