Drama Recommendation: "What Happens to my Family"

           I’ve gotten quite a lot of questions asking me to recommend a good K-drama to watch, the description was always along the line of "fun, great, good, and lots of hot guys." Haha I was never able to come up with anything because I don’t watch drama regularly and the one I end up enjoying a lot sometimes doesn’t have any hot guys at all.

Despite that, I chance upon this long series KBS weekend drama “What Happens to my Family” recently, which coincidentally stars our ‘de-het’ cutie, Park Hyung Sik. This drama is very easy to relate to as it deals with family; it’s light-hearted with their comedic element, and heart-warming when you see the ties and love between family members. Hyungsik is so GOSH DARN adorable in this drama that you have no idea, Myungsoo was just the tip of the iceberg. Hyungsik is all kind of adorable, manly and even sexy as Cha Dalbong in this drama, you will learn to love him if you haven’t already. I’ve seen Nam Ji Hyun's work before in “Angel Eyes” but this round she is so refreshing, her chemistry with Hyungsik is so natural, I'm so excited to see how their relationship will work throughout this drama.

I’m only a dozen episodes in and this drama is 50+ episodes, it recently concluded with a successful run of 40%+ ratings; I like it a lot and I think if you need a fun drama to watch when you just want to relax, laugh and maybe shed a few tears, this drama is perfect.


           Park Shin Hye visits Jung Yong Hwa on “Hologram”
           My Chan Young and Eun Sang feeeeels, these two besties and their sweet embrace ♡

Shinhye was busy filming “Pinocchio” at the time and stopped by to support her good friend Yonghwa on his solo show. Beautiful and lovely in almost every angle our Shinhye.


In a good drama can not miss those hugs that say it all………