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WinwinxReader AU (requested)

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 2.3k 

A/N So this turned out a little very different than what had been requested, and the tone of it kinda changes because I left it for a while and came back to it later. Honestly it’s not the greatest T.T But I hope you still enjoy reading it anon dear~ (Also some things may come off a little insensitive, but this is in all honestly based on my personal experiences with exchange students and language barriers.)

“Sicheng, are you okay?” 

Winwin looks at you like he just came back from another dimension. His eyes are blinking slowly, and his mouth is opening to explain himself. But he’s posture is stiff, as an unreadable tension falls on his shoulders. Although slightly confused, you didn’t have to think too hard about why he appeared so uncomfortable. 

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15 Princes / Part One


A/N: Finally getting to the first part of the series. Hopefully everyone liked the introduction. I’m proud to present the first chapter! This time, there will be more interaction. Hopefully everyone enjoys like always~

PLOT:  What if 15 boys had a crush on you? What would you do? That’s exactly the situation you are in. Suddenly, you are being confessed to left and right. The boring school year just got interesting. Who will you choose? Who is the one who makes your heart flutter the most? Why is there a club dedicated entirely to you?

CHAPTERS: Intro / One / Two

“So, I’m sure you know why I’ve gathered you here today.” Doyoung took his seat at the end of the long table, clearing his throat, and organizing the papers in front of him.

The eight other boys seated at the table quieted down. Their faces ranged from annoyed to genuinely curious.

“Now, before I begin, is there an-” A hand shot up, and a voice interrupted him.

“When did we make you president?” Doyoung rolled his eyes at the question.

“Excuse me Jaehyun, but I don’t see you being the student council president in elementary school. I’m more qualified than more than half of you pathetic lover boys.”

“Last time I checked Doyoung, you were in that category.”

“Shut up Ten, nobody was talking to you.”

This prompted an argument to arise and the room became filled with angry yelling. Doyoung let out a long sigh, rubbing at his temples. Why did their meetings always start like this?


Hands slammed onto the table, quieting everyone abruptly. All heads turned towards the sound, and a fuming Taeyong greeted them.

“We have more important business to take care of.” Taeyong sat back down in the plastic chair, crossing his arms. Doyoung let out an awkward laugh.

“Well, there is a reason he is vice president.”


Anyway, you must be wondering why I gathered you all here. Usually we only meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but we have an emergency.”

Everyone stiffened up. This could only mean one thing…

“Y/N is in danger of falling into the hands of a foreigner who is better looking than us but we won’t admit it.” Doyoung slammed his hands on the table, and everyone broke out into whispers. “It seems that Y/N has been asked to show him around, but we all know what that means.”

“It’s the perfect scenario, Foreigner meets beautiful angel, proceeds to fall in love. Next thing we know, they are popping out babies left and right. We can’t let this happen to our queen!” A chorus of “hell yeahs!” filled the room. 

“What information do we have on the foreigner?” Taeil cut into the cheering. All attention was back onto Doyoung, who gestured towards Jaehyun.

“Jaehyun, tell us what you know.”

Jaehyun cleared his throat, and stood up from his seat.

“Well, the transfer student is part of the international student program. He’s from China, and his name is Qian Kun. He’s a B blood type and is 178 cm tall. Favorite animal is cats, enjoys chocolate, beef, brea-” Johnny interrupted him before he could continue.

“Dude, how did you find all that out when he just arrived not even an hour ago?” Jaehyun opened his mouth to answer, but was once again cut off by Doyoung.

“That doesn’t matter, what matters is that since this Kun person is from a foreign country, it means that we have competition now for Y/N’s love. He is at an advantage because he gets to be with her 24/7!” Doyoung growled. He was especially frustrated, being that he was the one who (supposedly) has had the longest crush on you.

“Competition? Aren’t we all competition?” Yuta raised an eyebrow at Doyoung. He was just here to pass time and find out anything he could about you to best the others for your affection. 

“This is a passive group, we aren’t going to confess to our angel, you idiot.” Yuta glared at Doyoung. 

While everyone was arguing about the point of the club, Hansol sighed, grabbing his backpack from the floor. He had to go home, and it was beginning to look like the club meeting was veering off course once again. He got up, sending a small wave to the rest of the members.

None of them noticed him.

A dejected feeling came over him. If his own friends don’t notice him, how will you ever? There was no hope for him. He should just give up.

He slid the door closed, and adjusted his backpack. Even as he walked down the hallway, he could still hear the echos of the other members. It was a miracle nobody had come and complained by now. 

Hansol hung his head low, feeling the energy just get sucked right out of him. Today had been a exhausting day. 

“Oh-” Something collided with him, sending whatever it was onto the floor. Hansol, startled, looked up.

His eyes widened and his pulse quickened.

You sat on the ground, rubbing at the part of your back that had hit the ground. You still had your uniform on, and there was a pout on your face. Hansol felt his breath hitch.

You were beautiful like always.

Hansol’s daydreaming was interrupted by a male hand popping in out of nowhere, and helping you up. You smiled at the stranger, thanking him for helping you.

“Please watch where you’re going next time.” The heavy accent was directed towards him, and Hansol took in the male that was next to you. He was around the same height as Hansol, yet Hansol felt a sense of inferiority being by him. The man’s smile was bright and it really lit up the room. His hair was trimmed neatly and his posture was perfectly straight.

Hansol felt like a squid next to him.

You dusted yourself off, and turned your attention to Hansol.

“Yes, please watch where you walk. The whole hallway is not just for you.” You giggled. Hansol felt his face warm up at your small smile, and he was glad that you weren’t mad at him. 

He was so caught up in his thoughts that he didn’t even have time to form a single sentence.

You looked at him a bit confused.

“Well…I guess we’ll get going now. Kun, come on, I’ll show you the science classroom next.” The two of you walked away, leaving a frozen Hansol who was a jumbled mess on the inside.

He let out a long groan once he realized that he missed his chance.


first selfie is when i got all dressed up to get my name and gender marker legally changed hell yeah (chorus: hell yeah) btw thats a tooth brush in my mouth not a vape pen or smthn and the others are a bunch of selfies i took at 6 am where i took my shirt off halfway through because fuck you

like wow look @ me ive gone through legal AND medical measures in order to transition but i love my body and havent felt body dysphoria in like 2 years

you can be trans and love your body. you dont have to hate yourself in order to be trans. the purpose of transitioning is not to become cis it is to get to a point where you are happy with yourself. that point is in different places for different people. some people are at that point from the start so they dont transition. for me that doesnt include surgery, for another trans guy it might. your transition (or lack thereof) is all about you and what you wanna do, not what anyone else thinks or expects of you.

happy trans day of visibility everyone


a kidnapping AU was requested by @stawmay12 and @fleatflutter i kinda just combined yalls requests cuz they were so similar i hope you dont mind!!!

AU in which you get kidnapped, and Doc and 10k rescue you

sorry this took so long 

“You’ll die for this.” You snarl, cheek still stinging from where you were slapped. The pale man just grins, showing off rotten teeth. He looks over at his friends, all with the same hungry look in their eyes.

“Will we die for this, boys?” He asks. They all laugh, and give out a chorus of ‘hell no’s.

Your arms are knotted behind you, and you’ve been trying for two days to get them undone. All you’ve accomplished is raw wrists and a damaged sense of pride. You’re pretty sure a rib is broken, and your nose is most definitely broken. There’s a cut from your hairline to your cheekbones that’s going to scar, and you can only imagine how many bruises are all over you.

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Haunted House

Relationship: Michael x Reader

Words: 1405

Masterlist l Request

Author’s Note: Here is the final post for my Halloween series. I just want to say I had so much fun writing Halloween blurbs this month and I hope you all enjoyed reading them. And who knows maybe this will become a thing for future holidays! 

Working at a haunted house was one of the highlights of the month of October for you. It was a pretty simple job, chaperoning people through the mazed rooms but it was entertaining too in that you got to make fun of everyone who screamed profanities before anything even scared them. Needless to say when Halloween approached you were disappointed that the job would be ending but you knew tonight would be the best crowd of all.

The evening had started off slow, with only a few brave children venturing into the haunted maze. And while, children were usually pretty easy to make fun of you always felt bad when one of them would start crying. So chaperoning children through wasn’t the most entertaining thing for you making you hope that as it got later the older crowd would venture out.

It was around ten thirty when things started picking up. The line now wrapped around the parking lot multiple times and there were no sight of princesses and super heroes in it. The new crowd gave you the push you needed to get back into your Halloween spirit considering you could now laugh at their misfortune.

It was the third group you took through that you knew was going to be the best group you had ever chaperoned. They were screaming before they even got inside, getting scared in the room where rules were read when you and the other chaperones banged on the door. When you opened the door to get them you expected a group of young teenagers but instead you were greeted with a group of very tall, very broad boys who most certainly were not the thirteen year olds you predicted.

“I’m going to be your chaperone this evening,” you said. “I’ll be right behind you at all times and if for any reason you feel you cannot continue or want to go through no scare just let me know. Are we ready?”

You were met with mostly a chorus of hell yeahs aside from the one blond boy standing farther back in the group. It wasn’t hard for you to tell that he was the most reluctant to go through considering the way his hands were gripping the sides of his leather jacket covering his middle.

“How scary is this thing?” he asked before you let the group start moving.

“Don’t worry, it’s for little kids,” you said, smirking only when the boy passed you to join his friends.

The haunted maze most certainly wasn’t for little kids but he didn’t need to know that. Instructing the group of boys to walk straight before making a left at the end, you followed a few feet away from them. As you passed the group of fellow chaperones you tossed a smirked there way, letting them know that this one was going to be one to talk about. And sure enough, the minute the scary doll came around the corner the boys were jumping backwards, threatening to knock you over in the process.

“Welcome to my doll house,” the girl giggled. “Don’t you want to see more of my dollies? We have so many dollies. There’s Molly and Sarah,” she said, before twirling around the corner towards her room.

“You guys have to follow her,” you shouted, prompting the boys to start moving once again.

Reluctantly, they started moving, but not before pushing each other towards the front, none of them wanting to be the first scared. And as predicted the timid blond from the beginning ended up at the back of the pack, thinking it was the safest which you knew was farthest from the truth.

Things began moving smoothly as the boys made their way further into the maze, that was until you hit the hallway where black fabric hung from the walls making it completely pitch black. Something about not being able to see always got people disoriented and even though there was no one to scare them in the hallway it was always one of the scariest rooms of the haunt.

“Just keep walking straight,” you advised.

“Which way is straight?” one of the boys shouted.

“Clearly not this way, cause I just hit a wall,” another said.

After a few more minutes of struggling, they made their way into the next room which consisted of glowing neon masks and girls sneaking up behind them with these mask on. You knew they were going to be an entertaining group, but watching the lanky boys cower in fear as a measly five foot tall girl snuck up behind them was priceless. You had to stick around a moment just to compose yourself before following them out of the room and into the zombie infested room.

The boys weren’t nearly as terrified in the next couple rooms but that was probably due to the fact that they were practically running through the rooms now to get out. It was when you hit the clown room did all hell break lose.

Clowns were scary enough as it is on a normal day. Give them loud obnoxious laughs, blow horns, and a real life jack in the box and it was a scene right out of a person’s nightmare. You were used to people losing their cool in this room but never to the extent of what happened next.

Just as the blond boy was passing the giant box, the actor inside jumped out causing the boy to jump so far back that he hit the wall behind him. And while the walls were structured pretty securely, they weren’t necessarily grounded to the floor well enough to take the impact of a six foot tall boy bashing into them. As the wall began to shake you moved towards it, anchoring it with your hands while one of the clown actors reached into your back pocket to grab the radio out of it.

“We have a wall situation in the clown room,” the clown said.

You were so preoccupied with holding the wall in place so it didn’t crush any of the actors that you hadn’t even realized that the boy had fallen to the ground in pain. His hands cradling his throbbing hands while his friends stood off to the side. You knew that he was hurt which was an even bigger problem than the lopsided wall. Acting quickly, you ushered one of the clown actors towards the wall before grabbing your radio again.

“I’m going to need a replacement chaperone in the clown room too. I’ve got a person down.”

Within moments, more chaperones had surfaced in the room. One ushering the boys further through the maze while the others got to work fixing the wall so they could get the line moving once again. Meanwhile, you helped the boy up off the floor and ushered him through the emergency exits towards the back room where you knew there would be a first aid kit available.

“My head is killing me,” the boy groaned.

“That’s usually what happens when you bash your head against a wall,” you chuckled. “Just sit here and I’ll get you a bag of ice.”

Thankfully there was a few ice packs in the small freezer in the room so you didn’t have to go too far. Hanging it to the boy, you collapsed next to him in the chair.

“Sorry about the wall,” he mumbled.

“No worries, happens all the time.”


“Okay maybe not all the time but people occasionally run into the walls. Maybe just not people of your size,” you teased.

“I told them I didn’t want to go through the stupid thing but they made me,” he whined. “I’m Michael by the way.”

“Y/N,” you said, shaking his hand.

“Thanks for the ice. I think I’m better now,” he said after a few minutes of sitting down.

“Great! Well I’m no doctor but I’m pretty sure you’ll be fine tonight. You’re friends should be outside unless the chainsaw dude chased them to their car.”

“There was a chainsaw guy?” he gasped.

“Oh yeah, he’s here every year,” you smiled. “Well I hope we didn’t scare you too much. And don’t worry next year you can go through no scare so this doesn’t happen again.”

“I don’t know about going through again but if you’re my chaperone I guess anything is possible,” he smirked. “It was nice meeting you Y/N.”

It’s Okay

Imagine when the Gladers are escaping WCKD, you get trapped behind the door and they have to leave you.
-swagfeatpayne: Can you do a Newt imagine ? please.
Character: Newt
A/N: My first requests YAY! This is my first attempt but please bear with me, I will get better.

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Despite the forewarning that this was going to be a “dirty and raw” debut, Zayn’s first solo single, “Pillowtalk,” eclipses all expectations for just how libidinous his music could be. The loud, sexy track has F-bombs and heavy beats galore, but Zayn’s vocals stand front and center, shining on one hell of a towering chorus.
—  MTV
Venus Fly Trap

Pairing: Pansy x Colin 
Word Count: 761 words
Setting: Modern AU
Written for: pureblocds who provided a list of prompts
Notes: Prompt - ‘What the fuck are you doing it’s midnight why are you playing ‘My Heart Will Go On’ on the piano’. Alternatively, ‘I’m going to lean out the window and sing along until you fucking stop and wonder who else is singing’ AU

Pansy Parkinson is pissed.

Not the kind of oh ok have an ice cream it will all go away halfway through an episode of Bunheads sort of pissed.


It’s the jesusfuckingchrist I will legit cut you open and set fire to your spleen if you dare to even fucking smile at me sort of pissed.

If you make the mistake of asking why, Pansy darling? Why are you angry enough to commit murder with your own, bare, beautifully manicured hands?, she will, after gutting you and charring your internal organs, tell you that:

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