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diamonds | alfie solomons

anon wanted jeweller alfie

You fluttered about yourself, fixing the fall of your skirt, wiggling the necklace into just the right place – finishing touches. Your hair was pulled back to highlight the pendant resting just below your collar and it was making you self-conscious. One final inspecting twirl in the mirror and you were out the door.

Voices could be heard as you approached the landing and you figured they must already be gathered in the entryway. Turning around the corner to the stairs, your assumption was confirmed. Tommy lifted his head at the sight of your movement and watched you walk to the head of the stairs. Alfie turned to see what had caught his attention and met your eyes. You couldn’t quite make out what the expression on his face was, having never seen it before.

“I feel stupid, Tommy”

“You look perfect, come on”

“I feel stupid. Why the hell am I- I mean look at this thing!”

You fluffed the skirt of your gown out a little and Tommy smiled a little.

“You’ve worn pretty dresses before”

“None that’ve cost me rent level money”

“You still haven’t - I paid for it”

“That’s not the point!”

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could I request 33 from the prompt list with Dan please? :)

“Get up!.” Before you could even look to Dan your coat was tossed to your face instantly making you confused.

“What’s up? Did we forget to do something?” Usually, Sunday’s are your usual hang around and do nothing day. The both of you went grocery shopping yesterday so it wasn’t like you needed emergency milk.

“I have planned out our day. My mum said that I need to be more romantic and spontaneous so here I am. ” you liked this new Dan. Getting up from the couch you pushed the warm coat into Dan’s arms confusing the hell out of him.

“Do you not want to go on our adventure?” You pivoted quickly to face Dan. He sounded so sad.

“Absolutely! This is so fucking exciting. I just can’t go in my pyjamas!” Dan rolled his eyes as he gently pushed you through the door frame.

“Why do you have to be like this?” You couldn’t help the smile as you placed a quick kiss to Dan.

“It’s more fun to keep you on your toes.”

Completed Prompts.

I live for smol Damian okay.

I want him to have like a huge growth spurt at 14 that puts him at an inch shorter than Dick and then he just stops and spends the next six years going–

“Just wait until my next growth spurt.”

And it never comes. He would be pressed as hell.

General update

Hey guys, I’ve been pretty silent on here for a while, so here’s an update of what I’ve been up to:

I’ve been out of work for several months. My project ended and there were no other grants around at the time. Annoyingly, my daughter’s daycare/kindergarten mutated into the place from hell around the same time, and I had to pull my kid out before her psyche suffered permanent damage.

Between taking care of her at home, looking for a new kindergarten (impossible to get in the middle of the kindergarten year) and applying for jobs, I made zero progress on my dissertation. My husband worked 80 hour weeks until very recently – he’s switching careers, so he’s working a full time job and he’s started studying chemistry at the same time. His grades have just come in and they’re excellent, but he’s exhausted, and I am too.

Anyway, things got better towards the end of February. We got into the kindergarten of our choice (we count ourselves lucky – 2000 kids in our city didn’t get in), which opens in August. Also, my husband’s cousin agreed to watch our daughter until she starts kindergarten in summer. She’s wonderful, and my daughter is extremely happy.

Finally, I started a new job two weeks ago – full time uni work again, and it’s even better paid than my previous one, so yay!

But, I’m still exhausted. I have that dissertation hanging over my head like the proverbial sword of Damocles, and I really, really want to finish an original novel this year. I also need to get on some kind of exercise schedule again. I’ve put on some weight over the last two years and coupled with the fact that I didn’t lose all of the pregnancy weight, it’s making me feel bloated and uncomfortable.

Anyway, given how full my schedule is, I doubt that I’ll be writing more fanfic in the next few months. Never say never, but right now, all my creative energy (and it’s not much) goes into that novel.

That’s it for the update, I guess. Thanks for reading! xoxo

skype sentence starters part 2
  • “i don’t know her”
  • “all i wanted to do was watch star trek”
  • “i swear bob saget killed papouli”
  • “share full house conspiracies with me”
  • “___ is in hell.”
  • “i spent 24 hours awake and ended it with bee movie”
  • “i didn’t mean to do that but now that it’s happened i’m gonna play it off like i meant to the whole time.”
  • “word to the wise: don’t call amazon at 3:30 am”
  • “you added a voice actor on facebook so i don’t wanna hear it”
  • “don’t ever look up ‘christian sonic fanart’ because it’s real”
  • “oh no, anime.”
  • “that’s not a mom that’s a 12 year old”
  • ”is there anything sadder than watching the clone pikachu fight real pikachu?”
  • “do you think Namor gets the suds like spongebob?”
  • “Lifetime biopics vs the original is like when you actually get it in the mail vs when you order it online.”
  • “she says Gene Simmons is her favorite Naruto character.”
  • “come on, take one for the meme!”
  • “i hope you never say that again for the rest of your life.”
  • “the pizza guy dropped my pizza and I’m so fuckin distraught”
  • “you named this file gaymemes”
  • “this is the gay memes initiative”
  • “i love that satanic lesbian”
  • “i made a character based on you. his name is edgelord jones”
  • “this is a callout and i’m not standing for it”
  • “don’t ask about his pet eel”
  • “i’m throwing bread at everyone i see”
  • “there’s a bottle of febreze in my room and no one knows where it came from so how did it get here?”
  • “my febreze is haunted.”
  • “we have a microwave now and i’m genuinely so happy. i’ll heat up my wallet i don’t care. i’ll heat up everything.”

Levi: Look, I’m really happy for you, Viv. I really am, but just hear me out for a second.

Vivian: Okay, shoot.

Levi: I don’t know any other way to ask this without coming across like a huge jerk but, what the hell are you doing with him?

Vivian: What’s that supposed to mean? I’m not his type or something? Cause someone like him couldn’t possibly want to be with me?

Levi: No, that’s not it. I don’t think that he’s your type. I mean, there’s just something about him that rubs me the wrong way, which is why I prefer to stay as far away from him as possible when we’re all at the cafe.

Vivian: What bothers you about him? He’s a really great guy! He’s nice, he’s funny, he’s … cute

Levi: And he’s friends with Caleb. That alone should be a red flag.

Vivian: You’re friends with Caleb.

Levi: No, I tolerate him because we’re in the same club. Don’t think I’ve forgotten the time in grade school when he pushed me off the swings and I got a mouthful of sand when I landed.

Vivian: But Dante isn’t Caleb. He’s better than him. He shut him down just the other day when he was being his usual douche-y self.

Levi: If you say so. Just … for me, please look out for yourself.

Vivian: Levi, you act like he’s gonna kill me or something. (chuckles) Everything’s fine! I’m fine, our relationship is fine. I’ve never been happier.

Levi: …Okay. I’ll trust you.

The Dungeon

   She woke up, dazed and confused, it was dark and gloomy, the air was thick, The room was dark, she tried to move, but there was something, something around her ankle, something binding her, she felt metal. A chain, A chain around her ankle. She was tied, bound, bound in place. In this strange place. 

   “Oh god, what’s happening?” She started to freak out. “What am I doing here?, What’s this place?” Her thoughts racing, what was the last thing that happened she started to think to herself. “I was jogging in the park. The weather was nice and good, I had music on, just like I always do” So how the hell did I get here. She started to panic again.

   As her thoughts race, a light appears in the end of the room, a dim light, faintly illuminating the room, she takes a few seconds to get used to the light, she looks at her ankle seeing the chains, realizing that it is true. She is chained in what appears to be a dungeon. She sees some other chains and ropes laying around, but what truly catch her attention. The huge screen in front of her. “What’s a screen doing in a place like this?”she wonders nervously. Trying to pull her chains and escape this terrifying place.

  But as she struggled with her chains. what she was afraid of happened. The screen suddenly came to life. A bright light appears as she looks in amazement. She’s shocked but what she sees. She seeing those images. Images of ladies, of ladies kneeling, of bound ladies, tied up, tied up in all manners. She sees men. Strong men, Dominant men. Controlling those ladies. Each picture. Showing a man and a lady. The man in control while the lady submits. She starts to notice something else along these images. Those words, words behind each image. the words are.


  She gasps as she sees those words, she gasps as she realize what this is, These subliminal messages, “They’re trying to brainwash me!” She realizes panicking. She instantly close her eyes. But as soon as she does, she starts hearing this voice. A soft voice, yet firm. repeating the words.


 She panics even more, as she puts her hands on her ears, shutting out these sounds, shutting out these images, shutting it all out. But as soon as she does that. She finds something unexpected. Truly unexpected. She felt a vibrator, a vibrator between her pussy. Strong fast, touching the perfect spot. As she gasps. she gasps and starts to moan, she finds a vibrator tied to her pussy. chained to her pussy. She tries to move it away, she struggles to move it away. But she fails and as she tries she can feel it. feel it turning her on, more and more, stronger and stronger, getting closer, so much closer, knowing that if she continued like that she might break. “How long can I take it? If I gave up once I know well I will not be able to resist and they might actually break me!” She panics, trying with all her might to escape. But to no success. She knows she is getting closer and closer knowing that f she gave in once. It’ll be all over. 


Seeing those images, seeing those flashng words, soaking them in, little by little accepting them.

Hearing that voice


Such a soft voice, yet so firm and controlling, you can’t help but admire it. You can help but feel his words slowly creeping inside your head, inside your mind, accepting them.

  Finally, finally realizing the futility of your situation. Knowing there is no use. no use to fight it any longer. You accept it. You accept what’s about to happen. You give in. 

You Orgasm.

 And that was it, that was the beginning of the end. You don’t know how long you remained there. How many times you orgasmed. How many times you heard that voice, fell in love with that voice, Realize that this. This is the voice that controls you. This is the voice of your Owner, Your Sir, Your Master. You lost track of time. Of all thoughts, of memory, everything. 

 Until suddenly, one of the walls, slides open, A bright light coming out of the room, a dark figure standing at the door. You hear the voice say


 Everything stops at that moment. You become empty, blank, mindless, no thoughts at all. You realize one thing and one thing only. This is the voice. This is his voice. You instantly drop to your knees, drop to your knees looking down. Knowing this is your life now. He is your Owner, Your Sir, Your Master. You are his loyal, loyal, devoted and obedient slave.

This is your life now.



“7 or never, 7 or nothing.” #GOT73rdAnniversary #3YearsWithGOT7 #LetsFlyHighLetGreenShine

Living with ADHD is sometimes gives me pleasant surprises like “oh look I already got a spoon for my coffee apparently”.


did some facial ref practice with the vento aureo gang also @ davidpro part 5 when????