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Herbs for Spells : Grocery Store vs. Home Grown vs. Edible Wilds 🌿

though not every witch uses plants or herbs in their craft, it is a common question for beginner witches, “where do i get herbs for spells/potions?” 

the short and simple answer is, wherever is most important in your craft

  • do you feel it is important the herbs you acquire commune with nature? 
  • or is it important that these herbs are close in energy to you from time spent growing them?
  • or are all herbs are good as each other, and you prefer where they are most accessible?

all of these are equally valid choices in one’s craft. 

however, the answer is not as simple as this. 

we are dealing with plants, which have the potential to cause harm. merely being a witch does not give one a degree in botany or make one a master in herbalism. the way you procure your herbs/plants does not so much depend on your skill as a witch, but your knowledge of plants. though there may be a spiritual reason for where you would like to get your herbs from, you may want to work your way up to that first, and do the appropriate amount of research and training before you dive into unknown and dangerous territory. 

🌿 Finding Herbs at the Grocery Store

as this is the safest and easiest way to acquire herbs. for the most part, you are unlikely to be hurt by your average spice cabinet of kitchen herbs, spare for certain medical conditions, like allergy or pregnancy. the herbs bought from stores are already prepared to be consumed in recommended amounts,  and though you may not find anything particularly exciting at the store, you’ll never run out of rosemary and thyme. 

🌿 Using Homegrown Herbs

this is the middle ground. you have control over the herbs you plant, and it’s up to you to research them before buying/using seeds, which includes on how to handle the plant as well as its edibility. 

however, there is still the possibility of mistake. outdoor gardens are susceptible to whatever seeds get carried in by wind and animals, as well as whatever pesticides and general pollution that is in your area. how edible the plants you grow varies from area to area, and requires individual research. 

🌿 Finding Edible Wilds 

this is the most dangerous way to get your herbs, as there is the most room for error. there are many plants that can be easily mistaken for their poisonous counterpart, and others that though they are edible, are harmful to touch/harvest. using edible wilds is something only people high experienced with plants should consider themselves able to do, and even then they still put themselves at some amount of risk. 

tl;dr: unless you’re a professional don’t go looking for random shit in the woods for your spells, there’s poisonous shit out there

this is not to say the odd dandelion found in a field can’t be used for your craft, but if you find a white carrot, and can’t remember which poisonous plant it could be, “was it belladonna, nightshade, or hemlock, i wonder?” or if it’s even safe to touch it, you want to take a pass on picking it, for your own safety. 

Types of Witches & Witchcraft

What is a Witch? A witch can never be truly defined. It is a broad term used to describe a variety of people each of which follow their own paths with no two truly alike. 

Types of Witches

Kitchen Witch: (Cottage witch, Hearth witch) Works mainly within the home. Cares for the house and the family inside it. Prepares the meals and adds there own special magick to it. Provides the home with protection and keeps the house clean. 

Green Witch: (Hedge Witch) Works with nature. Includes working with plants, nature deities, herbal remedies, earth, crystals, and faeries. Incorporates nature deities in their craft such as Pan, Demeter, Epona, Gaia etc.  

Eclectic Witch: Creates their own practice based on information and traditions borrowed from different practices and religions in. In order to create a path that works best for them. (Make sure you are not stealing from closed religions!)

Elemental Witch: A witch that works with the elements (water, earth, fire, air) in their day to day practices.   

Hereditary Witch: A witch that is born into a family of practitioners. They create and continue their families rituals and ceremonies. They commonly have a family grimoire or book of shadows that they pass down through generations. 

Sea Witch: A witch that uses the sea and its materials in their practice. Gets their power from the seas energy. Incorporates shells, salt, saltwater, driftwood, etc into their practices. Works with deities such as Poseidon, Njörðr, Neptune, etc. 

Solitary Witch: A witch who prefers to practice on their own.     

Faerie Witch: Someone who works in peace and harmony with the Fae. They take great care of their garden, place offerings out for the Faerie, and make them feel welcome and at peace.

Cosmic Witch: One who works with the stars, moon, sun, etc.  

Urban Witch: A witch that lives in the city and uses the objects they find for their practice. They come up with creative ways to garden on there small patio and store things in the little space they have. 

Pop Culture Witch: A witch who incorporates characters and ideas from movies, TV shows, and books into their practice. 

Druidism: A Celtic, nature based religion that works with Mother Earth.

Wiccan: A  religion that follows it’s own set of rules and guidelines.  Such as the three fold law and “hurt non and do what ye will.”

Pagan: A religion that works closely with nature and it’s deities.

This list barely covers the different types of witches but it is all I can think of for the moment. I will be updating soon. 

May the moon light your path!

==Moonlight Academy==

On the 50th anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg, veterans of the Union and Confederacy reunite civilly, and shake hands. [1913] But  despite this poignantly crafted photo, there was very much a lot of bbad blood between the two sides for many years after the war ended, and some even continues to this day. Just look as the soldiers were asked to stand on opposite sides of a hedge fence and reach over in a symbolic gesture.

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Destiel "The fucker said what?!"

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“Dean, language!”

“No, Cas.” Dean crosses the short row of hedges separating their yard from their neighbor’s in a single stride. “If Hal wants to talk shit about our grass length, he can say it to my face.” Castiel grabs Dean by the arm, pulling him back.

“No, Dean.” Dean glares at the other house, but follows Cas’ lead.

“He’s just bitter because no one likes those crusty ass brownies he brings to the Home Owners Association meetings,” he mutters.


It was only a year ago that Kevin Spacey made an appearance at a hedge fund party in Davos. He poked fun at Donald Trump as Frank Underwood, channeled Bill Clinton and serenaded the crowd with a song.

Dealing with plant spirits:

So I’m a spirit worker, and though I’ve only been practicing a little bit over a year, I’ve worked with many different spirits with most of them being plants.  This just comes from my own personal experience, so you don’t have to take this as law.  


Different kinds of plants have different personalities (obviously).  And as each plant has their own unique personality, generally they tend to be similar to other plants of the same type: cacti, succulents, vines, herbs, flowers, even going down to specific types such as lavender, pine trees, orchids, etc.  And then, how they react to communication depends on what stage they are in: seedling, middle, adult, etc.  


In general, plants tend to be fairly slow with communication.  And they generally don’t use words. The plants i have worked with preferred sending general feelings and images of what they were trying to communicate.  So be patient with yourself while working towards that communication.  Whenever you try communication, start by giving a small offering.  It can be elaborate, it can be watering it, spreading fertilizer (eggshells are good, a bit of sugar, stuff like that) around it, weeding around the roots, and small stuff like that.  Introduce yourself, and just start talking.  Explain what your day was like and what you did.  You can sing to the plant, they tend to love that.  Seedlings are more likely to talk very quickly to you, while old plants tend to take longer.  The time frame can be from a couple of hours to a couple weeks depending on the spirit.  If you want to create a relationship with the spirit, you’re going to have to communicate with the spirit regularly.  This process will take a while as it would trying to improve any friendship.

Now what?:

After you’ve introduced yourself to the spirit, it’s time to create a friendship!  Giving them small gifts/offerings is a great step.  Spending time with them will also help with that.  It doesn’t all have to be communication, you can read books aloud to them, watch movies with them, or anything else of that sort.  Find out their name!  Each spirit will have their own name, much like we do.  Some of them are really hard to spell and/or pronounce so I won’t be giving any examples here.  After building that friendship, you can do most anything you want!  You can have them assist you with spells, amplify your energy, and other such things.  Keep in mind that the amount of energy that the spirit will have depends on their vessel, the plant.  The larger the life force, the larger the amount of energy that you can borrow is.

Dealing with death:

Now, most of the plants I have worked with have been seedlings, and because I’m not perfect in the slightest many of them have died.  For me, dealing with the dead plant is a ritual to honor the spirit as it passes into a place where I haven’t been able to communicate with it yet.  I give it back to the earth (bury it if I can, or just leave it in a place where it can give back to the earth.  It gets a small funeral service, stating what they did for me, what I loved about them, that they will be missed, etc.  Before you leave them there give them a small offering to help it’s passage, water, fertilizer, eggshell, etc.  This isn’t necessary, but it is respectful and a good way for the spirit not to be mad.  


  • pebbles
  • water
  • fresh mulch
  • cleaning up forests
  • making bee feeders
  • songs
  • talking to them
  • meditating with them
  • storytelling
  • sugar
  • biodegradable food
  • weeding around them
  • eggshell powder
  • cold tea

Now, treat your plants well and get to know them!

‘Give me Sunshine’ Potion for Happiness

I think I have a new favorite beverage! This potion is quick and easy to make – ideal for college witches, new witches, and even children! The recipe itself can be enjoyed as a non-witch beverage too. 


- milk (or milk substitute)

- vanilla or honey

- cinnamon, cloves, or nutmeg


1. Pour a glass of milk. Add vanilla or honey, depending on what you have. I used ¼ tsp of vanilla in mine. Using either a spoon or your finger, stir the glass counter-clockwise to banish negativity. Put the glass in the microwave for about 30-45 seconds. 

2. Add cinnamon, cloves, or nutmeg as desired. I used both cloves and cinnamon in mine. 

  • nutmeg - luck, love, clairvoyance
  • cinnamon - happiness, luck, wealth
  • cloves - luck, protection, love

3. Stir the beverage clockwise to promote positivity and activate your ingredients. 


The New Year Purification Bath

The new year brings endless possibilities, so why not start with a fresh slate? 


  • ½ C Epsom Salt : Soothing
  • 2 T Sea Salt : Purification
  • 1 T Rosemary : Purification
  • 1 T Hyssop : Purification
  • 1 T Peppermint : Purification 
  • 1 T Lavender : Peace
  •  Rose Petals : Love

When preparing your herbs & minerals, be sure to cleanse yourself and your space with sage (or other preferred cleansing method). Enchant your herbs reflecting on your past year. Think of regrets, old habits, or painful memories that you would like to learn & let go. Embed your new year resolutions for a clean slate! 

I always like to pick a rose petal for each significant person that has brought love and joy to my life that they may continue to fill my life with positivity & humbleness into the next year.  

Bath Time…

Right before your bath take a piece of paper and write out all regrets, old habits, or painful memories that you would like to learn & let go. Burn the paper and picture your aura become clean as the paper burns. Dispose of the ashes and then relaxe and let your magic bath do the work! 

Helpful Tricks! 

  • Burn white candles as you take your bath to enhance and purify your magic
  • Dispose of your ashed outside so that they may return to the Earth & recycle energy.
  • Watch as you drain the bathtub envisioning the past slipping away for a new beginning
Dear baby witches

You do not have to be wiccan to practice witchcraft. You do not have to be religious at all to practice witchcraft. Witchcraft is just that: a craft, a practice.

Witchcraft can be anything YOU want it to be! It can be complex spells and curses or something as simple as wind chimes in your window and spices in the your cabinet.

Do not let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do with your practice. No one single person can dictate how we practice.

If you want to curse, then curse. If you don’t, then don’t! If you want to work with stones, plants, animals, fire, or even technology then go for it! There is no reason why you can’t!