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  • [Aomine looks at Kuroko]
  • Aomine: I can get any girl that walks though that door to date me.
  • Kuroko: Good luck.
  • [Riko walks in with the rest of the Seirin in tow]
  • Aomine [turns back to Kuroko]: The next girl.
  • [Momoi walks in]
  • Aomine: No way in hell I am dating her, the next one.
  • [Kimura’s girlfriend walks in with Midorima and Takao]
  • Aomine: Yeah, let’s get going.
  • [Aomine tries to hit on her, dodges two punches from Midorima and Takao and gets kneed by Kimura’s girlfriend]
  • Aomine: This is not my day.
  • Kuroko: [nods]

Gearheads pt.4

Pairings: readerxSweetpea

A/N: the final, heavy dialogued, part of Gearheads. Enjoy my angels!


I blinked my blurry world into lackluster focus. Oh fucking hell what happened. I couldn’t lift my head from the coarse pillow. Am I dead? Is this heaven? I moved my eyes slowly to see an angel balled up in a Serpent jacket on the couch, a pile of books along side her. I haven’t seen yn in so long. I tried to lift my head again and failed with a grunt, yns eyes flew open. I felt bad for waking her, she doesn’t look like she’s slept much.

“Sweet Pea…” she barely whispered, I was afraid to move just in case this was a dream. She stood and ran to my bedside, stumbling a little. Still a clumsy goddess ((ohh dat link to da first fic tho)).

“Oh my god thank God you’re awake!”

“How-” I coughed in attempt to clear my hoarse throat “-what happened?”

“You rolled the car…”

“Oh fuck how’s the car?”

“ Practically totalled” she laughed slightly

“Oh for fuck sake of course it is”

“Well I mean that’s what happens when you flip it over”

“Damn I knew I wasn’t supposed to do something” she laughed at me “at least your sense of humor is alright” she smirked down at me again. My eyes landed back on her books.

“What’s with the books?”

“Well you’ve been comatosed for a week and I had to go to school so I brought my work here for the evening”

“Oh…” that was incredibly sweet and unnecessary. “Are you alone?”

“Fangs came most days, he’s gone for food now. His mom was your emergency contact so she’s in and out but mostly it’s just me….”

“how are you feeling…” her smile.half disappeared, calm before a storm kind of situation.



“Not yet but I gues-” she then smacked me across the face abruptly and…kinda hard, giving me a fright.


“That’s for going all radio silence on me and then getting yourself in an accident!” she sounded beyond annoyed.

“I’m sorry I had to!”

“You had to nearly kill yourself?!”

“No! I had to shut you out, it was for your own good!”

“MY OWN GOOD?!” I think even if this wasn’t a private room she’d be screaming, she’s really angry… rightfully so.

“Yeah I swear”

“I was in an abusive fucking relationship with an absolute asshole for half a year and you hurt me more in the past 3 weeks than he ever did! SO TELL ME HOW THAT’S FOR MY OWN GOOD! TELL ME HOW THE BOY I LOVE IGNORING ME FOR TWO WEEKS THEN NEARLY DYING IS GOOD FOR ME!!!” She was half crying and the frustration and pain was dripping from her voice. Did she just say she loved me?

“Yn call the doctor” I felt like the air was fleeing my lungs, I was starting to hyperventilate slightly.

“Shh shh Sweet Pea calm down" she caught my hand but I couldn’t feel it, only see it.

“Yn I can’t feel your hand! Why can’t I feel your hand!?”

“It’s okay it’s okay please it’s okay Sweets” she was stroking my hair after pushing the call button. This is awful?! What is this?! Is like I’m drowning without water! Oh God oh god. A nurse ran in and then blurred out.


I woke again to the feeling of a weight in the bed alongside me. At least I could feel something this time. The cold air running over my face hummed from an oxygen tank. I stirred slightly and Yn sat up immediately.

“Sorry sorry” she moved to slide out for the hospital bed but I caught her wrist while shaking my head side to side. She cuddled back into me on her side while I lay flat on my back.

“You went into shock-” answering me before I ask “-I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have shouted at you”

“It’s okay, I deserved it” I pulled the mask down from my face and she looked on worriedly.

“Yeah you did but maybe not right after you wake up from a minor coma” we both laugh lightly.  

“Minor coma? I’m sorry I’ll try harder next time” I smile at her alongside me.

“You…you just said you loved me and it threw me”

“So you decided to practically flat line on me?” She grinned.

“Yeah I mean that’s one way of getting out of saying it back” she hit me gently.

“I missed you yn and I know you don’t believe me but it was in your best interest and I’m sorry”

“Let me decide what’s best for me from now on okay?” She lightly kissed my cheek and wow I missed her.

“Knock knock” my dad walked in, hands on his pockets and Yn sat back up. See, he does show up at the most inconvenient time. Yn smiled her bright smile at him. If he hurts her I’ll strangle him with the oxygen wire because I love irony.

“How you doing yn?”

“I’m good Sir how are you?” She beamed, what is happening.

“Much better now my bike is fixed, thanks for the help-” what the hell is happening right now?!

“-You’ve got a keeper there Sweet Pea…I mean it-” i must be off my face on O2.

“-Well I just came in to say hello Sweet Pea, hope you feel better and I sent the remains of your car to the shop…might be fun and slightly impossible to fix but if anyone can, your girlfriend can” I could only just about manage a nod. He returned the same before giving a small wave to yn and leaving.

“Yn I love you” after witnessing practically the impossible, my dad liking my Northsider girlfriend, I felt I had nothing to lose.

She put her hand to her head and fell back in the bed “Quick Sweets! Call the doctor! I’m dyiiiinngggg” she mimicked me and I couldn’t help but laugh. I love this goofy, clutsy, gifted girl.

“I love you too, now don’t faint or anything”

“I change my mind, someone pull the life support Yn! Pull it!” I teased

“You’re such a giant nerd” she kissed my bruised head lightly.

“Will you help me fix the car?”

“if you promise not to destroy this one and give me my fucking note book maybe I will, it’s the only reason I’m here” she scrunched up her face after sticking her tongue out. I took a heavy arm and wrapped it around her, pulling her back into me.

“My Serpent jacket looked good on you by the way”

“Yours? Oh Sweets, that was mine” I glanced at her in shock and she winked. Serpent Gearheads


Much love Xx

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Beauty Marks

Prompto x Reader. 958 words. Fluff, SFW. Very cheesy. Contains the word “buttcheek.”

HEY, it’s been a while since I wrote an actual thing so I hope it’s not too bad! I am still very much a prime member of Prompto Hell but it’s warm and comfy. :)

“Huh, what is it? Something on my face?”

You had been staring at Prompto next to you on the couch, and not just for a short while. He looked at you now with those naive blue-violet eyes, cracking an innocently crooked grin; the usual features that had you enamored with your happy-go-lucky boyfriend.

Today your eyes were on the dozens of little brown flecks that lived on his cheeks, and how they were exaggerated by the sunkissed glow he’d accumulated so far this summer. Prompto’s face and even shoulders were flush with slight sunburn, somehow lifting all these fairer flecks on his skin you’d somehow managed to miss. You could largely thank Prompto’s most recent set of outdoor photoshoots for that… It was hard to explain why you loved these features so much, but they were hard not to give attention to.

You grinned.

“Just lots of cute freckles.”

Prompto chuckled and showed you his signature sheepish smile, having taken a break from scrolling through his photos. Was he blushing too? Probably, though not that you could tell with how pink his cheeks had become.

“You really think my freckles are cute?” He asked as innocently as ever, his voice amorous and playful as he always was with you. His shoulder bumped into yours.

“Of course I do. I love all of them.” You replied, receiving a another soft chuckle in response. By now Prompto was surely blushing, already switching his camera off and turning to you.

“You have some of those, too. The uhh… You know, the body spots?” He poked you softly in the tummy around where a few of them were sure to be.

“You mean ‘beauty marks’?”

Prompto blinked once, then nodded. “Oh. Yeah, yeah, those!” Afterwards, he took to looking at you up and down and across your hunched up frame, crossing his arms while he pondered something. “Hmm… You have some of those too.” As it turned out, Prompto was mentally mapping the marks on your body–or rather, where he believed those hidden by your clothes were placed.

You cocked an eyebrow, corners of your lips turning up with amusement. “Oh, you wanna try me? How well do you know my body, Prom? Tell me where they are, as many as you can~”

“Oh, you’re on, babe. I know you like the back of my hand.”

“Then less talk, more connecting the dots!” You mocked playfully, gesturing with your hands like the flapping of lips, generating a laugh before Prompto got to work on the challenge. Immediately, he made a dramatic show of smacking his lips, raising his arm to twirl his pointer finger in the air before landing on an area above your chest and towards your armpit; a place which was concealed by your t-shirt, unlike him.

“Yep, I have one there. Next?”

“There, and there … You’ve got like a couple… Right… Around heeere.” Your boyfriend leaned in and circled a small general area on your middle side, then looked you in the eyes for reassurance. “Right?”

“Somewhere around there! And…?”

“I guess this would technically be a freebie if your legs weren’t crossed, but you definitely have one–” Prompto reached for your bare leg and uncurled it into his lap then, lightly twisting your knee to reveal one of your less prominent beauty marks behind it. “–Right here! Oh, and of course there’s that cute tiny birthmark you have that sort of looks like a half-melted cactuar.”

It was already sufficient, but yet you quizzed once more for the fun of it. “Where is it?”

Prompto paused, curling one of his legs up on the couch as he rested his face in his hand, pursing his lips and looking at you impishly. “On your buttcheek… Another personal favorite of mine, if I may say so.”

You clapped your hands in defeat. He looked so proud of himself. You knew by now that your boyfriend was attentive to details about you, as he’d proven it now and then; which articles of clothing were your favorites, your preferences in food, your daily habits. Even still, you were surprised to find how much he’d paid attention to the minute details of you, of your own body. And although you’d challenged him for fun, it had proved to be a strangely endearing testament to just how much this adorkable man was into you.

“Oops. Hey, I almost forgot this one…”

You were lost in your infatuation when Prompto seemed to continue. You looked at him questioningly when he scooted nearer to you, tilting his head as he focused in on a single area of your body, pointing somewhere towards your shoulder.

“Huh? You mean this one? You already got that one–Aah!”

He had you, lips on your neck as you struggled in Prompto’s grasp, giggling at the ticklish sensation of nimble pecks you tried to shrug your way out of, and wisps of hair brushing the side of your face. He got you good with a sneak attack, fighting through your pokes at his sensitive sunburn. Eventually he switched to soft, open-mouthed kisses while you caught your breath. When Prompto leaned back, still holding you at arms length while you swore, you caught a glimpse of those flush, freckle-filled cheeks again. He returned his lips to rest in the crook of your neck, sighing into it and raising a few hairs while his arms properly curled themselves around your body.

“Well, what can I say? You’re my beauty and I have to make my mark!” You laughed again alongside him, lungs hurting now as you wiped a tear from the corner of your eye. He continued. “I don’t think it’s much of a secret, but… I love all your spots, too.”

Cornwell/Lorca pre-buran hedcanon fluff

Lorca looking at Katrina through the ages… Him looking at her at the academy, impressed by all the fire and determination, and smiling to himself. Him looking at her in strategy meetings and seeing what a brilliant tactician she is and being proud, proud of who she is, proud of how they have grown, proud of everything he knows they will achieve. Catching himself smile as he sees her first white hairs, her first wrinkles, and reminder of all they have been through and been to each other.

Poor Delayed Galavant

I, like our Perfect Evil Queen Madalena, continue to leave Galavant cold and heartbroken and probably gassy.

Unfortunately, there’s just no way I’m going to be able to make the liveblog happen tomorrow. WE WILL RETURN ONE DAY SOON THOUGH

If I’m at all able tomorrow, I’ll get out some Asks and another Doodle or two. Oh, and DEFINITELY coming tomorrow is some info on our next episode of Yuri Hell’s Kitchen! BECAUSE THAT SHIT IS RECORDING IN ABOUT A WEEK AND YOU NEED TO HEAR

I am really sorry about Galavant, though. I’m SO looking forward to starting the next season, and will make that happen as soon as I can.

Goodnight, Tumblr.

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What if Robert got seriously injured when he fell down the stairs?

Robert opened his eyes slowly, very slowly. He felt numb and a bit dizzy.

He looked around slowly, saw a white wall and a door and then two faces, two very familiar faces.

He groaned.

“Did I die and go to hell?” he croaked out.

“Funny,” Chrissie sniped. “See, I told you nothing is ever gonna kill him.”

“He got seriously injured, Chrissie,” Rebecca snapped.

“Am I gonna die?” Robert asked and was surprised at how little he cared right now.

“Probably not,” Chrissie said.

“But it was touch and go for a while,” Rebecca said and Robert hated the worry in her voice.

“Okay, you can go now,” he said and turned away from them.


Happy Birthday to our favorite sharpshooter <3

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Mmm yes yes Wes but also Wilson I can't choose. Wilson, Wes, Wilson, or Wes... I can't choose between them because of you. Also cough cough( that's some nice Wilson x wes stuff) cough cough.


Thank you so much Im glad ur into my stuff hgnjngk your message actually inspired me to design this abomination 

Dangerously smart and resourceful force of nature ready to unleash years of repressed anger and kick Maxwell’s ass!

Now with DOUBLE the burning hate for the puppet master!

Character fusions are really fun THOUGH we’re getting in some extreme fanfiction territory here whoops sorry for this self indulgent garbage

I found it funny and terrible. And yeah, heartbreaking.” she laughed bitterly. “How can I keep on saying yes, even if I wanted to say no. How I keep on believing in so many lies even if all I wanted was to know every little bit of the truth. Maybe because I know it would hurt me so bad. To see things far from what I wanted them to be. To hear the words that would bring me back to every pain I’m always avoiding—to feel. It hurts like hell. And I am so tired of pretending that it was okay.” she looked down and finally said, “And if I continue this, it would just tear me in the end. I just realized that I deserve to say no.” she sighed showing that she’s exhausted, then she softly said, “And this time, I’ll choose to say no.
—  ma.c.a // Silently Breaking
  • me: *casually mentions trauma with no emotion at all because i've distanced myself somehow*
  • neurotypical friend/family: *big wide eyes full of concern*
  • me: ANYWAYS you hungry?
  • me on the inside: ShUT UP STOP oversharing

Living with ADHD is sometimes gives me pleasant surprises like “oh look I already got a spoon for my coffee apparently”.