the height difference is beautiful

lil nina and lil usnavi have somewhere fancy to be

Magic student AU

Person A is a student of magic (Potion brewing, Herbs, spells whatever). And is trying to get the hang of magic but things keep going terribly wrong.

-Person A practicing spells/potion making and accidently shrinking themself or other people.

-A accidently burning their eye brows off.

-A accidently summoning B, a demon.

-Accidently turning themselves into a pigeon and trying to tell their room mate.

- “I enchanted your paint brush to make things that you draw come to life. What do you mean there is now a dragon in our backyard???” -Person A is the magnificently unlucky.

-”I shall now make this object float- whoops I just uprooted your house and it is now hovering in the air.”

- Person A wanting their plants to grow quicker and quickly realising that was a mistake as they have just recreated the beanstalk from jack and the beanstalk.

-Working as a vet is hard, so I enchanted your pet so it could talk now it wont stop screaming profantities at me as I am a vet, it’s worse enemy.

-”My endless coffee mug got knocked over as I left the house and I came back to find my house drenched in coffee- can I please stay with you?”

17th May - Happy Birthday Our Kuramochi-senpai!!
Sawamura: Yay!
Kuramochi: … (On T-shirt - Happy B’day Senpai)
Kuramochi: Why am I, the lead, standing below?
Asada: I’m wondering about that too.
Sawamura: It can’t be helped because of the difference in height!! It’s the most beautiful this way. Yay!!
Kuramochi: Who are you showing it too?!!

Terajima-sensei tweets, ‘Room 5 today.’

Source: Official Twitter

Kaisoo stare moments

Lets begin with KIM JONGIN

As kaisoo shipper know, Jongin was caught staring at kaisoo many times..

Acoustic segment is made for Jongin to stare at Kyungsoo

Jongin is always mesmerize with Kyungsoo’s face and voice .. That is why he always stare at his lover hyung. 

Who says that Kyungsoo does not have caught staring???

Kyungsoo just stare at him in silence .. no words need to describe his adoration to his Jongin.

 Last but not least, stares at each other .

Can u see their beautiful smiles???

Their height different …



Jongin-ahhh please control your happiness

This is my favourite so far *love*love*

you can watch this video for more kaisoo staring moments

Notes: the things are obviously not mine . I am using all these pictures and videos for throwback. Credits to all the owner (Jongin’s fansites, Kyungsoo’s fansites and Kaisoo’s fansites). Please ignore my poor engslish *sobs*


My headcanons for Will and Alyss! post apprentice years bc they all look to old for that lol also I’m only up to book 8 so no spoilers pls!

but trans girl alyss I mean.. shes way tall and is described as having a deep voice for a girl.. I think its perfect….


It took us a while, because we were young and unsure, with love on the line, what if we both would need more, but all your flaws and scars are mine. Still falling for you, still falling for you, still falling for you.

reasons to love kim seokjin

i have always felt that jin is one of the most underrated member in bts and it surprises me because he is one of the sweetest and cutest idols ive seen so let me get to the point… here are some reasons to love jin

p.s: credit to all gif makers you guys make great gifs <3

1.) his dancing is adorable and realatable but he tries harder to get it right

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2.) the way he eats like a bunny and does his little happy dance

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3.)his dad jokes are always on point 

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4.) hand kisses lots of hand kisses

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5.) eomma jin takes care of all the members and puts them in check

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The Beauty of Pidge x Lance
  • Height Difference 
  • Surfer and Smart Girl Aesthetic 
  • Lance teaching Pidge how to surf 
  • Pidge teaching Lance more about technology and space 
  • Protective Lance in Dangerous Situations 
  • Movie dates & star gazing 
  • Territorial Pidge when other women hit on him  
  • Hilarious married couple arguments (For Example: “I TOLD you to bring the blanket!” “I thought you had it!”) 
  • Pidge snuggling herself perfectly in Lance’s arms 
  • Lance pinning Pidge up against the wall seductively 
  • Their Fingers through each others hair 
  • Comforting hugs 
  • Their reward for each other: a kiss on the cheek 
  • BDSM kink (fucking sue me) 
  • Passionate makeout sessions on the beach 
  • Lance asking Pidge’s father for permission to date her 
  • Neck kissing 
  • Introducing each other to the family 
  • Lance sharing his shirts with Pidge 
  • Pidge sharing her headphones and technology with Lance 
  • Lip nibbling 
  • “Good kitty” 

I swear to god this ship will be the death of me and I’ve fallen so far into shipping hell that there’s no turning back. 

How you first meet |Nick Robinson

characters: Nick Robinson x reader 

writer: Nicole 

prompt: you meet on the set of Jurassic world 

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This is your life long dream, to become an actress. You finally landed a job in a movie that could possibly become a big hit. But of course considering this is the first ever gig you landed, you’re only an extra. A amusement park GOer that gets mauled by some dinosaurs.

You bounce excitedly through the set, which looks surreal by the way. You spot one of the main characters, Chris Pratt.

‘Stay calm kid. Be professional.’ You think to yourself.

Then you see him walk over to you, out of all the odds.

“ Hey do you know where’s the nearest restroom?” He asks you causally holding his script.

“ buuuh uhhhhh “ you randomly say, hands shaking a little.


“It’s over there chris” Nick Robinson says, standing next to you, pointing in a direction.


You awkwardly clear your throat and tried to walk in the opposite direction, Until he stops you.

“ Hi, my name is Nick” he smiles, sticking his hand out for you to shake.

‘Be chill ok y/n? chiiiiilllLLLLLLLLLLL’

“ I know who you are “ you quickly frown after saying that, realizing that it sorta sounded rude and stalkerish.

“I’m sorry that came out wrong, I mean like I know you because you’re sorta famous, OH! Gosh no you are famous I hope that didn’t come out wrong too… you have a great career” you said pursing your lips together, nervousness numbs your legs.

“ yep. Totally chill. You basically insulted his career. Niiiice.’ Mentally slapping yourself.

He cutely laughs, making you less tense.

“ that’s okay, what’s your name?” he asks you, giving you a grin.

“y/n” smiling back at him.

“ well y/n, I have yet to explore this vast set. Would you like to join me?” he gestures you to follow, taking a slight step forward.

Considering that they don’t start filming anytime soon, you obliged. Also because he’s hot.

“ So tell me about yourself” he looks down at you, you didn’t notice the height difference until now.

‘mmmmmmmmmm so tall. So beautiful’

“ uhmmm well, it’s been my life long dream to become an actress. Yes I know it’s cheesy, but I’m getting there right?” you chuckle to yourself, it’s been a long journey.

You don’t notice this considering you’re consumed in your thoughts. As you think about your life, he looks down at you smiling. He notices how cute and excited you are to be here, which is the reason why he went over to you and Chris in the first place. He notices how you bit your lip when you get nervous, also when you get worried you scrunch up your nose a little.

she’s perfect’ He thinks to himself, still staring at you.

Zach Dempsey - A to Z

B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s): Zach loves your eyes and mouth, especially since he’s always looking down at you from up his 6’3 tall. He also loves how it feels when you wrap your mouth around his cock and look at him while doing it. His favorite feature of himself is his arms, and he also loves to show them off to you, mostly because you always drag your nails across them, causing some welts to form.

There were some days, special days, in which he really couldn’t believe in his own luck. Zach saw his girlfriend in the middle of that sea of people moving through the corridors of Liberty High in the change of classes and today, he noted, was one of those days. She was just reaching into her locker and opening it to change her books for the next class, her long hair loose and falling in beautiful waves behind her back, using a pair of high-waist dark-blue jeans and a blue blouse, the black backpack with colorful details placed on the floor as she assessed which books she would take. He rushed to her, taking advantage of her being distracted to turn her by surprise and steal a small kiss from her lips. Despite the surprise he felt her smile spread while their lips were together and prepared to be faced with that  illuminated expression that was her face, tilted up by the height difference, the cheerful eyes and the rosy lips in a beautiful smile; His heart raced only as he imagined the scene and when he finally opened his eyes after the little kiss, he could not help the smile that spread across his face. Damn, his girlfriend was beautiful. 

He just could not think of anything better than those beautiful eyes looking at him and that expression of happiness with your smile on your delicious, full lips, ready for him to devour. He could almost feel the blood wander beyond his cheeks. And when you stood on tiptoes, wrapping your arms around his shoulders to caress the back of his neck and his hair, pulling him into a deeper kiss, sliding your hands to lightly scratch his arms as he parted the kiss and you still gave a little bite to his lips. He was sure he was going to have to think about the Couch naked before he could enter his class.