the height difference omg


they are honestly one of the nicest people ever & i could talk to them about some stuff i don’t feel comfortable telling my other friends (as they wouldn’t understand blahblah),, it was really nice!!!

hopefully we’ll meet up sometime again !!BUt goSH I can’t belieVe I G0T TO MEET ONE OFMY INTERNET FRIENDS IRL !!!!!!!!!!!


Deckerstar in New Lucifer Promo (x)


and I separated them so I can credittttt and bc i’m weird

friggen love this guy Soul- @amber-acrylic

Idk I guess he got caught ok I thought it was cuTEEE Sansta- @crowfry/ @the-holiday-viruses

lazy flower dad- @lavender-sans

I love them- I literally cannot express how mucH I ADOrE ThEMm Cherry- @ask-the-candy-skull Span- @underloadhell

abbykaye7  asked:

Omg all I can think of is Gafou height difference headcanons. Like Lefou struggling to get something on a high shelf and Gaston just smirks and easily reaches up to get it. Lefou having to tug Gaston down for a kiss. Gaston holding something in his hand purposely out of reach and keeps saying "Come on Lefou, reach for it!" And Lefou just punches him to make him drop it. But also Gaston hugging him from behind and laying his chin on his head and is all cuddly and purring softly.

I have so many for this I’m so rr y

  • When they dance, Gaston can literally sweep Lefou off his feet because during the twirls and the steps, Lefou can’t reach his hand to Gaston so he gets lifted with one arm
  • It’s really hot, dancing is one of Lefou’s fave past times because of this 
  • Gaston really likes the rhubarb jam Lefou buys in town, so he puts it on the third shelf of the cupboard so Lefou can’t reach it 
  • I mean he hates the blackberry and the gooseberry ones, they’re too bitter, so he leaves those for Lefou, but Lefou likes making pie with the rhubarb one so it’s a constant battle, especially in the mornings
  • “Mmmm. If only you could enjoy this fresh bread with this lovely, delicious rhubarb jam smeared all over it!” 
  • “Fuck you.”
  • Gaston asking Lefou to pack up their things for a hunting trip, but Lefou can’t reach any of the stuff he’s supposed to pack
  • He just stacks pots until he can get on top and finally reach, but one pot slips a little, and the shotgun Lefou’s reaching for goes off, blowing a hole in their bedroom ceiling
  • Gaston comes rushing in, and sees Lefou lying, groaning, in a pile of pots and pans, sawdust from the roof falling on him
  • “Well Lefou, at least we know you can fire a gun. Now to do it properly on our hunts, like I’ve been teaching you…”
  • Lefou working in the garden sometimes, standing up to admire how fucking amazing his green beans look, and feeling Gaston’s arms wrap around him from behind, his boyfriend’s chin resting on his head and his chest, rising and falling, pressed up against his back
  • “I love you so much,” Lefou whispers.
  • “Mmmm, as do I, my dear.”
  • “I was talking to my vegetables, Gaston, but you’re a great guy too.” 
  • People snickering in the streets over their height difference, and Gaston watching the light in Lefou’s eyes dim a little at every comment 
  • One day, he’s just fucking done with it, and whips around angrily
  • “Lefou may be smaller than you sir, but he is ten times the man you could ever hope to be!” 
  • “Gaston, stoppit! You just ripped into the school headmaster!
  • “It’s fine, he never liked me anyway.” 
  • Also height!! difference!! kisses!! 
  • Lefou standing on his tippie toes trying to reach up to Gaston’s lips, but can only make it to his neck, so Gaston’s got a lot of obvious hickeys 
  • When Gaston’s in one of his moods, he can always hold his head up to avoid the romantic gesture of Lefou’s kisses and it pisses Lefou off so much 
  • He tugs Gaston’s ponytail to get him to lean down
  • “Get your ass down here!”
  • “I thought you wanted to kiss my lips, not my ass.”
  • “You tALL bAsTaRd!!”
  • Gaston just laughs and picks Lefou up, slotting their lips together and spinning them both